Official teams and preview of Arsenal v West Ham

The big surprise for me in the Arsenal line up selected by Arsene Wenger today is the absence of Theo Walcott. I was half expecting the manager to start with our regular centre forward Olivier Giroud but even so I thought that our England international speed merchant would get one of the other forward roles.

Instead the manager has selected Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey and Cazorla and two of those will play in the wide areas, although which two is still unclear. I personally would hope to see Ramsey in the box to box role with Cazorla out wide, even though the Spaniard has been great in the middle. The fact is that he is better on the flanks than the Welshman and Rambo´s dfriving runs and scoring ability could be crucial in the middle.

The other slight surprise is the preference of Debuchy to Bellerin at right back, with the youngster not even making the bench. I wonder if there is a problem and I really hope not or that if there is it is only a minor one. We still have Chambers as back up though and he is part of a strong looking bench.

Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Ramsey
Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Cazorla

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Gabriel, Arteta, Walcott, Sanchez.

Hopefully we will not need to risk Alexis Sanchez after he only just returned to training and of course we all hope that we carry on the perfect pre-season preparations with a thumping win. COYG

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  1. Rock says:

    all i need is three point, hopefully sanchez to appear even if is only 5mins,

    1. inapropriatetelletubbie says:

      West Ham the ultimate smash and grab team i said last week naive they called me, teams are goīng to playing like this against Arsenal all season and winning if were not careful!!! We need to get our heads out of our arses stop thinking title and play the game #COYG

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Underestimating Westham?……….this is the ResuLt!

      1. inapropriatetelletubbie says:

        Guess i was right?????? Slaven bilic is the master of the smash and grab…. Concentrating of the title race before its even commenced an underestimating our opponents has been our undoing thus far.

    3. galaxygooner says:

      We are going win the league with this team , not .
      Haha . Cech will win us the league our fans said .
      Having a laugh .
      Same team which was totally dominated at shittiest man united team at old Trafford last season.
      Szczeny winning the golden gloves only got us 4th
      Without a quality DM to totally dominate the midfield
      And a striker who needs only half a chance ,
      Forget it . Not a chance in hell unless arsenal think the opposition managers were sleeping did not do an end of the season review of other teams during the break .

  2. 61 never again says:

    COYG lets get off to a flyer good luck for the season gooners red and white army COYG

    1. seancali says:

      Ramsey is so frustrating at times

      1. seancali says:

        I’m sorry but lecoqs passing is awful! We need a WC DM. It’s fkin obvious. Our team is not complete. We are losing to fkin west ham. Everyone here is talking about winning the damn bpl, but we are nowhere near to doing so with our current team. We need a DM and striker asap. Then we might have a slight chance.another woeful season is starting for us

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          Glad I’m not the only one who appreciates how important it is to have a DM who can play the ball. He’s pinged about 6 out of play with no pressure smh.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      don’t be silly we can’t even keep a clean sheet……. As for Giroud!, i won’t comment………perhaps we are forgetting, this is the PremierLeague, not preseason

  3. Mick The Gooner says:

    Either Özil or Cazorla are playing on the left.

    1. juhislihis says:

      I don’t like that.. Hopefully OX makes up for 2 wingers.

  4. Bellerin not on the Bench and it’s still strong.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Is it only me that thinks our squad for today’s game is looking a bit dry?
    We seriously need to sign at least 3 quality player’s!

    1. Charlie Nick says:

      …only you

  6. vijaygunner says:

    wait what happened to hector?!

    1. Charlie Nick says:

      Slight muscle injury apparently

  7. rkw says:

    A couple of players out of position …. Never a good sign … But I think this is a massive test for giroud today … Still think we should win by two goals but it’s not a team that will win top honours …Sanchez back wilshere back improves but still a quality attacking option short … And competition for DM

    1. Tidan2 says:

      “couple of players” aka one player

  8. Mick The Gooner says:

    Wow. Did anyone see that stat on Sky Sports?

    Most chances created in the top5 Europen Leagues since 2008:

    Mesut Özil. 637
    David Silva. 554
    Dimitri Payet. 551
    Juan Mata. 544
    Eden Hazard. 539
    Xavi. 517
    Lionel Messi. 512
    Francesco Totti. 496

    Özil is wayyyy out in front. He’s further ahead of 2nd place David Silva than David Silva is ahead of Totti.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      hahaaa…thats because ozil is obviously fantastic and he fed top strikers in both club and country while he was at madrid…and now!! beep beeeep! he feeds giroud fgs…he will soon be surpassed by the rest am sure…look at the number of his arsenal assists and compare them to his any other team hez played for and then make a conclusion…but one thing that we can agree on is that ozil is not the problem…giroud is

      1. Mick The Gooner says:

        That’s chances created, not assists. Per game, last season Özil made the most chances of any player in the league.

  9. Uzi Ozil says:

    Wenger wants Cazorla, Ozil and Ramsey @ the same time on the pitch. Rotation will be key this season. 3points is all we want. Ox to score!

  10. Wonder says:

    This is a very conservative line-up. I would have expected a more vibrant ttakibg team with real wingers especially at home! When will we ever play with 2 natural wingers?

  11. I think the starting XI today lacks goals,but i expect Walcott and Alexis to get in later.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      i also in all honesty think that too…considering that alexis and theo are both on the bench….this lineup will not get a goal until two substitutions are done

  12. Charlie Nick says:

    Great to see Alexis back

  13. Mallu_Gooner says:

    West Ham will score first.

    Arsenal to win 3-1.

  14. Charlie Nick says:

    4-0 win, then announce Benzema = good Sunday afternoon

  15. fred cowardly says:


  16. Ks-Gunner says:

    Its funny sometimes when fans think that Wenger would bench Ramsey for any one else. lol. 140k Winger on the bench. Tllk about having a luxury player

  17. kenyanfan says:

    am listening the game on a radio.somebody please tell me..which two players are playing on the wing…OX and cazorla,OX and ramsey or OX and ozil?!

  18. Justsoccerfan says:

    Wtf can someone tell Giroud stop dribbling, he is awful.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      giroud is many things BUT definitely not a joy to watch!!!

  19. Mick The Gooner says:

    So so many misplaced passes.

  20. ArseOverTit says:

    Flat as a pancake.

  21. joeboy says:

    Why does wenger like playing midfielders out wide!!

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      Ramsey is Wengers fav kid.

      1. Charlie Nick says:

        …and he hit the bar a few minutes ago…

        1. Ks-Gunner says:

          so what?

    2. plastik Fan says:

      not sure…he is seriously aging now….only and old man can think these way

  22. BigWilli says:

    ox and le coq are fantastic to watch!!!

  23. Bigvalbowski says:

    Wake me up when we sign Benzema and actually play with two traditional wingers. This lineup will NEVER compete 4 the EPL crown.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      These lineup seriously sucks big time…it’s like one of those days when we have like 10 injured players

    2. ArseOverTit says:

      No width.No teeth. No threat!

  24. Mick The Gooner says:

    I’m not panicked at all yet. It’s still very early in the game, we do seem very lacklustre so far though.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      you should dude..these team can’t challenge for honors unless a few changes are made from the bench

  25. Just_Trolling says:

    Ox looks the deal, Hazard meh year of the ox

    1. Uche Edochie says:

      With Sanchez unfit, why is Walcott, our most reliable goal scorer on the bench? Wenger never ceases to screw it up when you begin to praise him. So many misplaced passes in this game. Why? Because the lineup is new. Get Walcott and Sanchez on and sub Giroux and Ramsey. We need goal scorers not people that pass and pass and can’t shoot straight.

  26. Twig says:

    What’s the OX doing on Coquelin’s turf? LoL

  27. GunningSoulman says:

    Ramsey needs to up his game this year….coquelin is class, dont know why his passing is so underrated.

    1. seancali says:

      Lecoq can’t pass for shiiiiiiit. He suckkkks at passing so that makes 50% of his game worth crap. We should have fking signed morgan. Lecoq was a half season wonder. He is way to overrated by fans. No way we can win anything with this team. We suckkkker big time. I’m sorry for giroud cuz he isn’t getting any service. Santi is old and slow. We need to be thinking for a replacement for santi.

  28. Mick The Gooner says:

    Oh wow. Completely free header. Shocking defending.

  29. ArseOverTit says:

    Oh dear. Now we will have to start playing!

  30. Just_Trolling says:

    So now where are those arrogant imbeciles I spoke of in another article.

  31. fred cowardly says:

    Finally a goal….oh wrong net

    1. Just_Trolling says:

      LMFAO classic dude

  32. Bigvalbowski says:


    1. Just_Trolling says:

      Let the Chech slating begin, lol Chelsea fans would be laughing.

  33. Ks-Gunner says:


  34. BigWilli says:

    i dont get this freekick defending of ours. i always get a heartattack when opponents have a freekick in our half.

  35. Hafiz Rahman says:

    if we had sign a striker and DM this would not have happen…

    Wenger needs to go….

  36. joeboy says:

    Passing has been dreadful! We need to up our game, we still need a world class forward

    1. vince says:

      haha people like you will justify anything to get a new cf. our passing was off and we weren’t decisive enough in the final 3rd.

      how does a new center forward change that????
      but yeah, we shld get one

      1. joeboy says:

        We needed one before this match, what impact has giroud had today then? Or last sunday? We need a world class forward

    2. Redeye says:

      I’m giroud’s biggest critic but it’s not his fault we are panicking around the box.

      1. joeboy says:

        He spends more time on the flanks then in the box

  37. Justsoccerfan says:

    Haha the bubble punches, a reality check. We are the title contender.

  38. juhislihis says:

    Cech did a mistake but I don’t know if he could’ve saved it anyways..

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      hes world class…thats why hes number 2 at Chelsea

  39. Hafiz Rahman says:

    world class gk Cech!!

    1. juhislihis says:

      I would blame Koscielny for that one. 2 yards behind his man.

  40. ArseOverTit says:

    Cech will loose us 15 points a season!;)

    1. seancali says:

      Crazy mistake by cech. And Wenger is so happy with this signing. He thinks adding cech alone will win us the bpl.anyways even if cech stayed in goal it would have been a clear header from the west ham player. It was poor defending from the free kick. Another fked up season is on the way. Lecoq is not impressing with his passing and I wish barca just take Ramsey so we can finally get rid of this trash. I’m getting annoyed with lecoq and Ramsey. Just bring in Theo instead of Ramsey.

      1. Brada b says:

        @seancali 10000% argreed my friend

  41. Hafiz Rahman says:

    now we need to spend big and bring in a few sigings….

    striker, DM and winger

  42. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Wenger Out!!!!

  43. Justsoccerfan says:

    This match is fixed. As some one here said the score is 3-1. WH scored 1st.

    1. ArseOverTit says:


  44. Jimbeam says:

    Cech, big mistake coming out and not getting the ball! Zone defense again at fault.
    Team has NO width, Giroud as usual is a disaster, Ramsey is not playing well. I would start with Sanchez and Theo in the second half. It is risky to take out Giroud but I think it needs to get done.
    Sanchez on the left and Theo upfront.

    1. Redeye says:

      We need giroud for this match, take ozil off and bring on Walcott.

  45. Just_Trolling says:

    Bring on Ospina

    Chech has poor save percentage, sell and make back some cash before too late.

  46. Justsoccerfan says:

    Our offensive need sanchez n Bellerin.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      these lineup was just so wrong…is wenger gonna do these sh** for the rest of his arsenal career???….we the fans are in deep mad sh*t

  47. rkw says:

    Want to hear from all those arse licking football idiots drooling away on this website over a bunch of friendly victories … So I’ll say it again mert is a liability Ramsey and giroud are good bench players and we need a world class dm … Oh and a new manager … Endlessly playing out of position … Same shit year in year out with this guy it really is … Even if we win if this guy thinks he has a winning team he is even more dillusional than I though and I wanted him carried off to funny farm 5 years ago

    1. Just_Trolling says:

      Bring Theo on wing ffs, Ramsey out of position never works against half decent team.

      Chech disaster, could of kept Schezza for that saved 11 million and 50k per week ffs.

      Wenger out. We need ST

    2. plastik Fan says:

      budd, seancali….you are so quiet….

  48. Ks-Gunner says:

    The F. is this game approuch? Arsenal can go suck a D**k.

  49. Demwan Jones says:

    And thats how the cookie crumbles, Princess giroud waiting for rapunzel to save him before he can score a goal

  50. Just_Trolling says:

    So Man U win
    Chelsea draw
    Arsenal lose, meh title contender my ass

  51. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We are still relying on Sanchez….

    we need to sign a Winger to rotate with Sanchez….

    Sanchez cant play every game…

  52. Hafiz Rahman says:

    This is why we will never win…

    we sign an ageing bench warmer number 2 goalie from our rivals instead of the number 1…..

  53. Mick The Gooner says:

    This game is crying out for Theo Walcott. We aren’t able to press and penetrate West Ham because they’re playing higher up the pitch. Just the threat of Walcott’s pace on the pitch would change that. Ox is quick but doesn’t run in behind, he runs with the ball at his feet. Walcott runs in behind.

  54. k-ool says:

    Oxlade and Monreal were the best of the bunch in the first half in an attacking sense.
    You know something is wrong when Monreal is more of an attacking threat than the ST we are playing.

  55. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Wenger has to go…

    same old shit for the last 10 years…

    and fans still happy

    1. plastik Fan says:

      even if we turn these game around, wenger has to go…same old tactics and stupid belief mentality….klopp where are you???

  56. Usmanov says:

    Looks like a lot of us here are freaking out unnecessarily! The game is still on in case you haven’t noticed we’ve got our best attackers (Sanchez, Walcott) waiting on the bench!

    1. gooner100 says:

      Hear hear. Usual emotive over reactions. We will win the game.

      1. Just_Trolling says:

        Lol, what game you watching.

        Mark my words gunho Arsenal will concede another.

    2. plastik Fan says:

      then why the f**k didn’t they start…is these the kind of season we are going to have…players being benched just because the manager loves the other???? fu*k it then

  57. Just_Trolling says:

    1 shot 1 goal what the hell, buy a ST Wenger or leave and bring in someone who will.

  58. TH14atl says:

    Will say it again, we went on our run last year with Ramsey and Jack out of the side. The midfield trio of LeCoq, Santi, and Mesut dictated games and sent us on our way. Ramsey is not in our best 11, but Arsene’s desire to force him in limits our team. Ramsey’s decision making is so predictable, and he can’t keep the ball like Santi in Mesut can. He may have industry, and be able to run all day, but that does us no good. He needs to sit.
    Sacrificing the ability of Santi & Mesut by putting them out wide is not best for this team. Make the difficult decision Arsene and sit Ramsey.

  59. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we need a new CB too

  60. Just_Trolling says:

    No one to replace Sanchez, OG or Coq.

    3 signings needed, CM on wing if BS.

  61. Just_Trolling says:

    Why is OG on left wing, who can he possibly cross ball to, Mert?
    Pathetic really, makes no sense.

    1. plastik Fan says:

      sh*t just got real

  62. Demwan Jones says:

    Pass Pass Pass then lose possession to opponent

  63. Ks-Gunner says:

    Its not like we wont turn the game around, but us struggeling in the first match so much gives a bad message away.

  64. GunningSoulman says:

    Ramsey is just frustrating to watch….he needs to keep things simple

  65. Just_Trolling says:

    Lol Ozil fouled someone

  66. Just_Trolling says:

    OG on wing, where ST?

    Wenger must buy ST if OG coverted to LW. Looks like Sanchez lost his place.

  67. Just_Trolling says:

    TW14 yeah

  68. juhislihis says:

    Giroud has 0 vision.. And he’s completely one footed, always playing to his left foot.

  69. Just_Trolling says:

    WH GK looks better than Chech.

    Lol 2-0

  70. juhislihis says:

    2 shots, 2 conceded.. Game over

  71. Justsoccerfan says:

    Our team got cohesion, yeah right when they played badly, they all suck together.

  72. Mick The Gooner says:

    Cech. I am not happy.

  73. gooner100 says:

    Omg did Ambramovic pay Cech to sabotage the team! Wtf.

  74. Demwan Jones says:

    Hopefully now arsene and the deluded fans can now face reality

    1. Bereal says:

      @Demwan Jones

      Them deluded fan and wenger will never learn.more thn 10 years same old mistake u think a 5 year old can realise but oh noo not our manager.them dulued fans are the bigest problem wid the club.

  75. joeboy says:

    We are so shti! Classic arsenal defending! All this silly little passing, no one getting in the box, giroud playing out wide for most of the game! Wenger wanting to play every midfielder possible at once

  76. juhislihis says:

    Yesterday Arsenal fans made fun of Courtois: “Wish you would have Cech on the bench..”

    Arsenal fans today: “Cech is a flop”

  77. Just_Trolling says:

    Chech cost us 2 goals, bring on Ospina.

    Pathetic Chelsea reject.

    Mo wonder Mou let him go, mou gets one more over Wenger.

  78. kenyanfan says:

    whether we win or not,its all the same old story..we play for top four…now that our number four is not threatened we will loose the first league games as usual and as the seasons nears to end we will wake up and finish number four..FANS.WE USED TO THIS.WHY COMPLAIN?YOU LOVE WENGER MORE THAN THE CLUB!!HIGH GAME POSSESSIONS BUT NO GOALS BECAUSE NO STRIKEEEEER!!!!!!FRUSTRATED
    have given up on arsenal signing any
    one including benzema(sung his name
    since the transfer widow began-what’s
    a disappointment if we don’t get him)
    Transfer windows should shut in
    england before the season begins.they
    no good for arsenal.same story same
    lets prepare our selves to support our
    beloved arsenal team in which we have
    been loyal to with or without world
    class strikers.
    winning or without winning
    and the board are comfortable as their
    pockets are ever fattening. what else
    do they care about? As for the players,
    they get their pay regardless of the
    results.if they need trophies,they
    eventually ask for transfer to
    barca,manc ,manu and all of a sudden
    they lift trophies the next season…

  79. vijaygunner says:


    1. juhislihis says:

      Haha I like that

  80. fred cowardly says:

    Um this is a HOME game.
    At least Chelsea had a red card/sending off excuse


  81. plastik Fan says:

    hahaaaa….look at the old man bringing theo in….these old ju*k never changes

  82. Mick The Gooner says:

    Look at Mertesacker for that goal. Wow…

    1. juhislihis says:

      Look at Oxlade-Chamberlain.. lost the ball on our own half and didn’t make any effort to get it back. Just like against Monaco last year.

  83. ArseOverTit says:

    Columbo is on itv.

    Perhaps he can solve the mystery of Wenger and Arsenal.

    Have missed seeing images of bould and Wenger looking lost, ineffective and nervous.

    Welcome back everyone.

  84. reddb10 says:

    our goalkeeper situation remains a joke. looks like Czech is still playing for chelski

  85. Justsoccerfan says:

    Ox is bad in defensive, he liketo lost the ball in our half.

  86. Just_Trolling says:

    OG on wing, no one to replace him with.

    Had Chech been playing for WH we would be winning

  87. Ks-Gunner says:

    No worries. THere is always a next time. Arsene knows best.

  88. joeboy says:

    Why does mertesacker push into midfield all the time!!!! He aint got the legs to get back, hes useless

  89. funkyrith says:

    Le Coq had a terrible game, so did Cheh…and it is not yet over

  90. Jimbeam says:

    Cech and Arsene are to blame. Arsene is laways playing narrow, and Cech looked horrible

  91. Twig says:

    Seems we’re gonna need Sanchez earlier than we thought now…

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Here we go again. Over dependence on one player called AS!

      Same old vulnerability, naivety, and predictability..


  92. tegh7 says:


    I’m enjoying this.

    Yet more sore offering for the AKB brigade.

    What’s your next line of defense now?

    League contender my foot.

    Wenger out!!!!
    Chase the usual french failures out of our club. Good riddance!

  93. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    Big mountain to climb now at 2-0. Could be more against us on the counter as we are now desperate. What next for the gunners? Show your mettle boys and come back as you did against Villa to make it 3-2!!!!COYGs!

  94. Demwan Jones says:

    Gabriel over mert

  95. tegh7 says:


    I’m enjoying this.

    Yet more sore offering for the AKB brigade.

    What’s your next line of defense now?

    League contender my foot.

    Wenger out!!!!
    Chase the bunch of french failures out of our club. Good riddance!

  96. Justsoccerfan says:

    History repeating again. Still remember the villa match. WENGER WE TRUST.

  97. Mick The Gooner says:

    This feels like Monaco.

  98. plastik Fan says:

    win the league?????….with these type of team????….was chech paid by maureen to completely bury us to the championship????

  99. Demwan Jones says:

    Akbs where u at

    1. gooner100 says:

      What’s the point? This is not about Wenger. Wenger for anyone with the ability to rationale is recognised as a world class manager. Full stop. This was about a bad day. A game. Bad defensive positioning and a keeper that was simply caught out. No one (with a couple of exceptions) performed. I don’t think that’s how we’ll continue the season. We may buy, but today even if we’d had Benz etc I doubt we’d have got much more out of the game. It’s got FA to do with akb’s, wob’s or any other twatish comment you might come up with. Do you enjoy us losing so you can try to make a fcukin stupid point. Knob.

  100. blondin says:

    At least 3 more signings needed to replace chech,meet and giroud

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