Official teams and Preview of Besiktas v Arsenal

This is a massive game for the Gunners, but also one which Arsenal should be confident of getting the right result in. When you consider that we beat what most would say was better Turkish opposition at the same time last season, as well as the fact that we are stronger and more confident this time around, then Besiktas should hold no real fears for us.

And the boss has certainly gone for a fairly strong attacking line-up, with Mikel Arteta preferred to Mathieu Flamini in the deep lying midfield role. Ramsey and Wilshere need to play well to control the game and a lot of the onus will be on the big French shoulders of Olivier giroud in the centre forward position.

Debuchy, Chambers, Koscielny, Monreal
Arteta, Ramsey
Sanchez, Giroud, Cazorla

subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Miquel, Chamberlain, Flamini, Rosicky, Campbell

Our number 12 needs to step up today and start to find the form that made him so important to our success last season, especially with Sanogo, Campbell and Sanchez pushing for that central role, but I think that he will. Cazorla also needs a good game after some lacklustre performances recently.

I think we could be happy with a score draw, but I also think we should get the win and put one foot in the Champions League group stage.

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  1. Sanchez playing with Barca is used to chasing the ball down hunting in packs.. Passing to messi and co..
    I just hope Wenger sees the problems up front and spends some money on a decent striker.. Defensive mid…defender…
    I’d honestly say next week will be a walk in the park but Wenger must surely understand with this current squad we are not getting out of the group stages..

  2. The decision to take alexis off and leave giroud on the park is absolutely shocking !! Wenger has to bring in a top CF , he can’t be happy with that plank up top!!

  3. Why take off the only person actually trying to create chances? I think Wenger started the match looking for a draw. This makes no sense

  4. Did Arsene just take off Sanchez and kept Giroud? I am really just asking what the frack is wrong with Arsene? Why not play a fast Sanchez instead of a completely out of form Giroud?

  5. Say what you wanna, but I gotta say,
    Giroud is WORLD CLASS. His hardwork, hold up play, touch……bravo!!.
    On my feet clapping…This guy is it.

  6. Ref is an amateur. Can’t keep control on the pitch. Gives fouls when there aren’t, don’t give when there are.

  7. a very predictable arsene, same old substitutions from wenger…. meanwhile campbell and rosicky in the bench…. a f*ck*ng tactical display from wenger… again.

    PS: ffffffuuuuuuCCCCKKKK GIROUD

  8. Actually our gunner play better than last match so guy be happy. They fight for the ball. Yes we going to score this free kick

  9. Can anyone explain why it took so much time for Lord Giroud to gain fitness when i can see Debuchy who had much more World Cup playing is ass off ???

  10. Cazorla and Ramsey had a shocker on Saturday. I didn’t think they could play much worse, but they do. Absolutely abysmal!

  11. FFS.. As usual Arsenal making a mess of the match that should have been by 60 min. Now all that is left is defending our ass off for the remaining 10 min. What a shame!

  12. Thing that annoys me is the fact Gibbs is almost as glass as Diaby, and as for Arteta, well I just knew we could not go through this game without an injury.

  13. Ramsey getting sent off stems from not having a good CF to put the ball in the back of the net.

  14. New season, same old problems. Giroud is a potato sack, Cazorla and Arteta have aged tremendously and are not fit to play. Wilshere was never cut out to be a key player, he gets sooo overrated by the English media and fans it’s laughable.

      1. Oh yeah. He nearly scored from a free kick, glad he was on the pitch.
        Giroud nearly didn’t fluff 4 or so chances. Glad he turned up too.

  15. I am nt watching this game, its a pity. One Man down, damn it.

    From live commentary, it does nt seem like Ba is still on the pitch.

    1. Ba was actually way better than OG in this game as expected. Atleast Ba gave Schez and our defenders something to think about. Poor game from our lead striker once again, OG might scare off potential signing from his play, Sanchez put in a shift but the man he was crossing too lost the ball with his first touch.

  16. OK lets go straight, Giroud useless, Cazorla nothing, Alexis played good but no help from teammates, Ramsey tried but not need to get red card, not to mention Wilshere because he was not there. Wenger should fix this, because the game is really not efficient, srceaming for transfers?? Sure! Bossing midfield, striker and defender!

  17. giroud touch the ball and we lose it…. no matters how many signings we do, with a poor tactital display, arsenal NEVER gonna win anything…. sad but true

  18. This team is just naive (like the manager anyway)…!
    Campbell on the bench !!!
    Wilshere seems to be the focal point of the team when we all know he might be the worse player in the club right now.

    Wenger, again, amorphe and motionless most of the game, not surprised he is not a tactical manager. Nothing new, and it is business as usual.

    Ramsey worries about dribbling instead of making the easy pass… Out for the next game… Dumb ass!
    Giroud could not be more useless…!!

    Wenger cannot be serious, when he talks about challenging for the BPL… But again he says the same thing every season and it ends up being chaotic each time.

    Right now we need the Germans back and 2 more signings for sure (possibly leaders too).

    Campbell and Chamberlain should have started the game… We needed speed and we got Jack “where is the ball” Wilshere…!!

  19. Giroud is f*cking disgrace…!! We are in trouble for the season… Even the simple thing cannot be done… I hope it is based on his fitness and he will get better soon.

  20. Giroud can’t win a fu*king header for a decent cross. And that is his only strength. What a waste. Playing with 9 players LOL

  21. The team tonight will not win the EPL or CL. Giroud should be disposed. Top striker and DM should be top of our priorities.

  22. Poor game and some poor performances .. There’s still time for Wenger to show his knack of unearthing a gem like Sanogo..!!!

  23. Wenger merely applied some makeup to the team in form of Alexis. The key issues have not been addressed. We all knew a year ago that we needed a LW because Cazorla drifts into the middle and there is nobody to give width. We all knew we needed a CF who will make positive runs. We all knew we needed a strong DM to provide cover for the back four. We got none of that from Wenger. This could be a disastrous season.

  24. I used to be patient with Giroud but no more. Giroud himself make us look like clowns.

  25. this is the worst effort by a for a striker since I have watched AFC, terrible, no fight, no energy, terrible positioning, gave no outlets for the midfield, i have not been tough on giroud in the past but today for me, the clincher, terrible!

  26. Wenger shaking his head. hahahha.. You know what Wenger you are a fool. Bringing on Rosicky in the injury time and OX so late ?? Substituting Sanchez in place of Giroud ?? And no depth in defense ??

  27. Not a good night for Giroud. All of the typical criticisms of him unfortunately ring true tonight. Didn’t offer anything particularly good, messed up any time he was in a promising position, and still unbelievably SLOW.

    Gotta laugh a bit at Flamini too, booked within a couple of minutes on the pitch, so typical.

    DM and Striker still looking like areas of need… 🙁

  28. if struggling against palace and this lot isnt enough of a wake up call for wenger then i have nothing left to say about the man…two quality signings..defensive midfielder and attacking option…. a must if we are interested in competing on any front this year

  29. in a ideal world, Giroud, Wilshere (crap again and even putting us in danger with his rubbish passing), Gibbs, and some more would be on the bench and we would have a top 11 on the pitch.

    It seems that Wenger is trying to accommodate Wilshere… Who gave him the number 10 shirt… F*cking ridiculous!!

    As soon as Ozil gets back, Wilshere will recover his rightful place on the bench.
    As for Giroud, since that deluded manager will not buy another striker, we are stuck with the “tree”…!

  30. Can anyone tell me how many on-target and off-target attempt will have with OG as our CF today? It is unfortunate that our CF makes this match difficult for us. We still have 12 days for transfer market to close, please Arsene Wenger do something meaningful again because i, personally is tired for OG as Arsenal major prioritize striker!!!

  31. Szcz 7. Deb 6. Chambers 9. Kos 7. Monreal 6. Arteta 6. Jack 6. Ramsey 5. Cazorla 3. Sanchez 7. Giroud 2.

  32. Arteta injured, Diaby injured, Ramsey banned, Flamini on yellow. Good CDM plan Wenger! I’m happy instead of acquiring midfielders already we are counting on old and injury prone players!

    Oh and please Wenger, please start Cazorla and Giroud again next time and leave OX and Campbell on the bench! We’re better off without CL anyways since half our midfielders are already out and it’s 2 matches on to the season.

  33. giroud played really well… best in the pitch… playing in heart of besiktas defense and ruinin all arsenals attack..
    arsenal ended the game with 9 men n besiktas with 12..

  34. Sanchez is saying “Boy, I made a big mistake, should have gone to Liverpool”. At least they have Sturridge and maybe Falcao next week

  35. Szcz 6
    Monreal 6
    Koscielny 6
    Chambers 6
    Debuchy 6
    Arteta 3
    Wilshere 3
    Ramsey 3
    Cazorla 3
    Sanchez 5
    Giroud 3

    Flamini 4
    Ox 6,5
    Rosicky (Clearly He Doesn’t Get Enough Time to Create Something)

    Wenger 3
    Poor tactic and poor selection team by Wenger! Poor performance!!! Wenger is very very very STUBBORN manager!!! Old and Senile!!! WTF!

    Ox, Rosicky, Campbell definitely should play earlier for this game !!!!

  36. Szczesny 6
    Monreal 6
    Koscielny 6
    Chambers 6
    Debuchy 6

    Arteta 3
    Wilshere 3
    Ramsey 3

    Cazorla 3
    Sanchez 5
    Giroud 3

    Flamini 4
    Ox 6,5
    Rosicky (Clearly, He Doesn’t Get Enough Time to Create Something)

    Wenger 3
    Poor tactic and poor selection team by Wenger! Very poor attacking performance!!! Wenger is very very very STUBBORN, Old, and Senile manager!!! WTF!

    Ox, Rosicky, Campbell definitely should play earlier for this game !!!!

  37. Giroud’s performance tonight is the worst I’ve ever seen from a striker in an Arsenal shirt, Why keep Campbell if you don’t wanna give him playing time? I’d rather he be loaned again or sold out, honestly. Not cool, any one noticed the ox tracked back and even made a chalenge after hitting the post with a stunner, but giroud was still walking back slugish. at least GIVE Campbell a shot. the kid
    has a great game the only time
    wearing the shirt. yet arsene
    goes with what he knows, even if one day joel cambell
    joins a rival club, scores
    against us and does an
    adebayor, i wouldn’t feel
    angry. we’re wasting his talent, wenger is so so deluded he is still living in the 80s.

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