Official teams and preview of Brighton v Arsenal

Arsenal have been handed a fantastic bonus and a great chance to defend the FA cup trophy we won in that dramatic Wembley final back in May last year, with the magic of the cup waving it’s wand and getting rid of Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham for us in a crazy day of cup shocks.

But yesterday was also a warning to big clubs like us that we should not take anything for granted. Hopefully the players will have taken this and previous warnings from Arsene Wenger fully on board and will make sure that there are no shocks at the Amex Stadium in Brighton today.

But if Brighton were looking for any inspiration, the Arsenal team sheet may have given it to them, with the boss leaving our three best players of recent weeks on the bench. So Walcott, Ozil and Flamini come in for Alexis, Cazorla and Coquelin, while Wojciech Szczesny comes back into the starting line-up as well/ I assume there is a problem with Ospina because it is Martinez who is the reserve keeper today.

It is still a strong side that the Gunners will start with and I can see why Wenger has given the overworked Mertesacker a rare day off and also agree that Rosicky and Chambers deserve their chance to play. I just hope that we do not add to the number of FA cup shocks on this crazy weekend.

Chambers, Koscielny, Monreal, Gibbs
Flamini, Ramsey, Rosicky
Walcott, Giroud, Ozil

subs: Martinez, Mertesacker, Bellerin, Coquelin, Cazorla, Alexis, Akpom

Come On You Gunners! Win this and we will be the red hot favourites to make it two FA cup wins in a row.

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          1. “Eh… comment makes sense. Oh, wait a minute, it’s KickAssFan!!!

            “Thumb down!!! Thumb down”””

    1. I’m not crazy about Monreal at CB. I think he is very good LB. However, he should do okay against Brighton.

      I’m happy that Cazorla and Alexis is on the bench rather than not on the team completely. Hopefully they won’t be needed and can be rested. But if there are problems, they are ready to help out.

    1. theres no certainty he is on the wings. The twitter account seemed to have the team in a 4141 formation, with Ozil, ramsey in the center, and Rosicky on the wing actually. we’ll have to wait until the game starts to see the actual formation.

    2. Let’s just hope that’s just what the boss wants the world to see on paper, and that everything will change once they are on the pitch. Honestly, Ozil has never done well for us on the flanks, but he’s shorn brightly the few times he played in his preferred position.

  1. Good lineup, I hope though we have some firepower on the bench and not sure about Chambers at RB, lets hope he does well.
    P.S. Delighted Mertesacker is not starting, I’ll take Nacho over him all day!

    1. he might actually be on the right (the position he said he prefers for wing play) and walcott might be on the left where he can come in as a secondary striker

  2. 4-1-4-1 i think, instead of 4-3-3…..

    back four

    i’m ok with that…..

  3. Still getting better, Liverpool have a replay and West Ham are on course for one too. COYG. Oh, and nice lineup, should get the job done!

  4. I agree with many of you about Ozil on the wing

    If Wenger continues doing this we will never see the best of him. Wenger is very frustrating. Is Wenger trying to make him a winger or will he use him in the middle when Sanchez and Walcott are regularly playing.

    Ozil can be a monster in the middle like fabregas

    Anyway, I hope it works and we win

    4-0 to the Gunners

    1. Arsenal twitter account had the team listed like this
      Szczesny, Chambers, Koscielny, Monreal, Gibbs, Flamini, Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud

      which would seem to translate to

      So Ozil wont be on the wings if we’re going by that…

  5. I would rather have Akpom upfront to give him a chance, if not now then when …. Nevertheless, it is good lineup

  6. Brilliant start.
    Thanks Theo.
    Theo’s goals can compensate for lack of WC striker this season, but we need one for next season.

    Keep em coming

  7. If that doesn’t booost Theo and Ozil’s confidence. Ozil hardly scores. He is more of an assist and passser. Awesome start.

    Come on keep em coming boys.

  8. The Gunners going for goal number three here aware that a 2-0 lead can be a dangerous one in the FA cup.

  9. If arsenal win two goal or above clear i will win 300 dollars , just arsenal left on this coupon, if i win imma take my gyal to da beach, ya take my bitch to da bitch ( hope she doesn’t read this)

    1. Yes. 2 years in a row would be awesome

      And a nice reward for Alexis’ debut season
      He is our best player ans I want him holding trophies early. If a quality player gets money, fan support, CL and trophies, there less likelyhood of him leaving

  10. Ok don’t get complacent or lazy

    Yesterday, Chelski were 2-0 up and lost 2-4
    So keep the pressure on and score a few more.

    I predicted 0-4 …. Looks good

  11. Yeah, we gotta keep this pressure up. It only takes one goal for them to start believing again.

  12. We need to kill this off and tighten up our midfield. Take off Theo, Flamini and Ozil. Bring on Alex, Santi and Le Coq…

  13. Well played in first half and hope second goes as well. Really can’t understand people commenting about who’s playing where before we have even kicked off. For instance why Ozil on left again? No one knows until kick off what the formation is, sorry, just a little annoying.

  14. BTW

    A thumbs up to Chambers and Rosicky
    Their cool assists helped Walcott and Ozil score

    I especially liked Rosicky’s pass to Ozil

  15. Forgive me for dreaming but i think this team can go far in the champions league, we just need the right tactic for each game

    1. No, I agree with you.
      As long as Sanchez, Walcott, Ozil, Koscielny, Cazorla, Coquelin are healthy ans we get Paulista, we have a decent chance

  16. Damn it!!
    Remember Chelski were up 2-0 yesterday
    And lost 2-4

    Don’t get complacent and lazy
    Anything can happen in the FA Cup

    Now lets regroup and Win the game.

  17. Rosicky an Assist and a Goal
    Rosicky must be the best 33/34 year old in the premier league


    Awesome regroup
    keep em coming

  18. Oh please score again i gotta take the bitch to the beach, if u loose i would have to take bitch out for sandwich, i know the bitch will curse like a witch, im not van gaal, i don’t want my ass to twitch

      1. Next season is our turn for the epl, players like flamini gotta , now we have very few deadwoods but the gotta go, respect my ma diaby but u gotta call it quits, do business or go for coaching,

  19. It was kind of us to give Brighton a goal but no more gifts. Lets win it and worry about Villa (who unfortunately won today(

  20. Arsenal’s defence is a complete joke.

    Brighton have offered NOTHING the entire game and yet have scored two goals.

    In my opinion the entire defence needs to be rebuilt or at the very least we employ some defensive coaches who know how to coach players properly.

    A total shambles…

    1. yes
      Right now the only defender I’m happy with is Koscielny and happy with Coquelin as DM.

      We should not have given away . Goals

      1. And Rosicky played well, Ramsey per usual abandons shape for personal crusade whilst Flamini knows exactly whats going on with everyones game besides his own and Walcott doesnt like the look of rb position so wont dare look at it and then we have szcz who breeds anxiety then Monreal and Kos who arent a partnership on top of what ever happened to Chambers form… oh and Sanchez could have scored a few if only Akpom looked up and passed the ball,.

        Other than that we looked tops going forward for large parts but didnt show enough clinical desire. Delighted with Ozil oozing some class with immaculate first touch and Theo Roscky goals. Just wish we rushed back to line up that defensive shape we know is capable.

  21. Typical, usual , what do you expect! Fkg useless! Do all the work up front for the usual back to fk it up, speechless,frustrated and fkg ANGRY!!

    1. They do it us fans some time after time, my heart can’t take it anymore! This is our chance to regain the FA Cup, we can’t throw it away!

  22. Sanchez is asking for Wilshere type injury if he does make the common sense passes and stop holding the ball ALL the time

  23. Schez at the back and the defense is poor, coincidence?
    And why the hell did Schez release the ball so quickly?
    Guys a fool who plays on adrenaline rather than be calm and composed.

  24. Oh no more 300, in need help gooners, console me , console my or………… The first time i came this close been shouting at the top of my voice at this pub

  25. Didnt like the 4141 formation at all in the past, but now looks the best way to accommodate some players and am delighted with how well we have played lately using it. Would be beautiful going on to win this competition, some can say its only fa cup all they like because another trophy on top of us finally targeting big players is a huge plus for me and we still have Monaco and possibility of furthering ourselves even more.

  26. No more 300 , tomorrow evening date we would have sandwich, id pretend its the best thing i love eating when im on a date, n id buy her a coke id drink water (id come with the water, the water at the eatry is costly), such is life, id take the positive, but first time i came so close, damn, fackity, fackin fack

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