Official teams and preview of Burnley v Arsenal

Well after all the talk about Arsenal tactical changes to face a Burnley side that is very strong at Turf Moor and questions about which of the Gunners returning from injury might make their way back into the Arsenal team today, Arsene Wenger has decided to stick with the same staring XI that did so well against Liverpool last week.

That is hardly a surprise I suppose, although there were doubts about the fitness of Laurent Koscielny, but there must be a problem with Gabriel as the Brazilian does not even make the bench. Hopefully Wenger has not had to take a chance with Koscielny. Szczesny is back in the squad after his rib problem though and we have Chambers as a back up central defender.

Many thought the game might be better suited to the talents of Welbeck and Gibbs, but they will start from the bench, where the surprise is that none of our players back from injury, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Abou Diaby and Mathieu Debuchy are in the matchday squad.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Alexis, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil

subs: Szczesny, Gibbs, Chambers, Flamini, Rosicky, Walcott, Welbeck

What we want is a nice fast start and plenty of control and cutting edge from the Gunners but I have a feeling it could be a difficult day.

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    1. Take a good look at Ramsey, you’d realise he’s as good looking as I am, just that I’m sexier.

        1. OMG!!! You talking to me??? Dude, u need to see me in action. Don’t mean to brag, but I’m damn terrific. I had to quit football a while due to troubles with girls.

  1. Hahahaha poor Spuds. Well done Villa

    Great team. Very happy

    Lets play hard from the beginning

    1-3 Arsenal

  2. Well they just said on Sky that Bellerin topped a poll in Barcelona for who should be their next RB when Alves leaves. I really hope we can keep hold of him.

    1. Think hell be here next season mate, Barca like to buy the finished article he might be to raw for them.

  3. Is Gabriel injured? Not even on the bench. If Koscielny gets injured again like against L’pool, Chambers is our only option.

  4. We look a little vulnerable on the counterattack. Mertesacker has been exposed a couple of times. Koscileny can’t cover for him like usual as Burnley are playing 2 strikers.

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  7. This is a very satisfying match to watch. It isn’t exciting or pretty, but it’s evidence that this team can play a physical game now too.

  8. Lets create some chances, I have not seen a chance since we went 1-0 up.. Burnley score 1 goal and we are in panic stations. Lets create some chances in the second half..

  9. Can’t see us scoring another goal at this point, but I can’t see Burnley scoring either. Giroud doesn’t look sharp enough to score from open play today, but he looks like he may get lucky on a corner or free kick. Very physical game today.

  10. 0-1 at half time

    If you have heart problems, I suggest you don’t watch the second half

    We need to play better in second half and an early arsenal goal will relieve my nerves

  11. Arsenal look tired, crowd arent making any atmosphere. hope things pick up in the second half

  12. Rain is affecting waves where I am, sooo sad.
    I hope we add to the goals to avoid a nerve wrecking end to the game.

    Second half to make it up.

  13. No wonder they are hard to beat at home, their supporters are full of sh*t. Most annoying crowd in the BPL. It’s time to start pulling out the cards ref, this is like watching a rugby game. We just need another goal to seal it and we are good, perhaps shut them up in the process. A most impressive performance by our defense especially Monreal. Coquelin again has been a monster.

  14. Pls no more Mertesacker in starting 11.
    Ramsey wasted on the wing. Why not start Walcott over him? At least he got the goal.
    Sanchez should stop running the game. His passing is not good. Give the ball to cazorla or ozil and go to your wing for gods sake.

    Conclusion on first half. Too many fouls, too little yellows. Time to bring Welbz in due to heavy physical plays

    1. he’s been solid the second half of the season.

      give him credit. you just want a shiny new toy… ffs criticism and applause where it s due.

    2. ramsey wasted on the wing? high pressure, 2 assists and 1 goal in 2 games, but ok. you must clearly know best.

      who do you wanna play? chambers? GABs is sick.

      2. everyy match at turf moore is poor quality wise. just ping pong and no series of passes

  15. oh god. every team that plays burnley gets dragged into a ping-pong yawn match. seriously, rarely a series of passes

  16. Burnley may not look like scoring but if we create a defensive error then they could easily do so. that’s why 1-0 is never satisfies me (until the whistle blows) because anything can happen.

    We need to do something we rarely did this season which is play better in the second half.

    Lets score early and put this match to bed.

  17. We need to get into their penalty area, then they can be as physical as they like. Too many long balls not finding their target, and not enough closing down of them in the final third.

  18. guys, its not that bad, 70% pocession, our midfield is dominating, defence looks strong as does ospina, OG yet to show up, often means he scores late, bellerin playing very well, as is nacho, a 1-0 win would be welcome, tough place to get 3 pts…

  19. i can not wait for chelsea to visit… cmon QPR! draw, would not mind a manchester draw either,

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