Official teams and preview of Chelsea v Arsenal

After the shocking way Arsenal were hammered at Stamford Bridge last season, today’s Premier League clash with Chelsea is a good chance to see if Arsene Wenger and the Gunners have learned their lessons – and whether we will have any more joy against the big clubs this season.

But the Frenchman’s starting selection is hampered by injuries, so he is unable to call on the likes of Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Debuchy and Olivier Giroud, but the biggest loss is surely our Welsh midfield star Aaron Ramsey. That is probably the reason why Wenger left Jack Wilshere out of his team for the Galatasaray game, as the Englishman comes back in with fresh legs today.

That means that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain drops to the bench while Santi Cazorla keeps his place. There is some good news for Arsenal in the return of our Spanish left back Nacho Monreal from his back injury, so we have some cover in the centre of defence as well.

Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Flamini, Wilshere
Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla

subs: Martinez, Monreal, Coquelin, Chamberlain, Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski

Chelsea make just one change from midweek at left back, so they have a very strong line-up with Costa, Fabregas, Hazard, Schurrle, Oscar and Matic. This is going to be tough, Gooners, and the Arsenal players need to be at it for 90 minutes, but the talent is there. COYG!!

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  1. No matter how good your offence is..
    It’s proven time and time again… it’s your defence that wins games..
    Chelsea have one.. We don’t!!
    It’s never been addressed for 10 years!!
    Nothing will change.. We are so close- yet so far..!

  2. Losing a game is another thing but looking at their cu*t manager is the worse feeling of them all.

  3. same old plan B and missing badly DM what on earth we are waiting to get khedira or carvallo? look at matic? then you get matic-mikel? that’s called TACTICIAN..dont come all and blame OZIL..we need STEEL and it’s been missing for years to least isnt 6-0

  4. Does Wenger even care about trophies anymore? He just doesn’t get it right against the rivals anymore.

  5. Again, per cannot play football, no powerful young dm player, ozil weak and inconsistent, tactical failings constantly from our manager, I really an sick of this s*it and what he’s done to us.

  6. at what position do you think we have better players than Chelsea? the answer is no position. They are better team than us.

  7. Who was saying Ozil is better than Cesc?
    Oh yes I remember, a certain Robin vanpersie or Robin vanpayslip. Whatever goes with Robin. But that’s not my point.
    Cesc >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ozil.

    1. Not saying Ozil is not good. But Cesc definitely is better. Jokes on Wenger. Could have had both and sold arteta and carzola or just one of them.

  8. I vote for Wenger out…I see arsenal can’t win the league this year…Wenger too fool put ozil in winger…Wenger must out

  9. Men against boys. I come back to the physicality of cities and Chelsea s back 4 then compare to ours joke!

  10. same old same old, cant win against Mourinho

    and what a pass from Cesc

    and we say we didnt need him because we have Ozil LOL

    look at Curtois got injured, who replace him? Cech!

    That is what a subs must be!

  11. 7 games in and chelsea are already 9points ahead of us! Oh well typical fight for fourth AGAIN! We will never win the league again while wenger is in charge

  12. The difference is a board and manager that want to win stuff… Until that changes arsenal will be a second tier team with a first tier stadium… Sad but true

  13. Fa regard has a coach who plays him in the right position. Ozil has a coach who pushes him out of position. That’s the difference between the two.

  14. To win a match is not how hard you run around the field. You can put 100% physically but without the quality you still sh*t.

  15. I think today’s performance is evidence that Wenger’s time should be up. 18 years of great service but the game has gone past him

  16. Don’t know why some arsenal fans keep giving themselves headache, I will keep saying this arsenal as a team is after profit not trophy okay.

    1. @mortal
      Dude. AFC is a team as well as a business, just like any other team out there. And businesses can either go with profit and prosper or go in the red and sooner or later go under. That is unless your owners have unlimited personal funds where it doesn’t matter.
      Guess you and a few others want a team with a boat load of EPL, CL trophies that languishes in the Conference…

  17. Right boys back home so you can start on the social media again, that seems all we are goos at and known for these days. So angry that wenger waited so long to make subs a point was there for the taking. 0 shots on goal and arsene will still play ozil on the left next game.

  18. We are a year or two behind Chelsea… We didn’t do too badly but the truth is I don’t think Wenger will ever learn what it takes to win big games in the modern post-Henry era. I’m well and truly fed up by his tactical management. I can’t manage Arsenal, but I certainly know a few who can do a better job than he can. Arsenal won’t die without him – so much for keeping him in appreciation of his past good deeds. He’ll leave anyway sooner or later… we might as well prepare to eliminate him sooner!

  19. well one thing we learned this game n over the years.
    theres no substitute for quality players n quality tactics!!!
    Thankyou moureen .
    I’m starting to admire this guy.
    we know inside all of us , we are jealous of him.

  20. Whoop whoop we behind Spurs.

    So fckn amazing, Wenger out.

    Commentators praise Chelsea and say we should have 2 red cards, well Chelsea should of had first red and that would have changed game.

    So fckn biased it ridiculous

  21. 0 shots on goal is unacceptable but remember last year we lost 6-0 against this established side who didnt have fabregas or a decent striker. 2-0 isnt embarrassing but the weak and whimpering manner of the defeat is

  22. A few things we’ve learnt from today’s defeat..
    We still can’t beat the big teams.
    We have no quality defender or defensive midfielders.
    Ozil isn’t worth £42m.
    I predicted we wouldn’t be in top 4 by May.
    Wenger has more fight in him than ozil.
    That’s not much either.
    Wenger could buy messi Ronaldo robben Suarez etc but we would still lose..

    On a side note:

    Huge respect for Fabregas’ comments.. Wenger the fool for not buying him back..! Chelsea’s gain our top 4 loss…

  23. Notice at every stoppage of play Mourninho is up instructing his players and Arsene is just Standing there.

    What do we have to do beat them????? Why is everyone afraid to shoot?

  24. AW gets a f**k U for bad team selection. He talked about tryin new tricks. LOL, Jack in the middle and Oz on the wing. Jack is a liability in big matches and so is Per. I would have put Monreal in his place if he were fit enough. Jack just can’t stand to see anyone else dictate play, so he follows them around waiting for the ball, which he gives away as soon as he gets it.
    Good match though. Chelsea could have really stuck it to us, but they looked to have pity…LOL
    Sanchez is a f**kn wonder.

  25. Im a nervous wrexk now as an arsenal fan. Each weekend I wonder which side will turn up, will we win well or get smashed? The inconsistency drives me mad. I wait for the team sheet and expect to be disappointed by wengers crazy line up, during the match I wonder who will get injured? How long it will take for mert to be breached/ skinned? At what point schez will burst of his line into no mans land, if oil will go missing or do well? Too many problens here keep happening. Sureky wenger should have addressed a few by now!?

  26. Yet again our lack of a DM rears it head. Our midfield was much than theirs but their defence was far better than ours. When you are playing against a defence such as theirs, you can’t play passing football in the penalty box, you need to be quick incisive and shoot.

    I thought Wellbeck had a bad game, he lost the ball probably more than Özil, but Özil will get the flak. I don’t understand why SC19 was taken off, he seemed to be one of the few who wanted to take on Terry et al, I thought Özil should’ve been taken off.

    There was a lot of tactical fouling by Chelski which was annoying, although we did get away with Koscielny. Once again IF we’d had a Patrick Viera, I don’t see either of their two goal being scored. Hazard would’ve been stopped before he got into the penalty area (which let’s face it – they were fouling us, rather than letting us into their area), and Fabregas’s pass would’ve been cut out.

    Our only hope is that Wenger doesn’t wish to be humiliated by Maureen again at home, and buys a proper DM.

    1. Additionally no Fabregas, no Chelski goal. It’s completely beyond me why Wenger let him go to a rival. Maureen would’ve bought him, and loaned out either him or someone else to another team, if he felt he couldn’t satisfy their playing demands. As it turns out, does Wenger still believe he wouldn’t be a valuable addition?

  27. Option 1: arsenal are indeed onky in it for the profit and don’t have real ambitions to win the pl, cl etc. Option2:, wenger really has lostbthe plot. The financial shackles are no off so why not the cb and dm signings weneeded? Why mess about with formations and players out of position? Why leave subs too late? We all know what needs to be done but wenger does different why? Trying to prove how clever he is?

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