Official teams and Preview of Man Utd v Arsenal

After Lukask Fabianski followed up his superhero performance against Arsenal by gifting Man City a winning goal, you could be forgiven for thinking that things were just not going the way of the |Gunners at the minute. That is a great name for a Kung Fu film by the way.

So in order to stop the rot and get Arsenal back on track, our clever manager has decided to act. If you call doing absolutely nothing at all acting that is. Ramsey on the right and Cazorla in a deep central midfield, yet again gives Man United and their manager \Louis van Gaal no problems to work out on the tactical front.

I hope I am wrong and we take United to school, of course, but if we don’t then the Frenchman will have some big questions to answer as to why he persists in a formula proven to be flawed. I am literally hopping mad, flabbergasted and flummoxed. How about you guys?


          1. Let’s just hope it works. Ramsey has been good out wide but he comes central often. We’ve been getting away with it because we haven’t really been pressed to do a lot of defending, but we’ll probably be up against it today. Ramsey is decent at tackling etc, it’s his positional disciple that worrys me.

          2. Why?? We beat Liverpool, held Chelsea, got through to the FA cup final and only slipped up at Swansea. You’d have put Walcott out there? Replaced someone with Wilshire?

    1. I’d say it’s a must not lose as opposed to a must win, but we don’t want to see our team play for a draw. But a draw would mean United would be 2 points behind us with 1 game left, and we’d have a game in hand. If we lose then it’s still in our hands but we must win our last 2 games.

  1. Was expecting walcott to start, the dodgy united defenders would not be able to handle him.
    Anyway. COME ON BOYS lets get our first victory at old trafford since 2006! Been a long time coming and they’ll be strengthening a lot this summer so if we don’t do it today it may be a longg time before it happens

  2. Even if we win Wenger shows the traits as he did in the start of the season,playing the guys out of their respective position in order to force the favourites in the team.
    We won t win the PL in the next 2 years even if he buys Messi and Ronaldo if he persist in that.
    Each players has his qualities and attributes that suit a specific role.The wings require speed,Ramsey has no speed.
    The only excuse Wenger may have in honesty is that Welbek and Ox are injured and maybe he does not want to risk too much Walcott as he intend to sell him.That maybe the explanation and even if it s sad for Walcott it can be accepted.
    Let us see next year how things go in this matter.

      1. Well, I did say how very easy it is to predict Wenger tactically. It’s one major flaw he’s got.

        1. ManU would be thinking, Wenger will play Walcott as Ramsey dint train until friday. BOOM!! Wenger plays Ramsey!

  3. Bould: Yo, we need to submit the team sheet. Did you fill it in?

    Wenger: Bruv, I’m hungover. You do it

    Bould: erm this is important

    Wenger: fine. Wake me up why don’t you? Pass me the ropes and last weeks sheet

    Bould: passes the topic and sheet

    Wenger: * Tipex’s out last game’s date and puts on today’s date* Happy?

    Bould: I’lol hand it in. Get rid of that bed head FFS. You’re in front of the camera in 5 minutes.

    Wenger: **** I forgot my toothbrush

    1. Hypocrisy 101.

      If we lose, you’d start saying things like, “Damn Wenger!!! I knew we’d lose the moment I saw the selected team.

      1. We dont know how Walcott is performing in the training..We know he was injured for long time and will have less confidence than Ramsey. Ramsey covers whole lot of ground to do his defensive duties, which is very much important in these type of games. Ramsey is away-goal-scorer.

  4. Ramsey offers so much more than Walcott, the only thing Walcott has on him is speed. If Ramsey had the pace of Walcott arguments with him starting on the right would be non-existent. Ramsey for a dramatic Fa Cup type winner!!!

    1. Wenger always trust Ramsey as he is fav player to score in away one can deny it.

  5. All very well knocking Wenger but with no Welbeck or chamberlain there isn’t a lot of choice here.

    Walcott may be quick but we need 11 players who will assert themselves, attack and defend as a team. Equally I’d say Ramsay is just as likely to take any chance as Walcott. Wilshire could have claimed a start but can’t say he any improvement on who will start. It will depend more on how disciplined we play, how we press and how we take our chances. Walcott will no doubt make an appearance at someone, so let’s hope if he does, he makes a positive contribution.


  6. A. Either Walcott is injured
    B. Walcott refuses to play
    C. Wenger is just an idiot for playing Ramsey at RW over a RW specialist.

    Whatever the answer, WENGER OUT !!!!!
    Jurgen Klopp or Guardiola IN

    1. Walcott hasn’t really been playing well to be fair. But Alexis being our only fast player might be a struggle. I think Ox would be playing if he was fit through, I think there’s just something wrong with Walcott.

  7. I hope Madrid gets De Gea and we sneak in for Bale like we did with both Γ–zil and Sanchez from Barca. Maybe if we offer a decent amount it wouldn’t be such a big loss for Madrid and we’ve recently conducted business with them as well…

  8. Walcott is 100 times better than ramsey out on the right. Walcott attends to his fullback just like any winger should. He is on the bench for reasons other than his footballing abilities.

  9. Wenger looking really hungover. This is a huge issue for our Sunday games as Wenger likes a night out on Saturday.

  10. Sanchez dribbles way too much its getting very annoying to watch. Make a decision and go, dribbling so much is a sign of indecision

      1. exactly! this is not time to showboat not against UTD. sometimes making the simple pass is much better

      2. It’s his reluctance to use his left foot for anything that I find most annoying, but he’s been so good for us that I can forgive that.

  11. Mess around on the edge of the penalty area without being incisive … exactly the same problem as Swansea

  12. Ozil and Cazorla look separated from each other, can’t get their passing going.

  13. And we’re still giving it away after conceding a goal… looks like they’ve all had a night out with Wenger

  14. No more bullshit … Wemger has to go if we are to be a top team again … Mourinho is right he is an expert in failure … Ramsey giroud merteshaker Monreal are simply not good enough ….

    1. Ozil frustrated at what?? He messed up that move, Giroud moved a defender away but because Ozil is not confident to take responsibility he tried to pass the responsibility on.. He should have taken that shot..Stop blaming Giroud..

    1. i do. Yet another saveable goal he concedes. Shouldve realized Cross was to Hererra and was positioned wrongly, plus he’s too short to save that goal in addition to it. Thats why we need somebody better.

  15. If we’re playing the long ball to Giroud, which it looks like we are, then why play Ramsey over Walcott? Ramsey is the one you play for passing and build up play when we’re pressing a team. When we’re counter attacking with a long ball, you want pace – Walcott. No?

  16. Seems we losing again today. I really pray we get a draw atleast to ensure we finish above Man U

  17. Well – this is typical of Arsenal.

    Win lots of games when there is no pressure.

    Slightest hint of pressure and we collapse.

    I am so tired of this season in and season out.

    If you cannot motivate your players to achieve consistency throughout the season Mr Wenger just f**k off now.

    Fourth place here we come AGAIN !!!!

  18. Seems people are finally listening to me about Ospina after I’ve gotten so much abuse for thinking he’s not world class and not good enough to push for title. He’s just an improvement over Szczesny is all. Overall though it looks like nobody gives a crap about this game today. Truthfully, even as a fan i dont care much either and it wont ruin my day like it usually does. Fighting for runner up isn’t exciting or anything worth celebrating. As long as we avoid 4th I don’t care. The only thing I ask today is some damn urgency from SOMEBODY on the pitch right now!

    1. How about protecting the GK,free shot in the surface.Hello!
      It s easy to always blame The keeper when the defenders don t do their job.

  19. There we are right in fourth place where we belong..

    And there are idiots out there who actually believe we are improving under that French cretin.

    Arsenal are a joke.

    Sanchez is wasted there – he should go to a club with ambition to win.

    Not to one who is happy to finish fourth EVERY F**king season !!!!!!

    1. exactly. Yet again too many people got tricked into thinking Wenger was a top manager just because he dug himself out of the hole he made himself this season. Its so sad when I see people thinking we can win title next year. We are far, far away its ridiculous. Chelsea will keep improving and we will stay stagnant with Wenger.

  20. Offensively we are non extistent, Wenger has to play players in their position.
    Overall we look not motivated and hungry enough!

  21. Terrible performance from a number of player and yet the fans blame Giroud only. Ozil shouldn have passed to Giroud. Giroud made the run to give Ozil space. We need to stop blaming one player for the whole teams poor performance.

  22. That glory glory man utd song really irritates me… hope we can turn this around and rub their noses in it.

  23. Observations from the first half:
    – Mike Dean is still Mike Dean. That whole making Ozil come to him was so theatrical. Focus on reffing the game, not flexing your power. He keeps breaking up the game with ticky tack fouls, and it’s stopping us from getting any rhythm.

    – Our passing has been poor. We can’t get anything going, and to be fair utd have made this tough on us. They’ve outworked us.

    – Should Ospina have done better on that goal? You have to think a bigger keeper might have got that….

    1. Wouldn’t put that goal on Ospina. Herrera was completely unmarked and unchallenged. Defensive error rather than a goalkeeping one for me.

      1. both. it was a defensive error, but thats why GK’s should be able to effectively rescue those errors when possible. It was a saveable shot and Ospina should’ve done better. He’s not the only one to blame for conceding though. Bellerin has been getting beaten all game, and we had way too many players that got sucked into Young.

  24. Cazorla off. Ramsey to the middle, Walcott out wide. Walcott hasn’t been great recently but Cazorla has been invisible, hasn’t imposed himself as usual and didn’t really do it against Swansea either. Hoped he would regain his form but he hasn’t. Giroud isn’t playing poorly, he’s just completely isolated. No one anywhere near him to pass to.

    And please, please, please stop playing the long ball. Are we expecting the long ball to work for us? We have a team of tiny men. Fruitless. It’s clearly not working. Need a big change up now, not in the 75th minute, now.

  25. We are awful..! Very bad. I think Alexis isnt have enough confidence in playing quick passes. He takes time and they will snatch it easily. Ozil, Cazorla are invisible..\
    Second-half will be interesting.

  26. Doesn’t really matter if we finish third or fourth … As long as wenger is manager that is where we will always finish … At best … 4 quality players short of being a top team again …. Ramsey and giroud off at half time Walcott and wilshere on .., carzola pushed further forward … But our constant inability to put pressure on opponents when they have ball is shocking and clearly not something wenger insists on … Fball has moved on from 1997 and the Frenchman is living in his deluded past am sorry to say

  27. The #wengerin crowd are the type of guys who would stay with a cheating girlfriend because she promises to change

  28. Manure are very average, we are simply awful, and seem to be showing no desire to win the game

  29. wake the f**** up boys…..there picking every single pass made, way to slow.

    Ozil and Ramsey need to be quicker with build up play.

  30. Disgraceful first half. Bellerin is getting ripped to pieces by Young thanks to us playing a CM on the wing.

  31. So glad im not watching the game, knew this would happen when ramsey started. Plus our 4th place trophy was sealed already and i don’t see the point of having players if you don’t play them

  32. Fellaini getting the better of Coquelin. Would would you do if you were Arsene during half time.

  33. I’d like to see the distance covered statistics. I can’t recall any of our players actually sprinting that entire half other than Alexis and Koscileny.

  34. Why can’t Ospina pull off world class saves?How Herrera goal got past him leaves me flummoxed.He made a poor decision there like he did against Swansea

  35. Needed for second half:
    – Quicker pressing without the ball. Need to create pressure and force errors. Their midfield aren’t generally the best on the ball, it’s seemingly a slippery suface, gotta try and force a mistake so we can get out on the break against them.

    – Need to start quick and establish a passing game. They’re playing more 4-5-1 and have packed the middle. We should counter this by either bringing on Theo to try and get in behind, or by letting Ramsey move inside a bit more, maybe him and Ozil can switch every few minutes or something. My point is you counter a packed middle of the park by quickness on the outside, or by like-for-like matchups inside. If we can’t establish pass and move, we may as well take Giroud off because he will be isolated again.

    A point is a much better result for us than them considering we have a 2 point gap and a game in hand. Don’t lose today and 3rd should be ours for the taking.

  36. I hope ,Wenger brings on little mozart for Sanchez he kill everything that looks like a counter attack !!

  37. All Wenger needs to do is to shift Sanchez to wing right. His pace and that of Bellerin will neutralize exuberance and incessant harrasment from Ashley Young.

    Cazorla to go left wing to replace Sanchez, while Ramzey goes to pair Coquelin though as B2B midfielder.

  38. Guys hold the wheels, the wenger team is back. Last game we are SH*T in the 1st half, now we are even more SH*T, no attempt at all. Offensive is our trade mark, arsenal energy was totally gone in the wind.

  39. Very poor first half, exactly the same as the Swansea one on Monday… And Monreal was behind Fellaini, so what was the point of him clinging to his back like that?? Instead of concentrating on his left, and Sanchez too switched off and let Herrera drift ahead of him..

    Cazorla non existent… Ozil not doing much, Ramsey just there to make up numbers..

    Poor all round..

  40. Can some explain to me why ozil just falls over looking for fouls that are never fouls! Useles

  41. Another one of those games that just pass us by. Go on a winning run lose one and boom fall apart! Options for the second half? God I despise mu, coyg!!

  42. We literally get nothing from Mike Dean, but everything similar the other way gets whistled against us.

    How does he get to ref our games still after all this time?

    This shite is sedating me into a coma! Villa are watching this rubbing there hands together.
    Time for a mix up, this team arn’t working, there alseep

  44. Being as a arsenal fans is alway a pain in the AS*, we fans want more and hungry than the manager, the players and the FU*KING BOARD.

    1. Trying to comment here, then the screen loads up again with a trillion ad’s
      Anyone else having this issue?

  45. @Justarsenal….How many adverts do you need on this site, i really used to like the banter on this site, but it takes 5 minutes to load.
    Not impressed.

  46. Just saw the stat on bbc website, the first time we’ve failed to have a singke shot in the first of a game since 2004. Your playing mu isn’t that motivation enough?!

  47. Piss poor!! Ohh we have been celebrating for the past month as if we won the title and now we are back to earth. First goal attempt from Arsenal in 50 min and that too a horrendous attempt. And if we cant even defeat this MANU team say would we ever? Meanwhile Wenger is sitting ducks as usual waiting to make a traditional 75 min substitution!! F8ck this sh!t!!!

  48. Same as Swansea game: pressurised, pressed and bullied.

    No leaders; making a fist. COYG do not lie down! Let’s have em!

    Where’s big Tony?

  49. Once again we the Fans ( not me) are being forced to come back to reality.

    Wenger plays the same line up, the same tactics against a big team, against a manager who is not an rooki but actually a champion and that Away.

    I hate losing to Manure but this is price i can take only so you fo*ls outhere realise that we are not good enough and far from being good enough. It gives me the plesuare to know that i wont read the endless topics about us having a chance next year and about Giroud being on a pair with Cavani, Ramsey being Zidane and us not needing a Dm bec we have Coquelin.

    Boring, boring Arsenal, same old, same old, Wenger.

  50. Thanks Wenger/Arsenal, for boring me to death, going to work bad mood tomoz now.I have zero hope for this match, even thinking about turning it off, were doing naff all.
    Zero threats, lazy passing….Just wake up GOONERS!

  51. Well we have 2 games against Mid Table team still to play after this. So why give a sh!t about this big match? Right ? Right ?

  52. AGHHH NO, what a miserbale pi$$ take, I’m going to bed directly after this match.
    Cheers Arsenal

  53. If Wenger can get a draw here I will be happy for him. I won’t demand too much from him, to me that his managing standard. (Low)

  54. That is why i hate to see Arsenal matches on Sunday night. Usual Monday blues topped by an Arsenal defeat!! Kills me entirely.

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