Official teams and preview of Southampton v Arsenal

The latest news for Arsenal fans is pretty much the same or similar that we have had all season. Arsene Wenger has had to shuffle his squad and experiment because of the constant and ever growing and ongoing injury situation that the Gunners have had to cope with.

Now our central midfielder Mathieu Flamini is not available to play, so Wenger has had to put Calum Chambers along with Francis Coquelin in central midfield and we have to hope that the inexperienced young Gunners can do a job for us in a really tough test away to the Saints. And I thought that they had it bad by losing Schneiderlin to suspension.

Just to add to the problems, the in form Cazorla has had to move into a wide forward role because of Giroud’s suspension and the injury to Welbeck. I must say that Wenger and the players will deserve a medal if we come out of this game with anything.

Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Chambers, Coquelin, Rosicky
Chamberlain, Alexis, Cazorla

subs: Martinez, Monreal, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Campbell, Walcott, Akpom

All I can say Gooners, is cross your fingers and hope….


  1. If Wenger wasn’t such a cnut and bought correctly last summer then we’d be fine. But as usual same old story from the failure that is our manager.

  2. i said it after the west ham game i was amazed by many on this forum getting so excited because we beat west ham whippdo i said this next 3 games were the real test and we failed on the first hurdle and if you havent noticed thats our best back 5 playing today lol what a joke

  3. No point to get angry. What you are witnessing is a manager with an inferior squad comfortably beating the highest paid manager in Europe. Its sad to see. Wenger simply not good enough to lead the club back to success. You can say and you can see it. But its not what we think that matters.

    1. exactly, yet people make up excuses every game for the man. No matter how you cut it, Arsene Wenger isn’t good enough anymore.

  4. Look at southampton’s tactics. As soon as gardos gets a yellow, they substitute him..they know arsenal has pace on the counter..another good defender to replace him…how i miss tactics in arsenal football

  5. Cavani, Hummels and Kondogbia (or Schneiderlin/Bender/Carvalho)
    That’s the only thing that can save our season

  6. Debuchy is terrible too…. His side is the only side that keeps getting exposed, in the West Ham game too… He can’t defend and can’t cross or pass… Fix up guys..

  7. Can Wenger coach his players how to shoot into corners of the net & not directly at the goal keepers ?

      1. You are a rare breed, idiot.

        Someone defending Wenger…

        The name says it all really.

        Complete tool…

  8. HAhahahahaha kikikikikikikikikik just to relese stress. Am tired of these bunches impersonating as football players. Even with these two signings the fans are crying for during this window we will remains whipping boys. The whole team and coaching staff needs completely overhaul so that no wenger traces are left in our beloved club. Boys should pave way for men. In Wenger we stress

  9. Any guess on Wenger’s excuse

    1. World Cup?
    2. Referee?
    3. Pitch?
    4. Opponents playing to rough?
    5. New Year’s Eve Hang over?
    6. Injuries?

  10. TV announcers fear that the S.H. fans and players are still nervous about this game. I don’t know why they should be.

    1. Cos soton miss a lot chances and if we scored one than it will be very nervous last few mins.

  11. maybe there’re gonna another abuse attack from our away supporters again… LOL

    Wenger already use his lady luck couple years ago, and hope this season is his last job…

  12. I like Akpom and he should appear more often but……..

    for Wenger to put Akpom on the pitch, it is clear that Wenger is in pure desperation mode.

    Wenger is lost and does not know what to do so he is just doing anything which should be an improvement over his deliberate and calculated reasoning.

    1. Seriously, my 17 year old son who is a very average player in weekend youth league soccer would be an improvement over this.

      1. In 3 meetings this far with SH, they have looked the better side. Held chelsea, beat us, held man u..would be really unlucky if they finish below us..

    1. I have been reading these sentences quite often, I think we can come out the top 10 worst performance.

    2. nope. Let me name several worse performances. Dortmund away, Stoke away, Swansea away, Anderlecht away (despite the win we sucked)… just shows how bad we have been this season. For other clubs this would be their low point.

      1. Yes. Why do you think these players are ALL (except Sanchez) playing so poorly? Why are they in such disarray?? Why do you think that is so??

        This is basic management. Sure players made the mistakes, but who is coaching them? Who is managing them? Why can great players suddenly perform so poorly? Why? Who is making the lineup decisions? The tactics? Who has been using players out of position? Who has been keeping their top goal threat on the bench??? Who?

        This is so obviously a management problem that Stevie Wonder can see it. C,mon.

  13. Same shit every year, how can Wenger not see that if he doesn’t change things (i.e some ambition, new transfers, rotation before someone gets injured, earlier subs when were behind etc) then the team will be going nowhere higher then 3rd place at best… As much as the players are making the mistakes on the pitch, it’s Wenger who should be held 10x liable and it’s Wenger who’s the stubborn assh*le that thinks he knows everything.

    If people are still not #WengerOut after watching this game I don’t know what other encouragement you might need to see it to. We are playing City real soon, at this rate it will be another thrashing.

    The team looks totally unmotivated

      1. Yes. Wenger has shown overwhelming favoritism for Szcesny even though the other keepers have performed much better and more consistently.

        Wenger has his “pet” players and they ALWAYS get a pass from Wenger. WENGER is the one who puts Szesny on the pitch.

        Martinez, for example, has less far ability but plays much better overall – that is what counts. Wenger should know this but he does not care. He has his favorites.

    1. Also, when asked how he had improved this season Szcesny answered that he felt he had more command over his box this season. Seriously, you cannot this stuff up.

  14. The Newcastle and everton games slightly raising my mood after this clown like/childish performance today. Get shopping arsene abd whilst you’re at it sell some of our dead wood, we’ve enough!

    1. Seriously, who do believe he will sell – the worst players??? Doubtful. He may sell Poldi – one of the few players you can count on to do his job – that is to score goals.

      So Wenger will get rid of the player with the best goal-per-minute ratio in the league – Poldi.

  15. Arsenal FC does not care how this Arsenal team performs so why should I give a F**k

    “IF” Arsenal FC had the same level of balls that Chelsea, United, Barcelona or Real Madrid had they would have made a statement of intent and fired Wenger a long time ago.

    Ten years and one FA cup is nowhere near good enough for a club that claims to have ambitions to be successful.

    Arsenal FC are a joke, this squad of players is a joke and Wenger is incompetent.

    But you know this will continue for years and years because doing nothing is easier than doing something…

    So disappointed in the whole situation – I really don’t give a F**k anymore…

      1. You don’t get to decide who is a “proper” fan. Sorry. What if we don’t consider you a “proper” fan?? Then what? Nothing.

  16. Whats hilarious is just before this game schez said it an interview he was now more confident at commanding his box anf coming for crosses!, really? Feel stupid now? Would have loved wenger to be bold and swap keepers at half time mourinho would have! We are sh*t!!!

  17. 3 quality players in the window might get us 4th place but to be honest giving the frog joker a lifeline is not what is needed at arsenal…the man has to go so it is a matter of whatever it takes … the thought of him still being around come may just makes my stomach churn…and new year revelries cant be blamed…any more than refs or world cups or the weather or alien powers…. JUST GO YOU OLD AND TIRED HAS BEEN

  18. After that display from Arsenal, Mr Wenger should do the right thing and GO.
    Wenger showed today he has no solution to what gone wrong at Arsenal.
    I think he is the problem the players have no Faith in him and the Fans have no faith in him
    time to go Mr Wenger.

  19. I am actually quite content with this typical Arsenal shitshow against a quality team away from the Cemetery, errr Emirates. Broken record syndrome indeed fellas but this is and will be an AVERAGE team with Le Douche @ the controls. The time has never been so critical for a Massive Overhaul and Investment of this mid table squad, and to those Gunners who spend there hard earned money on this shambolic corporate farce my prayers are with you in 2015.

    1. I could live with 33 points if Arsenal were actually playing decent football and just happened upon some great opposition performances?

      But seriously? You could select any 3rd Division manager at random and Arsenal would be better off right now.

      Wenger stands at his silly press conferences and justifies/rationalizes his actions but his words now ring so very hollow. He has become a joke to everyone but himself and his short list of “pet” players (Ramsey, Sczesny, Giroud, Arteta, etc.).

      Can Wenger not see that he has become sort of a joke to the football world?? Is he really that blind?

  20. Everyone I would like to introduce “Arseneisyourdaddy”

    As you can see he is the only one actually defending Wenger.

    Does he have poor eyesight?


    Is he a complete idiot?

    Most definitely…

    I am sure that he doesn’t watch the games because if he did he would not be supporting Wenger as he is.

    Arsenal is a shambles led by the circus’s main attraction – Wenger…

    1. That is because Mr FiFA15 I actually played the game. That is because I know despite a coach’s instructions people mess up on the pitch.

      Now you, Little Me, do you have coaching badges ?
      Have you ever gotten off the couch and played the game?
      I became an Arsenal fan around 1995.
      I actually put on boots, went to training, played games, won some, lost some.

      Your sole contribution to the game is asking Mum for more crisps at halftime and posting angry meaningless rants.

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