Official teams and preview of Stoke v Arsenal

If Arsenal can win away to Stoke City today it will make it four wins in a row in all competitions and would surely put the momoies of a poor start to the season firmly behind us and leave us looking forward to the rest of the season with some optimism.

But with just one win from our last eight games against the Potters, it does not looka n easy task. But the home side are ona miserable run of form and results, with three defeats in a row and some of their own injury problems to deal with. They are nothing like ours, although at least Kieran Gibbs is available to cover for the Spanish left back Nacho Monreal.

On the other side, Hector Bellerin comes in because Wenger has moved young Calum Chambers alongside Per Mertesacker, with Laurent Koscielny only fit enough to start on the bench. Our polish international keeper is also on the bench after his minor knock saw him miss a few games and he is joined there by Danny Welbeck.

So OLivier Giroud comes into the centre forward position and Alex Oxlade_Chamberlain gets another chance to impress on one flank, with our star man Alexis Sanchez on the other. It gives us a great blend of power, pace and hard work up front, with Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey adding creative ability from midfield, although the Welshman will hopefully keep his discipline and help Flamini to protect the defence.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Chambers, Gibbs
Flamini, Ramsey, Cazorla
Alexis, Giroud, Chamberlain

subs: Szczesny, Koscielny, Ajayi, Maitland-Niles, Campbell, Podolski, Welbeck

The young players on the bench show just how stretched the Arsenal squad is, but hopefully they will not be called upon and hopefully we do not pick up any more knocks from Stoke’s tough tactics. Can we hold firm and produce the quality up front to grab a vital win?

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  1. I’m so pi##ed off that most weeks now we have to suffer this heartache due to one over paid over rated out of date manager.
    #wengerout !

    #wengerout !

      1. That about settles it now. Welbeck better than Giroud. He provides more for the team. Giroud lack of pace, movement and shooting accuracy means teams can afford to play a high line against us and also bomb forward. That first half was like the Chelsea and Liverpool game all over again.
        Wenger should send those kids on loan. If they do not cut iit on loan, they should not be in an arsenal shirt. Jenkinson looks like a world class player compared to what we’ve got

  2. Don’t know what to do, drink my self to bed or kebab ?4………………………. NIL?

  3. Wenger should have gone years ago, but as said at the agm by “Chips” Arsene makes the decisions at Arsenal no one else is allowed to! As long as the fans pay their money Gazidas and Kroenke don’t give a shit about the Arsenal fans feelings, we’re just their cash cows to make more money for themselves, Wenger is a disgrace to receive £8 million a year for failure, WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ok, this is enough sh*t for me……………… does anyone know a number phone of some sniper??…… this is not funny anymore

  5. Sanchez is,simply put,too good for the Arsenal team.Arsenal is one man team,I’m affraid we are going to lose Sanchez next year if Wenger still on charge.4-0,embarrasing-Wenger out!

  6. I’m done…. 4 – nil

    Joker Manager… Please resign tommorow & make bould as our manager for awhile….
    at least we can save 16m from this useless manager…

  7. #NYGUNNER where the fack are u & ur #AKB boyz stand to fack up & defend dat #BRAINLESS FART Im callin u to fack out!!!

    1. anthony taylor is still a bad ref in general, but wasnt at fault for the 3 goals. That was our defenses fault.

  8. I’m done wathing this game to take out my fustration…OOPs It”s 4-0 now I hear the noise on TV. Humiliating.. We are playing against STOKE !!!

  9. I think the AKBS going to come out now. Normally we will blamed the ref but what happened we got the favour from him.

      1. Actually now I want him to stay, I want to know how low we can go. Win, lost, 4th or relegated, me still arsenal fan.

  10. Guys what is happening on 4-0 i am not watching this game as i am not at home busy somewhere so just checked on this site we are 4-0 down what is going on? Are we playing bad?

  11. Guys what is happening on 4-0 i am not watching this game as i am not at home busy somewhere so just checked on this site we are 4-0 down what is going on? Are we playing that bad?

  12. hjahahha

    this is hilarious.

    this is not arsenal anymore

    defensive mistakes. loose balls. silly red cards.

    like watching airplane the movie

  13. LOL now this interesting red card for chambers…..

    wenger gonna blame the red card, right…

    1. As usual, like all Arsenal fans lets blame the referee…

      Keep your head in the sand, its best served there…

  14. Jesus f***ing christ.

    They give themselves a chance to get back into this game and then as usual they shoot themselves in the foot in Chambers getting sent off.

    If Wenger is not removed and big changes made at that club then they can FORGET winning anything again.

    Arsenal are a shambles – a laughable, pathetic SHAMBLES

  15. Yeah 80plus minutes and a sub, i’m speechless and agred at the same time
    seriously what the fack.
    He does the same thing every game, we all know einsteins famous quote
    samething- diffrent outcome = insanity WENGER.
    sod the spelling

  16. We can’t blame the ref guys.
    Only one person to blame
    Wenger he decided to leave Kos out
    We all wanted chambers in but for dopey Mert not Kos
    Wenger obviously thinks Bellerin isn’t ready, and then plays him at stoke ???
    Who didn’t buy a CM who didn’t buy a CB

    And he will do the same in jan ? Or buy average

    1. Sometimes i think hes playing agaisnt himself, he tackles himself how many turns do you want to do man, and yer holding up play, ive seen this in a couple of perfomances.p
      lus he cant shoot for shit.
      But ah “oooooooooh santi…”


  18. Shambles. 2 goals hide an absolutely disgraceful performance. Wenger f off. How many defeats now. Your legacy is over I the invincibles are long gone. You will remembered as an incompetent manager.

  19. phuking depressing, wenger a moron, sanchez miss an open goal, giroud looks like he is getting laid again, bellerin ready for league 3, chambers a freaking hot head, poldi on did nothing, martinez honeymoon over, i can only assume Kos asked to sit, team need a complete rehaul, starting at the top,

  20. KOS not fit, but on subs bench, speaks volumes of what has become a deluded wenger, the man can’t even give interviews anymore. he needs to leave, he might be suffering from shit manager disease-but still think everythings good.

  21. We seem to only play like a team with intent when our backs are truly against the wall with 20 minutes left on the clock. Shame we can’t reproduce that over 90 minutes!

  22. The 4th place junkies on this site got their little rush over last 10 days …. Wake up and smell the f****** coffee… Any team with mert flamini Ramsey Gibbs Monreal arteta giroud podolski will never and I mean in a million years never going to be top notch throw the delusional one in to manage and it’s another ten years of nothing… If he was a decent human being he would resign tomorrow sadly he is just a third rate cheese eating surrender monkey who believes there is no alternative … A once serious club run by a corporate clique and this idiot … Lowest point in thirty year history of following arsenal

  23. Just when we thought things were getting better – beating a bottom of the table Dortmund at home, beating bottom of the table WBA away and beating Southampton 1-0 in the dying minutes. Maybe we should have expected this? There is something to be said for having a strong defensive unit. Something Wenger was gifted from Graham in the early years!

  24. Please Wenger buy some defenders and a DM in January. We would be 10 points better off now and level with Dortmund in the Champions league if he had just bought a CB and a DM last window.

  25. We throw a bottle & towel when we could take a chance to cut 10 poin different & other team behind got draw… Oh man that’s amazing… this team & our 8m manager…

    Mert is useless man without kosc, & he is our captain (Oh Lord)… ramsey keep playing even though he was underperforming… Giroud is sub player at the best… flamini’s invisible…
    Can’t blame chamber for the sent off, cuz he just premature & still can’t put the pressure out his head…
    And The one who put this team are our fcking manager & he make this team without real quality deep, & half of that quality got waste on the bench.. Favouritsm…

    #WengerOut Please
    Take bould as our manager till summer…

  26. 49 game unbeaten is still in tac.
    Fack you you chelski scum, couldn’t even buy it loolollolllMWWWHAHAHAHAHHAHHAH

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