Official teams for Arsenal at West Ham – Koscielny and OX in!!

It is a huge relief to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans that the France international Laurent Koscielny has passed a late fitness test and is able to start for the Gunners away to West Ham today. With the home side in good form and with Sakho and Carroll in the goals, it could not have come too soon for the Arsenal boss to be able to name a strong back four.

The manager has given Kieran Gibbs a rest but Nacho Monreal is a very able replacement and with Mathieu Debuchy ar right back, that is the best defensive line up we have had for some time. There is more good news on the injury front as well, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also in the starting XI.

But because of Giroud’s ban, the England international looks like he will line up in the front three, with Alexis on the other flank and Welbeck in the centre. A second game in two days is too much for Rosicky, though, and Wenger is obviously expecting a lot of pressure from the Hammers, so he has gone for young Coquelin along with Flamini in the centre of the pitch.

Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Flamini, Coquelin
Alexis, Cazorla, Chamberlain

subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Campbell, Walcott, Podolski, Akpom

There are plenty of attacking options on the bench for Arsenal if we need them but hopefully Wenger will be able to bring Walcott on with a nice healthy lead.

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    Ok Burnley have drawn with City with a few minutes left

    This “could be” a dream weekend

    Please hold on Arsenal

  2. medvet says:

    we are hidding again?¡?¡?¡ do not be a facking pussy rat, arsene

  3. GOONSTER says:

    We are going to regret the chances we are wasting..

    1. Budd says:

      Eat your words out.

  4. Ks-Gunner says:

    Cazorla man of the match without a daubt. What a game.

  5. Ronny331 says:

    Do you reckon with some slight of hand we can swap adrian for schez after the game, adrian> schez

  6. AussieGunner247 says:

    Anyone else pulling there hair out! Were playing well and he takes welbeck off for Gibbs which will completely unbalance the team. Now we will have all pressure on us. Why not Gibbs for Montreal and welbeck for walcott

    1. galaxygooner says:

      Because West would want to start lumping long balls from the corners. Montreal was struggling

  7. Justsoccerfan says:

    We going to nick this. West ham players look so tired.

  8. juhislihis says:

    Alex Noendproduct-Chamberlain

    1. Tidan2 says:


    2. YingYang69 says:

      Ox got an important assist in the game i watched.

  9. medvet says:

    WOW, pussy mode on……. this is for real¡?¡?¡

    1. Budd says:

      Talking about yourself ? Coz you may be in it for something.

  10. luvdaguns says:

    why have we not learned loading up w defenders means you have no pocession, gonna be a nail biter, dont need be

  11. Ks-Gunner says:

    lol, pathetic. The so called mighty Arsenal, fearing the likes of West ham.

  12. fred cowardly says:

    If the City/Burnley score remains the same and we win, I will be thrilled (despite how we played)

  13. Daedric_Lord says:

    we play for the draw….unbelivable… and shez, wtf

    1. Tidan2 says:

      haha, way to prove you have no idea what’s going on in football, Shez dominated in the back the entire match, only right at the end he didn’t punch the ball out enough, he single handedly took Carroll out of most of the match.

  14. Ronny331 says:

    Isnt attack the best forn of defence? Walcott, poldi, akpom….why bring them if not to play them?!

  15. Ks-Gunner says:

    Ref, you piece of shet.

  16. medvet says:

    arsene, the rat, wenger

    1. Ks-Gunner says:


  17. mr.brightside says:

    We don’t have to finish every game like this

  18. Justsoccerfan says:

    Wow fcuk my heart

  19. GOONSTER says:

    Solid performance..

  20. AYZAY says:

    Sanogo giroud welbeck, now tell me . WHO DO YOU LOVE

    1. medvet says:

      akpon, lol

      1. AYZAY says:

        I think welbeck is the worst of the two as a striker, better off as a winger, the boy can’t shoot, got pace tho but there is something about sanogos game that always adds something although he is still raw, giroud is my best,

  21. Big Gun says:

    Watching this team I’ll die when I’m 50

  22. fred cowardly says:

    Ha ha
    1. We win away
    2. Chelski drops points
    3. United drops points
    4. City drops points @ home
    5. Southampton drops points

    Not a bad Sunday

    1. medvet says:

      but the way that we finish the game today is not acceptable….

      1. mohawk says:

        What is normally “acceptable” will not be the same this season because of Wenger’s acquisition negligence.

        But just holding on against a W.Ham team that has been stellar at home this season is huge and we should celebrate it.

  23. Ks-Gunner says:

    Even though we won, somehow i felt we lost. Fak you Wenger for making West ham look like some equal rival to us. With these kind of games, Arsenal will never be able to win against big teams.

    Cong to the 3 points, have a good/day/night.

    1. mohawk says:

      There has been much to criticize about Arsenal and Wenger this year but……

      This was a big WIN!!! If you can’t enjoy this Arsenal win just pack it in.

  24. Charlie Nick says:

    Boy, do we need to buy a defence

  25. mohawk says:

    Massive. Beating W.Ham at their home has not been easy this year.

    1. YingYang69 says:

      Exactly, i think were the first to do it.

  26. Ronny331 says:

    Thank god for that! Up we go 5th now 🙂 Walcott, poldi fresh for new years day?

  27. mohawk says:

    Coq’s best game by far. Super job.

    1. Tidan2 says:

      He played well and deserves a chance as DMF especially since we are limited there and because he is a proper work horse, ran the entire match, just what we needed for this match.

  28. AYZAY says:

    Thank you city, chelshit, man pussy, for loosing points

  29. rpk says:

    Heart attack!! How many chances we missed..!!!!!

  30. Sumo says:

    The biggest news is from Germany guys. Jurgen Klopp has lost his job.

    1. rpk says:

      Source please..? I dont see anywhere.

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