Official teams for Arsenal at West Ham – Koscielny and OX in!!

It is a huge relief to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans that the France international Laurent Koscielny has passed a late fitness test and is able to start for the Gunners away to West Ham today. With the home side in good form and with Sakho and Carroll in the goals, it could not have come too soon for the Arsenal boss to be able to name a strong back four.

The manager has given Kieran Gibbs a rest but Nacho Monreal is a very able replacement and with Mathieu Debuchy ar right back, that is the best defensive line up we have had for some time. There is more good news on the injury front as well, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also in the starting XI.

But because of Giroud’s ban, the England international looks like he will line up in the front three, with Alexis on the other flank and Welbeck in the centre. A second game in two days is too much for Rosicky, though, and Wenger is obviously expecting a lot of pressure from the Hammers, so he has gone for young Coquelin along with Flamini in the centre of the pitch.

Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Flamini, Coquelin
Alexis, Cazorla, Chamberlain

subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Campbell, Walcott, Podolski, Akpom

There are plenty of attacking options on the bench for Arsenal if we need them but hopefully Wenger will be able to bring Walcott on with a nice healthy lead.

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    1. so, my coward friend, do you want to play Podolsky instead of Ox? or do you want to start him instead of Sanchez?

  1. Interesting to see coq get a start, hope he does well ! Akpom is also another surprise inclusion, I expected sanogo to be on the bench instead. Does this mean a sanogo loan is already in the works?

  2. Good balance to the side, I thought Rosicky would play but understand two games in two days are a lot, glad to see Coquelin play he’s looks what we need, would like to see Walcott given at least 30 mins please

  3. dWhat did I say few articles back? If OX is fit, he will start. Doesn’t matter what Rosicky does, OX is one of the privileged.

    Podolski has like 3 goals and 4 assists against West Ham, in 4 matches. Suits well that he’s on the bench and ‘done f*ck all’ Welbeck is starting.

    1. I got it from And I think they get it from someone reliable. Also the facebook account of Arsenal often releases the lineups earlier than the official page.

  4. Southhampton 1 – 0 Chelsea.

    Also, I’m kinda hoping to see Akpom get 10 minutes today. Walcott, Podolski and Akpom off the bench at 65, 70 and 82.

  5. How did you do it, Wenger … I really like our lineup for today (off course based on what we have)

  6. Where is Rosicky gone???
    I guess Wenger did not like what he said after the game (“I hope he uses me more”).
    Podolski will leave in January as well as Campbell.
    Is Walcott still short?
    Where is Sanogo? Injured again?
    I think Diaby is just running is contract… Definite goner at the end of the season.

  7. Having Campbell on the bench is a bit wasteful, Rosicky or another cm option would have been better. We already have poldi and theo there so i dont get it. I think Ox will play our right so Sanchez can have a go at their back up rb.

  8. Hmm I think Fabregas got his 13th assist of the season. Only thing what could cheer me than him breaking Henry’s record is a win today.

  9. iPod played well last season for a part. But he and AW had a deal to part play him coz of the World Cup. He is done now and will go in the sales. Point to this is he never really played well for any club apart from his home club. Sorry to see him go but it’s football end of. I would start him today but that won’t happen. DW starts again and I think it’s right what AW is doing with him. Trying to play him in to form. Let’s just get behind arsenal today and for the season COYG

  10. At least a change from the normal predictable line-up. Best defence line-up this season but the match will tell.

  11. Mertesacker has got to stop those stupid knock down in our area, he always gets us in trouble….

    And Szny has got to be more dominant like the likes of the other Top 3 keepers, he just does not try to come for those high ball enough..


    1. Actually in this match so far, I must disagree about Szczesny. I think he’s been dominant enough in the air today.

  12. du buchey has enough of those called against him, i am sure he is relishing this one, his expression was classic,

    1. I am not sure where the luck is. Cazorla attacked and put on the pressure so Reid intentionally brought him down in the box. Cazorla put it in the goal on the PK. All basic football.

  13. I wish commentator tony gale would just shut up and retire. he HATES Arsenal and is always whining about the Gunners.

    1. Yeah, who is that douche? When Debuchy got the elbow he went on yapping ‘how he will get up again’ but when Amilfitano went down he kept his piehole shut. What a c*nt.

      1. Tony Gale always does this with Arsenal. One time he whined for the entire last 15 minutes of the game when Arsenal got a PK vs. Norwich. Gale admitted it was a penalty, but he did not like the fact that the AR called it instead of the head ref. He is an idiot.

    2. Tony Gale is a MORON. Someone should explain to him that the team with the most goals wins – not the team whose play satisfies his delicate sensibilities.

  14. As usual things looking much better at the back with 6. Boss back in town. Coquelin bringing in much stability into the midfield. Nice to see Welbeck score. Don’t take your foot off the pedal Arsenal, 2 0 means nothing until we hear the final whistle.

    1. If you mean this is not classic Arsenal football, that is true and will probably be true for many games this season.

      But the team that scores the most wins. Not the team that some analyst thinks has had the prettier passes.

      I can’t count the number of times ManU had “shitty” games like this and scuzzed out another ugly win on their way to a title. No one seemed to complain about it at all. They just raised the trophy with smiles as their fans cheered.

      1. Yes pretty much this. I am not used to see us play like this, and also not used to see us win like this. If we were to fight for the firs place i would not mind, but we are tllk about the 4th place. 🙁

  15. Apart from that offside goal, West Ham really hasn’t been “much better”. Although we have been really bad again. You can tell the difference Koscielny brings in.

    I hope this will change now that we are 2 nil up. Finally an end product from OX. The match is screaming for Walcott or Podolski

  16. If arsenal just show up few minutes in every match and win, how do you all think. Actually I don’t mind but damn heart pounding.

  17. I am very impressed with Coquelin, great anticipation and very good tackling, this is showing how we lack top dm, Coquelin keep good work, maybe you could be the one !!!

    1. So far he has looked hungry to impress and appears more solid than in the past. Let us see what the rest of the game brings.

  18. i think that is time to give coquelin a chance…. he is clearly trying to win a spot in the first IX, that is something that the team needs……. fighter players like alexis….

  19. Now don’t think we have won this already.. Keep going.. It is never won with Arsenal even with 4-0 score as we all know..

  20. Look on bright side.
    1. We are winning by 2 goals
    2. United dropped points
    3. Chelski are injury time away from dropping points

  21. Manure draw with the soft C*cks, Chelsea looking to draw with the Saints…a win today for us will be massive.

  22. I have been so impressed with The Coquelin. He looks steady and rough in there, and he is very good on the ball too..

  23. Yes not a bad season greeting for us but I just hope our beloved manager and players don’t start to think we are that good and become co*ky again.

  24. It’s official, Chelski dropped points
    United dropped points

    Now we MUST win this game.
    We MUST take advantage of this

  25. “Arsenal have been by far 2nd best in the first half”
    And Tony Gale gets paid 2 be a biased twat. Priceless

  26. Chelsea, saints, spurs and man u dropping points, lets take advantage coyg!! On the article ‘wenger and arsenal fans happy kos is back’ don’t forget to include big floppy giant!

  27. Interesting. Burnley scored @ city

    This shows that 2-0 lead at half-time doesn’t mean a win. We NEED to play much better in second half.

  28. We slate our team too much. Even when we are winning? Give the team a break and encourage them. Sometimes I wonder if most of the people coming to this site are Arsenal fans. How many goals has Falcoa scored with the amount he is carting away? I will be happy for a win.

  29. Just walk away, Danny. I am not Girouds bigest fan, but as long as he is around, you should never start for Arsenal ever again.

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