Officially confirmed at last: Thomas Partey is a Gunner

Arsenal have been strongly linked with the signing of Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Partey throughout 2020, and finally landed their man on Deadline Day.

The transfer will not have gone down peacefully in the Spanish capital, with reports claiming that we went beyond the Spanish giants to lodge our bid with the Spanish FA, before rejecting the club’s offer to take Lucas Torreira on loan, as stated on Sky Sports News Transfer Deadline Day show at 11PM citing the official tweet of Atletico.

The Uruguayan midfielder had participated in a medical over the weekend, expected to complete his move before the window closed, while Atleti were said to be in need of moving a member of their squad on before completing the move.

We were then said to have triggered Partey’s release clause on Deadline Day, whilst withdrawing the club’s agreement over Torreira in a double blow to Diego Simeone’s side, but those reports proved to be untrue as their side confirmed the arrival of Torreira on loan also.

The DailyStar had claimed that the Spanish giants have reacted angrily to the situation, but does claim they are eyeing a move for Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha with the expected transfer funds.

Arsenal will be strongly strengthened by the arrival of Partey however, and the club should be able to move in the right direction with this signing, having been forced to grind out a number of results over the past 12 months with a lacklustre midfield.

What will be interesting if this signing allows Mikel Arteta to change up the formation, with the possibility of reverting to a back four once more, with the view that Partey will provide better cover for the defence from the centre of the park.

Will Partey prove to be the signing of the season?


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    1. So with 19 non-homegrown on the list which 2 would you leave out of your EPL squad?

      Also what about Europa League we now have 33 A list players so have to leave 8 players out.

      1. We still have ten days either to loan out or sale!.for sure partey will strengthen our midfield.happy he has joined, little disappointed not adding another midfielder to our ranks but hopefully xhaka moves a little forward now and scores some screamers!

  1. Hopefully our midfield now will be quicker with a midfield pairing of Partey and Ceballos, who will flank them?

    1. Invincibles next year! With Ozil gone in 2021, we will have money to pay wages to any top CAM across Europe. Good job Mikel, this season is a preparation for next years title bid, if we win a domestic cup and the EL, irrespective of the league, it’s a job well done. Koasinac remains a big worry, really do not know why Arsene hired him, maybe was it a systematic plan to destroy AFC after he left?

  2. Harry Redknapp on sky favouring his old club spurs over us to win the EPL in shock. Just pity him.

    1. The guy doesn’t like arsenal, asked about Partey signing he speaks about West Ham being a big club and doing great,. ….what a shame Redknapp, no wonder why you are only a pundit now.

    2. Harry is a great man and a fantastic manager. Just because we don’t agree with his views we don’t need to slate him guys. If we are so sure he’s wrong then let our results prove it, he ain’t gonna read this but knows more than us after all! Partey could be a great addition for us so let’s keep the faith and focus on our own positives rather than looking for negatives. We’re all more positive than ever this season with Arteta at the helm and some top notch signings so let’s unite and respect opinions and hope St Totts comes early this year, even if they have Bale ✌🏼 Let’s be happy it’s Partey time 🥳

    3. hes very biased. If you’re going to be a pundit you have to give credit where credit is due at least. He’s got to be joking with some of the things he’s said.

  3. Patrick Vieira remains one of the greatest players I have seen grace the famous red & white in more years than I care to remember following our great club.

    Patrick left in 2005.

    Some 15 years later we may have finally gone some way to filling that void.

    Absolutely delighted !

    Welcome Thomas.

  4. Partey Time!

    Gabriel is already the signing of the season. Time will tell if Partey rises to the occasion to usurp or share the spot with Gabriel.

    Anyway …… It’s Partey Time 😉🤗🙌

    1. I Pray Thomas Partey lives up to the Buzz.. same way we jumped at Signing Pepe, but he hasn’t really lit up the stands. A Partey/Xhaka Combo with Partey sitting a little deeper will help alot. With this new System… I expect Ozīl in the Field.

  5. Get in!!!!!!! TP 🔴⚪ I heard a utd fan saying not in Matic’s level and Telles the best left back in the world haha seems like some are a bit salty 🤪

      1. Absolutely positively not tonight. This is a better signing than Aouar. However if MA forces Partey to play (the crappy – sorry) press and defend all options are on the table. This guy is poetry in motion and restricting his game would be a waste.

        1. 👍 As important a signing as Aubameyang.
          Would have loved Doucoure or Marc Roca, as well for only £20 million extra, but I suppose that is being greedy, given past let downs.

    1. Good one to have party. I sincerely believe that this is the time to get Ozil Involved in the team, we now have players who can do the dirty work, ozil should be given a free role to do the creative bits that’s been lacking. The creative ability and the skills of Ozil has never been in doubt. If we truly want to make the best of this season, we need a creative player like Ozil, we already have enough battlers now and a better defensive formation. I believe he will thrive better with the quality of other defensive players we have now. We should not continue to cut our noses to spite the face, Ozil should be made to work for his wages, at least for the last year of his contract. He is a good player.

  6. Wow,its official, thank you Arsenal board, thank you Edu, thank you Arteta for fulfilling our dream, we really appreciate it, gunners for life… Premiere league here we come….. Let’s go guys….

  7. Arsenal are certainty going to be very difficult for teams to beat with gabriel and partey signings. So happy partey was priotised over aouar cos he’s what’s needed right now..

    1. To be fair both were sorely needed since our lack of creativity is messing with our attack. Didn’t have the funds to get both so no regrets.

      1. Yeah shame, but window back open in just over two months as well. I’m convinced we still have funds left over from this summer too and will be looking for more players. Also we can hopefully move some on too.

        1. Ceballos may well blossom in being able to play further forward as ACM. Also Arsenal has other options, in Willian, Ozil and ESR, so Aouar was not as critical as Partey.

  8. Arsenal finally showed some bite in the transfer market. Release clause activated 1 min before time…..
    payback for refusing to negotiate.

  9. Great feeling right now – buzzing !

    We all have our opinions on here, and often disagree.

    But tonight we are Gooners united over this fantastic news !

    I only hope he’s half decent …..only joking 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  10. I am so, so happy we have signed Partey.

    He is the missing piece in midfield and will allow us to play more offensively.

    Some fans are very short sighted and think we needed Aouar over this guy. We already have players similar to Aouar in the squad.
    Willian and Ceballos are better at CAM than where they are currently playing.
    ESR can play there.
    And then there’s Ozil, if he does ever get back into the matchday squads, can play there aswel.

    Overall, i think the window has been pretty decent.
    We’ve strengthened much needed areas in DM and CB.
    We also have MA who knows his cookies, you can see the team getting better and better, we already have some steel back and the addition of TP only furthers that.
    Not since we lost the league to Leicester have I felt this optimistic about the future. I know time will tell how we end up doing this season and next but I am very confident that we have everything we need to start bring success back to the club.

  11. So we missed out on Aouar to get the very right signing in Partey, great window even better than last season.

    I can’t believe I am saying this but, thank you Kroenke. Arteta has the right platform and ability to become one of the greatest managers in football.

    I am super excited about getting Partey over Aouar.
    Creativity can be provided by Saka, Willian, Pepe, Smith-Rowe.

    I will like to see Arteta revert back to the 4-3-3 formation.

    Saka, Aubameyang, Pepe,

    Ceballos, Partey, Willian,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Luiz, Bellerin,


    Subs – Runarrson, Xhaka, Lacazette, Elneny, Niles, Nketiah, Holding.

    1. Partey is an excellent signing but we wanted Aouar more in my point of view. We are not struggling defensively but struggling in the creativity department. Partey will ptovide that steal in midfiled for sure but will not resolve the creativity issue we are seeing in this team. Some fans need to understand what type of player Partey is, don’t expect 20gaols a season from him form Midfield and 10plus assist he is not that kind of a player. So please do not start blaming him when our creativity issues remains unsolved. ESR is not ready to take on the role, he is not ready at the moment. Willian is not the answer either he is purely a winger, he is 32 and you can not just all of a sudden ask 32 year old player to start playing different position all together. Santi was moved from wing to mid at age of 28 so you can not compare them, plus Santi was all together a different class, his ball control, vision, two feet ability and ability to control the game were on a different level to Willian.

      1. I think DC can be played in number 10 role. This creativity thing is a myth to me. Liverpool has no creative midfielder but the bang in goals. Same for ManU. Same for Tottenham. We only need a strong midfielders. If we play 3midfielders we are good to go.

        1. First Liverpool has a complete different playing style, their creativity comes from wing backs and also their front three are one of a king never witnessed in EPL before. Man U have that creativity from midfield where do you think Pogpa and Bruno Fernandez play. Spurs again play different style and they have son and Kane who both can drop down a bit to provide those assists for each other, they were very reliant on Ericsson before. How many midfileders have we been playing uptil now so I don’t understand why you say 3 in middle will solve the issue. Only way I can see us solving the creativity issue is play Partey as DM at base of diamond and play Ceballos on his one side and Saka on other.

      2. Willian has quite a few trophies for a player a class below Santi… Partay give protection Dani and Willian have the freedom to do the demolition. Think bigger you negative Nancy

        1. @think bigger, it not about being negative it’s about analysing the game. Do you go in a hope that Arsenal will score 7 gaols every game and if you pals don’t agree you say they are being negative. Naive comments

      3. Sorry, Mohsan I cannot agree, because Partey provides the ability to track back, tackle, win the ball back and drive forward with ball at foot to go for goal or pick a pass to Arsenal’s forward players. How often has Lacazette had to drop deep to receive the ball?
        Partey will allow Arsenal’s forward line and a CAM like Ceballos to play further forward, knowing Partey and Elneny/Xhaka/AMN will provide cover.

        1. @Ozziegunner, I agree with your comments and I am not slattting Partey. He is a brilliant signing but what I am trying to put across fans is he won’t solve our creativity issue. You can sign VVD but don’t expect him to do Ronaldo/Messi job. That does not mean VVD is sh*t. Partey stats do not suggest what you guys are making out him to be offensively and also AM record suggest the same as club.

          1. His stats might not show goals & assists, he transitions through midfield & turns defence to attack, look how slow Xhaka is to turn defence into attack, Partey is a game changer & will allow us to break quickly consistently, that’s why we will be more solid at the back as he breaks up play like no other, & drives through the press to release the attacking players, Mohsan a bit like a modern day Vieira, Partey is not a DM he’s an all rounder who will drive the team forward & also protect the back 3 or 4, Arsenal have bought class, he’s worth twice what we paid for him due to that release clause

        1. YouTube …hahaha…even Gervinhio looked like Messi on you tube. That is like using Wikipedia as source of reference.

      4. We were always going to activate Partey release clause, we were trying to get Aouar on the cheap & didn’t want to show our hand to early to Lyon, if we’d got TP earlier Lyon would not believe the Arsenal poverty line, TP agreed to this deal 2 months ago & knew the RC would be activated on deadline day, he only wanted Arsenal as Kanu was his hero growing up, we couldn’t get Aouar for the amount of money we had left in the bank after the £45M in reserve for the TP deal, think if we had £45M & Aouar was the priority we would of just paid it, we wanted both & tried very hard to get both

    2. Auba………………Laca……………………..Pepe





      1. 4 – 3 – 3. Not sure why it came out jumbled like that lol. Ceballos can play a semi CAM with Xhaka and now Partey behind him. PAL up front. I think we will eventually see the CB partnership be Mari and Gabriel once Mari is match fit.

  12. I am very happy for Arsenal completing the signing of Atletico madrid emforcer, we are now a complete team we have a team that will bcome a hard nut to crack.

  13. Very happy with this news. I would assume we will revert to a diamond 3 in the middle with partey and Xhaka and cabellos playing the cam role in front. Or partey cabellos cm and willian cam. I also have been craving more creativity as it has been painful to watch for this season and last our shots on target in the low single figures. But with partey this may allow a bit of a re shuffle and allow us to connect better with our terrifying front 3, hopefully.

  14. The second coming!!!!
    Patrick Vieira and now Thomas Partey – let’s go kick some butts.

    At last, we have shown some strength in the way we dealt with AM – would loved to have seen us withdraw from the Torreria loan, but needs must and I wish him all the best in Spain.

    1. Ken, all Arsenal now need is the new Gilberto Silva at DM and the new Pires or Parlour.
      As I have stated Arsenal last won the EPL with the following midfield choices:
      Gilberto Silva
      Bergkamp, if he wasn’t playing in a 2 along side Henry, and Wenger wanted to play an extra forward.
      A young Cesc Fabrigas didn’t get a game.
      Shows Arsenal supporters what a great midfield looks like.

      1. By the way on his return from injury, it may be worthwhile giving Calum Chambers a run at DM along side Partey. He had experience at Fulham, where he won their player of the season, notwithstanding they were relegated.

  15. OT:

    So assuming Gabon, Ghana and Ivory Coast make to the Afcon finals and they’re held in January, we could potentially lose Aubameyang, Partey and Pepe for up to 5 weeks.

    Food for thought.

    Oh i know we wanted Auoar but we can still get the Said Benrahma from Brentford until 16 October if they’re willing to sell, which i doubt because im sure keeping him in order to get EPL promotion is more profitable than his 25mil valuation.

    1. Was thinking the same thing, still time to buy Benrahma but can equally see us going after Aouar again in January market – we might even be able to offload a player or two e.g. Mustafi or Kolasinac.

    2. It has been moved to 2022, so that is next seasons problem. If we get lucky, they move it to summer 2022

    3. GS2004, you can’t take a player’s national commitments into account, when looking to mould a team. Also consider the rest of the time they are available for Arsenal.

  16. Now we have someone to put Liverpool in his pocket like he did with Atletico Madrid. Cant wait to play Liverpool again 🙂 :).

  17. Partey after partey….. #dancing mood

    C’mon let show this new signing some love.

    Welcome on board Thomas

  18. Hello gunners family, I want to know if we have truely loaned out William Saliba or not because I have not heard anything from his transfer and rumour was saying that he would be loaned out. Although I think he should stay because we will really need him this season.

    1. Good question I wanted to ask the same thing, he is one of my favourite players in Arsenal. I think we might not be able to loan him to an EPL team now but he can be loaned out to championship team. Someone with better understand might shed some light on this situation. I would like MA to keep him, develop him and give him chances to prove him self. He and Gariel for me are future pairing for Arsenal. He is more talented of the two.

      1. The only issue I can see is the overseas born quota. Also Arteta was concerned about the disrupted season Saliba had this year, as due to his age, it was seen as being advantageous for him to have a full season in a weaker league. There may also be some personal issues due the impact of the loss of his mother and remaining close to his family. In this case a loan back to France makes sense, but a loan to the Championship does not.
        I’m with you and want him to be integrated into the squad.

    2. Didn’t hear of any confirmed move for Saliba, but with club still to off load or unregister 2 non-homegrown players perhaps it was felt Saliba might well be needed.

      But also 9 from 34 players need to be unregistered from the A list for the Europa League, Saliba is one of those 34.

      Perhaps one or two first teamers might be left of the A list for the EL group stages, so as to allow others to be in it if they are left out of EPL squad. If you look at the A list we have 4 goalkeepers on it, plus a further 4 goalkeepers on the b list.

      We also have no less than 10 centre backs on the A list.

      I would not be surprised to see Sokratis and Ozil as the 2 unlucky players left off the EPL rota. However they could be included on the Europa League A list at the expense of Martinelli who won’t be fit and Iliev. The others that could be left off the A list are the new signings like Dinzeyi, Lewis, Akinola, Salah-Eddine, Flores (and Miller & Rekik assuming we got those deals across the line?)

  19. The board really backed the signing guys let be grateful for once Kroenkie pai some loses due to pandemic just to get this deal done FACT and CORNFIRMED.

    1. Looking at the last few transfer windows it looks like the owner neither pumps money in and neither takes it out. Our signing and the way we have signed players in these windows suggest we are still on self sustain finances. That is one of the reason why our deals take long bec they hang on us either selling players or loaning them out or long installments.

  20. Surely happy now. Arsenal have strengthened the midfield with Partey. Top four should be guaranteed, as we can now fight for premier league title. But, Arsenal must conduct transfer business better in the future. In the next transfer window Arsenal must get rid of fringe players, so that Aouar can join to complete midfield with creativity.


      That Lyon president was being a d*** head about the Auoar deal. He was counting on the Real Madrids, Barca, PSG, Man Cities to come in and make a ridiculous bid. His gamble backfired because not only were they unable to sell Aouar but Memphis Depay as well. Real are broke and didnt sign a single player for the first time in 40 years. Barca have a bloated squad and couldn’t sign players as well due to financial difficulties. PSG were only looking for loan deals. Man City didn’t really need Aouar to be honest.

      Add to the fact that Lyon signed a player for about 20mil who plays the same position as Aouar in anticipation of his departure and Lyon has no European football (not even Europa) it looks like Lyon is f****d.

      This window was a subdued one and if I’m correct I think Partey is the most expensive signing across Europe at 45mil pounds. Yet Aulus (Lyon president) wanted 50mil pounds Aouar despite the current Covid circumstances.

      He should have taken the 36mil + add ons we offered but yet again we might not have gotten Partey had we spent the 36mil upfront on Aouar so to me it’s a win win since it seems we were never gonna get both players.

      Screw you Aulus LOL.

      As for Atletico Madrid, we tried to help them out by offering a player + cash swap deal for Partey. I understand that because they got some bail out from the Spanish govt because of Covid, 75 percent of any money they make from player sales goes to the govt. So if you do a player plus cash deal you are at least getting a player in return plus paying of some of the cash you owe the govt.

      Right now because we paid the full 45mil pounds, Atletico Madrid will only get to keep 11.25mil pounds which wouldn’t even be enough to buy Lucas Torreira whom we value at 20mil pounds. Had we done the swap deal they could circumvent that 75 percent requirement coz it only applies to cash if I’m correct.

      During the whole transfer ATM had us by the balls with this Partey deal but we managed to flip it on them at the last minute kkkk. So now we’ve given them Lucas Torreira to develop for us and though there is an option to buy i don’t think there’s a set price. So we could say “nah, we valued him at 20mil last season. His value has gone up plus Covid is over. We now value him at 30mil”. Its our turn to have some balls in our hands kkkkk.

      I guess we got the last laugh on Lyon and Atletico Madrid 😁😁😁😁

      But am not happy with AS Roma. They didnt want to pay a transfer fee for Mkhitaryan saying they’re broke but suddenly they fork out 18mil for bloody Smalling. WTF 😡😡. They played us just like Napoli wanted to with Sokatris but Napoli f*****d themselves over like Lyon by overpricing their player despite these Covid circumstances.

      Still don’t get why we refused to loan out Sokatris to PSG. We’d at least get his wages off the wage bill since we currently have 8 CBs in the squad. Unless we plan on releasing some players.

      One thing I learnt from this transfer window is that Arsenal is taken for granted in transfer dealings. We overpay and under sell. Lamar was 90mil for us but went to Atletico Madrid for 60 mil. Fekir was about 45mil for us but went to Real Betis for 20mil. Then there’s the whole Mkhitaryan and Sokatris debacle with these Italian teams wanting them for free. We quoted 15mil for Balogun (rightly so) to Sheffield and they said no but yet they go buy Brewster from Liverpool for 23mil.

      1. Gunnersince2004, right on the money for all thr things. One of the best comments I have read on this site. AM and Lyon shot themselves in foot….that is what happens to you if you go to greedy.

      2. GS2004, you are correct in your well drafted post. The only correction I would offer is that in the case of Mhikatarian, he or his agent paid Arsenal around £1 million apparently earlier this year (April?) to buy his contract. He was then able to negotiate with AS Roma as a free agent.

      3. There are Chelsea’s signings more expensive than Partey…… or am I getting something wrong?….. Havertz 90m or so, Chilwell, Werner, etc…. I know Havertz was way more expensive at least.

      4. An option to buy with no set price? What’s the point of having an option like that? Wouldn’t every club have an option to bid for him and the highest bidder wins? It’s like having no option at all

  21. Welcome aboard Thomas Partey!Arsenal really needed you. Thank you Cronkey, the Arsenal Board, Edu and Arteta for giving us Partey. MA can now play with 4-3-3 system with Partey/Ceballos/Xhaka or Partey/Ceballos/Saka in the middle. Onwards and Upwards Gunners, PL here we come!

  22. Thank you, Mikel, Edu, Vinai, Gunnersaurus and everyone else who made this deal happen!!
    What an end to an incredible window… I really can’t wait to see this beast in action for us!!
    Leno – Gabriel – Partey – Auba – lAwesome!!!! 😁🤩
    Very exciting times!!!

      1. Suffer indeed, Kenya!! 2 weeks to train and then boom, straight in the team at the Etihad!!! Can’t bloody wait!!

        1. He’s with the Ghanaian national team at the moment Sue, we might have to wait a bit longer to see him in action. I’m still buzzing

            1. 😂What’s more important Sue is that is that he’s an ARSENAL PLAYER for the next 4 years at the very least. That is mind blowing

  23. No.18 shirt…. shall I have his name on my shirt?!!! 🙂
    I still can’t believe it.. waited so long and at one point I thought the deal was dead, but to finally get our man on the final day… it’s brilliant!! Although please don’t make us wait next time, my ticker can’t take all this stress 😂😂😂
    Sod Aouar, it was Partey I wanted all along 🙂

    1. I’m thinking we might get Aouar in January….. so, there’s no sodding him (well, if we get him at least) 😀

    2. 😂😂😂 You and me both Sue, we were always shouting for Partey right from the start. To an extent, I’m glad Lyon didn’t agree to sell, I always had this crazy premonition that Aouar might be another Pepe because nobody knew Him till last season meanwhile, Partey has been consistent for the past 3 seasons or more, he can’t come to Arsenal and flop. This reminds of a Laca and Auba comparison. Auba had more goals consistency in him than Laca prior to them signing for us and I’ve always had a weird feeling about the inferiority of the French league, there are outstanding players there no doubt (as we see in Gabriel) but la liga is much tougher, competitive and advanced. It’s second to the epl in competitiveness. Partey will do well, hopefully, we go to a more exploring 4-3-3 and the players don’t infect him with a 3-4-3 back passing system.

  24. Well I wouldn’t call it partey time yet until I see him ravaging everyone else in that midfield. Good signing though

  25. What goes around comes around. Does anyone still remember that Mikel Arteta also came in from Everton almost like Partey in the very last minutes of the window?

  26. Good memory David. Anyway cant wait for the next Arsenal game vs. Man City! Arteta will surely feel he can put one more past his master. Tick tock tick goes the clock!

  27. With Partey and Gabriel on board, the ship is beginning to look a good bit more watertight.Athletico Madrid are unlikely to buy Torreria regardless of how he performs.I cannot understand their problem with Arsenal from whom they have received 45m in a lump sum in the midst of a Global financial crisis?.If they set a release clause they run the risk of it being triggered.Clean cash transfer deals are becoming a thing of the past it would appear and Madrid should be thankful for the windfall.

    1. Lol..
      Mind u, the money doesn’t go directly to them..
      Athletico only receives 25% of that cash as the remaining 75% goas to the government for bailout during the pandemic.
      What pained Athletico so much which I liked is how Arsenal decided to bypass them and pay directly to La Liga by triggering the clause, therby taking Simeone unawares. Because Simeone had the feeling Arsenal were no longer coming for partey and had the mindset of playing both Partey and Torreira together this season. Now Simeone can’t get his suitable replacement as the window is shut..
      For once, Arsenal played them dirty for all their haggling and I love it.

  28. To put £45 million pounds on the table means Kroenke has put it their. I’m shocked. Now we can play 4-3-3. This means that maybe Willian can play as the creative midfield or as a little Santi clone. It will be good to lose the 3 at the back syndrome. I don’t rate Holding because he is so nervous. I can see Gabriel and possibly Chambers as our Centre Backs. Maybe.

    Money has to come from Kroenke so as I say shocked.

    1. I don’t think so , we got 20mil from martenise then few more from loans also adding the fact some of the players going off our wage bill for which club keeps the money as cash flow or in bank as they need to pay the players so the club can well manage to pay similar amount with out owner putting the money in. As I said before if look at our business since kronke tool over looks like he does not put or take money out.

  29. Don’t expect Partey to bring much to Arsenal. He is not an attacking midfielder that we needed most. Behrama is needed.

    1. Stop winding about Aouar mate,
      Partey was, is and will always be what we the arsenal have needed for quit a long time now.
      The creativity issues can be sorted within, lest you forget, we have got ozil, ceballos, saka, William and they can more than do the creative work for us if arteta really wants to be creative.
      So please, stop clamouring about us buy a creative player because, obviously, partey is the player arsenal needed most, say something else please.
      Partey after partey😊😊

    2. I agree @Emmaobi, while Partey is an excellent addition but I think again we just went with what makes the fans happy and not the need of the team. We have no creative Midfielder…ozil is frozen out, Willian is a winger not a CM and fans should stop trying to make him into one because he does not posses that sort of quality, Saka is young and learning but he can do the role, last Ceballos is the only option but then he is inconsistent and plus he is not ours (he is on loan). Since MA took over goal conceding has not been our issue but rather scoring and creating chances have been. Partey will not solve this, he scores at best 6-7 goals a season, not big on the assist list and he is not renowned for his creativity. He is a DM or B2B with defensive mind set. He is though way better then what we have and will do great for us I hope. I urge the fans not to put to much hopes on him and think he will transform us overnight into title contender if that is the case why has A.Madrid struggled to be in title race for last 2-3 seasons. His stats are pretty avg as well to be fair….. If you don’t agree check on skysports his stats for last season. He is not the best DM or B2B that people are making him out to be. Then fans are like that we hyped Pepe into sky as well and then we created same hype for Willian as well…branding him into some sort of Messi’s second coming.

      1. Again @Mohsan forget the stats, have you seen Partey play? He will transform the team all over the pitch, we will be better defensively & better going forward, TP is more the pre-assist kinda player, he’s a beast in midfield who wins the ball, presses high & drives forward with the ball bypassing oppositions midfield to release the attacking players to do their thing, trust me TP will revolutionise the way Arsenal play

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