Oh Arsene! Where has the passion gone?……..

Have you ever seen Arsene so down? by Konstantin Mitov

Wenger Munich unhappyI’m not going to give up on Arsenal. I’ve never seen Arsenal play under another manager. I’ve only watched highlights of the great George Graham and that title won at Anfield. When I was young I thought the club was named after Arsene or something due to the name similarities.

I’ve only watched 2 live games of Arsenal and the one at the Emirates was when we faced Man Utd in 2014 and we lost 2-1 despite dominating the game. Afterwards I said to some people outside the ground that it’s another bad performance and Arsene’s gotta go.

The reason I say this is because every time we see a big club and we are under pressure to deliver – we fail! Beating Barcelona 2-1 was the last truly great victory of Arsene Wenger in Europe. I can remember the desire we had to outplay Barcelona! The hug Van Persie gave Arsene with that equaliser was like it hugged me!

Arshavin scored a winner and we worked so hard to keep it 2-1 and we did. Players back then weren’t that better than what we have now, but we had desire! We had passion! Arsene had passion! He was unwilling to accept defeat, even though he was still clueless on how to deal with those sort of games.

We were mad, because we tried to outplay them, but you know what, I’d prefer getting hammered 5-1 and seeing us attacking rather than being destroyed like headless chickens like we were on Wednesday! We were mad, but there was this romance that in the madness we did play good football.

Now we scrape through games. We have good players who are forced to play a system that doesn’t suit them and we wonder why it doesn’t work. I loved Van Persie. It’s one of the biggest heartaches I had to see him join United. We let Fabregas leave, when there was no need. Then we shipped Nasri with ease too.

Now I understand why they left. Ozil and Sanchez will leave now. Players no longer trust Arsene. They play with heads down from the tunnel. When we concede we die. We were 1:1 at half time! We played Ox on the wing, when he was excellent in the middle, only to play Coquelin and Xhaka who were both plain terrible.

Arsene didn’t get off the bench, except to protest against the referee. I see players looking for answers and nobody is there to give it. Younger managers give instructions. They work throughout the game. I am disappointed. A lot of fans payed 4-500 pounds just to see that game! And only 4 players went to greet those people who were humiliated again!

Why do people feel for Arsene, when those people spent a huge part of their salary following Arsenal only to see them fall to pieces. Nobodys paying them 8.5m a year. Bayern once paid back fans their ticket money ’cause of a poor performance, that will never happen here.

It can’t get more humiliating. The top 4 is dead if we continue like this. All because Arsene doesn’t know when to quit. The time has come, but change is unpredictable. What will happen is uncertain, but that’s the beauty of if. I’d actually be excited.

To see players picked because of their performances, rather than their relationship with the manager. It’s all over for me. The toxic atmosphere is here because of Arsene and the board. I hope Usmanov takes over one day.

Ambition on the board is long gone. We need change, even if we lose our best players, we need someone who’d get the best out of the squad we’ve got. Players no longer believe in Arsene. Neither do the fans.

Thanks for the memories, but it’s high time to say goodbye!



  1. Ramterta says:

    the passion has gone because no one in the team believes there is anyone in the team better than him.Everyone wants to show he s better than the other and wants to win games on their own.
    Hence our team becomes so unbalanced at times

    1. Dawa says:

      Lets not be quick to have the Manger replaced based on a loss in Germany. Mark my words one day Arsenal will not have champions league for 3 years, then people will realize the value of where we are now. What we need are improvements based on rational decisions and not emotions and pressure. I`m an Arsenal supporter because of the way the team is managed, and not on one factor.

      1. Adienl says:

        It’s not based on a loss in Germany. Most people are not saying that. Where have you been for the past 10 years?

      2. tweety says:

        are you serious, for the last 20 years we real supporters wanted him to leave, its now or never, thank you for the past but pls leave and take with you some of our players = gooner for ever

        1. stubill says:

          20 years! Don’t talk such rubbish.

      3. Arsenal007 says:

        Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?
        So you still think this is based on just that oe game? Where have you been in over a decade?

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere, even if we’re knocked out by Sutton Utd the Board still wouldn’t have the balls to sack him, because it’s all about the ???? and just how Wenger shows loyalty to the out of form and injury prone players, the board and Owner hold the same regards towards him.
    Nice Article Konstantin but I’m afraid we still have another groundhog season or two of Wenger to deal with.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Show meeee the passionnnn!
    ? Nah… It will always be the Moneyyyy!

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Man U ambassador Dwight Yorke was denied transit access to Miami because he has Iranian stamp in passport.??

    The world is full of madness and here we are…. ?

  5. Adienl says:

    So some people want to blame(significant) the players for the Bayern game. Let me laugh. OK. Go.
    Lol. The tactics(if there were any) were suicidal. Who the hell picks ozil and tells the midfielders to keep dropping deep without applying pressure on the ball in the middle of the pitch(Ozil doesn’t give a rats arse to move and Bayern are too good to let them just walk through the middle of the ground for the whole game)? Why was Sanchez applying high pressure alone? What was the instructions given to the other players if the plan was to high press, and if that wasn’t the plan why was Sanchez not obeying the decided tactics? Why was ozil chosen if the decision was to high press, given that he can hardly defend or run better than a schoolboy?
    When you lose 5-1 with a team like arsenal then you question the manager for his decisions. And this is not even an outlier data. This happens every year at least once for many of the past seasons now.
    Who the hell keeps picking the same players based on faith and not form? A manager who is naïve. I suppose Arsenal have a team of highly educated with math degrees who can analyse data from every match. If not then this club is stuck in the bronze ages. You need highly educated people for analysing data and statistics. This is a requirement in every industry, every field, every business, etc.
    Now I will not the blame players when the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    1. AndersS says:

      Spot on – It really is all about the tactics an d instructions to and requirements of the players.

  6. luvdaguns says:

    every year we see our deficiency and wait to buy the right players to win, and yet wenger who is cheap, won’t pay even though we have the money, keeps the same players, then is suprised when we lose, yr after yr… tired of it,

  7. pubgooner says:

    Watch this space.. As per Kos the Boss,
    Second Leg to be AFC 4 – BM 0.

  8. Ks-Gunner says:

    Told you like so many years ago that this day would come. Now suck it.

    Let Wenger get his new contract, he has damaged his reputation already so much that people will remember him as a failuare rather then a winner anyway.

    You need to know when to give up. Simple as.

  9. ger burke says:

    wengers only passion is making money for himself and for the board. surely he is on some sort of incentive as well as his 8 millions each year to make money for the board. it would not surprise me , that , in time , the truth willactually come out , and we will find out lots about this fraud who says he loves this club . he loves his cushy job and the millions it brings to him. he is under no pressure whatsoever to deliver.if we were relagated under him the board would not act because they would still be getting their all important dividends. passion my ass !, he is as passionate as a concrete block.

  10. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    So KM you don’t even know our history. Yeah go support someone else!

  11. Vlad says:

    Stop recycling your own articles, Konstantin, and come up with some new content. Just the other day you were talking about Wenger playing Ox on the wing against Bayern, and now you’re saying it again. Enough already! I’m not sure how others feel, but you sound like a broken record. I wouldn’t be as upset if you were actually made sense, but you don’t. It’s like you became an Arsenal fan just a year or two ago, and have absolutely no idea what’s been happening with the club in the last decade or so. You know why players like RvP, Cesc, Nasri left? Why don’t you tell us? I don’t think you know. They were rats, traitors who left the club when we needed them the most. Nasri was lured with oil money. Cesc heard his Barca DNA calling… and RvP – well, he was the worst of them all. Judas who sold his soul and went to play for our biggest archenemy. But ask yourself this: Where are they now? Lost… Forgotten… Broken… Had they stayed, they’d be Arsenal legends. Instead, they are more than likely regretting their decisions, and just counting days ’til retirement. As for Arsene, I said it numerous times before. He was given a task, and he achieved it. If the owner/board weren’t happy with him, he’d be sacked years ago. If he goes, nothing will change, because objectives/priorities will likely stay the same, and that is just get top 4 and CL, and make more money. Arsenal is a business, not a football club these days. Until that changes, everything will stay the same.

  12. N4NICOLAS says:

    Who on Earth will walk out of 8Mil a year?? Wenger is going to be here till maybe wen Someone else can take Arsenal From Silent Stan’s Grip… Another year wasted again.. I can’t even talk about soccer with friends anymore even the ladies remind me of my Clubs failings

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