Oh Arsene! You do make me laugh! Fans to pick the subs?

The silly season is definitely upon us, and the old Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger seems to be talking about every subject under the sun now that his doesn’t have his job to go to at the Emirates. His latest utterings beggar belief as he reckons the ‘keyboard warriors’ will have a say in who will be substituted during games!

“I’ve said many times, you could imagine the next chairman who says that social networks can make a change in the second half,” he told beIN.

“That will become more and more entrenched. It will happen. I personally, would not accept it. I’m from the old school in that respect. But we’re going in that direction.

“If you imagine the power of social networks. What is even worse, it’s not the majority, the minority is the most extreme, it’s a bit like the problem with democracy, it’s a dictatorship of the minorities.

“It’s not for me, there’s something I call intuition, I grew up and used my own eyes. You can as well imagine that in 20 years, a robot will sit in front of you.”

I totally understand what he means by ‘intuition’. I must admit that for the last few seasons I just knew somehow that Arsenal would make two substitutions with 20 minutes to go, and then one more with ten minutes to go. Uncannily I was almost always right!

Darren N


  1. Brian says:

    Dear Darren

    Arsène is not day dreaming, in South Africa we are already seeing this. We have a pre season game between Orlando Pirates and Kaiser Chiefs. About a month before the game, the fans are allowed to vote for individual player to fill the first eleven. On the day, the fans also vote for the substitutions to be made their team. So this is not far fetched at all!

    1. Admin says:

      Sure, its not a problem for a friendly!

  2. gotanidea says:

    He is wrong. Democracy means the democracy for the majority, even on social media

    The opinion with most supporters will always win against the minority. An angry mob is very powerful and he faced it last season

  3. Phil says:

    Unfortunately it is just a reminder of an outdated and delusional old man who has lost all his senses.Get yourself a job a Tesco stacking shelves Arsene-you need something to occupy your mind if this is the type of irrational thinking you have nowadays.

  4. NT says:

    He should know that in any club the most important and most powerful people are the fans. But sadly he had such unspeakable disdain for the fans and didn’t want to have anything to do with their views so long he was backed by the so-called Arsenal Board. I’m glad that my repeated calls for a total boycott of Arsenal matches by the fans in England were finally heeded last season and we finally got the guy off our back!

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said!

    2. ken1945 says:

      Nt, please can you give me ONE, JUST ONE, example of where your “total boycott” of ANY Arsenal match was heeded by the fans in England?
      I’ll let you choose from premier, cup, reserve, under 21’s downwards and even the Emirates cup.. PLUS the Community Shield games (all of them) that we were involved in.
      The highest claimed boycott was 24,000 (estimated and disputed downwards) so your personally hyped up version of power bears no relevance to ANY actual facts and figures.
      Nice try at massaging your point, but it’s so way off the truth it would make a baby blush.
      If those 24,000 estimated protestors had given back their season tickets, there were 100,000 others waiting to fill the seats vacated at any time during AW’s tenure.
      Jon, I would have thought you’d have spotted and queried this laughable piece of personal indulgance and jingo ism, even if he said it well!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken You always jump at any criticism of Wengers last years. Yes of course his “total boycott” was ignorant nonsense. He seems not to know what the word “total” even means. I realise I also argue with fools who do not know their facts, in other words they DON’T KNOW MUCH about the sport they love. But why do we both waste our time on “know nothing or very little” folk! Their own silly wrong “facts” is enough by itself to show the vast majority on here, who DO at least know the main FACTS, whatever their opinion- to which we are all allowed- that these folk are not worth arguing with. I am going to TRY in future to restrain myself from replying to those who clearly know little about Arsenal as it is a waste of our own intelligence. I will continue to debate with the majority of bright fans, obviously.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, if you and I do that, our disagreements, IF WE HAVE ANY, will be so much easier to discuss.
          What I am SO upset about with this post is the brilliant response to the post regarding “favourite memories” and how united our fanbase COULD be, only to be followed by this one.
          The reason I “jump” is the fact that so many untruths are spouted and made to look like facts.
          Of course it was time for Arsene to go and of course he made mistakes, but isn’t it time to just let this go?
          How many more times do we have to cover the same old ground of claim and counter claim?
          Everyone on here knows each others views and I, for one, am sick and tired of the same old waffle from BOTH sides.
          It’s all history, just as Graham taking money from the club, Mee breaking up the double winning side to early etc etc.
          If only we all could move on… but it seems we never will.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Ken, George Graham wasn’t the only manager taking “bungs” over transfer dealings at the time, including some high profile managerial icons. He was the only one who lost his job over it.An Arsenal man through and through.

          2. ken1945 says:

            ozziegunner, as far as I’m aware, no other manager was found guilty and lost his job. (Then went on to manage the spuds!)
            I’m sure you’ll give me the other managers by name, but an Arsenal man through and through?
            I’ve never thought about it like that, but if I remember correctly, didn’t he return the money in question to the club?
            If I’m right, then surely that is stealing from the club and all of us who paid into the club?
            I’m not arguing the case that George wasn’t a very good manager, but if your correct and other were taking bungs, does that make it o.k. then?

  5. jon fox says:

    Who else agrees with me that it is ODD how Wenger seems to think he can predict the future with fans but he FAILED to predict the predictable fan fury when he CHOSE not to care about our defence for many years and not to install a proper DM. IT TOOK THE NEW REGIME ONLY DAYS TO IMPORT A PROPER DM. That was totally predictable too, once WENGER WAS, A DECADE TOO LATE , FINALLY SACKED!

    1. Phil says:

      JF-Wenger always thought he was untouchable and unaccountable as far as the fans were concerned.When the Fanbase turned against him he blamed everyone but himself for the problems his archaic and out of date self-created regime were responsible for.The Fanbase is what makes a football club but he continually ignored the feelings of supporters.He honestly felt his way was the ONLY WAY.Emery in just a few months has shown that Wenger was outdated in how a modern,forward thinking football club should operate.
      It took a rebellion from the fans to finally convince Kronke that Wenger needed to be SACKED.A stubborn and totally ignorant man who as you say should have been shown the door a decade before he did.

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil, As we both know, we as one in every aspect of Wengers last years. It was this arrogance, as you rightly call it, that made him so hard to even try defending. To me it was as if he chose to declare war on us real fans. I cannot forgive him for this and at my time of life have not a decade to waste. But waste one our club did.

        1. Phil says:

          Total agreement with you Jon-as you correctly noted in your post we were desperate for a CDM.When Coqulien played he had very limited ability but at least he offered us some type of shield.Who did Wenger bring in?Granit Xhaka.This guy cant even tackle let alone defend properly.We all saw it.Wenger MUST have seen it.What did he do about it?Nothing.Too blinkered And Too stubborn.
          Emery immediately brought in Torreira and the improvement was there for all to see from day one.How did a “Supposed” Coach not react to this obvious flaw?
          I’ve no doubt the AKB’s will be having their say but they cannot hide from the facts.Wenger was totally responsible for his utter failure in buying the right players in the most needed positions.
          Let’s just imagine Wenger was still in charge.Any doubts our midfield would consist of Xhaka and Ramsey?(with Ramsey on a mega bucks long time contract)’And Wilshere would still be here as well.
          And now it’s the fans who decided who plays?

          1. jon fox says:

            At least it was us fans who decided Wenger was sacked, as we forced him out by our absence. I so much respect dear Ken on here and he is a lovely man, but I just fail to see why he still defends Wenger when it was him who left the squad so threadbare and demotivated. And not as Ken makes out, JUST for the last two years but far longer. In hindsight I would have much rather we had lost the Hull final- which we would have done but for a rank bad ref decision leading to our equaliser (a corner given to us instead of a clear goalkick, which it should have been) – as he might well have gone that week had we lost. We WOULD BE FAR FURTHER AHEAD NOW. Just three more wasted seasons for a paltry cup win against poor opposition.

          2. Phil says:

            I take comfort Jon in that when the fanbase were left with no choice but to act they did this with no thoughts other than the future of our Club.I give Kronke two Transfer windows to back the excellent Unai Emery before the fanbase will turn on him.As we know there will be only one winner.

          3. ozziegunner says:

            In defense of Ken, he does acknowledge that Wenger should have gone 2 seasons before he did. Others including jon and myself thought that should have been earlier.
            On the point made by Arsene Wenger, I can’t imagine Unai Emery choosing teams or making substitutions based on opinions expressed on social media; absolutely laughable!

          4. Phil says:

            Jon he proved himself too stubborn to adapt his outdated methods and he alienated the fanbase as a result.It gives me confidence that if Kronke refuses to back our excellent manager in Unai Emery during the next two Transfer windows then the fanbase will rise again to show him that it is ultimately OUR CLUB and not his.
            But the topic headline was about Wenger and his ridiculous comments.You would have thought he would have enough experience not to say such things.But he obviously has too much time on his hands with nothing to do.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I reckon it might happen too, it never occurred to me until he mentioned it. But yes, I could see a time when people voting on what sub to make next, happens. It’s like the Arsenal player of month, the very same, the fans choose the winner but it wasn’t always like that. The robot thing he took it a step too far, sure we haven’t even gotten our sexbots yet and he already sees them taking the top jobs. Allot of people do actually see a future like that though, Black Mirror programs has stuff like this. Movies too, sure some people think they’ll be mans downfall and way into the future it will be the things we build that rule the stars.

    1. Phil says:

      How on gods earth is voting for the Player of the Month the same as fans deciding when and who should be substituted during a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAME?We are talking about decisions that ONLY A MANAGER CAN MAKE.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I said (meant) taking the choice away from how it’s usually done and giving it to the fans instead, the same basic principals.

        I can see this happening, and some fans on here should also see (imagine) it happen, more than I can. I hear people often, saying how they wish sometimes that the club would listen to the fans more. Then someone would mention how you have too many opposing views for that to happen. Well, here is how it could happen.

  7. James says:

    Still bitter and twisted about his sacking. The man will never take responsibility for his downfall, instead it’s the fans’ fault, the media’s fault, society’s fault. His grotesque ego is unparalleled. Any club that hires him is making a grave mistake

  8. ken1945 says:

    Well Darren N(egative) you seem to have got your wish and stirred up the AW debate again.
    After the great post (one of the best ever) regarding “best Arsenal Memories” that saw a united fanbase, it kicks off again.
    The tedious, unproductive, divisive, irrational, repeated views from the same people will start again from BOTH sides but, try as I may, I cannnot let some of these, quite frankly, awful and personal remarks go unchallenged.
    Yes I also fall into the bracket I describe, for which I apologise, but some things written cannot go unchallenged, sorry Xxnofx!

    As far as Phil and Jons comments go, I just scratch my head and wonder if they are really Laurel and Hardy in disguise, suffering from memory loss.
    Even in his “stubborn and arrogant barren last five years” he won more than Klopp (for example) has won in his first five at Liverpool, taking us to THREE cup winning finals three top four finishes and three CL spots, but hey ho let’s just keep knocking the most successful manager this club has EVER had.
    So we didn’t replace Vieria…we were still winning trophies as explained above!

    Just look around the stadium, take away all those ten trophies AW’s teams have won and then we would be on a par with spuds.
    Remember “mind the gap” we sang for twenty of the twenty two years under AW with his arrogance and stubborness along with the dross,weak, spineless players?
    That FACT obviously speaks volumes for the rest of those teams we regularly finished above in the best league in the world doesn’t it?
    All done whilst having to sell our top players and having a transfer kitty miniscule compared to our competitors.

    Read the article carefully and you will see that Arsene says “it’s not for me”, but he’s giving his opinion on a subject, just as he did about the super league, which was also scoffed at.
    Do I think he’s right? NO, but like him and everyone else, it’s my personal opinion.

    Stacking shelves at Tescos Phil?
    If that isn’t a statement of ignorance and arrogance, then I don’t know what is…YES I DO…. AW “sacked”…. NO he resigned as CONFIRMED by Per Mertesacker, but of course, completely ignored in order to try and discredit the man, there can be no other reason.

    Despite the power of our fanbase and against it’s wishes. Kronkie now owns the club completely. It’s HIS CLUB.
    Despite the power of our fanbase we couldn’t stop him.
    But some think they can force him to do what they want??
    I am a realist I here you cry, well for gooodness sake be one.

    There is a list of 100,000 people waiting for season tickets (source AFC itself) and that has stayed consistent for ten years (source AFC itself just phone and ask, that’s what I did). Enough to fill the stadium one and a half times, without taking into account those supporters who are not driven by hatred of any individual and the past, but support the club and its future.

    The ignorance and stubborness come from those who reject and ignore the input time, effort and love of the club AW gave throughout his tenure and who continue, for no apparent POSITIVE reason, to be stuck in the past, unable to move on because of their own personal agenda.
    At every opportunity and whatever the subject, they bring his name into any debate, it’s like they can’t live without him!!
    Just like an old love relationship that they can’t let go of, funny that!!

    Perhaps HE sees some on here as old fools who don’t know what ACTUALLY went on at the club, but PRESUME they know everything?
    One thing is for sure, AW has proven to be a top manager, not those who think they are but HAVE never actually done it THEMSELVES.

    As for his future, I DON’T REALLY CARE, but certainly THANK HIM for the past.

    Juve, PSG, Milan, Bayern, Tescos?
    That’s his choice and let’s wait and see the reasons for those clubs wanting him if he’s the washed up arrogant, stubborn old fool he’s quoted as on here.
    My future thoughts, hopes and concerns are for Arsenal and I actually PITY those who can’t move forward, I REALLY DO.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ken, I don’t know Phils size but I am neither of their sizes- perhaps closer to Stan Laurel – but am thrilled to be compared to two of the alltime great comedians. I will happily take either, though can’t speak for Phil , obviously. Just thought I would try to lighten the discussion this time, rather than come out once again bruised and battered for Round 153 of our long running , albeit friendly,fight!

      1. Phil says:

        Ken-it was a throwaway comment to a tounge in cheek article.I thought it was to be light hearted but when it comes to Wenger I suppose I just can’t ever forgive and forget.But I will use the opportunity to answer some points you raised.
        Laurel and Hardy?I will take that as a compliment.Im sure Jon will as well.
        Yes we did win three FA Cups in Wengers last years.I seem to recall Wigan and Portsmouth winning the competition in the not too distant past proving it’s an open Cup that ANYONE can win on the day.Saying that it’s still a great competition for fans so thank you for that Mr Wenger.Not quite so many thanks for the abject surrender at Forest in the Third Round last season though.

        And yes we did win trophies after Viera was sold.3 FA Cups.No serious challenge for the Premiership.Absolute failure in the Champions League(2006 notwithstanding) and And as I said even Wigan And Portsmouth…………..

        And Nobody with any sense at all will deny what Wenger did for our Club.From 1996 to 2008.That was when it was plain to see he was unable to progress the Club any further.So if you took down the THREE FA Cups he won after that date the Stadium will still have plenty of trophies on show.
        Bertie Mee was sacked 4 seasons after winning the double.Wenger lasted 14.Bertie I’m sure worked to massive financial restraints at the time as well but it’s always Wenger that is championed for having to sell players to fund the stadium build.Yet Wenger always said that he was never denied funds to buy any player he wanted.So someone somewhere is being misleading don’t you think?

        Mertersacker was a Wenger man.He was offered his job by Wenger and will always be loyal to him.Nobody at the Club has ever actually commented officially as to whether Wenger resigned or was sacked.I would imagine fans in one camp would say he resigned.Fans in the other camp (The camp in which 88%on this site voted for Wengers sacking) would say he was dismissed.But even he did resign ( which I don’t believe he did) then it was only because he would have been sacked if he didn’t.

        As for Kronke-yes he owns it 100%.But it is not and never will be his Club.If he believes otherwise and wishes to test the resolve and dedication of the Fanbase he will soon find his investment reducing in value.Fans will turn against him just as they did Wenger and vote with their feet.The Emirates is a soulless place with only 40,000 fans inside.Even more so when the toxic and vitriolic abuse Wenger suffered is repeated and aimed solely at Kronke.All advertising,endorsements and sponsorship is determined by success.Champions League qualification will add more than Europa League.No European qualification will mean even less revenue.The fans will stay away to show solidarity as they did against Wenger and he had far more support than Kronke will EVER receive.If he wants to test this then there will only be one winner.And yes there is a huge waiting list still for season tickets.But not too many will let them go.They will just miss a few games to let the owner know his position and how fragile a ground he is actually standing on.

        Ken-next on your list is fans continually bringing the Wenger issue back into question.I openly and unashamedly admit to stirring emotions when I might not need to.But I simply will never allow Wenger to be classed as the immortal saviour he is often referred to.He was being paid a kings ransom and had been failing for years.It was Wenger that continued to tell anyone who would listen that a Top4 finish was a trophy in itself.Well his ability to even do this was gone at the end and yet he still felt he could get the Club back to a challenging position when realistically he was the only one who believed this.The fan base certainly didn’t.Most likely the Board ( despite them givin* him a contract renewal).And the Players never showed the belief when up against the biggest rivals.

        And as for his next job? Well if it is in Tesco then let’s hope it’s not in the buying department.His recent track record certainly wouldn’t be good on his CV when applying.

        1. ken1945 says:

          So there we have it Phil and Jon, three different viewpoints from three unashamedly long suffering Gooners.
          NOTHING will ever change our opinins of the man, his methods and his legacy, it all seems so repetitive and unnecessary.
          I would rather have a post like admin produced on “favourite memories” to this never ending, point scoring, name slinging, finger pointing c**p that stops adult, intelligent, thought provoking discussions amongst mature and intelligent adults.
          I know that when I write in the defence of AW, it’s as pointless as your accusations against him, neither of us will change the past will we?
          There is SO MUCH that we as a fanbase agree on and can discuss under the new regime, so why do we not concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives of two five or ten years ago (whatever one believes in)?
          We will never change the past, good or bad, but as a UNITED fanbase we might just be able to have some input into the future.
          I understand why “justarsenal” put these posts on, it involves AW and will guarantee responses and clickbaits.
          But the positive response to the post regarding “memories” was incredibe and I personally read through everyones comments two or three times, as I just didn’t remember all the positives and, initially not knowing what was coming and from who.
          It’s there, the support that COULD be as big as those fans of Pool etc we just have to coax it out by forgetting past divisions.
          All I can say is I want so much more positive thinking, it’s surely part of the bonding required and SO refreshing.
          Surely you noticed the names of fans who hadn’t posted before?
          I believe it’s because the subject was something that EVERY GOONER could identify with, while they don’t want to get involved with the abuse one side gives the other, as the subject of AW clearly does.
          If we really want a united fanbase, AND THIS INCLUDES “JUST ARSENAL” ADMIN, then let’s stop this nonsense and get on with life under Unai Emery.
          After all, we all seem united there don’t we?

          By the way,I WAS thinking of comparing you and Jon to Hinge and Bracket, but I knew that the response from the two of you would be too much to contemplate, even for a thickskinned OAP like myself!!!!

          1. Phil says:

            Unhinged and Bracket probably nearer the truth Ken.Excellent response and of course you are correct.BUT.The past is still the past at the end of the day as the “Memories” article has proved.And Wenger will ALWAYS be associated with our past and that fact is indisputable.Mostly good.Some mediocre.And the ending very poor in comparison.
            But a fan base united behind the excellent Unai Emery is what we appear to have now and for that we should be grateful.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Phil, onwards and upwards I really hope that’s the case.
            Let’s see who’s the first to crack!!!
            By the way, there are still lots more memories appearing, especially from Kenny.
            How he can remember things so clearly I do not know, but he brings it all back to life again.
            So much so, I’ve got the papers out from 71 and I sit reading them with this stupid inane grin on my face!
            Is there any hope at all??

          3. Phil says:

            It’s the hope that will be the end of us Ken.If you do have a BBC video of the 1979 FA Cup Final when the whistle goes and the cameras pan onto the crowd behind the goal I am the one with the Blue Beret (god knows what that was doing there)no shirt and cigarette in mouth.Like my mum said when I got home – not my proudest moment

          4. ken1945 says:

            Phil, will go and have another look!!
            I can understand the beret of course, it was in anticipation of things to come, shame you didn’t have the onions around your neck though!!!???

          5. Phil says:

            Ken-there’s a story behind the beret that must be for another day.Permed Hair and stood on the wall between the lower and bottom tiers.Theres some stories over this clip that again must wait for another day.OMG the Memories…….
            And It was as though I had a string of onions around my neck the last decade the amount of tears I shed under Wenger???

          6. snowden says:

            Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!
            Next time something comes up on here that has reference to Arsene, please, please you three don’t start diggning the Arsene end time up again.

            If you can’t break the natural desire ‘to dig’ then please limit yourselves to one short paragraph each. My eyes ache with all those words.
            Where do I stand on this. I am with Ken however begrudgingly i think with hindsight Arsene might think it would have been better to have left on a high that is after the Cup Final but hindsight is hindsight.and as we know is not worth a light.

            I believe that at least (if not before) all our matches have to be reviewed in the darkness game 50 of Riley and his PMOG mob – but that is another subject that can be hotly debated. let’s cool down first.

            I do care about Arsene’s future I hope that he has success whereever works. My suspicion is that it is already in place. Time will tell.
            May be some of us can’t forgive Arsene for the last years but surely to goodness we can as one voice say ‘Merci Arsene.’ for raising our winning expectations to the hight that we never dreamed possible before he arrived.
            1953 1970 17 years – Nothing but spudkings.

            1971 – 1989 there was an improvement. ! cup won and three lost!
            When Arsene took over we had a drunk captain and others, Arsene who ? and our Arsenal hearts once again sinking back to no where and we didn’t complain – no where was normal.

          7. Phil says:

            @Snowden-I had to chuckle but you too are right of course.I absolutely get your point and will “attempt” to keep any Wenger blasts as short as possible.But I can’t promise.
            I get your views on Wenger and respect your opinion of the man.But if we all had the same view and shared the same thoughts there would be some pretty dull and boring discussions on this site don’t you think?

          8. snowden says:

            Thank you for your reply. If it were possible to give you a warm friendly handshake, I would do just that. 🙂

          9. jon fox says:

            Ken, I have to say I agree with EVERY word of Phils brilliantly accurate-in my opinion, though not yours – post above. He is an exceptionally knowledgeable and devoted fan and he called the Kroenke war to come (if it needs to happen, which I think it will a little further down the line though) accurately. You, he and I are so often on here discussing the last Wenger decade. Phil and I fundamentally differ from you on his last decade, save only the last two years in which we all see close to eye to eye. But as Phil said so well, the resentment he and I felt over that wasted decade is bound to come to the fore in two passionate and extrovert personality fans. We are not shrinking violets and nor are you. I am pleased to be made that way, not that it would change things an iota were I not pleased. Because we are ALL made as we are and are entitled so to be. Had Wenger not been our manager I would have gladly accepted his personality as part of his obvious humanity and probably have loved his foibles.
            He has a host of wonderful human qualities and is an outstanding human being. BUT during that period,(fans will differ as to how many years) to Phil and I and many others for sure, he was a rank sub par manager at the level we need. Football and Arsenal being our shared passion it is not surprising that we three all react as we do. Despite this, I believe we all would agree that each of the others are fine decent people with proper life values. We are also at times, being human and therefore fallible, “guilty ” of not always practising what we preach. I have lectured many times on the subject “All humans are hypocrites at various levels”. Further, I believe that no normal human can avoid a degree of hypocrisy; it is part of what makes us interesting and fun. At minor level it is even desirable therefore. But I will avoid getting deeper into our shared human condition for fear of boring anyone else reading this screed. Finally, yes I do draw the line at Hinge and Bracket, though as a life long singer – I was professional for a while and still perform while getting paid – I would have to to be Dame Hilda. I have sung many of the songs “she” has sung. I have also met them backstage on two occasions and they were both charming. BTW, I take Morecambe and Wise all day long. I would have to be Eric, as I am clearly not WISE!

          10. Phil says:

            Brilliantly worded response Jon that Ken fully deserved.
            Ken-yet again it’s amazing how your calm and reasoned words provoke thoughts from most on this site that were not necessarily what they originally thought.As always its a pleasure reading your posts even though they are normally the polar opposite of the thought process of Jon and myself.
            Just Arsenal really is the PREMIER site out there.No other even comes close.to the eclectic mix of ages,race,culture,thoughts,perceptions and expectations.The quality of posts is so high that it continues to excel even during the mind numbingly tedium of International weeks.
            Admin-you are the reason we are all here.Thank you

          11. Admin says:

            Wow that is the best compliment I’ve ever had. This is what I was aiming for when I created the site.
            Thank you to our whole community…

          12. ken1945 says:

            Phil, Jon, Snwden and Admin….what a great debate we have had.
            It goes to prove that personal abuse, foul language and keyboard threats are no part of the discussions we often hold.
            I have said before, that it amazes me how one man (AW), with all his good and bad points, can completely polarise otherwise like minded supporters.
            Anyway, I now expect Jon to be offering his “greates hits” cd at a cut price deal, Phil to be offering a story on his now notorious beret (great response to the onions Phil) and snowden to tell me off for going on too long.
            I echo Phil’s praise admin, your ability to attract and allow such a diverse audience is credit to you and your site.
            Long may it continue!!

  9. Big G says:

    I very much doubt the fans will ever decide who should be subbed off during a match, it would make a mockery of each club for paying huge salaries to managers to make those decisions in the first place, i mean come on! could you see any manager accepting decisions being made for them during a champions league match or any cup final, i don’t think so, lol.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Big G, absolutely correct and that’s why AW said that, although he could see it happening (which I can’t personally) he would never accept it.
      As you say, no manager would ever accept it.
      The only topic is would it happen as far as I can see.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken, A whimsy about seeing about how difficult is can be to see
        into the future. A year after the first Moon landing, along with some pals I stayed in Tiverton for the weekend, where we played a local football team. I stayed with a pals Grandma and he warned us against mentioning the Moon landing as she thought it a hoax and just wouldn’t buy it at all. And so it proved and Granny turned out to be one formidable woman; lovely in her way but not to be argued with. She therefore refused to see even the present, let alone the future.

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