Oh Dear! Benzema transfer at risk from Arsenal penny-pinching

If this is true and it ends up with Arsenal missing out on the transfer of the France international Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, then it will be absolutely unforgivable penny pinching on the part of Arsenal Football Club or the manager.

I really do not see why Arsene Wenger would bother about the transfer fee if he was really keen on signing this top class centre forward, especially if the comments of Lord Harris recently suggesting that the Frenchman could spend pretty much whatever he wanted to are correct or even close to the truth.

But John Cross of The Mirror is reporting that the refusal of the Gunners to meet Real Madrid’s asking price is a major reason why the deal has not been done yet and may not be done unless the Spanish La Liga club softens it’s stance at the end of the transfer window. This reporter is fairly well connected and usually in the know about the goings on behind the scenes at the Emirates, so I am inclined to believe him.

The report also claims that Wenger is not nearly as desperate to get this transfer done as the rest of us and is not panicking at all about the West Ham game. He did not even blast the under performing players, apparently, but is just keen to study what went wrong calmly and put it right. Should we be worried or will the boss get us back on track quickly?

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  1. Who? What? Arsenal? penny pinching??? you must be joking??/ Come on, stop pulling my leg, we would neeeeevvvveeerr do such a thing.

    1. Simple calculations and plain truth

      Arsenal squad (2014-15): Won FA cup
      Arsenal Squad in summer of 2015: Poldi out, Two goalies out, Flamini is gonna go, Jack Wilshere in injured, Alexis is not match fit, Giroud doesn’t know where goal is, Ramsey only loves to scores he forgets his midfield role. Only Petr Cech in.

      EPL chances: If Wilshere becomes the player wen want then we can win league, if Ozil is back to his best, if Giroud starts scoring, if Walcott becomes the free scoring CF, If we sign someone world class.

      Crisis: If any one of Le coq, Alexis, Walcott, Ramsey or Cazorla gets injured

      Reality: Delusional approach never lands a trophy it always gives you another reason to defend yourself after you loose a match because you cant just say you were wrong.

      Where do you see yourself now.

      Penny pinching shld be done when you have Henry as your CF and you have been offered Higuain at an inflated price.

  2. Oh also, he wants to study what went wrong. I mean a million people can tell him what went wrong, but he needs to figure it out on his own.
    We played narrow, without pace, and our GK had a horrendous day. Manager did not make the necessary changes on time and our striker is average, Coq can block but cant pass, and Per is actually beginning to effect the way Kos plays – in a bad way.
    Apart from the above, it would be great to have a better manager, but i dont think he will come to that conclusion himself

    1. Kos performance is down to Per when mistakes are made but when we are doing very well its all down to Kos doing Pers job, ..really!. Kos is usually very reliable and the only time I remember him being otherwise is when Per was out of team or he had Verm alongside him. Simple truth is Kos was one of the worst players out there and deserves as much of the blame as any of them. Even that second goal he made himself small and didn’t try put a block in ..stick a leg out or try sprawling himself. The first goal himself and so many others were horribly at fault, but especially him as he’s a senior and ought to know better.

      Im sure in all those press conferences Wenger has said exactly what went wrong and am sure to the contrary that he has given the players a piece of his mind, just because you read otherwise up top and it gives you better ammunition to throw mud well it doesn’t mean there is one ounce of truth in it all.

  3. Wouldn’t offer Liverpool proper money for Suarez.
    Wouldn’t match Napoli for Higuain.
    Wouldn’t pay what Newcastle wanted for Cabaye.
    Wouldn’t pay what Schalke wanted for Draxler.
    Didn’t think Schneiderlin was worth paying 27mil for.

    Alternative was we bought nobody for either position. Stellar as ever.

    This Benz story is yet to be confirmed, at least there’s not a history of falling short by refusing to pay the rate.

    1. Most Arsenal fans seem to be Adam Savage from Mythbusters, seeing how they defy reality and substitute it with their own. Mindless sheep who are easily fooled by the officials.

      1. Who are you talking about. Some fans who gobble up every transfer rumour will blame Wenger and then call supporters sheep. While the other side will call them sheep for gobbling up everything the media throws out.

        And if we are indeed coming up short on transfer fees who is to blame …Wenger, our board or Dick Law and negotiators.

    2. And spent months haggling over £500 for Hazard before Chelski stepped in and months haggling over Mata before again Chelski stepped in, and months over Jovetic before MC stepped in, although that didn’t turn out too well.

      The amount of time he spends haggling, is worth more in terms of the salary he is paid, than the money he is haggling over. He really is a liability in the transfer market, and it is groundhog day, over and over, although more predictable. When these things last longer in press than 3 days, you know they’re not going to happen because Wenger is penny pinching.

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, that if the board are as frustrated as the rest of the fans over Ebeneezer of the Emirates, as appears to be the case by Harris coming out and saying there’s 200m to spend, then why don’t they just grow a pair and reinstate David Dein?

      1. Again, do you think that it is Arsene who sits down negotiating prices with a players agent. It is Dick Law and maybe Gazidas and the people who they answer to are the board and owners.

        1. Although there is no confirmation of that, and probably pointless to argue about something which isn’t known in its entirety, it appears to be AW who give the final yay or nay and controls the purse strings, as he is all powerful at Arsenal. Dick Law can look for and negotiate all he likes, but if it isn’t approved by AW then it will not go through. It is not the same as David Dein who completely controlled Arsenal transfers.

  4. I wonder if charles dickins was inspired by arsene wenger to write the classic novel a christmas carol, about ebenezer scrooge?

  5. The real reason is simply because Benzema is not really for sale & not because of penny pinching!Unless you tell me that RM has a plan engineered to get Aguero really I don’t see that happening let’s be real a minute. There is more probability seeing a DM or even Draxler coming. Like everyone here if ever the Benzema deal comes to life I’ll be so so happy but until I see it not believing…enough said.

  6. Ive a gut feeling before the window shuts benzema or cavanni will be an arsenal player. Praying my guts right! Please wenger please!

  7. As Usual, The transfer window is going down the wire. Who would have thought it. Last season we got Sanchez, Ospina, Chambers, Debuchy and Welbeck(January). You expect we get the players we want on time after the dealings last season….

    Let’s see if We get anyone. I believe Wenger won’t get anybody anymore. I hope He proves mi wrong.

  8. I wouldnt mind us at least getting krychowiak in the transfer window, would be something for us gooners to smile about at least!

  9. Lmao, I couldn’t help but laugh at the headline.

    This is the most Arsenal thing I’ve heard in a while

    Then again its the mirror so it’s probably not true anyways.

  10. I do believe there are efforts going on to sign one or two players. The rumours are going on too long for there not to be some truth in them. As to whether that results in a marquee signing, only time will tell. In transfers, there are so many things to come together…now I sound like Wenger…lol. It’s true though…the player has to want to come to us, his club has to want to sell, the wages have to be right, the transfer fee right, and then you have to factor in other clubs, family ties etc…

    It’s not like FIFA 15 where you just hand over the wonga and the deal is done!

    Seriously though, I too have a gut feeling we will sign one or two players. Pressure can be exerted on a manager from within, and the money talks. Success equals profits and while Wenger might be an austerity fan, others will see the benefits of ‘speculating to accumulate’. Well I hope so anyway…

  11. Dont wary you can hear wenger in 5years time saying how he nearly sign benzema,like b4 how he nearly sign ronado,messi ow hell maybe evn maradona n pele.that old buffon has lost it it.as soon as he leave than than arsenal can move up.them akb ass lickers wont let our great club to greatness.

  12. Will we buy a new player this season? Probably not.
    Will we win the league this season? Probably not.
    Will we win the FA cup this season? Three times in a row? Probably not.
    Will we see change next season? Probably not.

  13. I really hope so it isn’t true.
    But I do think that real isn’t into it…and neither Benz too much.

    On the other hand and to be fair we didn’t pinch when Suarez. We did offer the right amount and in some countries it is offered 1 dollar or currency more for no mistakes in offering more than the trigger amount t.

  14. Draxler. This guy typifies an henryesque signing kind of. Struggled over the past year. Immense potential. Wenger is probably waiting for juve to strike a lesser deal…and then we pounce. Cos if we go alone, they spike the price….but then I am no mystic Morgan.

  15. Needs An alleged world class striker. But benzema like many others lose that once they come to the premier league. I don’t think he really wants to come but I don’t think they value him that much at Real Madrid, he doesn’t have that Z about him. I think the panic buy will come after he realises benzema price tag will not be dropped. Wenger needs to send benitez a croissant and ask him how he plans on setting up next season

  16. I wouldn’t mind the penny pinching. Madrid overpriced Ozil and we shouldn’t repeat that mistake on Benzema too!

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