Oh Dear! Two Arsenal strikers make EPL wall of shame

Okay Arsenal fans, hands up who thinks that the name of Olivier Giroud is going to be one of the two Arsenal strikers mentioned in the headline of this article? Although I am going to mention the big man, you might be surprised to hear that he is not among the Premier League’s most wasteful forwards this season.

That may well be because of the Frenchman’s form in front of goal in the first half of the season, but the fact is that his name is not among the 11 worst offenders when it comes to converting shots to goals in the EPL this season. As reported by The Sun, there are two Gunners on the list, though, with the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez just coming in at joint 10th with Aleksandar Mitrovic of Newcastle United.

Both Arsenal strikers have eight goals from 54 shots giving a conversion rate of just under 15 percent. The other Arsenal forward on the list is our England international, who might not be on the plane to Euro 2016 if he does not impress for Arsenal in the coming weeks, Theo Walcott.

He is just below Alexis in ninth place, with five goals from 34 shots giving a conversion rate of just under 14 percent. The only other club with two players on the list is AFC Bournemouth who have Joshua King and Glenn Murray at eight and seven. Then you have Swansea’s Gomis, Man city’s Bony, Aston Villa’s Gestede, Norwich’s Cameron Jerome, Sunderland’s Borini and the worst of the lot with a truly dreadful conversion rate of under six percent is the Man United and Holland forward Memphis Depay.

Take a bow Memphis, but if you are tempted to take a shot maybe a pass is the better option, but not to any Arsenal strikers lol!

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  1. Well at least they hit
    the wall of shame target.:)
    Apparently they both
    got given wave cards this
    season as they could not hit the slot to swipe their old cards 🙂
    I hope Alexis will find some solace in his paltry 150 k per week.
    Theo must scrape by on a meagre 140 k p/w.
    Wonder if they can afford to pay the Lecky? 🙂

  2. OT: been hearing a lot about Granit Xhaka as if it’s a done deal and what’s up with Wenger’s smile when asked about him in his recent conference.

    Hearing there’s also a possibility of getting Toni Kroos. Would mind Xhaka and Kroos as replacements for the outgoing Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini.

      1. Arteta Rosicky
        Flamini Wilshere
        and Diarby have all
        been replaced by
        7 mill quid Elneny and freebee Coquelin.
        5 players replaced by two players costing 7 mill. That’s how Arsene/Stan roll.
        Arsenal might buy a token marquee player like Xhaka to placate the fans
        but only if they sold a lot of high profile players to finance it
        like Walcott Chamberlain + Wilshere.
        Freebies Iwobi Zelalem Akpom and 2 mill cheap youngsters
        like Bielik Adelaide and the Nigerians will pad out the squad.

  3. We demand a clear out of most of the playing staff this summer but I can’t see this happening as our manager doesn’t seem to be in the transfer market as other managers! He’ll soon be telling us that he couldn’t find anyone to buy. That man has a death wish for this team! Useless idiot!!!!!

    1. We demand! Who’s the idiot? Do you have a team still fighting for the title with 6 weeks to go?

      I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, but you need a frontal lobotomy!

  4. sometimes I wonder if the article writers make mistakes on purpose. How can Giroud have 8 goals from 54 shots if he actually scored 12 in the EPL this season. It is still poor.

    Sanchez is on 8 PL goals, Giroud is on 12.

    ANyway if you look at that statistic and think Sanchez is poor, as bad as Giroud then Ronaldo has 195 domestic league shots this season with 29 goals. His conversion is just under 15%. I guess that means he is as bad as Giroud

    Sanchez and Ronaldo take random shots at goal almost every game. The more important statistic is how many clear cut chances a player is scoring or missing.

  5. Depay = £4+1/4 million per 1% conversion rate.

    If only we could get them to pay that for Theo, it would be a whopping £59 million!

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