Oh Well, Arsenal fans surely didn’t expect an exciting transfer window?

It now seems very clear that Arsenal will not be bringing in any exciting signings this January, despite being desperately in need of a top class defender, unlike last year when we got Aubameyang after protracted negotiations. Raul Sanllehi had already told us that he didn’t like the winter transfer window and it now is clear that Emery will have to make do with what he has until the summer window.

The Spaniard was quoted as saying by the Irish Examiner: “We cannot sign permanently. We can only loan players. I can say to you that the club is working, the club is telling me the different situations in each moment. At the moment, we haven’t had any news today about that.

“We are working with the players who are with us now. Also, we are giving chances to the young players and finding with them the regularity to be consistent when we need them to be.

“I am very happy, I know it is not easy for us now in this transfer market and if we can find one player who can help us like we need, with the quality and a different player for getting in our squad, we are going to do it.

“But I am happy with every player today, it is really some injuries that didn’t help us in the last matches because we struggled with different injuries with the players.

“I am happy because another player can have chances when one player is injured and they are doing well, that is the reason for us being calm and my confidence with the club is big, they are working and if one or two players can come and help us, perfect.”

So it is extremely doubtful we are going to get anyone coming iin, unless they are another club’s cast off. Ho hum…. Oh well….Bah humbug!

Darren N


  1. Steve h says:

    What the Hell is going on, got no money Ffs, what a complete joke. Did the board and share holders not do there home work on this Pratt of an owner he must think we play the game on horse back that’s how much he knows about English football.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Blaming owners is like the ‘in thing’ to do now isn’t it? We’re doing it, blackpool are doing it, everyone will be doing it…

      Doesn’t matter if it is true or not though?

      Owners who are as distant as Silent Stan hire people to do the work for them, he may want us to compete and be real challengers for the title… His shares would increase and he would be worth more… He may not care either.

      1. jon fox says:

        But it DOES matter if it is true. And it is! You know that as well as me.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Jon, I’ve just gone back to a previous post between the the two of us and I ‘ve got to say sometimes, and I mean this in the nicest way, you do make me laugh. I’m referring to the post concerning the referees Oliver and Dean. You were saying “I’m opening myself to possible action in the law courts”. Well, to be honest I don’t think that’s quite accurate, I understand your point about this being a public forum but there’s also the question of “freedom of speech” but anyway if that’s the case I would be delighted if say Oliver or Dean took me to court. It would probably the highlight of my life where I could actually produce the videos to show these cheats for what they’re worth. When you see some of the decisions given by these two referees over the last ten years, then I’m sure I’d have half a chance in any court of law especially if I could rely on you, if only as a character witness. It’s an irony that I once appeared in court some years ago for a minor offence and the Judge was my old captain of one of the Non League sides I played for. When I said to him”alright Ron” he had to stop the case.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Following this, I’ve got to say, the referees in this country are getting worse by the week. If there’s anyone out there watching the Leeds – Derby game, ther referee has just given a blatant penalty to Leeds. The ref is now standing on the spot for around twenty seconds, the Leeds crowd cheering, the player about to put the ball on the spot when suddenly the ref notices the linesman with his flag up, had it up for about a minute now. Goes over to the linesman and changes his decision to offside. When the replay is shown the player is two yards onside. You couldn’t make it up, inefficiency at it’s worst. Trouble is these officials have no sporting background or experience, they leave College or University and think to themselves “what shall I do for a living”, I think I’ll be a referee, and that’s that, a few years later after refereeing in a few lower leagues they find themselves in front of 50,000 at a Premier League game with Mike Riley’s blessing. This inefficiency should comeback and haunt Riley but the PGMOL is a closed shop, answerable to no one, not even the FA or The Premier League, they just keep slapping each other on the back telling one another what a good job their doing. Absolute joke.

          2. Sue says:

            All they have to say in their interview is ‘I’m a United fan’ bingo they’re in!! ?
            I didn’t see it, I was watching the darts Kenny… but that is shocking! Bet there’ll be some howlers this weekend (just not at the London stadium please!) I believe Moss is the ref for our game?

          3. georgie b says:

            Looks like that horrid greenish kit. Maybe I should get over it.

          4. Sue says:

            Oh no ?? we never play well in that kit…

          5. georgie b says:

            You know how superstitious fans can be. I always favor our scoring chances when attacking from right to left.

          6. Sue says:

            Funny isn’t it?! Let’s hope the green kit voodoo is put to bed later & we score loads & actually win ?

          7. ken1945 says:

            Kenny, how the PGMOL managed to get into the position of power they have now I will never now.
            The refs in this country are a complete joke and that is why not one single was selected for the last world cup.
            They even got the VAR wrong at Wembley this week Sarri is claiming.
            If one corrupt organisation realised how bad they are, why doesn’t our own FA and UEFA then act?

          8. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Agree absolutely with you Ken, trouble is they really are a closed shop. Leading journalists have tried to infiltrate their organisation without success. With no referees at the last World Cup and also being told by FIFA “your refs are not good enough” would be enough for Riley to stand down but “water off a ducks back” to him. He just doesn’t care. They vote their selves in and stay till they want to retire

          9. ozziegunner says:

            Ken and Kenny, we have all raised this before, the so called best and richest football league in the world cannot provide one refereeing official to the last World Cup. One would think that a commission of enquiry would have been called into a slight like this, but it wasn’t!

  2. Defenetly! I’m supporting your idea! Last FA cup match against Blackpool I saw some talents that need game time to improve! The likes of Joe Willock he looks to be a permanent replacement of Ramsey. He has the quality! He just need game time to adjust his game. I’m very proud of him.

  3. ForeverGooner says:

    Let’s wait and see.
    Loanees can be effective and in January its tough to sign a top player but not impossible
    My hopes are not high but we should give Emery the whole window before making any judgements
    I still have some hope

  4. Things are changing says:

    I would have liked to see Suarez at Arsenal. It concerns me we don’t seem to be able to do a “loan now and buy in the summer” deal because this might hint at the fact that even in the summer we might not have the money to buy him. The price tag put on him seems reasonable to me.

    But looking at the bright side maybe if we qualify for CL football the club wants to go for a better player. (I think that is wishful thinking though and not realistic).

    We have heard every one and their mother say that Emery needs to be given multiple windows (at least 6?) to rebuild the squad and before he can be judged. But what if he get’s no funds to speak of during these windows?

    Although I understand we can not spend 40 million on one player, it is scary we can not even spend less than 20 million on a player like Suarez who the manager seems to rate and who appears to be a skilled player coming with a great football education from the best club in the world IMO.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      The unameless one never got any slack by a large percentage of people, between 2007 and about five or six seasons later. He sold players so he could afford younger ones, got no slack from some, they still demanded title fighting. He had to balance books, or let someone do it while he took the heat, at a time when the spenders got well out of hand. Still no slack, and the percentage was getting ever larger with each season.

      I have an odd theory on this epoch, I might share it some day.

      1. Things are changing says:

        It is always dangerous and a bit pointless to bring up the past. The unnameless one got way too much slack from whom it counted and was allowed to preside long past his due date as evidenced by the deterioration of our league and our squad. He was allowed to spend over GBP 220 million on players in his last 2 seasons in charge. Of that GBP 220 million he spend, as far as I am concerned we only have 2 players to show for that – Laca and Auba.

        So lets refrain from feeling pity for the unnameless one, who was handsomely rewarded for his “difficult – no result expected” job of managing Arsenal.

        Let’s move on to today and hope we can today lay the foundation for a more competitive tomorrow.

        1. Midkemma says:


          Wenger wanted a CB in Jan yet Gazidis failed to do this as he was talking to BvB with Sven over the Auba deal.

          Wenger wanted Martial as part of the Alexis deal.

          Wenger had nothing to do with the £70 million spent by Arsenal after he was sacked.

          No result? Funny how he was sacked after missing the UCL for the 2nd time, you

          1. Things are changing says:

            Wrong? Look it up yourself we spend more than 220 during Wenger’s last two years.

            No intelligent person would argue Wenger had input on the money spent after he left. Who said that?

            You honestly think Wenger had real pressure to deliver results during his Arsenal reign? He didn’t win a major title in how many years? He had the lowest pressure job of any big team manager.

      2. Midkemma says:

        I do want to point out that Nasri himself has said that Wenger wanted to keep him but he was informed by the board that he was sold.

        We all read Wenger saying he wouldn’t allow Cesc and Nasri leave in the same window.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I rated Denis Suarez higher than Andre Gomes, when I regularly watched Enrique’s Barcelona

      He is more skillful and has better vision than Barcelona’s fringe players at that time, but he could not beat Iniesta’s consistency and Rakitic’s determination

      Unfortunately he is not a winger and Arsenal do not need another CM, as they already have too many of them

    3. Uchman says:

      How can u give emry six transfer windows? Did arsenal fc give Wenger 6 windows when he arrived?/did pep gardiola get 6 windows @ Barcelona? Did Chelsea give conte six windows? Have we all become this clown? Emry can only be on 2 years contracts with targets, his contract can only be renewed based on how far he achieved his realistic targets!!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Uchman, with all due respect, please go back and look at the quality of players Arsene Wenger inherited when he joined Arsenal. There is no comparison, particularly in defense, defensive midfielders, plus Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp.

    4. Midkemma says:

      “We have heard every one and their mother say that Emery needs to be given multiple windows”

      Selective reading?

      I stood by my opinion when people tried to bash me for saying Emery needs to earn his time with us, he has done better than most expected, he still needs to keep producing or we should sack him.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    It’s gonna take something special for Arsenal to compete against City, Liv, Manu, and Che over the foreseeable future. Looks like we’re trying to reign things in so clubs might stop expecting us to pay what city and others can easily pay. I’m hoping that it’s just the Jan window they don’t like because our targets aren’t for sale until summer, but our defence is looking thin and it’s not pressuring/panicking us into moving for a quick fix. There’s two ways of looking at that. I think we are hoping for teams to start treating us like Atletico or Dortmund in the transfer market, and stop asking for too much money for any player who’s got under two seasons of promising form. The only way for that to happen is if we begin acting like that.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I believe Arsenal could win EPL again as long as they focus on their youth development

      Scouting is another big factor too, like what Leicester City achieved with their low cost players

      1. Break-on-through says:

        We’re gonna have to rely on the youth players at AFC, and ones we bring into the club, going exceptionally well for us if we are to stand a chance. That, along with some very smart buying. You’re right, that will be a hugely crucial aspect.

        Mislintat, Raul, Emery, it’s why we chose these guys, but I just wish we had a better scouting network over in America. We need to tap up the best guy for that market, he’d be worth every penny we paid for him.

        1. Things are changing says:

          I agree youth players will be THE key. It is for this reason, I would like us to start investing more PL minutes in them than we currently do. Surely Nelson should have been gracing our flanks this season and not play and learn from another manager in another league. I think even today he might be one of our best right wing options.

          Emile Smith Rowe could also have gotten more minutes than he did this season.

          I understand we want to not break the confidence of the youngsters but that is a two-way street. Keep them out of the first team for too long also breaks their confidence.

          We all know there are many great and excellent players who played important roles for their teams well before their 20th birthday.

          And if we do loan out players lets retain the right to bring them back at any time. How we could have done with Chambers these past months.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Things are changing and Break on through, nice exchange can I ask you the following questions?

            1. I agree with you regarding the young talent at our club.
            Wouldn’t you agree that the unameless one has already laid the foundation for a more competitive tomorrow and UE is benefitting from it?

            2. I agree again regarding Nelson, who do you think made that decision?
            Certainly not the unameless one was it?

            2. I believe that Chambers should have been brought back, who do you think made that decision and why couldn’t the club afford the money to release him?
            Certainly not the unameless one was it??

            3. I believe that the unameless one was paid handsomely, who do you think made that decision and why did that person think he was worth it?
            Certainly not the unameless one himself was it?

            4. Mislintat and Raul were employed eighteen months ago and UE ten months ago, were they involved in any way with 1, 2 and 3?

            Don’t worry about subtifuge, it’s not needed when discussing you know who?

      2. Boluwatife says:

        Can we really say we have a good youth system? Who, in recent time, has really reached a great height for our team or any other team from our academy? The under 23 team was on a four game losing streak and ended that with a draw. That doesn’t look promising honestly.
        I watched the highlights of our under 23’s game against Brighton and that defense looks just as laughable as the senior team. Is there any defense coach in Arsenal at all?

  6. Xxnofx says:

    I didn’t expect much but really ,the club needs to show some fcking ambition,it’s getting beyond a joke .
    Im not sure if the owner thinks this group of players is good enough to challenge for cups or titles ,or he just dosent give a darn.
    Can’t really blame emery as he’s come out and told the fans how it is but what I would expect from him would be to leave the club in the summer if they don’t back him else it’s going to show he was just bought in just to keep us around the top without having to spend money .i hope that isn’t the case and he wants to win something because this club is getting left behind and there will be along climb back to the top

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Even if we had lots of money to spend (which we don’t), January can be very tricky to sign anyone. Clubs are halfway through their season’s, so it can cause major disruption, unless the selling club can find a replacement. A bit like what happened with the Auba, Giroud, Bats, merry-go-round last year.

  8. gotanidea says:

    Well, Kroenke surprised us with Aubameyang in January last year, hence this poor club act might just be a camouflage to the surprise of this transfer window

    Having said that, Arsenal also bought Lucas Perez as a panic buy in January, therefore there could be another panic buy

    1. Uchman says:

      Lucas Perez wasn’t a panick buy in January and moreover Wenger have to sell walcott. (20m pounds),giroud (18m) pounds and coquelin (14m) pounds to fund the aubumeyang deal, that is how smart Wenger have bn over the years!

    2. Midkemma says:

      It was the summer window that Arsenal got Perez and that was after Wenger pushed and pushed for Laca, we could have gotten Laca for £35 million I believe, I may be wrong on the figure.

      Kinda the same thing happened with Mustafi, Wenger was after a CB and according to reports, Arsenal had agreed Mustafi multiple weeks ahead of actually signing him, it looks like Arsenal was after other CB targets and failed in them all, reverting back to Mustafi in the end.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        yes its around 35m….

        we could have gotten him earlier for a cheaper price….

        seems that the board wouldnt sanction the deal….

        Perez was brought in because wenger wanted a striker desperately and that was within the budget….same season Vardy rejected us …

  9. adrian says:

    In this new self sufficient financial era under ‘silent stan’ the team will have to make do and mend. It seems that the club will be happy with another year of Europa league soccer next season. Its time to show a bit of patience with Unai in charge. Happy new year to all arsenal fans.

  10. Th14 says:

    Let’s hope for an injury to one or two of Juventus midfielders, that way they’ll need Ramsey this winter and we can bargain for Benatia coz we desperately need defensive reinforcement.

  11. This is the way Arsenal has always conducted their business in the January transfer window. January is for buying youngsters like Bielik, Asano and Miyaichi and occassionally loaning players like Yossi Benayoun and Kim Kallstrom. Aubameyang’s transfer was out of the ordinary and it may have raised hopes that trends were changing but for as long as I can remember January was never fancied by the club for doing big business. I had not expected any big signing so personally am not disappointed.

    1. patH says:

      You are quite right. We might not get any new players at all. Players available in this window usually are those,in my opinion, who are not required by their clubs and are short of playing time, and those that want more money and see the ELP as ELdarado. In both cases its no good them looking at ARSENAL. We don’t have the money. I not saying that some of these players are not good players. But good players wanting playing time and seeing QZIL and Laca frequently on the bench would probably think twice about joining us anyway.

  12. ForeverGooner says:

    Feel sorry for Burton Albion
    Reminds me of our 8-2 destruction by United

    1. jon fox says:

      Who cares about that 9-0 result on here! Provided City beat either Chelsea or Spuds in the final.

  13. Goona says:

    So Emery was brought to just sign 3 players and that’s it?

  14. Tom says:

    On average we spent around £100m per season for the last 4 or so years but equally apart from forced sales of Ox and Sanchez we haven’t really sold any players. All in all this leaves us with a huge wage bill and a real difficulty selling players who are earning well.

    Ospina will be sold, welbeck and Ramsay are off and we will see if mhkit will be sold (some whispers) and anyone else like Cech, mustafi, Eleny…

    Loan signings is a sign of temporary wage increase but it looks like we must sell to buy.

    I said, along with many others on here we won’t be making any signings this window.

    Chelsea are a striker or two off being where sari wants them, the rest look okay. We need major surgery.

    It will be difficult but possible we will sign in the summer window…otherwise there will be an uproar!!!!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Over the last 5 years Arsenal have net spent about £250 million, this is a net spend of about £50 million per season…

      From what I can see, Arsenal have spent about £350 million over the last 5 years and recouped about £100 million.

      How did you get the £100 million per season spending over the last 4 years?

      1. Tom says:

        17/18 £137m
        16/17 £96m
        15/16 £23m
        14/15 £107m

        Approx £91m per season.

        It’s what I expect arsenal to be spending. Even pre-silent Stan era we spent frugally against others spending.

        But my point is a focus on wages. Ours is currently approx £199m. Some £30m off City but £10m odd off Liverpool.

        What does this tell me? We can’t afford to increase our wage because we don’t have CL revenue but with it, we can be a squad who can compete with the right adjustments.

        Easier said then done. Hard decisions lay ahead…

  15. Gily says:

    I don’t believe all the cock and bull story about Arsenal not having money to purchase players.
    When Wenger was around, he was blamed for everything going wrong in the club when it comes to buying players (even as he’s still now taking blames from fans). But the board maintained that that there was money. Now that Wenger is gone and suddenly there isn’t any money again. Perhaps Wenger also went with all the money too.
    What I do know is that it is only the board and Emery know what they are smoking there.

    1. Mobella says:

      Wenger went with all the money??????????. You crack me up there.

      1. Gily says:

        Mobella, I was only being sarcastic. It is a common knowledge here that a lot of people remember Wenger only when things are going negative. So maybe he is responsible for our leaking pocket too.
        When Emery lost the first two matches of the season, it was Wenger’s fault. Then he went on unbeaten run, and Wenger was not mentioned again. What we were hearing was “Emery ball and the believe spirit.” Suddenly the run ended and Wenger blame game was again resurrected, and has continued. I am not saying that Emery is not a good coach. All I am saying is that Wenger was/is not a bad one either and should not be made the scapegoat for the faults of the Board simply because he was a principled mature man who would not wash the dirty linen of his employers outside for any reason.

        1. Mobella says:

          I know man. If that can actually happen so man fans here will not let our ears have peace. They will constantly telling us how he is responsible for our current financial issues and call the man all sort of names. Midkemma is vindicated at last. He’s incessantly telling us here Wenger isn’t responsible for our penny pinching but nobody listen.

  16. Lol! Has anyone seen AFTV’s Robbie preview of the West Ham game with Mia Khalifa?

    1. Sue says:

      Are we going to lose him to the porn industry? ??

      1. Seems so! Don Robbie is looking to branch out ?

  17. Counsel says:

    I thought it was wenger who was penny pinching and Emery would splash the cash.Same old arsenal deluded fans.If we are serious I expect kreonke out placards at westham game or a strong message to spend Europa league is not our league

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Well the club is spending what it earns…like a corporate entity

      unless the the fans want the club to be run like City or PSG…then fans should start protesting

  18. dammy says:

    it’s only in matter of years that the so called fans who wanted Wenger out will eat their words…. although I also wanted him out but it wasn’t for footballing reasons but for the fact that he has lost his respect over the years by trying to cover up for the unambitious club and would take all the blames when it came to transfers and club policy…Emery has just spent 6 months and he won’t take any stick for any board as he came out outrightly to open the eyes of the fans by saying we can’t buy players and that we can only loan….Wenger would never say such…. the most he said was that we can’t compete with the big clubs…he wouldn’t spit it all out like that and would take the blame for the board…. that’s the extent of the love he has for the club ..we all know he is an arsenal fan…Emery isn’t… he is a machinery and am not blaming him for his quote…. he his only saying it the way it is so that when results don’t come …. no one would blame him….. I think in years to come we will all appreciate the work wenger did taking us to the top and setting records even the moneys of the Chelseas and citys if this world still could not match… which is the golden trophy… he gives us something to brag about even if we don’t win the champions league…. which coaches like pep and Mourinho actually bought with heavy spendings….Wenger met us as a mid table club who just huff and puff…. and turn us to a team to reckon with … he increased our revenue through results on the pitch of play and prudent spendings…. he led us to the new stadium which we paid the money for it before time… some would even say that the bank needed assurance that Wenger would not leave the club before they could give us money to build the stadium…. although I don’t really believe that…. critically he turned is into a big club….he surely left the club in much more better condition than he met it with not much spendings….it’s Emery turn to let us know if he was a failure people on here think he was because if Wenger met us as a mid table club and turn us into a title winning team Emery should be able to carry on from there to winning the cups and league and also champions league…I mean it should just be logical if he is the so called Messiah….. I don’t want to hear the excuse fans make of lack of spending coz nobody reckoned with Wenger as to that…..in context….I wish I could think that way but I can’t coz Emery shouldn’t take the sticks because the fans over expected from the former manager and frustrations shouldn’t be carried out on the new manager….let’s just support him like we should have done under Wenger in this difficult time and go against our owner …coz that’s the root of our problems…. empty stadium on match day and placards reading kroanke out will do it….that being said .. I have a bad news….am a Nigerian fan and am not glad to say that I foresee a mid table status for arsenal football club in the next five years….say you heard it from me first….lol…. am no prophet of doom…but when you look at the ambition of the likes of everton and Westham coming behind us and with we not investing…. it is only logical for them to catch up with us and we eventually switch places…. that’s the bad news….pardon me for the long text….I usually don’t comment but watch…

    1. ken1945 says:

      dammy, WOW!!!
      Realism at last, a brilliant comment.
      PLEASE continue to post, your club needs you !!!

      1. dammy says:

        thanks Ken

        1. ozziegunner says:

          dammy and Ken, I have also said on many occassions that my principal gripe with Arsene Wenger was that he acted as an apologist and front man for the Arsenal board and owner. If someone as respected as Arsene Wenger had stood up and said, I am not being supported and thus I cannot continue as manager, this would have been brought to a head some years ago.
          Unai Emery will not waste his career at this Club; if he doesn’t get the support of the board and owner in the transfer market he will walk. What good competent manager would then be prepared to take his place?

  19. Mobella says:

    I agree with everything you posted except you calling Arsenal a mid table club. A team with 10 league trophies is no mid table team. Aside that that was a good post.

  20. dammy says:

    maybe that wasn’t the way I wanted to put it… what I meant was very arsenal wasn’t doing well and was mid table when he took the job

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