Oh wow, what a surprise, Arsenal got hammered – Where are the changes we were promised?

Oh wow, what a surprise, we got hammered. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow Arsenal people! Do I need to remind you of the result? One team played a game in midweek, a champions league game, and another had time to rest and guess which one looked tired and out of ideas? Arsenal of course.

I predicted this although I really thought it wouldn’t be that bad, but Wenger never fails to disappoint and destroy any kind of possible optimism. See I’m not the negative one, I’m just not blind, that’s all. Now I haven’t managed a single PL game, but I kinda feel Bellerin is struggling on the left, the Ox looks like he is caring more about his career at Chelsea and even Alexis cannot change something.

You know why? Because he slipped Welbeck 1:1 with the keeper and Danny did what was expected, he flopped it. We bought a 50 million pound striker and we put him on the bench. Would have Lacazette taken this chance in your opinion?

Moving on though, Granit Xhaka, a player supposed to replace Cazorla, made another mistake in midfield, and I said to myself this will be a goal – and it was. And I knew it because it happened against Leicester and against Stoke. Third time the same mistake, third time the same output. Why can’t we play Elneny? What has the guy done wrong so he is benched so much?

What can Sead Kolasinac do to start a game in front of a player out of form out of position in the name of Bellerin? I’m sorry, but the manager has to take responsibility. United beat us 8-2 and we were excusing ourselves with playing the kids. What now? We had better options, we decided not to play them.

What did Ozil do? I hope he goes really, because he is just a dead player on the field and unless you are a fanboy of his you have to accept reality and he has to go. We might as well sell Alexis and Ozil and Ox. We can’t compete for the top 4, we might as well play some youngsters and start thinking about cashing in some money we can give to a new manager next summer to prepare for something.

Arsene is dead in the waters. He’s Jamie Lannister with his armor charging Drakkeris and tripping with his armour in the water with no Bronn to save him. He is sinking into the bottom of his own world incapable of realizing the catastrophic damage he is doing to us. I no longer care if we lose 1:0 or 4:0, because simple and obvious problems just refuse to be addressed. Crystal Palace managed to defend to only a 1:0 loss there. Make your own conclusions.

Arsenal is Arsene’s plaything. He will put the players he likes because it’s his club through and through. How the Board managed to kneel to this and give him a contract is beyond me. How we dismissed the director of football is also something that seems ever so questionable, but in truth what can we do from now on?

We can either hope Wenger has health issues that force him to leave or the fans can unite and this time not forgive. The FA cup win was nice, but it hides the real problem and it’s so obvious. I mean if you think Arsene should stay, I’m sorry you are as much the problem as he is.

I wish the players forced him out. I wish they did a Chelsea on Mourinho kind of thing, but Arsenal is full of average overpaid players who will happily support him knowing they won’t get the sort of money they have here under a decent manager. More food for thought on why we should’ve gotten a director of football.

What can we do? Either we pray for a miracle which will not happen or we go out and we voice a #WengerOut campaign that doesn’t end the moment we win a lucky game. This has to be a constant thing until it happens. The entire Emirates must unite and show we don’t want an old out-of-favour grandpa running this club.

This won’t happen as fans in England lack the willpower to do it and if someone is offended by this post I couldn’t care less the same way the god of this football club Arsene doesn’t care about how I feel – and what I have to endure when my mates start messaging me. We were promised change and we’ve changed for the worse.

The time for a new manager is here. It’s been here for a good few years. Ten to be exact. This is something some have foreseen for a long time, but now the reality has hit us in the face like a full speed train and we have to start fresh. It’s the fans turn. If you don’t voice your disgust with the situation, be prepared to live it for 2 more years and more after that!


Updated: August 28, 2017 — 9:18 am


  1. I'm tired of this mess

    “…What now? We had better options, we decided not to play them…”

    I’m sorry mate. It’s not WE. Its “you know who” that decided not to play them.
    WE wouldn’t be that crazy.


    2. That’s why it is pointless in thinking Draxler or Lemar or Seri will save us under this regime. You could go out and buy Lacazette and it would still not make a difference, particularly if you bench him in the 3rd game of the season. Oh wait, we did buy Lacazette and we did bench them.

      As long as Wenger is in charge what players we buy will make little to no difference. The team will continue to run around confused and disorganized and he will pick the wrong players for the wrong positions. Kolasinac, already a fan favorite and natural left back was benched for bellerin a natural right back. Decisions like that create a negative vibe in the squad in no time at all. Whilst had we played Kolasinac and had he made a mistake we would have all forgiven him because he brings a feel good factor and hope.

      1. On point as the article itself. Wenger must be out.

    3. Jamie charged Drogon…. there is no dragon named drakkaris… that’s the command for the dragons to breathe fire…. you have a lot to learn about soccer konstantin….

    4. analyse…
      who where a better bad in last game..
      OX, Xhaka, monreal, bellerin
      OX- he want a more central role
      never found in him the skills to thrive through the congested arsenal’s midfield, apart from some glimpses in former years of his career, so he is a GO.
      Xhaka- can’t keep the ball, can’t give a good pass.
      he should be kept out & given ball holding drill with Kolasinac.
      monreal- play him when we do a back four.
      bellerin- should be taught to be ruthless on ball fights.

  2. even if we get hammered 10-0 wenger still has a job for life and kroenke will still not sell the fat cow making him millions.

    1. That’s the scary truth. The board will not sack the manager because he just have too much over the club.

      1. Yes, but results will affect the value of the club and cash flow quickly. Missing out on the CL will “cost” 25 million or so, that’s real cash. Start missing it every year or worse and it will effect Kroenke.

        With the loss of CL football and status, over time TV revenue must go down as well since fewer games will be broadcast.

        Kroenke will have to wake up to a loss in value and cash flow sooner or later. Not sure Wenger would survive a 7th place finish in the PL.

        How would Kroenke respond to Ozil and Sanchez leaving for free next season and no CL football to show for that gamble?

        1. Respond to who, the fans? Kroenke doesn’t give a flying eff what you guys think!

  3. Let’s nip this rumor in the bud right now. Brendon Rodgers as out next manager?? Noooooooo!!

    1. I would rather have no one than continue with that moron in charge.
      Anything is better than playing players out of position, having no tactical understanding of the game and the complete and total inability to motivate anyone.
      Everything about Arsenal is rubbish and anything would be an improvement over Wenger.
      I would take anyone in charge..

    2. You thumbs down telling me you take Brendon? Think you have Wenger disease, you like others castoffs. Plus name me a successful British manager in the EPL?. One that won the league? Are there any in either if the two euro competitions? No? You thumbs down must be akb’s in which case I know you know jack

  4. Why we should we hope he has health issues so he leaves?It’s not the best thing to do.Death is real and no one knows when he or she is going.His tenure will surely come to an end.
    Our formation needs to be changed to 4-2-3-1.With our current lineup we have to play:
    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Kolasinac
    Coquelin Ramsey/Wilshere
    Ox/Welbeck Ozil Sanchez
    This way everyone would have been playing in the right set up and we’d have truly known how to judge them.In 3-4-2-1 we are playing a host of players out of formation.Bellerin is not a RWB he’s a RB.RWB and RB are completely different roles.Oxlade Chamberlain is not a WB he’s a winger.Monreal and Kolasinac are not CB’s nor LWB’s.They are LB’s.Xhaka is just another CM like Ramsey.They both can’t defend but I’ll rather take Ramsey because to me Xhaka’s worse.Ozil is not a RW but looks so in our new formation.Put everyone in their places so you can have a better assessment and judgement of how they’re playing.You just don’t put players anywhere to suit the system.

  5. I said yesterday on here. Empty seats are better the Wenger out banners. That’s what you should be telling the fans of this once great club.

    Good day to you all

  6. Your post is spot on!!!!

  7. The earlier Wenger leaves our club the best for our mental health, Wenger is making a lot of us angry, let’s asked ourselves which decent player will join this sinking boat?

  8. Let’s engage the power of social media to get Wenger out

  9. I cry for Arsenal. Oh what my dear Arsenal has been reduced to – a laughing stock? …don’t even have tears to shed any longer.

  10. Wenger doesn’t have it in him to make drastic changes, other wise we wouldn’t be in such dissaray again with only 4 days left of the transfer window. The only changes he likes to make is to keep playing players out of there natural positions and we all know how that ends up. I for one would never wish I’ll on anyone, I only wish the board would grow a set and do the nessacery. Wenger is not the way forward. I’d rather be in this position with a new manager then maybe we could see some change, a fresher approach, new ideas and players playing in position.

  11. Hoping that someone has health issues? I want the guy out, but that’s just disgraceful. Even when I agree with you, you still manage to come off as a complete c**t.

  12. I think arsene wenger has run out of ideas…. He’s a stubborn old man and a shameless man. He’s truly a specialist in failure.. I think the best thing is the fans should not go and watch one arsenal game or two then the board will take the matter serious.

  13. The changes we expected is what we are experiencing here in Nigeria by the APC government….for how many years are we going to hear the same promise over and over again and nothing happens….the board is not the problem but Wenger is the problem, he(Wenger)threatened to resign some years back if usmanov takes over the club,so that he can continued with is endless ambition with no positive result…..where the board is at fault is that they should have sacked him and should not have been part of Wenger blurred vision…and should be more interested in the happiness of the fans not the profit alone

    1. This is not a football club about the fans anymore. If one has been watching closely by the clubs actions in every corner, fans sentiments are only secondary and brushed aside with ease, Wenger in particular have belittled the fans more than once.

      1. Yes that’s the truth of the matter

  14. Please sell all the players that don’t want to play for Arsenal. Sanchez , 0zil, Ox, Bellerin, Mustafi. Get the money in. Please Replace Xhaka he is too slow and a liability. Ramsey is AWOL. Did we not learn in another match where he was responsible for two goal against. And what does it say when we buy two players and sit them on the bench. Wenger Fix or get out.

  15. Sanchez and Ozil are excellent, but if they want to go, let them. The OX, a high energy player who cannot pass accurately for 90 minutes – let him go as well. AW made a huge mistake when he gave Walcott a huge contract years ago … what message did that send out!!! If we had bought Ferdinand, years back, Cahill, Stones or some similar tough defenders with midfielders to match we could have been brilliant, but AW let it all go to pot. Even our once best in the world goalie was only hired on a free … and so it goes on. And yes, I gave up a season ticket 3 years ago for this has been coming like a train down the tracks…

  16. Wenger out !!!! a piece of sh*t…… since last season he doesnt know that the problem he had was his defense….Arsenal was score more than other top four clubs…….
    pls get us a new Manager

  17. In Greek Mythology those who suffer from hubris suffer a bad demise. Wenger is finished. He cannot claw himself back again. The supporters are too wounded. His only chance is to either buy top players out of respect for the supporters or resign for the sake of the supporters. He has previously said he does not like the supporters so maybe his hubris will destroy him

  18. arsenal cannot be better under Wenger see the numbers of quality and creative players in market an
    d he as only bring one in on fee and the other one was free I believe he is not the right man for the job

  19. There are several problems that Arsenal now face aside from the squad issues and tactical incompetence of the manager.
    1. If Wenger leaves now no club will entertain the possibility of their manager leaving them to join us.
    2. There is no chance that we can bring in top players- firstly because they will want champions league football and secondly because everyone now knows we are a club in crisis.
    3. We have a board of directors who are involved with Arsenal simply to make money – they do not care about trophies or playing well. Bottom line profits are all that matters to them.
    4. Wenger is on a two year contract and will never quit regardless of how bad it will get – we have a tough game against Bournemouth at home then we are away to Chelsea the week after so I don’t imagine things will improve that much..
    So it looks like we have him for at least another two years – my guess is that next summer they will offer him another contract and this will continue…

    1. 1. There are many great coaches currently out of contract. Besides, many currently contracted coaches will accept the Arsenal manager job without needing to think about it. Thierry Henry? Luis Enrique?

      2. The only position I see urgent need for buying is in midfield. Many good ball-playing midfielders are there for the taking. Many! Seri is just a very obvious one because he’s in the sport pages, there many others who will jump on an offer once they are called.

      3. Money making ambition for a football club isn’t anything wrong. Others have the same ambition, only that they know how to make their billions while making their fans happy. In fact, the richest clubs are those that actually win titles: Madrid, Barça, ManU, Bayern,…? That’s why they hired a manager and pay him top salary: wenger is among the top 6 highest paid coaches in the world. In the world!

      4. Well, he can’t be here forever, his days are certainly numbered.

  20. Whole edifice stinks from top to bottom. Like how a fish often rots from the head downwards.

    – Owner and board being happy with a tactically lazy manager who hardly EVER adapts his team to specific opposition (a special type of arrogant laziness…) or gives out specific man-for-man tasks against difficult opposition. He doesn’t have to. He’s got a job for life.

    – Players who look like they just don’t care, are physically timid, and under-managed. They don’t need to care; Wenger’s ideals on loyalty and trust keep them in the first eleven, while new signings who haven’t sunk into the same gutter yet are kept on the bench.

    – Players on the books who we likely couldn’t even give away, due to the wages they’re accustomed to receiving. Parasites, every bit as bad as the likes of Benito Carbone at Bradford City back in the early 2000s.

    – No urgency.

    – Too many “technicians” and not enough players working hard to make themselves available to receive passes in good areas.

    – No apparent coaching. What do Arsenal’s defensive coaches actually do?

    On the pitch, it’s a case of Wenger expecting weak-minded players to do what the leaders he inherited and brought in during the early days to do — to organise themselves on the pitch and put in a shift.

    We can talk tactics and personnel, but the basic tenets of sport are effort, then flair and quality after that. In the Real Madrid-Valencia match, Luka Modric busted a gut to get back and put in a sliding challenge out wide when Valencia broke on Real. The guy can sprint.

    Apparently, our players are so much better than the likes of world-class playermaker Modric that they don’t need to do this. They don’t care enough because they don’t have to. They’ve got Wenger’s loyalty to them as individuals to fall back on, with Wenger expecting the same in return, then defending them (and unwittingly ridiculing himself) when he doesn’t get it.

    Wenger is free to wait for that “loyalty to club and cause”, because of a job for life which stems from the board and owner. Couple that with Wenger’s own under-management of players and tactical laziness/disrespect to opposition, and you have yesterday at Anfield, the 6-0 at Chelsea, the 5-1 at Anfield a few years ago, the 6-3 at Man City, the destruction TWICE by Bayern (who claimed we were easy to play against), the weak-willed defeats against anyone well organised like Watford or West Brom, etc.

    The list goes on and on now. I’ve probably forgotten loads!

    The whole club is unambitious and in disarray. There isn’t anyone who comes out of it looking good.

    1. Wenger in the last 12 years has not adapted to the changes happening in modern day football. He has been left behind as a manager

  21. Humiliation, embarrassment, mental abuse, fatigue all this is what weegor is handing out to the supporters. robbery and abuse comes to mind as well. weegor please for the sake of humanity GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  22. arsenal_eplchampions_2017-2018

    Things can change quickly in the league.
    United 9
    City 7 Liverpool 7
    Chelsea 6
    Spurs 4 Everton 4.
    Arsenal 3
    Next round of matches
    City v Liverpool. Home win
    Everton v Spurs . Home win.
    Arsenal v Bournmouth. Home win
    Stoke v United. Draw.
    Leicester v Chelsea. Draw.
    United 10 City 10
    Liverpool 7 Chelsea 7 Everton 7
    Arsenal 6
    Spurs 4

    1. I agree that things can change quickly in the PL.

      However, one constant is Wenger. He won’t change. He’s 68 of age. Imagine your grandfather who’s never used a PC. What are the chances of the old gaffer start learning new tricks at old age?

      Therefore Arsenal won’trogress with Arsene.

    2. Cmon stop this…you have already started dreaming of topping the league barely 24hrs after being humiliated…we all know how it will end!

  23. Arsenal London has Arsene Wenger and Germany has Angela Merkel – Thank You Illuminati!!!

  24. I have not felt this bad since 1972 with Arsenal, i just feel that we are drooping out of that elite group of European clubs, no decent players wants to join Arsenal and average Arsenal players don,t even want to be in the team ( average= OX) , and we must be losing future millions of new supporters around the world for our future income,

    i don’t know what to say about OX but i was so so disappointed it look like he gave his new team’s a helping hand in our defeat yesterday, lets not forget at the end of the season teams are one or two points short of being in the CL spot and Liverpool and Chelsea are our competition for that 4th and above spot, again not saying he did it on purpose but for shore he couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger yesterday, and for the rest i blame wanger for his team selection and as always playing half the team out of position, i have only one thing to say to him GO

    I don’t know what must be going through Lacazette mind if i was him i would get the first euro star train out of London,

    at this late in the transfer window where the whole world knows we are desperate we have to pay double to be able to sign a decent player or as usual bargain price injury prone player

    our only chance of being in the CL next season is to buy decent players and hope we can do a Man-U win UEFA cup, i don’t see us being anywhere near the top four the way we are going

    and Stan why don’t you and your son just go back where you come from or buy a company which is not in competitive sport because your just don’t have a clue

  25. It’s the same in year in year out. If this kept happening at any other club Arsene would have been sacked years ago! I honestly don’t know who will take over from him but we need change.. I just don’t want Brenda ?

  26. ibrahim danlami aliyu

    Empty Seats for the next four to five home games will do the magic. That old fool must go.

  27. Told you boys from before. #wengerout. Let’s start this #WENGEROUT #kreonkeout

  28. I have been an Arsenal supporter for over 44 years. My wife says it’s only a game, but Arsenal is in my blood. I cannot bare to see this great club with all it’s tradition slowly crumble. Something must be done! If Arsene really does love this club, then he must accept responsibility for this shambles, we have been papering over the cracks for far to long. If players don’t want to wear the shirt then sell them, it is no good keeping players that don’t want to play for us (This was made abundantly clear yesterday) The club needs to make a big statement in the transfer market before Thursday. Is it too late, I hope not.

  29. Opting for Monreal and Holding to do the job against flying wingers Salah and Mane is the first problem. Not trying to dominate the midfield with a proper DM is second.


      Lets just go back to back four that way we can at least count on Belerin on the right who at the moment looks like a fish out of water and Monreal isn’t so bad when we play back four, and if we don,t sign anyone put Sead Kolasinac as a DM and make him stay there and wrestle if he has to to stop anyone going past through the middle

  30. Arsenal are done. The season is already over.

    The best thing for the club and fans are,
    1. Sack Wenger
    2. Sell Sanchez, Ox, Özil, Mustafi, Perez. They don’t want to be here.
    3. Sell Welbeck, Debuchy, Walcott, Gibbs, Xhaka. They aren’t good enough.
    4. Buy a world class centre back, 2 defensive midfielders, attacking midfield and 2 wingers with possibly more.
    5. A NEW OWNER. Kroenke is the main problem. He funds the transfers. He re-signed Wenger. The fans need to protest him out.

  31. We are set for at least 2 more years of misery. Kroenke has the majority of the shares so he is the boss and he won’t let go of Wenger.

    Wenger equals steady profits. In fact, I won’t be surprised if the £46 million spent on Lacazette will be wiped out by a few sales. Wenger already made £20 million from selling Gabriel and Szczesny. That’s why Kroenke LOVES Wenger. It’s all about money.In return Kroenke and board pay Wenger £9 million per year.

    Wenger only cares about making the top 4 and making money. Both Wenger and Kroenke have no ambition

    Both Wenger AND Kroenke need to GO ASAP.

    1. wengers 2 years contract does not guarantee he will fulfil it – im thinking he would recoup 2years compensation pay if its found “untenable” to proceed with him as arsenal manager. i don’t see he’s about to be sacked despite being uncomfortably close to a relegation position. im not sure they’ve an idea how to encourage wenger to step aside so as another can assume the position.

      ego would prevent him agreeing to the likes of benitez, koeman or ancelotti taking his place. these may not wish to work with him hovering around and overseeing how they wish to do things. that’s why im suggesting that with the endorsement of Eddie Howe we could institute somebody who it seems is clearly going to be a high profile manager be that with us – or with some other prem side.

      *..if wenger fails to see the merit to be had by ushering in a new youthful management era he will suffer the indignity of vented humiliation (by fans) and worse “his legacy” will be one of infamy.

  32. liverpool have made a bid for lemar and monaco are considering…favourite to sign renato sanches on loan all according to skysport……………can u tell me what wenger is doing at arsenal ……he shuld be bundled out by kolasinac

  33. Xhaka made his first tackle. This is a new positive in our game.

  34. You are right Arsenal girl, they want make money. It’s like a supermarket: The bosses makes cash and we become bad food.

  35. Mustafi going to Inter, Gabriel sold to Valencia & Van Dijk hands in transfer request. We can now expect it to happen;
    Welcome to CB, Elneny

  36. It’s time for arsenal to start preparing for the future and that begins with ivan admitting that offering wenger a 2 year contract was a mistake and terminating it with immediate effect.

    Start by getting some1 in who hasn’t been as successful and is DESPERATE to prove himself…maybe tuchel.

    Player recruitment should follow the same plan… get players who would bite at the opportunity to play for a “big” club as arsenal and not privileged a**holes like ozil or cech who are here just for a relaxing job. I would be pi**ed if we are after the likes of draxler who is in the same mould as the unmotivated spineless bunch that we have currently.

    Throw out all the contract rebels including sanchez… No one is bigger than the club. His unwillingness to play for arsenal was clear after yesterday. It shouldn’t matter if we have to sell sanchez to city or ox (snake) to chelsea/liverpool, because honestly we are not competing with these clubs at the moment and we probably won’t be for a few seasons. This way we atleast get some money for potentially 150 mil worth of talent who will most likely walk away for nothing next summer… all these players have been performing like 2mil players anyways…so what’s the point of keeping them?

    Start holding players accountable for their form!!! Players like ozil, bellerin, kosc, ramsey have been underperforming for a while now and are still named in every starting lineup! Xhaka has been making mistake after mistake and is showing no sign of changing. Drop him to the bench for f*** sake! AND START selecting players who want to play for the club! Play u23 players if u have to… but we have to show some pride and tell the players that their disgusting attitude and lack of effort would not be tolerated!

  37. Gunnersaurus would have done a better job than Wenger.prior to the game , I predicted that if Wenger adopts the back three formation Liverpool would run us over, that was exactly what happened. For crying out loud how could he have adopted that formation when playing a high pressing side like Liverpool. That is the typical kloop style that transformed Dortmund.Technically vwenger has nothing to offer Arsenal any longer.

  38. Draxler is not a lazy player – He is burning! He sad in Interview: i want make me a name!
    He is very confident and have no fear for Neymar.

    1. i remember xhaka saying “if someone is not working for the team then we have a problem”

      Actions speak louder than words

  39. A article bashing Arsene Wenger, Where is Midkemma and JJPawn? Guys u r needed here to defend Wenger

  40. Enough already, Konstantin. Every time we lose, you come out and say that you predicted it. When we win, you’re nowhere to be found. You’re nothing but a pathetic hypocrite. However… for once I agree with you, and I think Wenger has lost it. When I saw yesterday’s lineup I knew we’re gonna get our arses whooped. Playing Sanchez who was out of form instead of Lacazette, and Bellerin out of position again was a recipe for disaster to begin with. Xhaka/Ramsey combo in midfield clearly doesn’t work. Playing inexperienced Holding against a speedy team like Pool didn’t help either. Everything was set up for us to fail, and again, I agree, the blame in this case solely lies with the manager.

    1. You call him a hypocrite for saying he predicted the loss, and you go ahead to say you knew Arsenal would lose.

      You first slam him for being a critic, yet you end up agreeing with him.

      Nice one, I like it when people point the gun at themselves while trying to shoot at others!

  41. Liverpool about to slam us as our cheap game and offer made for Lemar. They just offered 66 M + 6 in bonus to Monaco . Our XXL offer in July was 46M. We speak in pounds here. and a XXL salary offer of 23 000/week, 92 000/month. With how look today, he will pick Liverpool…

    In term of next fixtures, it will just be same, i said it before Liverpool, they will slam us, some rated comment negatively. Let’s be realistic, beside bellerin and that new right back we got free and maybe Cech; this all team needs to go,..Liverpool replaces Courthno by lemar, winner move! Of course a new young coach bringing a new mentality. Not just there getting over!

  42. Airplanes will fly early this year. Wenger out banners will be back so early. Your best left back is in the bench and a out of form right back playing on left position. 53 million forward in the bench for an out of form winger to lead the attack. Either Wenger is insulting the entire fans or he’s showing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia related issues.

  43. Well I have had time to calm down after that appalling defeat. I now have a week or so to stew over the resent performance. Fine. I know now that most supporters have great knowledge of the game, you have the pundits on TV giving their view and the analysis after the game. I wonder if Mr Wenger reads the papers or blogs out there. I would have thought it would be good to get a different perspective of the game from people and fans who would see the problems on the pitch, at least he would a 360 degree view. I mean he is always saying that he could not see things. Anyway enough of that CAN he not play 3 1 3 3, and that 1 can not get involved in the attack and only defend , that is known as a holding midfielder. Well got work to do. There is always hope. I think.

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