O’Hara replies to pundit who reckons Maguire is better than White

Jamie O’Hara has asked Gabby Agbonlahor to stop drinking after he said Harry Maguire and Tyrone Mings are better than Ben White.

White has been the subject of criticism from the former Aston Villa man who is working as a pundit.

The former attacker has been very outspoken and even Jurgen Klopp responded to his criticism of teams and players.

Agbonlahor has consistently said Arsenal overpaid for White, and the defender is overrated.

The Gunners broke their transfer record for a defender to add him to their squad in the last campaign and he helped them to almost win a place in the top four again.

However, they eventually fell short, and he has been playing as a right-back this season.

White has played all Arsenal’s league games so far and done well, but Gareth Southgate did not name him in the latest England squad.

In response, Gabby tweeted that White is behind Maguire and Mings on the pecking order.

Former Tottenham man, O’Hara responded: 

“Enjoy your holiday bro put the whiskey down”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gabby is clearly not a fan of White and we shouldn’t expect him to ever say something positive about the defender.

But the Englishman will keep his place on the Arsenal team as long as he keeps performing well.

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  1. Neither Maguire or white are top class IMO ,massively overpayment on both players .
    I would imagine Maguire being picked for England is because he has rarely let Southgate down when he’s played and plays better in the white colours than he does in the red .
    Unfortunately for white he’s been played as a RB so why would Southgate call him up when he as plenty of able CB that have been playing their natural positions this season ,especially with the emergence of the 2 ex Chelsea boys ,one who won the seria a title last season and one who’s getting better and better playing under verira at palace

    1. Southgate seems to like more physical CB so Ben is somehow lightweight combered to the CB Southgate called to is squared if I am not wrong.And about Maguire it is quite a shock to see him in the squared yet he hasn’t played first team football this past six games but he has been a regular in England team and he his liked by Southgate because of his leadership

  2. Ignoring both these dimwits I want to say how open Spurs are at the back playing Leicester right now. At half time it is 2-2, a very open and watchable game.

    BUT BOTH DEFENCES are all over the place. If Leicester could handle crosses when defending, they would be two up but they can’t, as we know. We can though, so nothing to worry about when we play Spuds soon, IMO.


  3. Watching Tottenham vs Leicester and wondering why certain set of Arsenal fans keeps clamouring for the club to sign Tielemens. That guy crap and a very below average midfielder. Offers nothing to the team and a very lazy player. I can t a furtune that Elneny is way above Tielemens. From what am seeing in this match, signing Tielemens will amount to a waste of money and a decline in quality of signing

        1. In as much as I rate Elneny very high, I won’t down play Tielemans in anyways.

          This is a player who is tired of life in Leicester alongside other consistent performers like Wilfred Ndidi, Barnes, madison and even iheanaxho, it’s obvious the entire team is way down on confidence and lack of signings had sent a negative message to the squad.

          The belgian is a top class player….. temporally out of motivation and uninterested in any pep talk from Rogers.

          He wants out.

    1. Sir Felly, The problem you have but which I do not have, is that unlike me, you seem to have fallen for the false rumours that were constantly on JA about us being interested in Tielemans.

      I never believed them and said so often and I was proven right.

      IF you so easily fall for false rumours, then you end up having to write the post you have written. It would never have been necessary, had you had the normal, everyday level of wisdom needed, to see this silly rumour was always nonsense.

  4. @Jon Fox, if you understand English very well, you’ll agree with me that I never said nor believed that the Arsenal wanted Tielemans, rather, I said a set of Arsenal fans were clamouring for his signing. Can you comprehend the difference between the two or you can as well go back to the tread and read again. So, whether you have a problem believing Just ArsenalNews rumours should be your personal and egocentistical problem and not mine whatsoever. I only made a point which I can still maintain that, Tielemans is not a hard working midfielder, very slow and lazy. Elneny brings more to the table more than Tielemans

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