OK Arsenal are in big trouble so should we all just give up?

After Arsenal beat the Premier League leaders Leicester City almost three weeks ago it looked like the Gunners were firing again and the title was in our grasp once more but instead of pushing on from there the Arsenal fans have been hit with four disappointing results.

So it is incredibly hard for anyone concerned with the club to muster up much optimism or cheer at the moment. The Emirates crowd gave it a good shot last night but after another unlucky goal put us behind shortly after Arsene Wenger had replaced our best player Joel Campbell, the fans could not hide their anger and dismay.

So it is understandable that the fans have joined the football media in hammering Wenger and the team today and it is true that it looks like we have yet again blown the chance of a title again. So I hear people saying it is over but at the same time are we expecting the manager and the players to give up? Of course not.

We have a six point gap to the leaders and are just three points off second placed Tottenham. A win on Saturday, however unlikely that seems, would see us level on points with the spuds and everyone in the media has got their tongues firmly wedged up the rear ends of our local rivals.

There are 30 points still to play for Gooners. Are you really ready to give up?

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  1. OT: Is there any truth in Wenger wanting to sell the OX this summer because he hasn’t progressed as he was supposed to? I heard in an interview that Wenger put him up for sale…

    1. yeah right- after 10 years of dross from theo.
      he sells a younger more versatile version of theo instead

      no chance.

      1. Just a question. Just curious because I heard this from actual English fans who attend the games so I thought they would know more than what people like me who live across the world know. Since they have those closer contacts and all.

      2. Theo is useless in a team that cannot hold the ball or thread throughball passes.
        Play Ramsey in that pathetic formation against Spurs and expect to be slaughtered.
        Every position or players has been chopped and changed , the only constant is Ramsey.

      1. I feel you on that. Campbell’s substitution yesterday was a criminal act and changed the game for the worst.

      2. THIS!!!!! Getting rid of Wenger, as the old frog says himself “is going to be like a new signing”

  2. No one gives up
    the results is terrible but looking at the table is still not bad.
    lets go for it on spurs game a win and we are back to business

    1. totally back in business.
      i see us winning every game from now on, including at the camp nou.

      i saw enough vs swansea yesterday….

      anyone booked bus parade yet?
      my uncles got a large minivan……

      1. Ive got an old tricycle back in the garage! Totally back in business for the Wenger trophy!

  3. Let’s see, we’ve won 1 game out of the last 11.

    We know Giroud up top is not working, he hasn’t score in 10 games
    Campbell is the only player who’s playing his socks off and he’s subbed off?
    Ramsay will continue to play in a role that doesn’t suit him

    Unless massive changes are made to this line up, which WON’T happen now you can kiss this season good bye. We’re done, Arsene Wenger is done and he’ll be found out on Saturday at WHL.

    1. Ramsey in a role that doesn’t suit him? What does he play, B2B? What suits him? B2B was screamed all over when he played on the wings.

  4. Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  5. Give up what ???? we do not have anything to give up
    We came close our target we hit it a couple of times they are going to flow in no soccer player hits the cross bar will give up trust me the next are in for sure

  6. Each season, same excuses. We are the most protected club and yet wenger cant do a simple job. Compared to other manager who face immense criticism for one loss , wenger always escapes criticism. I am glad now some fans are coming to grips and admitting we are not that good.

    We are not contenders, we are pretenders .

  7. Sadly we don’t have much say. Team selection is going to be key along with player confidence. Alexis has said players mentality isn’t there (reported on the BBC). If you were JC would you think AW believes in you, I mean his comments about hooking him “looked tired” and “did alright” aren’t glowing and he didn’t trust him v ManU preferring Iwobi. Chambers should have had more playing time, along with Eleney. Ospina hasn’t looked like his awesome self of 2014/15. Sounds cruel, but we could do with AW getting that nasty chest infection that has kept a couple of managers away, and see if that helps in training and on match days.

  8. can’t believe the LeveL of Bias on this site

    Comments without personal insult or one against mediocrity gets deleted unwarranted…..cept one borne of empty optimism from Budd or NYG or the Likes gets spared…..admin must think “i’m superhuman….i’m god of Justarsenal”

    where is the equality?….Fans are rigt to vent their frustrations at Wenger and the players for what’s been going on for decades at arsenal…… Patience is a Luxury but how long can anyone afford that?…..12yrs and still counting….and we are expected to just relax watching everything fall apart?

    Come saturday, the number will increase (either cuz of how boring we gonna appear on the day, or the outcome of our performance)

    As for me, the Jolly ride under Wenger is OVer

    1. Do you know for a fact that arsenal will lose. If so tell me and I will go and put my life savings on it.

      1. AW’s continued support now picks on single games, single instances. People are talking about 10 seasons. Yes we might win the Spurs game, I really hope we will win the EPL. We could do the unthinkable and beat Barca at Camp Nou 3-0 with Giroud hitting another hat-trick, we might even beat Bayen in the Final 5-2. I still think AW should go at the end of the season because we haven’t built a club that can do that year in year out like Bayern and Barca have.

    2. Sopa I don’t know why I have to say this and I will not repeat it again.
      This is my site and you play by my rules. ANY whiff of personal insults will get deleted and I have deleted quite a few that were directed at you. Quite a lot actually. As well as any directed at anyone else. If you want to only have comments from people who agree with you then go and start your own website.
      Plus some people seem to think they can insult or swear at me personally. That will not be allowed and anyone who does it will have their account terminated. If you disagree with me then put your point over politely or go away.

  9. Arsene wenger abd arsenal s future hangs in the balance.
    Arsenal can very easily lose the next 5 games with 4 of them being by wude margins.This might prompt the fans to take action and stage a boycott to end wengers reign.
    .However looking again at those fixtures and the rest till the end of the season they are all winnable.
    The next ten league fixtures are very easily winnable by arsenal.
    And should arsenal progress in the fa cup by qualifying for the next round .
    And maybe do the most unthinkable of events by making an upset against barcelona hence making an upset.
    We might just forget about wenger shortcomings

  10. Some of us were never expecting much to give up on anything mate!..after 10+ yrs of similar blunders then this was alot much easier for me to predict…alot of average players like ramsey,walcott,giroud,flamini,welbeck,mert,gabriel e.t.c cannot win major trophies….with alot of mid-table clubs and even those at relegation zone spending more than us then the bad is about to get worse..

  11. iTS NOT ABOUT GIVING UP, the truth is Arsenal do not deserve to win the league. Let us compare to all the previous winners, we are crap. It will be a disgrace if these bunch of players and this manager are called the champions, it would be an insult to the 98 team, it would be an insult to invincible team. I didnt rate chelsea last year and thought in all those years this was the worst champions side but hey even they were dominating and acually showed more desire and passion.

    Let us not degrade the word “CHAMPIONS” by having this arsenal side win the league. I cannot stand their sight taking selfies after that. Hope we do leicester a favour this saturday by beating spurs, if not we can just shut up

  12. Its definitely a must win game but I am praying if we don’t win the game well then at least draw it and hope spu do not win this title. Its hard enough taking the loss of top silverware but to see those ******* succeed at the same time would give me heart trouble.

    We have already lost seven games, we should have been out of the race one or two months back. I don’t think I can take much more of this teasing.

  13. Looks like the team have so why can’t we?

    Or is it our fault they are throwing away their chance of the title. Pay me £140k a week and I will do everything in my power to make the title happen (puts shotgun, premier league manager address book and grenades in bag).

  14. How are these players not chomping at the bit now that top teams dropped off, we should be hungry as a starving dog, but no, somehow we are slowing games not getting in peoples faces and showing a lack of hunger desire and intensity. It annoys me when I don’t see it but it really bothers me when I don’t see it in a season like this one. Millionaire lifestyles for our sportsmen but not a man among them, or very few, and wheres the competitive nature one would expect from a sports person. I really really hope they can turn it round because I have been defending them for years believing that we were unlucky, hindered, biased against and financially restrained. Now I am starting to believe that we may have too many players without a backbone.

  15. We’ve got really good players, no doubt, but we lack team motivation which of course, wenger is clueless about. I’ll rate arsenal players exactly as bayern, real madrid(even if we don’t av a ronaldo), and d likes,. Check this out,
    Cech, Navas, Neuer, bravo, others, – Cech would b good as any,
    Bellerin, Carvajal, Lahm, Daniel Alves, others- at d moment, Bellerin is Hot
    Koscielny, boateng, Ramos, Pique – tell me u would ditch any for Koscielny? I doubt
    Gabriel, Mascherano, benart/benatia/javi martinez, varane, – u may b tempted to go for varane, but aside communication, Gab is as good as any.
    Monreal, Marcelo, Alaba, Alba, others,- well, mayb Alaba, but Monreal has been quite d bargain of all ds season n will suit in d class
    Coquelin, bosquets, kroos, Alonso, Pogba – coq may not b there yet but he’s a prospective world class
    RAMSEY, vidal, Rakitic, Modric/Isco, – even in d next world, ramsey won’t mk d sub… Carzola…. Oh… He’s injured, would v bin d best
    Ozil, thiago, james, iniesta, others- do we need to say its Ozil?
    Sanchez, Neymar, douglas Costa, Ronaldo- all of them are world class,
    Campbell, Messi, Robben, Bale, others, – Campbell has the potential to become great, he’s shown that a couple of times if not for… You know who
    Welbeck, Benzema, Suarez, Lewandowski, others – He’s good enough, maybe not just World class yet…
    Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Ancelotti, Luis Enrique, others, – WENGER SIMPLY IS CLUELESS

    My point is any coach would have done well with these players and since replaced deadwoods… But WENGER? I’ll advice we give up on him even if he luckily wins the title.
    I love our players, I love my club, but ds man? He’s got to take a break!!!

    1. I agree with you about Campnell, a few years ago I said about him being on the ballon d’or shortlist in a few years time. One chap on here got quite aggressive about that on this website. Hopefully, I may still be proved right.

  16. in none of my previous posts i ever named any particular player in our squad to be useless….nor that i asked to get rid of any of our players…nor singled players out as the reason for our defeats. I never asked for AW to be sacked. As far as i’m concerned, all of them “no matter how i personally think about” are Arsenal FC. I’m not going to change. No matter how sad i feel or disapointed. I know there is still hope. May be slim hope…but its only 6 points to licster…..3 to spurs. I know that licster deserve huge respect….they deserve the PL for their perfomances and spirit. But putting emotions aside, it has been proved that licster will have difficulties against lesser teams who play defensive football. It looks like they will drop points. So, if we focus on spurs match…no matter how slim our chances are, we could reduce the gap and then who knows….we may manage to get ourselves back to the form we had in the first half of the season. Hopes….yes…but at least the 3 points of spurs are there to be taken…..lets begin from there and then we see what we can do next….

    1. Good on ya 1395. Gotta admit I’m finding it hard to have any hope (probably for the first time I may add). The worst thing about yesterday is that after Swansea scored their second it felt like everyone, from the fans to the players, knew it was the winning goal. Just like Sunday, we never looked like getting back into it after scoring the second.

      This is a team shorn of any confidence and playing scared. This is Chelsea earlier on in the season. Wenger? The players? For me they are equally culpable.

  17. Since blackburn rovers won the PL in 94/95 the winner has been one of Arsenal, manc, manu or chelsea. With the other three having very poor seasons, Arsenal should now be way out in front. We have had a number of opportunities to get clear at the top but have bottled it every time. By not taking our opportunities we allowed leicester and spurs to get ahead of us so that by the time of the manu match we needed an exceptional run of form to win the PL as we had the hardest run in. The teams response has been to lose to an injury revaged manu and lose at home to swansea having gone ahead so swnsea could not just park the bus. Now we are in danger of losing the main management target of CL place.

    To answer the question, yes I have given up hope as this team can only occasionally put up the necessary grit, commitment and fight to win games, the normal response is to bottle it.

  18. If losing a champions league spot for five years would mean Satan K selling his shares, then yeah we should give up. In fact, we should have done it a few years ago. The giving up. But doesn’t matter, whenever is good.

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