OK Arsenal strikers ARE struggling but is BFG right to say it?

If it was the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil coming out and having a go at the Arsenal forwards then I could understand it. After all our assist king must feel as though he is banging his head against a brick wall. He should already have broken the Premier League assist record of the great Thierry Henry but unless Alexis Sanchez and co start shooting straight he might not get the three more he needs in the next eight games.

Ozil still leads the EPL assist table with 18 but compared to how far ahead he is with chances created and key passes he could have double that. Anyway, it was not Ozil who spoke about misfiring Gunners strikers after a host of chances came and went against Watford in the FA cup, it was Per Mertesacker.

In an Arsenal.com report the German centre back spoke about the need for the forwards to relax more when they get into goal scoring positions as the missing of these chances is really hurting Arsenal and has been doing for the last few months.

The BFG said, ““You have to give us credit because we kept going against Watford and created chance after chance. But at the moment we lack that killer instinct. We need to work on that if we want to be successful in the Premier League and the Champions League.

“We were not relaxed against Watford. Even in the box we played and always found good positions, with the man in the right position but we lacked that relaxation even to hit the target. We did not do that sometimes. We missed it too often.”

All well and good but how can Mertesacker criticise the forward players after his defensive lapse played a huge part in us going out of the cup and that mistake was not his first by any means. Don’t you think it is a bit much for him to be having a go after having a nightmare himself?

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  1. Ya, Mert is always right when he speaks but he should try talking about himself next time.

    On a seperate note, horrible defending against Watford. Where were the deep midfielders when the defense look shaky? I recall Ozil tracking back right to our corner to make an emergency but clean tackle. I sure hope Ozil can assist Bould teach our baby defenders on how to tackle a ball soon or Arsenal will end up as a Barca’s sundae.

    If any Arsenal insiders are reading this, please teach the players the value of our club so that they can play NOT FOR MONEY but with their hearts on their sleeves

    1. mert and theo need to shut up, talk less, and practice more. the first goal was totally because mert can at most jump 1 foot.

      gab was good when he first came, but he’s going downhill. all the players are super nervous bec wenger does not know how to manage their anxiety and get them in a positive frame of mind. thats why we always play better in CL 2nd leg & at the end of the PL season — when its a lost cause. that means we have ability, but wenger is not able to channel it or calm down the players before big games. and thats what the manager is there for.

  2. Arsene Wenger has done so much for this club, he has helped move the club forward financially and has increased the stability for years to come. I will be forever grateful for his contribution to this football club.

    With that being said, on the pitch our stability and consistency is a major concern, every season we hyped to be title contenders but eventually are exposed as title pretenders. We have had some difficult ties in the UCL until we had Monaco and blew that opportunity, its always the same fate, 4th place, we’ll try again next season. It is inevitable that Wenger will leave at some stage, the question is…Has he earned the right to leave when he wants to? Yes & No, He has most certainly earned that right because the premier league would have never been what it is today if it weren’t for him, our club would have been god knows where if it wasn’t for Wenger. However, I believe he needs to change, football has evolved and smaller clubs are much stronger, attractive football is not going to win trophies. Our style of play is dated and has become predictable, its really sad seeing the players running circles around each other trying to play indirect football. We need to be more direct, we need improved tactics, we need experienced players, we need Wenger to listen and change his approach.

    Its ridiculous that we played the same formation against Watford that we will be playing against Barca tomorrow night. Wenger needs to stop putting faith in players that are incapable of playing to their potential, some players are well passed their sell by dates. Some came in over due, we need a keeper 5 years ago Arsene! There are so many players we missed out on because they dont fit Wengers philosophy, COME ON ARSENE! Its time to move on and let go of the past, its time to change your tactics and strengthen in areas we actually are lacking: DEFENSE.

    I do believe that its time to move the club in a different direction but its Wengers choice if he wants to move forward with the club.

    1. I do not understand the predictability that people be moaning about…the only predictability I know of is that Arsenal will create more than 4 goal-scoring chances every game…but they won’t score. Another predictability is that the referees will always be against us.

      I don’t know whether its fair to criticize the manager for every loss we suffer, I mean…a manager can only be blamed when his team gets outplayed…if his team keeps on creating more than 4 chances a game, that shows that he has some good tactics. Right now the only problem is the players we have…they need to play to their full potential.

  3. Mert is the captain of this team and is stating the facts, we have the least number of goals in the top 4, even last season it was the same thing.

  4. It all went down hill for Arsenal when Cazorla got injured. There’s only one technically gifted player in that position for us with Cazorla’s close ball control, ability to get out of tight positions n move the ball from defense to offense smoothly “Jack Wilshere” and he’s also injured. Ramsey, Arteta, Elneny and Flamini do not posess such skills.

      1. Where? On bed? never saw his skills apart from distribution skills and sideway passes, if those are skills we are talking about, then yes he is in the level of Carzola

  5. lets give BFG his credit coz both GAB and Boss seem to per4m better with him and da whole team get more organised wd him on da pitch..otherwise he is very right in pointing out the main problem facing us..right captain but wrong mngr.

  6. Legends don’t stick around all day……. They leave the stage and are remembered throughout posterity

    Leave this stage already wenger……join fergie

  7. Because he wears the arm band it’s his position to speak in general about the team. However next time he could mention his lack of courage and commitment I’m his own job. Both goals against Watford I was shocked to see his lack of effort. First goal he should have won the first ball from the throw in and the second he cowered and turned his back when he should have thrown himself in front of the ball. I do wonder if the clash of heads and injury was playing on his mind. Oh for just one brave and powerful cb an Alex type player.

  8. Well, someone has to say something bout the goal drought….Wenger as usual has his head in the sands and is too busy spouting his memorized usual garbage about mental strength and character of the team.instead of facing the reality that once again he has placed his trust and by large the clubs ambition in players who just aren’t good enough….and he should own up to that….anyone remember Wenger consistently saying Giroud and Walcott are good enough to fire us to the title?……how these 2 manage to sleep at night is beyond me, knowing fully well as Wenger staked his neck to back them up and yet they have been found wanting, YET again……i guess they must know they are not up to the task anyways and are just chancing it

    1. damochy, i cant believe i’m going to defend giroud: yes, we need to have better than giroud/walcott. but they used to score goals! its mental. nervousness. anxiety.

      what was different this year?? that we had chelsea/manc/manu/… all below us. we had a real chance to grab the PL and that pressure broke us. i blame wenger for not calming and managing his players expectations, nervousness and anxieties. i would love to compare his pre-game speech to the ones by a simeone or klopp.

      1. Well said almostawinner I hear loud and clear….that too is another factor, a big one at that

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