Okay break over – Time for Arsenal to get down to business

That is that then, the international break is done with and now there will be no more interruptions as Arsenal fight on two fronts in the closing phase of the season.

We have come through the break without any big issues, our best players, the ones that are not on the long term injured list, have returned basically how they left.

It is now basically an eight-game season between four teams in the Premier League for two spots and of course, we are in the last eight of the Europa League.

There are eight games in April starting with the home game against Newcastle United on Monday night and squad rotation is going to be of critical importance.

The debate over when to play Ozil has to be left down to the manager now, we cannot second guess his judgement any more, we can criticise after the fact but he will know things that we do not and we have to trust him to play the German maestro when he feels it is appropriate.

Same with Laczaette and Aubameyang, it has been frustrating on occasions how Emery utilises these two but we are where are and that is a lot better than we were last season and that is down to the boss and how he has managed his team selections. There are other players I can mention, like Guendouzi and Saurez, but the same principle applies, trust the manager’s judgement.

Tactics are a concern though, but in all fairness to Emery he has got better, he did need to adjust as the season progressed and that was expected, the English game is very different to anything he has experienced before.

The players will need to step up to the plate, they cannot feel aggrieved if not selected or played out of position, they have the talent, they have shown that against most of the top sides, they have the character, again, they have shown that but their mentality remains a worry, especially considering the opposition we have to face, there is no point playing brilliantly against Chelsea and Tottenham but then to lose to the likes of Southampton.

We have to take one game at a time, we have to trust in the manager and players and they have to do their jobs, they have to be right mentally, play the strategy right and dig in when it really matters.

Come On You Gooners!!!!


  1. The only downer is Xhaka & Ramsey are doubts for Monday… I hope it’s nothing too serious, as we need everyone fit….

    1. Yea Sue…
      Considering the fact that Torreira is still serving his suspension…
      We need either or both of Xhaka and Ramsey fit for monday.
      Its at the Emirates, but Newcastle can be tricky especially as they’ve found a bit of form since January and Almiron happened.

        1. Not worried at all about Newcastle, coz it’s gonna be at home

          But they have to beware of Everton, because of the away factor, Richarlison and Walcott would want to prove himself in front of Arsenal

            1. What WEED Walcott ? Don’t make me laugh Sue. I am keen for him to wear the Everton shirt against us as that benefits us, but I WOULD NOT CALL IT PLAYING. His best game is hide and seek!

              1. He’s only scored 6 times for them – he has a point to prove! Going by that, I agree with you Jon… it would benefit us if he plays…. I’ll be amazed if he does start though!!

  2. It’s good to see the boys back after the so boring break. Oh! This break was a bit better because Arsenal visited Dubai so we had so actions to keep us alive.

    Time to get up to the challenge and take Spurs off third spot.

  3. I would say we will get 20 points from the last games
    Which should see us hit 4th or 3rd place

    1. Gonna be tough because of those five away games

      I’d be happy if they can get 18 points, because I believe Man United and Chelsea would also lose at least six points

      1. We HAVE to win the rest of our home games. Watford/Leicester/Wolves are the big threats in terms of away matches. At least 6 points from those three fixtures will put us in a good place. Realistically, I think we can only lose one of our away games and still have a shot at top 4, so the pressure is on. Definitely a blessing other rivals have big games or face each other. It’s in our own hands at the moment. The good thing about our schedule is that our remaining home fixtures are decently spaced out. At most it’s two away matches in a row.

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