Okay, so I admit I was wrong about Mikel Arteta….

Ok, so I was wrong… by Ben Dungate

I have been extremely negative in my appraisal of Mikel Arteta since his appointment at Arsenal. I didn’t think he portrayed a confident manager, and seemed limited in his tactical awareness and flexibility. And my stance of Arteta has been brought under scrutiny in the comments on previous articles I have submitted.

However, this season, not even I can justify my formerly held opinion of our manager. I may never like him, or understand where and when he became synonymous with Arsenal, but I will acknowledge that he is doing a very good job.
He has shown a surprising amount of backbone in his dismissal of Aubameyang and Lacazette, and some excellent recruitment in the younger players he has brought in.
The result against Man Utd was disappointing, but I couldn’t be negative about the performance. Today’s game against Liverpool was the real test of where we are as a club. And we won!
We beat Liverpool. Obviously Firmino scored, as is usually the case, but the real story was Gabriel Martinelli. He terrorised the Liverpool defence, and Trent was probably glad to get injured so he could come off.
Gabriel Jesus was his relentless usual self and didn’t give Virgil or Matip a moment’s peace throughout the whole match. It was never going to be straightforward and I was certainly unsurprised when Liverpool scored, but I was so impressed with the response.
Unlike previous seasons we didn’t wilt and just give up because “it’s Liverpool” – we kept going and going. Jesus is undoubtedly responsible for some of this but it clearly stems from the top and this is the mentality the manager is trying to instill in the players.
Credit to Mikel Arteta. He has done a good job. He has bought well, been strong with established players, rejuvenated Granit Xhaka, and made us fun and exciting to watch again.
Well done, Mikel!


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  1. Told y’all since two seasons ago to wait until Arteta gets his own CF. Now we have plenty of games to improve the players’ confidence, high press and build-up play, before visiting Stamford Bridge

  2. Had I been in charge of Arsenal after the first 3 games last season, I would have sacked Arteta, and decided to start over with a new manager once again.
    And at the time, I guess a majority of fans were of the same opinion.
    Luckily, the decisionmakers saw things differently than us fans.

    1. Not me Anders, it was bad but it was related to plausible reasons. I have been convinced that Arteta was a good choice for Arsenal FC, but I expected him to need time at least one more year.

    2. The hierarchy logically considered that we were affected by Covid and injuries in the first 3 games. The only disappointing thing was not strengthening in January but I guess they must have learnt by now.

  3. And that is the precise reason they are billionaires and we are not. They see the potential in the individual, some of our fan base rattle like empty cans rolling into the den. I valued Mikel the day he had the guts to dump the greatest assist king on the planet. And the rest is history, we are where we ought to be. The magician wiped the smiles off the faces of Klopp and Conte. Rodgers seldom smiles.

  4. I mean, Im not really trying to offend here, but anyone not capable of seeing the magnitude of the job MA has done for us, has to be blind really.

    He was captain under a legendary manager and is a football mad character with encyclopedic knowledge about the game. I dont believe ANYONE could have done what he has and Im not just talking about our team but our club as a whole. It was becoming rotten and in danger of falling off a cliff, especially with all the newfound competition in the league.

    We even got a song now, I think its truly magical.

    Fans are the representation of the male populus, which by this point are a fickle bunch of dumbed down entertainment consuming manbabies.

    Go gunners

  5. I see Aubameyang has been making a fool of himself talking about Arteta. It is hard to read his comments without nodding and thinking that Arteta was 100% right to get rid.

    1. 👍Too true! How long will Thomas Tuchel put up with his antics, if his form drops and the goals dry up.

  6. Yet you cant resist one last sly little dig “I may never like him, or understand where and when he became synonymous with Arsenal.” So in the end, all along you just didn’t like him for no good reason! Sigh.

  7. *OT|(found on the web)
    “Don’t forget that Liverpool are standing in 10th place, with 10 points, after 10 games today on the 10th day of the 10th month, since they sold their number 10(Mane)…IJS 😂😂😂😂

    1. NY_Gunner.
      Sorry to burst your pretty saying , but facts tell us Liverpool have played not ten matches, but eight.

      Rather sorry even myself they have not played ten and only had ten points. Still time though, but right now , it is NOT the truth!

  8. This Arteta story is like a “patience is a virtue” story.

    The board were overwhelmed by his blueprint for success that he brought from being an assistant to Pep.
    They believed in him and stuck by him and gave him a contract extension and some valuable money for signings.

    The togetherness he has brought with the fans and players at the Emirates is huge.

    The resurrection of Xhaka is incredible.

    From Yesterday, I can boldly say Arsenal has gotten the fear-factor of the old Invincible era back.

    I got so much joy to see the controversial Piers Morgan admit he was wrong about Arteta, and now believes in the “trust the process” movement.

    Other teams will now be cautious and scared of playing us especially at the Emirates.

    The Emirates is going to become a fortress very soon.

    Hopefully, the majority of our players stay fit and injury-free through out the season, most especially, Partey.
    He is also part of the key to our success.

    Getting another defensive midfielder like Danilo of Palmeiras from Brazil or Douglas Luiz in the January window would be a major boost for our squad.

    Let’s just still stay grounded and take it game by game and maybe, just maybe we might carry a major silverware this season.

    As a matter of fact, we will be winning the Europa League this season.
    This is me being positive.

    Onwards and Upwards to my Arsenal Family.

    1. SJ, just to clarify Pep has never had to build a team from the ground up on limited finances. Not to say Pep isn’t a great manager and MA didn’t learn anything from Pep. But blueprint for success he brought from being under Pep is a stretch. MA had a clear plan, by identifying unproven young talented footballers, coupled with passionate, talented pro’s and molding them into a hard working, structured and stylish football team. Something Pep has never had to do.

      1. Totally agree. Pep has coached some of the most impressive teams to have ever played, but he inherited or was able to buy the very best. Winning domestic league when you coach the best team in the league is almost expected, it is the manner in which he does it that is impressive. MA didn’t have a Messi, Lewandowski, or De Bruyne. He has literally built a good team with (some might say) second rate and unknown players. Only now, after enduring a couple of tough years is he in a position to buy the players he wants that can bring success back to the club. For this he must be commended.

    2. I don’t see Danilo as a good backup for Partey judging from the Youtube comps I’ve seen, and comps always flatter.

    3. SJ, We can say what we like about Morgan the self publicist- and I HAVE SAID PLENTY, over the years – but at least(and perhaps at MOST too) he has the humility to admit he was wrong.

      THOUGH I NOTICE EVEN THAT “HUMILITY” GETS HIM MORE PUBLICITY. Co-oincidence then? Oh surely not!

  9. “I may never like him” so it’s just a personal hatred u have for him, nothing to do with football.
    If I may ask why do u hate Arteta personally

      1. PAT, Isn’t the ACTUAL reason because so many uneducated fans cannot tell the difference between “hate” and “never liking”?!

        IMO, and as you well know, that is exactly what happens when wrong words or phrases are allowed, or even tacitly encouraged (by copying others who do so) QED!

    1. I saw Arteta as a second-rate off-brand Fabregas, brought in our of desperation. He was a good player but nothing more than that. So my opinion was kind of tainted long before he became the manager.

      At the start of his tenure I couldn’t understand some of the decisions he was making or the tactics he was using. I couldn’t see what he was trying to achieve or how what he was doing would go about it.

      Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, he had very little chance of getting the players he had to play the way he wants them too. Especially when you throw in toxic personalities like Auba and Pepe.

      Also, I think it took some time for those he did show faith in to understand what he was trying to do, and indeed those of us watching. His demeanour on the touchline didn’t fill me with confidence.

      He looked, and still does sometimes, terrified and perplexed by what is happening around him. Maybe this is just how he always looks. Clearly the man has a lot in his head and maybe that shows in his mannerisms.

      Anyway, I have let go of my old, negative impressions and I’m just enjoying our team playing well and getting good results. We may not win the league but that doesn’t matter. He brought belief back to the fans.

  10. I will still reserve my verdict until much later in the season. Things can change very rapidly in football in particular and life in general
    Meanwhile I’d just relax and enjoy the feel-good moment while it lasts

    1. Corporateman then you are not honourable to not admit to been wrong about Arteta all along. In life misfortunes are inevitable,to say that you will wait for misfortune to happen to Arteta and then come back with your vile vituperation against him is the most inglorious thing to think.

      1. Sometimes visual analogies work better than words…if you bought a car (new and unknown to you e.g a cherry tiggo or haval jolion) and some are whispering in your ear that it’s a great car, every bit as good as the Germans, you would understandably have good reason (in your mind) to have some doubts/reservations would you not?

        1. It’s the same story with arteta, managerial, he was by and large an unknown quantity…believe in him and the process were based more on hope and blind fantasy as opposed to stats, logic and reasoning

          1. No one hated the guy, we/they just didn’t have enough to go on…the boring football, questionable tactics, bad records broken, woeful league positions of seasons past didn’t help either

            1. I don’t think there’s a fan on the planet that sees what is currently going on and hasn’t taken a moment to (cautiously) reassess…it’s great to live in the moment but also advisable not to get carried away too soon

              1. In short, good things are happening right now and the whole club and fan base is rooting for him and the team to succeed, regardless of the past

          2. SK Some would say that at least ONE important reson WHY the club stood by him, was because they could see he had the wisdom and the steel resolve to get rid of coasters, Ozil ans Auba, AND arrogant little trouble making gits, Guendouzi.

            Those same powers that be could see he , unlike the latter years of Wenger and the unintelligible Emery, were giving this club the shake out of players who were spongers and harmful influences, which OUGHT to have ben done years before even MA went to work under Pep at City!

            Many of we fans could see this too and some , myself included, were prominent in saying so at the time.

            And MA has ben proven spectacularly right. As also has Kroenke and Josh!

            1. JF – nice saying.
              Sorting out the mess has been crucial to give us a new “start”, and Arteta has impressed me with his determination. I knew it was bad, but it must have been worse than most of us could have imagined. London has a lot to offer perhaps too much for some 😉

    2. CorporateMan, there is just no pleasing some people. No matter where we finish Arteta is quality. If he left Arsenal tmrw there would a queue a mile long for his signature. He will win things, I just hope it’s with us.

      1. I can assure that! Everyone has seen what he’s capable of and, just as you said, if he decides to leave he will surely go to a bigger club. People need to know that, while consistency is key, you also need a bit of luck in football. Pep has assembled (one of) the best team in the world but yet to win CL. This is down to luck not being on his side. If he won the CL last season, it wouldn’t have been a surprise at all.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. Arteta has shown his quality as a manager already. Some people think that we didn’t play so well against Liverpool but I think we played differently tactically.
          When Arteta started initially, he would always park the bus against city and Liverpool, but recently he would toe to toe with both teams, I criticized him then but looking back now, he knows the strength of his team. Sometimes our high line nearly gives a hearth attack but I completely trust him.
          As for the writer “I may never like him” line, you have a right to like or not to like Arteta but it’s your problem not Arteta’s.

    1. Sunny side, Sadly, you are yet anothr ill educated fan who cannot OR will not tell the difference between “not liking” and “hating”.

      They are two completely different meanings; eg I don’t like brussel sprouts. I hate PUTIN and RACISM.


      1. Jon, it is like chasing a wild goose when you try to teach basic English to some people on this platform. You may ask why? The simple reason is that this is a platform where many people are initially not from English speaking countries. Secondly, even within the English speaking countries the standard of language has gone so low that some of us are worried if the English language is not in danger of total distortion. When I was a student commentate was not an accepted word neither was coronate. Now they are perfect English. Nowadays it is accepted to use adjectives and adverbs as verbs. I will give a few examples. It is now accepted to say it has impacted on something rather than the conventional to have an impact on something. I have seen people requisition for something instead of make a requisition. One can go on and on. It is sad but true.

        1. @David
          Everything you say is right, but then again this is an international football site and we want to talk about Arsenal.
          Do we want to keep filling up comment space with charges handed out by the Grammar Police?
          Isn’t their an “English Language” site for those sort of discussions?

          1. PAT you miss David’s and my point. Neither David nor I are expecting non first language speakers to become professors of English.

            But I talked SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THE IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “HATE” AND “NOT LIKING”. You yourself also correctly called out @Savage,on that very same point, in your post timed at7.11.

            It seems convenient for you , to put it mildly, to then change tack and blame we who stand up for correct English use, in native English speakers, instead of joining in our quest by using correct language yourself in your own often misleading headlines.
            You cannot have it both ways. Either set a good personal example in your own headlines and articles OR be called out as a hypocrite for expecting others to do what you fail to do yourself.
            Moreover Pat, you have the priceless advatage of being an educated man, and are therefore more guilty than those who simply do not have proper English education, poor souls.
            I do not call for perfection in language and am not perfect myself.

            But my posts are only misconstrued by those types who choose to do so and are easily and fully understood by educated folk who have no personal agenda.

            Correct use of English on an English speaking site is of paramount importance. You really OUGHT to be promoting that and NOT promoting(often deliberate) misunderstandings, because of ignorant fan misunderstandings of what basic Englsh words actually mean.

            1. It’s a football forum for goodness sake !
              If you want intellectual conversations maybe go over to Sunday times or what ever papers are still going in this day an age .
              Grammar and proper spelling have no place on a everyday footballing forum .

    2. I don’t hate him. I thought he was a mediocre player and saw that spilling over into his managerial style. I don’t understand when or how he became synonymous with Arsenal, and I didn’t trust his tactics.

      We form opinions for different reasons and mine were formed first by him as a player and then on his touchline appearance and mannerisms, combined with a some strange decisions and not brilliant seasons.

      But people can be wrong. I am much happier to be proven wrong and the team be flourishing than to be able to say “I told you so” while we crash and burn.

  11. That midfield base of Partey and Xhaka was imperious. It’s like they have telepathic understanding. Partey was a technical monster and Xhaka was a VW Beetle with nuclear battery. I don’t think Jesus, Martinelli and Saka would have ran amok without that base. Tomiyasu and White made Maldini proud yesterday.

  12. We will all be Arsenal fans all of our lives, we have known success before and we will in future, but let’s make the most of this moment.
    Top of the league with a constantly improving manager and squad. A fanbase united in our adulation of this young, humble, skillful, determined and exiting team.
    If it’s not a contradiction, we truly are a global “family” club.
    Regardless of our hope and expectations, which may or may not be achieved – let’s enjoy the “now”, because being an Arsenal supporter doesn’t get much better than now…

  13. I was wrong too. I was one of the “Arteta out” at one point

    I’m so regretful and feel really bad for not being patient with MA and I’m so happy that we are back to the top 4 and hopefully we at least will finish in the top 4 and back to Champions League 💕

    Sorry MA ❤️

    1. Stephanie, you and the writer of this article are not wrong at all. You/we all have an opinion and there is no wrong or right in an opinion. We are entering the 4th year of this managers reign and nothing has been PROVED. When it is it isnt about being right or wrong, its about a job done. People get it so wrong, thinking opinion is fact, it isn’t, it is how you feel at that time, nothing more.

      1. Reggie, But when opinions are based upon wrong interpretations of actions, then those opinions are almost bound to be proven wrong, in time.

        I refer to your belief ( and others who said the same as you) that MA was a bad man manager, with an outsized ego, and that he should not have treated Guendouzi, Ozil and Auba as he did.
        That is wrong INTERPRETATION of what happened. He got rid odf all thrtee because he could see, as MANY fans also could , that those three were damaging morale and hurting team dressing room harmony. Two were bone idle, one was an arrogant trouble maker

        Or are still saying MA was wrong to have done that, OR have you changed your mind? I and others will be curious to know, Reggie!!

        1. Jon i wrote earlier please dont expect me to reply to you, you are an egoist and dont respect opinion. Just stop trying to engage in conversation. I am not concerned by you views one bit. Butt out.

          1. Reggie, I will however NOT stop replying to your posts. That is my right and free choice.

            You may choose to deny yourself the same right and that is your free choice. BUT I WILL NOT DO LIKEWISE AND I TRUST THAT IS CLEAR!

  14. Before this season the team has looked badly prepared and played some dire football. Our finishes have been below the mark and we have broken some unwanted records. I would have sacked Arteta after last season and he should have been. Because he wasn’t, it doesnt mean it was the right thing, it means he was given another chance to put right the things he has done wrong. I dont dislike and never have had a dislike for Arteta the person, why should i/we. I didn’t like and still dont, the way he cant handle certain personalities (that still may turn out to be needed) but it is his way and we will have to wait to see if it reaps dividends. This season seems to be a total contrast to previous seasons and it looks like he has learnt or is learning from his mistakes. Our start has been sensational and we do look at the moment to be actually playing the type of football that can get us to where we should be. The investment in the team has been phenomenal and the results should be matching that. So far, i think they are. We are at the start of a long season and the sharp end is where we have failed before but it does look like we may be a different animal this year. Nobody can complain about the football and the results we are getting. It does look like we can actually achieve something. Until we do there will be question marks over the players and the manager but kudos to all at the moment for what we are doing at the moment. Lets go and win a trophy and keep up this title challenge. Nobody should demand a prem title this year, that is being too demanding but that doesn’t mean we cant and it doesn’t mean we cant make a fist of trying. Everything is in place for this team to do so, the owner actually needs great credit for what he is doing to aide the process. There cant be any excuses now, we are competing.

    1. I think you are still missing the bigger picture.
      Last season much money was invested in players, but not in players as part of a plan to bring instant success. Rather in young and talented players, who can be part of a team, which will develop.
      So sacking Arteta for not achieving top 4, would have been a big mistake and it would actually be sacking him for not achieving something only some fans thought crucial.
      Top 4 wasn’t crucial, it is obvious now.
      More money was invested again before this season, but again strictly on young players who potentially will reach their peak in 3-4 years time.
      So, results like we are seeing right now, are in fact much better, than should be expected.
      But it sure is great, and you never know, maybe we will actually contend for the tittle this season.

      1. Im sorry, i dont buy it. We bought international players with league experience, they were not wet behind the ears. Yes they were young but they were not lacking experience. Plus my demands for last season as for this were matched to my expectations of what could or should have been possible. We failed last season to hold onto 4th and that had nothing to do with the future, the past or age. It was to do with planning. The manager had to take the responsibility for failure to carry out what was in our favour. That has gone now, decisions were made that were poor ones but this season we can hope that huge lessons were learnt from that and we are going to improve on that. Things look better this season and are matching so far what is being put into the team and i dont mean because we are top. I mean we are finally getting out what is being put in.

          1. I said Arteta (the manager) nothing personal, should have been sacked for under achieving, what had been put in. Failing the get 4th when we were in a position of strength and not able to get a win against Newcastle, Southampton, Brighton and Palace, in the final few weeks,which would have secured 4th was a failure. There is nothing to say it wouldn’t at that time have been the best thing to do, nobody knows. We could still be top with another manager now with the input we have had but he wasn’t sacked and now lets hope he carries through what has been started, actually getting out what is being put in, with fewer mistakes. We all hope this is not a false dawn and we do achieve something this season, then it will turn out to be the best outcome for Arsenal. Lets not get ahead of ourselves but lets be hopeful we are finally challenging.

            1. But under achieving last season is only in the head of those, who thought top 4 was crucial.
              For those that matter, the decision makers, Arteta obviusly delivered enough.
              Otherwise he wouldn’t be here today.

              1. In my mind it was was the bare minimum. I have with all Arsenal managers, including Wenger, expected 4th as the bare minimum. It cant be achieved every year but missing out more than that, is not good enough for this club. It should for all be the absolute minimum achievement.

                1. Short term thinking could possibly have gotten us top 4, yet harmed our chances of building a team, which can challenge for the title.
                  High standards can be seen differently

                    1. Short term thinking would be to sack Arteta for not achieving 4’th last season, if his/our project is actually on track to build a team, which not only can make top 4, but also compete with the likes of Man C.
                      Short term thinking would also be to buy players at their peak to help get a top 4 now, rather than young players, which will improve and help you compete for the title longer term.

                    2. No that isnt short term thinking. Strategy is what is needed in buying players, not long term or short term but to get results. The best teams in the world recently, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Juventus, Liverpool and City, do they avoid or use short term thinking? No they just build a winning team and then another and then another. No manager alive would have been kept on for any length of time with long term thinking at those clubs and they are the most successful. Its a winning strategy that they look for nothing else.

                    3. Your example with Liverpool is dead wrong. They hired Klopp and kept him despite early results.
                      And why?
                      Because they believed in him long term.
                      Man U did the same with Ferguson, I believe.

                    4. Why am i wrong? Fergie was in a total different era and he had won a title and European cup with Aberdeen, to back his CV up. Klopp came into Liverpool and in his first season got them into a EL final and CL qualification. Second season a CL final and third season he won it. So Why am i wrong?
                      Would i be wrong to say, sack our manager, if we finish 5th again? Why would that be wrong? Would that be short term thinking? I dont get this short term thinking you are throwing at me. If this strategy works, then great, if it doesn’t then not great. There is no short or long term thinking, just get the job done and stop looking for excuses.

                    5. Both said managers had won big league titles to prove they could. I can see we dont have the same opinions on this but the bottom line is, winning things prove strategies work, whatever they are. Lets hope ours proves that.✌

            2. Jon, i wish you would stop spouting your tripe and arrogance to me. I have no wish to correspond with you. You are a liar and conceited. I have no respect for your attitude. I will say it again. I dont wish to reply to you respectfully BUTT OUT.

      2. @Anders – nice saying.
        We are getting the bonus for being patient with Arteta. I agree with you, we are building for lasting success and doesn’t have a short time perspective. From my heart, I love our approach compared to the blue part of London.

      1. Thanks NY, I am a little matter of fact and people can’t always handle that. I give medals out when the race is over, not with two laps to go.🤣

        1. @Reggie
          So you give medals out when the race is done?
          How come that you never waited for the seasons to end before you gave out your never ending negativity medals against Arteta since 2021? When it suits you you are okay with pelting Arteta with your constant negativity, pessimism throughout the season but when the manager is going through a good positive period then that’s when you call for calmer heads, “Oh oh people, easy easy with all this positive talk towards Arteta, the season is not done yet, so keep the positivity on the down-low”. 🤣😂

          It’s okay for you to be negative bordering on dislike for Arteta throughout these past seasons. You are okay to hand out your Negative medal at the start, middle and end of each season but you don’t want anyone to handout any massive positive medals to Arteta at the start, during and end of the season? Isn’t that double standards, hypocrisy and lack of self awareness?

          Isn’t it?

          1. Goonster, i have an opinion and gave an opinion. I dont get what you are saying because after my opinion in between games, i always support the team for a win. I give an opinion as to what i would like as i am free to do and as it happens the team didn’t meet my expectations. I am not throwing accusation at you, i am having an opinion of the team just like you. If you cant accept it is different to what yours may be, that is alll your problem. I respect what you think, please be a gentleman and respect others. We all want Arsenal to be the best!!!!!!!! I hold Arteta to the same standards i do every other manager!!!!!

            1. And you words are exactly that, your words and not how it is. Your interpretation is your interpretation, not mine. Why does it bother you that i am more cautious in my thoughts than you and waiting for results, instead of giving medals out before they are won. Why does it bother you i cant accept 5th is not good enough, that is my opinion.

              1. Oh and i hope Arteta is the successful manager we ALL want him to be. I am not anti Arteta and never was but i am anti not being able to deliver, if the manager whoever it may be cant.

                1. Reggie having now read all your many posts on this topic, I feel rather sorry for you, as I sincerely believe you DEMAND, rather than simply wish, as we all do, for impossible standards, in far too realistically short a time.

                  You are a very unfairly demanding task master. I, for one, am extremely glad I have never had to work with you as my employer.

                  You seem to me to be related, in attitude, to Abramovitch, That is NOT a compliment !

                  1. Please dont feel sorry for me, just take your narcissistic views and keep them to yourself. What has opinion got to do with your sad view on life.

                    1. I don’t really comment on JS but i have been following this website since 2007/2008 season, I visit here almost everyday and i read people’s comment. You can hide behind OPINION as much as you want Reggie but it wasn’t so hard to see through you, It’s more like you wish Arteta to fail so you can say i told you so. And mind you opinions can be WRONG or RIGHT.

              2. @Reggie
                No one is stopping you from voicing your opinion. But yours and my opinion is there to be challenged. If you are brave enough to post an opinion on a public forum then you should be ready to be brave enough to defend it. No need to get all sensitive.

                We all post comments that get challenged, we don’t let that sulk us..

                All i was pointing out was your hypocrisy and lack of self awareness in your comment. Because going by your history on here it is clear that you have not waited till the end of the last 2 seasons to hand out your anti Arteta negativity medals. You have been going at it from endlessly from start, during up to the end of last season and a bit. But all of a sudden you are patting yourself on the back congratulating yourself on how you wait till the end of the season to hand out your medals. You are clearly being hypocritical, dishonest or just lacking in self awareness. You have not waited to call for Arteta to be sacked from the start of last season throughout the end. You did not wait to the end of the season to hand out your Negativie anti Arteta medals. But you are now encouraging everyone to hold back on there optimism and positivity towards Arteta because the season is not finished?
                You are okay with being negative and calling for Arteta to be sacked all throughout last season and a but not too keen on accepting positive medals for Arteta before the season ends?
                Seriously Reggie can’t you detect the double standards / hypocrisy, lack of objectivity and self awareness in that?

                That’s all I was trying to point out.

    2. The only mistake Arteta (and probably Edu and the club) made last season was not strengthening in January. It would have been absurd to have sacked Arteta when the direction he was going was so clear. The goal last season was to get back in Europe and almost everyone aligned with that before the season started but it all changed after we started our good run and came close to 4th. I bet if we continued to fall and somehow picked up towards the end to make 5th people would commend Arteta.
      I fear same thing is happening this season. The goal before the season is to make top 4 but we may find ourselves so close to winning it and probably fall to 2nd and people will still not give Arteta and the boys the credit they deserve.

  15. I hv always been for sticking with Arteta for 2 reason:
    1) Even in his player days, he always appeared to be a level headed individual. Like someone who is thing 2 or 3 moves ahead.
    2) No respectable team should be changing managers like children diapers.

  16. When AW left and MA was touted as a replacement I was dead set against him coming to Arsenal.
    Then when Unai left and MA was appointed I was bitterly disappointed we hadn’t gone for a top manager. I felt that he was unproven and should have gone to a lower league team to learn his trade.
    In his first seasons at Arsenal I certainly believed that he was not the man for the job, and we would never be, or recognised as, a top team while he was in charge.
    Today, my thoughts have changed. I consider what he has done so far is nothing more than miraculous. We have a team of exciting young players who are hungry to play and win and we have some steel in the team. Above all we have a group of players who are playing as a team. I don’t want to single out players, but what a change in Xhaka, man reborn. Not for a long time have I felt
    so excited about our future.
    I have no shame in saying I didn’t want MA at Arsenal, but as of today I’m grateful that he’s here and I think we’re lucky to have him as our manager, I bet there are a lot of supporters of other clubs who wish he was with them. May MA and Arsenal go on to greater things.

    1. Really Arteta surprised everyone! My thought about him before was that he should have gone to a lower club where the demand is not so high as we have at Arsenal. I knew he has got something in him but will take time and we are so eager for success at Arsenal. He has proved to everyone that he is top notch.

  17. We’re gettin the job done, so far so good. Big ups to The Coach and the lads. We’re 9 games in on a 38 match season, not to mention Europa and various other cup ties. Let’s see where we are when the dust settles…IJS 😁

  18. Nothing to say it wouldn’ t have been the best thing to do?
    You are of course free to have that opinion.

    1. There is a clear lack of flexibility in some people’s world view. It is especially difficult now to see how it would have been in Arsenal’s best interests to sack the manager.
      Last season there were a number of people who insisted that we had to be fourth or the manager had to be sacked. The arguments were framed in a way to indicate that there was no room for any other perspective or nuance. It is interesting to see that some people continue to hold on to what is a largely discredited position.
      Thankfully, the club had already taken a balanced and considered approach to assess the situation during the season and supported the manager. This is how a mature and sensible organisation approaches its major decisions.
      The football has largely been great so far this season and the future looks bright. May it all continue.

  19. I hope everyone making “confession” today won’t go back to being an Arteta outer when the team have a bad run. Remember the goal is top 4 and losing a few matches won’t derail that. Lets just keep supporting the team and hope for the best. This is not to say criticism isn’t allowed. Every true supporter should also be able to constructively criticise and air their opinion.

  20. An impressive admission of yourself having been wrong about Arteta , Ben! Not because it is Arteta, but because you have the wisdom to change your mind when the evidence changes .

    And that is what ALL intelligent folk do , in all life matters including football(out own JA joint passion). I also admit I have chamged my opinion about Xhaka ;s usefulness to Arsenal afrer manay years of thinking him not nearly good enough. This season ,in his NEW position, he has been outstsnding . It would be fooish in thtextrem to go onclaing he is not good enough when all thr evidence shows he IS!
    So, being intelligent , I have also changed MY mind , on that matter.
    On the far wider aspect of so called U turns(or changes in opinions and actions), the REAL fools are those who KEEP ON being proved wrong , by not having the wit to change their minds. along with new evidence.

    THOSE, and NOT those who alter their minds, are the TRUE FOOLS!!

    1. I am glad that Jon has changed his opinion about Xhaka. Similarly I applaud Ken’s changed view of Arteta. That is what all intelligent people do. They disapprove of someone’s inadequacies but leave room to accept the person once he overcomes those weaknesses. The stupid ones, on the other hand, behave like parrots and stick to their long held views regardless of changed circumstances.
      I still wonder at some people who keep harping on what they refer to as the real test whatever that means. Every game is a single event and is a test of its own. It doesn’t matter whether you win against the best team or the worst. All wins carry 3 points. The only boost you get from beating a big team is just psychological and to a lesser extent increased confidence against other big teams.
      It is ridiculous for some self confessed gooners to denigrate our team after impressive consecutive wins against two of the top six teams. The only comment about our team currently should be appreciation.

  21. All this positivity and good things from fans may disappear after couple of losses. Remember last year we beat Manu and Chelsea in the space of 3 weeks but then lost to other teams and couldn’t get to top 4.
    I am not pessimistic or -ve. Just saying how most of us react. However I think this team is better than last year so while winning the title may be a big ask purely because of lack of strength in depth in couple of areas, team will do better than last year and I would be happy with that.Hope they add couple of good backup players in Jan

  22. Props where props are due ! Just small improvements needed in defence becoz i also expected them to score. If we can cut out those small mistakes then we can be very very dangerous.
    Firmino goals got me worried because Haaland thrive in those positions he will put them away all day.
    Even Roy Keane mentioned the fact that our defence have mistakes in them.

  23. Reggie and NYG

    REAL Talk …not the huff coming out of some posters who are now taking credit for “knowing” this was where arteta was heading.
    I am a realist and whilst I love the current situation, we have seen it all before under Wenger….but at least he got us into the CL. We were usually top 2 till Xmas then the wheels fall off. Atm we are a partey injury away from post December Arsenal of the last 15 years.
    I will give kudos to Arteta as some of his tactics so far seems to be working, xhaka who was/ still is horrible/poor has improved in a new position and he needs to be banned from our oenalty box. Why wasn’t this done earlier?
    I am not convinced by the fawning over Ben White..who is not a full back. For 50 mil, we were conned. He should be tried in Gabriel’s possie and gabriel needs to take a break, he’s a mirror of Mustafi, plays ok for 80 mins but invariably makes an error and gifts a goal away
    Just pray partey stays fit

    1. Thank you P.doff, i try do say it how is. I am a realist and i like to think i have realist expectations. 👍NYG is also a straight talking, thinking guy. We aren’t up our own backsides like the odd one or two.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Jon, it is like chasing a wild goose when you try to teach basic English to some people on this platform. You may ask why? The simple reason is that this is a platform where many people are initially not from English speaking countries. Secondly, even within the English speaking countries the standard of language has gone so low that some of us are worried if the English language is not in danger of total distortion. When I was a student commentate was not an accepted word neither was coronate. Now they are perfect English. Nowadays it is accepted to use adjectives and adverbs as verbs. I will give a few examples. It is now accepted to say it has impacted on something rather than the conventional to have an impact on something. I have seen people requisition for something instead of make a requisition. One can go on and on. It is sad but true.

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