Old comments from Ligue 1 club CEO indicate how much Arsenal would cost Orji Kalu

Nigerian billionaire, Orji Uzor Kalu has recently stated that he would like to buy a percentage of Arsenal and help them to win the Champions League and Premier League.

The politician has been the administrator of a very successful team in his home country as he helped Enyimba of Aba to dominate the Nigerian and African football scene in the early 2000s when he was the governor of Abia state.

Arsenal has been under the ownership of Stan Kroenke for a while now and the American isn’t that loved by most of the club’s fans.

He has often been accused of not wanting to put his money into Arsenal the same way that Roman Abramovich does at Chelsea.

If he was to sell the club today, most fans would be happy, and that is why Kalu might get a positive response from some fans in his takeover bid. So how much is the face value of Arsenal? Forbes estimates the value of the club at $2.27 billion although any buyout would have to be at above market value to have any chance.

As profitable as it can be to own a Premier League team, it is also not that cheap, and Nice owner and British businessman, Bob Ratcliffe had attempted to buy a top Premier League side previously.

In January, he revealed that a top-six side would cost ‘at least £2 billion’, as revealed by Express Sports.

This will give Kalu an idea of how much he needs to buy into the Gunners.

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  1. I know what he can do with football administration very well… He has helped Enyimba win the CAF champions league back to back when it was so tough for such team to win. For Arsenal, I hope.

  2. Arsenal will lose a lot of its Nigerian followers if a corrupt politician like Kalu who was a governor of my state and looted the treasury to enrich himself.. It will be utterly disgraceful for a man with no business to back up his wealth to own a prestigious club like Arsenal and mind you this is not Chelsea we are talking about a family club like Arsenal does not need to mix up with the likes of Kalu and Dangote.. both politicians both corrupt.. Dangote is better because he has the business to show for his wealth but his influence in the government to monopolize all the major business in the country and the killing off of peoples business and jobs is as evil as stealing from the people.. both men should have nothing to do with Arsenal for the sake of the club..

    A win against Leeds today might make me forget that loss to Villa.. Coyg!!!

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