Old Tweet of Arsenal’s target is dug up, it is not good news for him

They always say that your past sometimes comes to haunt you and that seems to be the case for Iceland international, Runar Alex Runarsson as revealed by the Mail.

The goalkeeper is being lined up as a replacement for outgoing Arsenal second choice, Emiliano Martinez.

Martinez is on the verge of joining Aston Villa after he wasn’t guaranteed that he will be the club’s first choice.

Villa is expected to announce his signing imminently and Arsenal has moved to sign a replacement.

Two names are being linked with the Gunners as his replacement, and Runarsson is one of them.

Brentford’s David Raya is the other name (The Mirror). At £1.5million, Dijon’s Runarsson is cheaper than Raya who is expected to cost Arsenal £10million, but the Icelandic man may have made a costly mistake that could cost him the move.

In a series of Tweets directed at Arsene Wenger, he can be seen calling out the French manager as “stupid” among other obscenities.

In one Tweet he says: ‘Hell, this Wenger guy is stupid.’

In another, he said: Arsene Wenger is a little too stupid #frenchf***.’

In yet another rant, he tweeted: ‘Arsene Wenger is definitely the dumbest man on this planet #frenchf***.’

He has since deleted those tweets, but he will hope that these tweets won’t affect Arsenal’s decision to sign him.


  1. Well I don’t know about that,
    But for me he never insulted Arsenal directly, he insulted Wenger. But I must say maybe he was coming from an Arsenal fan perspective when he said Wenger was stupid. Wenger did really frustrate a lot of us as Gunners.

    1. Wenger at times arrogantly thought he was the club and bigger than the club but in reality he was not beyond reproach. Yes he got us in the CL but he was too stubborn tactically e.g. on set pieces, kept on not signing the players we needed and we folded generally when things got tough. I felt the same way when we got thumped 8-2 by the Great Satan at Old Trafford.

  2. If that is the worst they can dig up on him in today’s social media environment, then so what. No biggie, move on.

  3. Its kind of common. During Arsenal’s lean period, Wenger was the target of abuse and people ranted about him online. Just a way to let off steam. But if our coach wants him, then I don’t think this incident will have a major influence in his move.

  4. Whoa hold on, so this kid a lifelong gooner? Those tweets must’ve come from a place of real pain. I really empathize with the kid but that’s another reason to keep your feelings off SM. I doubt the club would pull the plug based off such a minor issue.

  5. Let’s just get this squad sorted and quickly, don’t let a few old tweets and the inability too off load the unrequited, spoil a decent start.

    Arteta has made it pretty clear to a number of players they can leave for the right offer. If they don’t then we don’t get Partey and Aouar, but will have a pretty strong cup side.

    Even if we can only get loan fees for guendozi, torreira, kolasinac and grab a small bit of cash for the likes sokratis, ozil and mustafi, getting those off the wage bill could land arteta his top two targets.

    I can even still see a deal being done for raya and Benrahama or Édouard. Possibly by moving on the likes of Macey, iliev and balogun

  6. Well, I guess Arsene had the last laugh, as he is still not good enough to be considered as a N0.1 keeper at our club !!!

    Considering what Arsene had to put up with from his own “fans”, this is quite mild. Wonder who has had the more successful career and did it with dignity?

  7. Glad we did not go for the Brentford keeper who is very average at best.Runarsson is well known to our GK coach and I respect his opinion.Completely unmoved by his Wenger comments.

  8. Come on Admin we all insulted Wenger and we are still grateful for what he has done for Arsenal and for us the fans, Humans are all to mistakes and Wenger made right and wrong things and still he is a legend never mind those little tweets,
    He can still do something to cheer for Arsenal in order to apologise Wenger because if he do that Wenger can forgive it all. As Wenger is all about Arsenal.
    We know nobody is 100% perfect.

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