Oli Giroud! He Scores When He Should!

Olivier Giroud had a mare when Arsenal played Monaco, but he redeemed himself a little by opening the scoring against Everton on Saturday. The young Oxlade-Chamberlain also acquitted himself well in the game, and the England international had nothing but praise for Giroud after the match.

The Ox told Arsenal.com: “Oli’s always there or thereabouts when it comes to scoring goals,”

“That’s just what we need – he can score goals not just when we’re dominating the game but he can really turn the game on its head with a goal from a set-piece or out of nothing and that’s what he did.

“In the first half we weren’t so in control of the game but Oli’s always in the right place at the right time and he’s a poacher in the box as well as a great hold-up man for us. He got another important goal for us and I think his performance was really good.

“We knew we needed to keep the form going in the league, especially after a disappointing result midweek – it was our chance to bounce back. The only way to do that was with three points and we’ve done that now so we can look back at the game and be happy.”

Usually after a disappointing defeat the Gunners go on a winning run, so we have to hope that Giroud has now found his scoring boots again and fills them with goals against QPR tomorrow night, and of course Man United next Monday. All of the teams around us also seem to have easy games in midweek, so it is vital that we keep up the pressure with a good win at Loftus Road and also that we increase our goal difference.

Oli Giroud! He scores when he should! COYG!

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  1. i like oli. i wish he keeps scoring. now go look at youtube at RVP and others like him – they do outrageous things : thats the level we need . oli is a decent backup. if AW wants title in PL, he’ll need to get a WC CDM and Striker. wenger was hot for suarez when we had giroud so i’m pretty sure he knows we need a CF (sanchez is not CF); welbeck is interim.

    1. Yeah, Giroud is not doing badly, but “He Scores When He Should”???


      Shouldn’t he have scored against Monaco??? #JustSaying

      1. I think it was rymings sake..

        It could have been;

        Oh Giroud, your head is Greased with lube!


        Oh Giroud, not even very good!

        On a serious tip, he is a good striker but he should be a no.2 or deployed along someone who is world class and can deliver when he should.

        Oh Giroud,

  2. Giroud has improved but lets not get delusional here. “He Scores When He Should” is a misleading headline because he SHOULD have tucked away at least one of the numerous chances he got vs Monaco. Dont get me wrong, Giroud is good, very good. But we still need a world class striker, dont try and make the guy out to be what he’s clearly not.

    1. “Every time is the right time to score” -John champion
      So Giroud should score when ever arsenal need a goal. Not possible though.

  3. Giroud scores when he can, not when he should. He’s not the phenomenal beast that an Aguero or Suarez is where given the chance he can suddenly conjure some magic from nowhere. When on form he slots away a lot of goals, when off form he will miss sitters. What does this tell you? It says if we can, we buy a beast who is able to win a game when we’re playing shit. It says if we can’t, we have to chip in with goals from all over the pitch. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. One of the big criticisms of Suarez was that he didnt deliver in the big games. Just before the monaco game i was reading an article were Giroud says it hurts him when he hears people say that Arsenal or we still need a world class striker, worst timing for that bloody question being put to him. I wonder though if it was never said and if we all backed him unconditionally would those misses still happen, i believe support does wonders but personally i doubt much change on this front.

    2. Whilst I accept Aguero and Suarez are different class we do tend to eulogise them a little too much in my opinion. Not so much SA who I rate as the best striker in the PL, but certainly LS. We too easily gloss over inconvenient facts – yes he did get 31 league goals but we know there were very few (if any) decisive big game goals against the top 4 clubs – about third scored in routs against the likes of Norwich etc. It was all flat-track bully stuff. And Costa has done exceptionally well, no denying that, but look through his 17 PL goals and off the top of my head I think his goals only made the decisive or winning difference in 2 of his games. No goals in Europe either. I could be forgiven for imagining these guys are on a couple of goals a game and never miss.

      1. I think I may have misused my examples. Let’s say instead Henry. I’m talking players who could pull off a wonder goal once every 3 or 4 games and if you happened to be at a stalemate, that moment wins you the game. Most players can do this, but there are a few who can pull it out the bag more often – Suarez and Aguero definitely do this but the stats aren’t always there because the result may swing hinging on said goals. I remember Bale in his last season for Spurs single-handedly picking them up points time and again by doing something outrageous. Giroud will rarely do something extreme that few other players could do that completely changes the moment. That said, those players are extremely rare.

        Please don’t take this as me attacking Giroud because I think the guy is great and a great foil for the rest of our team. I was just acknowledging he isn’t Theirry Henry and isn’t going to spin 180 and strike the ball into the top corner when you’re 0 – 0 against Man Utd. He can score goals, he can do a great job as a striker but he isn’t among the super class. Unless we bring through a player in the super class, we’re phased out from buying one anyway. Of his type, there isn’t really anyone I’d choose over Giroud anyway. For me, he is the Arsenal guy.

        1. I wasn’t having a go at you FFFanatic – just the general tendency we all have to over-praise and mythologise other team’s players and perhaps do the exact opposite to our own. Certainly take the point regarding Henry – but nearly all pale in comparison to him as a striker. Always feel sorry for any striker at Arsenal following in his footsteps – think we have to accept he was perhaps a once in a lifetime player for us. Bale is a good example of someone capable of game-saving moments – agree completely. Not out and out prolific but chose his times to score very well – and normally spectacular as well.

    3. Have you been watching Aguero lately or you just write what you saw or heard sometime back? Did you watch the Liverpool-Man City game when Aguero failed to turn up even when he was on the pitch? What was Aguero performance when Man city lost to Barcelona? Or you don’t remember? I know you will say it was against Barcelona but that’s what exactly makes what you call a beast. Where was Aguero’s beastly nature over the two games? Stop denigrating Giroud to praise those who have even performed worse over the same period. I think since Giroud returned from injury he has scored more goals than Aguero over the same period. Why then should you underrate Giroud against Aguero? Is it because Aguero has a bigger reputation?

      1. Lol, Aguero gave a beautiful assist to get equalizer against pool and scored citys goal against barca. To even hint that Aguero had been as bad as those monaco misses is waay off,

  4. Like to see Theo with his pace and movement, in the middle for a change but guess Wenger will stick to what he knows best.

    1. Playing a forward who is unable to play with his back to goal as a lone striker wont improve the team.
      Hence why wenger plays him wide…

  5. mainly thereabouts…a good bench player but leading the line in a top 8 club…..obviously not…he has his moments no doubt but is too slow to anticipate efforts of our attacking midfield and doesnt hassle intimidate and threaten defences enough…dont think he would be at arsenal if he wasnt coming from ligue 1

  6. Truth be told, Giroud has improved a lot in the past season…he scores more,assists better and links up our play far better than he use to.

    However if we are aiming for trophies we need a more clinical striker. Giroud had six attempts on goal against Monaco,6!!! and most of those were tap ins or free header chances…he missed all of those, against everton he missed two FREE HEADERS…luckily we didnt pay for them on that game but in future if you miss such chanes you pay for them.

    If he was clinical he could have scored atleast 3-4 goals in the last two games…in most big games a striker has only one goal scoring chance, with Giroud he’s more likely to miss.

    Giroud is good enough for FA Cup and Capital One competitions but not EPL and UCL.

    1. He is a very good player with many good attributes but he should not be 1st choice at AFC period.

      Let’s see if AW is able to see like everyone else can where we are lacking.

  7. What did you expect Gunman? Especially in the light of the Monaco capitulation..

    Something like:

    “Yes, your right, he does score when he should!! It’s clear for all to see”

    Wakey wakey.

    And isn’t AW brilliant at reaching those targets set for him. Never fails to disappoint;)

    1. Thats why i was never a big fan of the scores when he wants to chant, eh he misses on purpose and he doesnt want to ruin records then ay. Like the noise and the rhythm or the rhyme but just not the words… head scratcher.

  8. Why are so many of these admin posts deliberately and obviously antagonistic designed to elicit abuse and vitriol? Cheap stunt.

    1. Oi I was just paraphrasing what the Ox said! (and trying to make it rhyme….)
      Sorry if you found it antagonistic but I’m sure The Ox didn’t mean it that way!

      1. Fair play. It is just that you read the “headline” and immediately know the abuse that is going to follow – just flushing out the OG bashers, although I know that is not hard to do.

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