Olivier and Alexis – Arsenal’s new Bergkamp and Henry?

Both Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez scored in Arsenal’s 4-1 demolition of Liverpool this weekend, which takes their respective totals to 18 for Giroud (despite missing many months out injured) and 20 for the sublime Chilean hitman. Arsene Wenger was obviously in a bullish good mood when he spoke to the Mirror, but you can’t argue with stats can you?

Wenger said: “You smell that we can score goals. If you look at the number of goals we’ve scored now – 62 from 31 league games – that’s quite good with seven matches to go.

“We last had two players scoring 25 a season with Pires and Henry, or maybe ­Bergkamp and Henry. That’s a long time ago. But they’re not bad names!

“Giroud has surprised a lot of people. It shows that we missed him when he was out for four months. Laurent Koscielny was out for four months too. Ozil the same. And ­basically they were all out together. You can see that that makes a difference.

“We have a good mentality and ­cohesion in the team. There is something happening. That shows you they are ready to fight for each other. You can see that. You can’t cheat on that. People smell that.”

No-one can deny that this Arsenal squad are now buzzing, and with recent away wins at both Man City and Man United plus our vengeful destruction of Liverpool, they certainly have every reason to feel confident. Another win next week at lowly Burnley will give us eight in a row and set us up nicely for the crucial visit of Chelsea, but Wenger knows better than to count his chickens too early.

“I’m a competitor and what that means is you have to go as high and as far as you can.” Le Prof continued. “If somebody was better than us, then well done, but we have to have given our best until the end and that’s what I would like to do.

“I’m old enough to know that things are never as comfortable as they look. But what is true is that it’s in our hands. How well we deal with the ­situation now will be important.

“Let’s judge that at the end of the season. Let’s give ­everything to do it and see what happens.

“It’s too early with seven games to go but we’re in a good position, with four games at home and only three away.

“We’re on a good run so I’d say it will be down to how we can ­maintain that focus and level of urgency between now and the end.”

We have definitely set ourselves up for a spectacular end to the season, and if we can maintain our momentum who knows where it will take us?

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. OT. You know with all the big names being mentioned around,I think memphis depay would be perfect for us..a good all round player with an eye for goal..he’s almost as good as reus or even hazard..or the eredivise is an inferior league..buh honestly I think depay is the real deal..though attack is not something we desperately need to strengthen,he can give us a lot needed depth and quality depth at that..not just making up numbers..he’ll be relatively cheap..20million at most..I definitely don’t want to see him in a united shirt next season..van gaal and his dutch connections!

  2. If anyone deserves to be compared to Bergkamp its Mesut Ozil, Sanchez is a different breed of player, I find it hard to compare him to another.

    1. Thats so true. I can’t think of any player like sanchez. Its like half Freddie and and half henry. he has that freddie desire to work hard for the team. he has some of henry’s moverment and finishing.
      Overall he has a positive influence to the rest of the team. OX has already improving so much workind hard up and down the flanks. Thats the standard. Am just happy he signed for Arsenal.

    2. What I love and have a peculiar fascination for is just how different Ozil and Sanchez are as players. The contrast is staggering and only adds to my enjoyment when watching us. Brains/awareness/selflessness/efficiency/coolness/pure technique versus heart/spontaneity/hunger/passion/warrior. If we could clone them and create a hybrid you would have something close to Messi – frightening really how good Messi is when you think about it.

      1. If we could clone and combine into 1 player than Welbeck and Walcott would need it 1st 🙂 Creat a Walbeck/Welcott….

        Alexis is Alexis, his style is a contrast to Ozil and I think that can work in our favour. Kinda like the contrast between Bergkamp and Ljungberg which worked so well.

        Walcott can shoot but doesn’t defend… Welbeck puts in so much effort yet has trouble scoring.

        1. If i could clone two players it would be Mascherano and Xavi….. ooh wait thats right, we have Cazorla.

  3. When i look at How much giroud has improved all i gat to say is a big shout out to Arsene Wenger. say what you want but this guy is a terrific coach and a fantastic football manager. I have great hope for danny welbeck. If giroud can improve this much in 3 years then welbeck at 23 will be beast by the time he gets to 26.

    Giroud deserves credit. from bn criticize over and over again and yet work even harder and harder is testament to him.

    As for sanchez he has change the way we play. His infectious style has caught up with everyone. Hec even mesut Ozil is pressing. Yes Mesut Ozil is actually putting a tackle. ye yes am happy now. Having a team of 11 commited players is the standard. No passengers on the pitch.

    finally we are not yet close to the invisibles but we are getting there slowly. We a are a club on the up. henry and Dennis were different class. At thier peak they ate teams for breakfast.

    1. The TRUTH. Well done Galen. Wenger is a fantastic coach. People always try to point out the duds etc he buys. But i for one do not believe Wenger buys bad players. If he sees something in u and gives u the opportunity to play for our great club, then u have the potential. But its up to u as a player to be humble, realizing the opportunity given to u and taking it with two hands. That is the difference btw players like Giroud, Coquelin, Bellerin, Kolsieny, Ospina, Ramsey etc and players like Ashavin, Chamakh, Gervinho, podolski etc. I hope Welbeck learns from players like Giroud because truly I feel he has the character and work ethic to be world class. That is wat makes u world class because the rest (scoring and first touch etc) can be learnt.

    2. Spot of Galen – I think Alexis commitment and never-say-die attitude shamed a number of players into having to put in a proper shift + since our defeat at Southampton Le Coq has been a defensive inspiration.
      There is now a really positive team spirit and performance, which has enabled us to close out a number of tight games during this run.
      COYG – just keep winning

  4. When i hear the names of thierry henry and dennis bergkamp, i still get goose bumps! Ah yes! LEGENDS! Coyg!

  5. Alexis sanchez and olivier giroud are “top class” players in their own rights and place, they can only go from strength to strength! Coyg!

  6. Wenger and Giroud out come end of the season!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Well..thats what I used to say!! But I must admit and humbly eat my words 🙁 🙁 .. I dont say that anymore, I was WRONG 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. Giroud can stay, he has improved a lot! He may become legend…maybe

        1. But wenger still has to leave 🙁 , he should have won the title!! We need a better coach to get best and most out of Giroud 🙁 🙁 🙁
          #Wenger out
          #Pythagoras knows best

  7. The way thierry henry and dennis bergkamp played, sometimes i wondered if they werent of this world! Truly ” awesome” players! Coyg!

  8. I think what arsenal have done is made Sanchez,Giroud and Ozil move quicker which has set the tone for arsenal and think Cazorla also is deserved to be recognised.
    Ozil deserves recognition from arsenal and give him the no 10 and the no 14 should be sent with chocolates to Sanchez.

    1. My mum sold had the TV sold so that I concentrate on my studies 🙁 🙁 🙁 so I sadly don’t watch football.. 🙁
      But I listen to my big bro and his pals talk and also read ALL justarsenal posts and comments thus I am very much informed

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