Poll: Olivier Giroud – Arsenal Hero or Idiot? (plus video)

Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez looking very unhappyAfter his wonder goal for Arsenal against Crystal Palace last week, Olivier Giroud was handed another start by Arsene Wenger in yesterday’s game at Bournemouth. By the time we were 3-0 down it was time for our attackers to show their worth and in the 72nd minute Giroud somehow managed to get a weird backflip with his head which resulted in Alexis Sanchez pouncing with his head to give us a hope of a comeback. And did you see Sanchez grab the ball and sprint back to the centre circle to get on with the game?

Perez then scored a brilliant second goal, and the Gunners were on all out attack to get the equaliser, even more so when Bournemouth went down to ten men. We were throwing everything at the hosts, and when Giroud finally hit the back of the net with his glancing header that hardly changed the direction of the ball, we still had a few minutes to try and get the winner.

But does Olivier grab the ball and run back to the centre – like Sanchez did? No! He decides to do some stupid dance in front of the fans and let the clock tick down so we had lost half the time left in which we could have got the winner.

Obviously I think was a thoroughly idiotic thing to do, an I think that Alexis felt the same looking at the way he was gesticulating when he went off the pitch. What do you think?

Giroud got 2 assists and the equalizing goal. Is he....

  • An Arsenal Hero? (61%, 444 Votes)
  • An Arsenal Idiot? (39%, 278 Votes)

Total Voters: 722

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  1. Giroud had hands in the three goals yet he’s an idiot? Hatred, absolute hatred.
    Who, at 3-0 down thought we’ll not be humiliated? That was what caused his over excitement. He was emotional not an idiot. Stop the hate.

  2. He directly contributed to 3 goals last night. He went to celebrate, acknowledged the fans but quickly returned for the kick off after.

    Non-story for me.

          1. I’m glad there’s more to life than being Arsenal fan. That would get very depressing..

            How’s NY? It’s – 33 Celcius at my home town!

            1. @JMcLovin
              I hear ya. Its about 8 celsius here. I’ll be heading back to Europe next week. Dublin, Ireland then London…

  3. How do we always find things to complain about. He was integral to saving us from an embarrassing defeat and took like what 4 seconds to celebrate? Chill

  4. These results are rather pathetic. A whole 40% think the guy who singlehandedly got us a point and was not at all fault for being 3-0 down in the first place is an idiot because he spent 10 seconds celebrating a brilliant comeback.

    Get a grip people.

  5. evil people…Giroud miss goal you’ll blast him…. from 3-0 down Giroud provided three goals n you still call him ab idiot for celebrating for a few seconds..you lots saying he’s an idiot never wanna hear anything good bout him

  6. Chelski’s winning streak comes to an end……. But trust me u wouldn’t Love to know whose sword they fell on …L()L

  7. Yes i did not like it that he celebrated the goal wasting a bit of time that somehow would be necesary to get the winner, but give the guy a break he was MOTM by far and to call him idiotic for celebrating for 10 secs its getting to far for what it actually is.

  8. he was in the box alone to stop them from scoreing the fourth goal is present alone with the players. on the pressure that apply i said if before that dele ali was better than ozil people laught a me. every time the leader drop point we do the same so how are we going to catch up

  9. Just because you run back to the centre circle with the ball after scoring doesn’t mean that the other team kick off any quicker, they amble back and kick off in their own time. Let the man enjoy his celebration.

  10. The thing that dissapoints me is that Nothing happened after 3-3 for the remaining 4 minutes.

    Long term problems are that our team doesn’t know how to win the ball back except when it’s deep in our midfield in which case it’s defenders or DMF winning the ball, or Sanchez.

    When we go up against Chelsea and Tottenham both away we will have to be physically strong on top of that. Player for player their teams are physically stronger, go in more 50-50 challenges.

  11. Actually I was a little surprised considering we badly needed the win, but I don’t begrudge him for celebrating at all, after two assists, and the all important goal that at least got us a point.

    What annoyed me more than anything in relation to time, was Cech looking to play it short at every opportunity. Even with only seconds left, he doesn’t pump it long! I know it’s Wenger’s instructions for tiki-taka at all times, but surely Cech is experienced enough to take matters into his own hands, push defence up to the halfway line, and pump it long. What’s the point of giving to a CB or Xhaka to hit it long, when you could just do it? By the time Xhaka got the ball, it was game over. Same in the City game. With two seconds left, Cech could have launched it, but decided for a short pass again. We got a free-kick, then it was game over. Two opportunities missed. Cech can’t save at his near post, can’t save a pen, Ospina deserves game time now.

  12. Celebrating 3-3 draw with Bournemouth when we are supposed to be fighting for the tittle shows how “ambitious” we are! Sanchez wasn’t impressed because we lost ground. He wasn’t impressed with 2 goals with crystal Palace because he know goal difference counts….and that is why he is leaving Arsenal!

    1. Agreed. I dont think he is an idiot nor a hero. He played well and saved a point. For me the problem is that he doesnt have the mindset of a warrior.
      Please tell me what kind of player would have rum to the back of the net to pick up the ball and what kind of player would have celebrated.
      He had a right to celebrate, should he have celebrated, in my opinion no.
      We will loose Sanchez it looks almost certain. He will be as big of a loss as Henry was when we let him go to Barca.

  13. People just want a scapegoat. Giroud alone earned us a point. Get upset at the Arsenal board and manager instead, all they want is money and don’t care about the fans. They’ve been running the same scheme for a decade so enough of this Giroud celebrating nonsense

  14. Don’t blame OG this is what we’ve come to expect by being an ARSENAL fan, unfortunately, me for one was ecstatic with OG’s goal, just to crash with reality minutes later when I saw SANCHEZ a real WINNER frustrated and angered by letting 2 vital points vanished, felt sorry for myself for becoming a settler….it is sad that we just settle…..saw the SPUDS play CHELSKI and now I know that we are in trouble our given right to 4th place is in peril, frankly we stand no chance if the other top five keep playing like this….let’s get over with these two games against BAYERN as a formality and focus on fighting for our 4th spot…..then let’s break the piggy bank and hire SIMEONE and pay for a farewell party for Le Prof……just saying

    1. So Sanchez is the only real winner in Arsenal? considering the important goals OG has scored for us this season I think he deserved lots of credits. When Sanchez was poor, slowing our attacks down in some games few seasons ago, no one slate him , you guys have pure hatred for Giroud, the guy is really trying

  15. This is one illogical post right here……

    This article is not even worth publishing

    Without Giroud, I bet will be somewhere between 9th and 10th on the log now!

    1. Or without him we would have won the EPL somewhere in one of the last 3 or 4 seasons since he was bought.. legends have stated that you can’t win the league with OG as your main striker. so celebrating an equalizing goal against a 3rd tire team while he could show urgency to rush back and pressure for the winner.. but his ambition was clearly seen, a draw with Bournemouth and the whole Gooners world should bow for his contribution

      Sanchez was frustrated, he’ll leave to a more ambitious team.. not a 4th trophy bound example of a team

  16. – Time wasted celebrating goal: 10-12 seconds (which is added back on referees anyway)
    – Assists: 2
    – Goals: 1
    – Not the first time he’s rescued us this season, despite the hate and criticism from our fans

    Olivier Giroud – Absolute Hero!

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