Olivier Giroud continues goalscoring form (plus video)

Olivier Giroud appears to be continuing his excellent goalscoring run that started with him scoring four goals in Arsenal’s last two matches last season. He added another three (plus two assist) in France’s run to the Final of Euro2016, and after his extended summer break he has returned with another excellent opportunists strike in an international against Italy last night, which Les Bleus won 3-1.

This is a great preparation for France’s first World Cup Qualifier against Belarus on Tuesday. Giroud has now scored 12 goals in his last 13 games for France. Let’s hope he continues this excellent form and brings it back to Arsenal when we resume after the break against Southampton. Maybe Perez may have to wait before knocking Giroud out of the Gunners centre-forward position in the starting XI…..

Watch this!



  1. He is still part of Arsenal. Glad we got Perez. The healthy competition will be good for the team..

    We can play Sanchez Giroud Perez
    Sanchez Perez Walcott
    Sanchez Walcott Perez (All three switching in the game). ..
    I want them to push themselves and give their all.. Well-done Giroud.

    1. Team A:
      Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny – Monreal
      Xhaka – Cazorla
      Iwobi – Ozil – Sanchez

      Team B:
      Debuchy – Mertesacker – Gabriel – Gibbs
      Coquelin – Elneny
      Oxlade – Ramsey – Walcott

  2. If we are to win anything this season Giroud still has a big part to play. Even if Perez becomes our best goalscorer, we need another high scorer to chip in with Alexis and hopefully others. That was a nice goal by Giroud.

    1. Speaking of others chipping in – i really liked Ozil’s movement and goal vs Watford. Would be nice to see more of that from him and the rest of the team.

  3. Friendlies don’t mean jack, let’s get this straight barring one game he was bang average in euros only reason he played was because Deschamps arrogantly it’s a french thing left their 2 best strikers at home in benzema & lacezette.

    Same old it’s going to be with donkey group missing sitters n making that face which makes u want to punch him.

    Let’s just hope Perez comes to the fore and bangs them in

    1. On Justarsenal if you speak the truth you get thumbed down,Giroud is still the same striker who last season went 15 league games without scoring,he’s still the striker who in the 14/15 season went 9 league games without scoring,he’s still the striker who’s best tally for Arsenal is 16 league goals which will never be enough for us to win any league titles!

  4. NY-Gunner, If you’re reading, I gave you a late reply because I just seen it when I woke up this morning. You asked me to explain something on the article Arsenal Legend shocked at Wilshere treatment.

  5. Perez is LW or Striker
    So we can play Perez LW, Alexis RW and Giroud up front
    Giroud and Perez up front
    Perez up front
    Walcott on the RW and either Perez or Giroud up front

    Lots of possibilities

    I am just hoping Perez and Giroud push each other to score as many goals as Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Kane, etc

  6. That’s 8 goals he scored that mean nothing to Arsenal. Let’s hope he will begin on the bench against Southampton and let’s hope he becomes a great substitute.

    If that guy never starts another game for Arsenal again, I will be a happy man.

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