Olivier Giroud WILL bounce back…again

Despite Olivier Giroud’s excellent scoring record for Arsenal of 42 goals in 84 Premier League appearances, he has never really convinced the fans of his quality. He often goes through periods where he seems to miss every chance that comes his way (remember the Monaco game?) and he annoys the fans with his expressions after every miss, which makes them stand out more.

Although he is the only player that has scored a League goal for the Gunners this season, he has missed plenty, and after another unproductive game for his country yesterday, he was booed by his own countrymen and taken off by the France manager Didier Deschamps.

The coach tried to dismiss the performance as just a bad day at the office. “He helped during the game,” Deschamps said. “He got unlucky on a few chances because the goalkeeper made a great save and he got three clear opportunities.

“One was not on target, a header close from the goal-frame. Obviously if he had been more efficient the score would have been much higher.”

“In his role he made a lot of effort. I always leave a lot of freedom to the three attacking players so he also had to counterbalance.

“He knows about his performance. He’s the first to be sad about his lack of efficiency.

“But it happens sometimes. If it’s not Olivier, it might be Karim Benzema.

“The performance of the entire team remains of a great level.”

Giroud responded to the jeers by admitting that he was misfiring and vowed to bounce back,as he has done many times in his Arsenal career. He said: “As a striker, what you get used to on a daily basis, it is to be applauded when you score goals. When the opposite happens, it’s difficult. Everybody gets criticised at one point.

“That’s not the first and surely not the last time it happens. I have the mental strength to bounce back. Now I am going to focus on working. I am everything but worried about that. I will bounce back.

“(Against Serbia) I wasn’t very efficient. I cannot focus too much on it. I have to think about the victory of the team and the good form we are currently experiencing.

“I am going first, to enjoy our victory and then obviously I will have to correct a few things.”

Although it may not be recognized by many Arsenal fans, it must be said that Olivier usually does bounce back when he has had a particularly bad game, so I would not be at all surprised if he improves in Saturdays game against Stoke. Also Arsene Wenger normally backs Giroud so it is unlikely that hewould be left on the bench. The fans need to get behind him and try to increase his confidence in front of goal…

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  1. Although i dont believe he is the striker that’s gonna win us the league, I dont agree that he has missed plenty for Arsenal this season – He hasn’t had many clear cut chances this year…

    1. The entire bunch of losers we call a team must bounce back.

      Every single one of the over paid so called footballers.

    2. Olivier Girioud is the only Arsenal striker I can remember now that has NEVER score hat-trcks in his career. Is that the striker that will win us title?
      RVP, Seyi Adebayor, Kanu Nwakwo, Carlos Vela, Nicklas Bentner, Thoe Walcolt, Danny Welbeck have all scored hat-trick in Arsenal Shirt except Olivier Giroud

  2. I think is high time we the socalled gunners should start supporting our players,the coach and arsenal as a whole.

    No need to continue WAILING for no apparent reason.

    Buying a player depend on many factors; the player,the buying club and the selling club…

    The transfer window is gone so lets stick to what we have…
    The team is not very bad as reported by socalled pundits/ex-players.. If the arsenal players improve their performance a little bit we can easily win the EPL. arsenal has not really done badly in the last two years; winning the FA cup back to back is a positive improvement…

    Enough of bashing wenger and the players… If you cant support the team,they are lots of other team…

    1. I like to think of myself as a positive guy in regards to the team.
      But we don’t need to improve ‘a little bit’ it needs to be a lot, particularly in attack.
      Where most fans seems to differ is if we have the players in the team to get to that level and I think we absolutely do and will, Giroud included.
      (Cue Henry quote as though he is the messiah of punditry…)

      1. Seeing Henry comments as a pundit I have very, very big doubts about his managerial skills. Sometimes is very embarrassing to see how he contradicts himself in two sentences. That’s OK, I can live with that as footballers are not really bursting with intelligence. What irks me is his laughing when the likes of Carragher or Neville mock absolutely anything about Arsenal. Maybe who knows, BBC is hiring better pundits than commercial televisions.
        Henry should have stayed as Titi for us, a football legend he is and leave this pundit business for Merson. But then I guess Sky made him an offer he can’t refuse.

        1. @Budd
          Dude’s got an ex-wife plus 2 kids, a new young girlfriend with a baby on the way. He needs the money, for sure…

    2. SO True… I just don’t have to like a particular player… Much like people didn’t like Le Squid, Senderos, Cygan and today people boo Fabregas (despite the fact he wanted to return,we had first option to buy and we didn’t) yet people still hate him…. I’d be glad to shut my mouth up… If Giroud can prove me wrong.. and if he can score a bunch of goals, good for the team, better for him but still I WONT LIKE HIM, I DONT HAVE TO SO I WONT..

      1. Fabregas would have “returned” anywhere provided they were able to pay Barcelona. There’s no harm in adding Arsenal in that list even if Arsenal never inquired for his services. Is not only Fabregas wanting to Arsenal. Not sure why I actually discuss this. Fabregas made his own bed and he sleeps pretty much comfy in it.

  3. Basically if the team crosses the ball the more he and Arsenal will score. The more Ozil, Santiago, Ramsey, LeCoq pass the ball around the perimeter waiting to find a through ball to OG Alexis or Theo to walk in to the goal the less our chances become.
    I really hope we can have a solid 3 upfront this year as all 3 can score.
    It is all 3 that need to score for our team to be successful not just 1.
    Our wide players which is in our attack is our backs must learn to cross.

  4. Sorry, can we stop saying Giroud has a great goalscoring record? It’s actually 42 goals in 101 Premier League appearances. That’s not even a goal every 2 games. It’s a ‘good’ goalscoring record but no better than that. Aguero has 79 goals in 122 PL appearances. That is a great goalscoring record. That’s pretty much 2 goals every 3 games.

    People say that’s better than some of our best strikers when they played their first 100 games, but put it in perspective. How old were they? Giroud is already in his prime.

    Yes we have to face the reality that Giroud is the best we have right now and we should support him, but let’s not kid ourselves about how good he is.

    1. Appalling to say Giroud is the best we have at the moment. How did we get here??? In future, some deluded fans will include him among the legends of Arsenal.

      1. @Mick, what surprised me most was when some here compared him to Henry. He’s not even anywhere near. Robin.

      2. It’s about as deluded as how people praise for one good season with us, and neglect the many, many years the majority called him the ‘man of glass’ and advocated his sale.
        If Giroud’s going to be regarded as any player worth remembering he’s going to have to have a pretty big part in a title or two.

  5. As a striker myself I must say the amount of criticism that Giroud gets is out of this world! We as Afc supporters should get behind all our players , what good would it do to the team if we criticize their team mates ? We all have to motivate them so they can work harder to achieve greater things for the club #COYG

    1. @S/A gooner, you would very much like it when people praise you, right??? So, why should people praise you??? Becuz you are doing very well consistently, right???

      When u don’t score often but hustle hard on the pitch, people will still appreciate becuz they see how badly you want to do well and how much u are contributing to the general team play; u know that, right?

      You do know you are being paid to PERFORM, right??? Some bet on you too, right???

      RIGHT???????????????? Do you still think people should stay quiet and accept whatever average shiTty show a player puts up on the pitch??? Dude, I’m not a pro, but I play football and I know how badly I often try on the pitch to help my team, but above all I always want to know from my mates how badly I performed so I can improve.

      1. @K.A.F we can all see that Giroud will not be good enough , is it his fault that he’s at a top club ? He’s goal return is excellent if it were for a club like newcastle (no disrespect) . He didn’t sign himself #justsaying

  6. After 3yrs of trials we already know what giroud is capable of and what he is not capable of and for heaven sake spare us the talk of giroud bouncing this way or that way!!! At the end of it the debate will boil down to DO WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN THE EPL OR THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ??? first let’s start with what went wrong the other season nothing we finished 12pts behind the league leaders chelsea and 5pts behind city…mmmh injuries(no longer news and infact we’re already in it),lack of a proper dm till the new year(le coq emergence who desperately needed a back up), lack of a lethal striker(giroud’s 3mnth injury noted though obviously not good enough and the sole reason wenger himself was reportedly looking for an ‘exceptional striker’)and finally the obvious lack of depth in key positions(DM, CBs and yes a CF).were any or some of this issues addressed prior to a new season???only time will tell,do we have any advantage over city and chelsea who have massively strengthened???again only time can tell. We’re already 5pts adrift with 2 two tricky fixtures in the league and i wld only take LUCK as our best bet!

  7. This is only the 934th
    article about Giroud
    since June 2nd – 2015.
    Admin can we please have
    Giroud articles more often
    perhaps 15 per day
    instead of the usual 10.

  8. Expecting OG to turn into a Ibra, Auguero or a Henry is a bit too late now At 28 going 29 his probably at his peak (not so bad for a 12 mill striker).

    Its not OG’s fault his average, its the fool who bought him and thought he would win the league and UCL and turn OG into a WC striker so late in his career.

    Its unfair adding all the pressure on OG, its not his fault at all, if you here some of his interviews he wishes we would sign a WC striker too so we release pressure off him. This is the biggest club he has played for and will most likely ever play for hence a bit part role would have been okay for him. But ofcourse Wenger knows best huh.

    Unfortunately all the guys calling for fans to lay off his back this will never happen for as long as he is the focal person in our attack and continues to waist chances. This goes for all our players. Having said this, lets support those wearing our jersey but put pressure on the old French guy who buys, trains and selects these players each time they flop and praise him when they perform!

    I think that about fair for both AOB’s and AKB’s

  9. we only criticize people to put them on their toes in order to do the right thing.we are not capitalizing on every opportunity we get to bash him.giroud has been consistently inconsistent ,everybody knows that.there’s no sign of improvement from him and he seems not to care.
    defend giroud all you want but the truth is we will never win major trophies with giroud and Wenger in arsenal!!!

    1. But we have just won major trophies, back to back fa cups for a start.

      Also in every other country the community shield would be called the super cup, in every other country their super cup is classed as a major trophy. For the cup winners to defeat the league champions two years running is a considerable feat even in England, but if that happened in Spain, Germany or Italy the media would be buzzing.

      I think their should be a reward put on it to make it more competitive, like a bye into the next round of the league cup or fa cup or even both. Then see how serious teams would take it. If a team won the double they would automatically get the bye(s) but the competition still played, with an alternative carrot dangled.

  10. Based on form shown this week and how many minutes some have played, this team looks either well rested or on form for the weekend

    Bellerin Gabriel kos or per Monreal
    Coquelin cazorla
    Walcott ozil alexis

    Per or kos or Debuchy
    Chamberlain or wilshire

  11. Ahh.. I think I’m done arguing about Giroud for a while. At least till stoke.
    He’s played three games for us with one world-class goal and a handful of chances he should have taken. He’s been having no problems at all getting on the end of chances, his finishing has been lacking confidence but a few goals could change that very quickly.
    Room for improvement? Definitely!
    Cause for concern? If you think there is, surely United, City, Liverpool and Chelsea must be in absolute panic mode as their first choice strikers have all played an extra game with none or equal goals with Giroud…

  12. Giroud Gets slaughtered for No Reason, The Guy bRings his part And for all the Abuse he gets ynlike Gervinho Arshavin bendtner Etc he doesnt sulk he rather tries harder to correct his errors a lot of you guys want us to go out and sign Ur RVP type of players great goal scorers yes but when I look back at Rvp at arsenal he never defended aswell as Giroud does say what you wqnt about the guy but he not only scores but he clears all the corners and free kicks thats in our 18 yard box and on the other side he tries to head them in I’m not saying Giroud can win Arsenal the Epl but hes the player that doesnt mind being a team Player and Understand when he needs to be benched coz he’s a team player, do you think a 50 mill player will understand if he has to be benched, in a big game? Do his defensive duties, hold up play?

    Opinions divided but Giroud is a Good enough Arsenal Player

  13. Given the number of pro-Giroud articles we have witnessed in a couple of days, it seems Giroud has hired a publicist to carry out a PR campaign to launder his image amongst the fans. Well, it aint working, because we have seen enough of Giroud to know what his potential is. Giroud is just going to continue being Giroud and thats it nothing new, nothing spectacular. He may hit some goal scoring form at some point during the season then probably miss a tone of them thereafter. Thats vintage Giroud and it aint gonna change.

  14. Giroud is a very good striker and we are lucky to have him. However, he isn’t enough for us to win the league comfortably.

    For that we need an Aguero or a Suarez.

    Given the shortage of available top strikers, we are left with Giroud.

    Playing the percentages….if he has his best season (20 + goals) and other players step up to score more then we can do really well, but the odds of that are low.

    And that is why some of us remain frustrated. I’m a Giroud fan and think he gets unfair criticism, but we need better to win the league.

  15. Giroud is our only goal scorer
    I don’t think he needs to bounce back for club
    Also remember he hasn’t started all 4 matches either. So hopefully Giroud continues scoring for us.

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