Olivier Giroud wants 25 League goals this season – I wish!

Giroud has high ambitions for Arsenal by Darren N

There is nothing wrong with confidence in the Arsenal players but listening to Olivier Giroud I would say there is a fine line between confidence and madness! I agree that when Arsene Wenger used Theo Walcott as competition for the centre-forward spot the Frenchman suddenly started knocking in the goals. Since the New Year though he has been very lax in front of goal, as have anyone else who gets a shooting chance for the Gunners.

Everyone goes on about Ozil’s amazing assist record, but let’s be fair, if our players had converted even a quarter of the other chances he created we would be well clear in the League and Ozil would already have smashed Henry’s assist record. Giroud has scored 12 League goals this season, but he has an aim of 25-30 before the end of the season, and with 15 games remaining he would have to score in nearly every single game to achieve that.

Here is what he said on Arsenal.com today when he was asked if he inspired to beat Robert Pires record of 84 goals for the club: “Yeah, of course.” he said. “I want to mark the history of the club, and for a striker you always do this by measuring how many goals you score and how many assists you give. I know the part that my team-mates play of course, but the most important thing you check is the goals of the striker. So yes, hopefully I can beat my friend Robert soon!”

Then he starts getting into the realms of fantasy when asked about his immediate goals. “Yes, to be honest I would like to reach 25 goals this season, and after that why not keep going? Between 25 and 30 could be nice. But in the league, yeah, hopefully I could reach 25 – that would be a nice line,”

Yes Olivier it would be great if you really could, but let’s be honest. If your record in the last ten games is anything to go by, you will be lucky to get to 15! I would love you to prove me wrong, but I certainly wouldn’t put money on it!


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  1. U don’t get 25goals with so much miss miss miss …. Hair pulling…miss …. Miss…. Hair dryer ….miss …miss ….tongue pulling

    u get it by being potent in front of goal

  2. lets face it giroud is d best finisher we ve got wearing d arsenal shirt..believing urself is d best way to up ur game..so if he blivs it all we need is to get behind cheering

  3. Twenty goals is possible
    8 goals in 15 games needed
    That’s doable
    But he needs to start scoring again first

    I hope his goal of 25-30 goals comes true for him and us.

  4. I’m okay if he continues those lovely headed lay-offs for the likes of Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil to finish off. His lay-offs are as good as goals to me 🙂

  5. He can start with a hattrick against man u, and continue from there! It’s not impossible! So let’s see how hungry olivier giroud is to achieve his goal! Coyg!

  6. What I would like to see is Alexis and Theo each contribute the way way OG has with a similar 18 goal tally and numerous assists. Playing with a target should allow the wings to have numerous opportunities as they both will be closer to goal when the target comes to meet the incoming pass and drawing the CB’s in the process and all those balls playing with Ozil will be for those wings who have the space to run onto the through balls he provides.

  7. AW needs to put his best team out at hull and try and play us in to form. Let’s face it we no what’s going to happen next week. Hull will fight for there lives and we need to win big. It’s our cup at the mo so why not go and win it 3 times

  8. my dear Giroud, THAT GUY WELBS is back with a bang so your contract with the bench will soon materialise

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