Olivier Giroud WILL listen to offers as he looks for “a better playing project”

The agent of the Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, has made it clear that if some good offers come in for his client during the January transfer window then they will sit down and discuss with Wenger about the options available to the French International striker, despite Wenger’s announcement that Giroud will not be sold next month.

Michael Manuello told Foot Mercato: “It can make things complicated (Wenger’s firm stance). But the clash, that kind of thing is not in Olivier’s nature, nor in mine. We always work in harmony.

“It is normal for Arsene to emit this position publicly. This is completely normal. We do not have to comment on it elsewhere.

“Now, depending on how the offers arrive, we will sit around a table and discuss.

“The most important thing is to know what will be offered or not this winter and to find a better playing project.”

Manuello is also convinced that Giroud will be receiving many offers, and then it will be up to him and the player to get Le Prof to change his mind. He continued: “There will be approaches. All clubs looking for an attacker are likely to come. We have to be careful and if there is something obvious, we will try to convince Arsène to go back on what was said.”

Giroud has already said that he thinks about the World Cup all the time, and what he can do to ensure that he gets a place in the team, and if the right offer comes along he will definitely take it seriously, but will Wenger relent? I doubt it!


Updated: December 19, 2017 — 2:00 pm


  1. Oh no!

    What will we do?

  2. Giroud has lasted longer than he should’ve got. We kept him at first choice despite him proving to be not the quality we need at first choice. Now at the first sign of trouble and he wants shot, typical. We were right to buy Lacazette, we should have bought someone allot sooner. If Giroud wants to put his France place above the club that stuck by him and pays his bills, feck off then. Or you could try to earn your way to first choice for Arsenal and France by rivaling Salah and being truly worthy, ay ..thought not.

  3. Keeping a player that does not want to stay would affect his performance, I think Wenger has known this from Ozil, Sanchez and Chamberlain cases. It could go well, like Coutinho in Liverpool, but Arsenal’s bad performance and management have affected the players’ motivation.

    Giroud has saved Arsenal from defeats in many matches and Arsenal would always depend on him as long as they still use Wenger’s obsolete system. I don’t think Wenger would let him go in January, he would most likely use him as a starter with Lacazette and change the formation to keep him motivated.

  4. Giroud is better coming off the bench. Yes he has saved us in quite a few games but I’m sure there’ll be a team out there that’ll play him for the whole 90 minutes. If I had to choose between him & Lacazette, sorry Oli I’d pick Lacazette

  5. We have to sell OG now while he is valuable (if he wants to go).He is already 31 and some clubs out there will pay a reasonable fee for him,we need younger striker to compete with Lacazette.

  6. So we need to replace:

    Koscielny (he’s not that good anymore)
    Wilshere (possibly)

    1. But the man at the helm is Wenger.So forget about replacing them because those coming from injuries and the youngsters in the academy will be like A NEW SIGNING.

    2. Jesus we won’t have a team at this rate ?

  7. Bye bye giroud. He was only ever a plan b player. Welbeck can do the same sort of job if he stays fit. Lets get a young prospect in. Or even better go for greizmen or dybala or another qulity forward who is proven. Giroud is not better than henry bergkamp adeybayor vanpersie anelka Wrighty or even on any of their levels. Its about time he goes if he doesnt wanna be there. Splash the cash and apease thr fans for a few years kreonke make arsenal great again. Dybala or greizman alongsode lemar

    1. It is so sad seeing people still comparing Giroud to Welbeck. First of all Giroud is a footballer, Welbeck is not. Stop watching football pls.

  8. Hmmm, if Giroud does somehow end up leaving, it would have been good to have a back up. Maybe like, hmmm, I don’t know. Someone like Lucas Perez?!

    1. @jib perez also not good enough. We want 2 Class strikers like city and utd have.

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