Is Ollie Watkins the perfect man for Arsenal?

The Aston Villa and England international Ollie Watkins has recently caught the eye of a lot of people, having been called up for England recently after a really good spell of football under Unai Emery at Aston Villa, and it’s got a few people wondering if Arteta would consider going all in for the talented young striker in the January transfer window.

Arsenal obviously have Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah as our out and out strikers this season, with Leandro Trossard and Kai Havertz able to play the role, but Jesus and Nketiah have been Arteta’s number one choices up front this season and a lot of Arsenal fans are crying out for a new sriker in January to try and bolster our attack.

Jesus has been injured for a lot of the season and when he is missing has been a huge loss for the team and the type of style that Arteta looks like he wants to play. Nketiah is good but I don’t think he does exactly what Jesus can do for Arteta and when Jesus is injured we look a bit lost. We look to be crying out for a proper number 9.

This is where Ollie Watkins comes in, he’s had a great season so far and looks to be on a run of good form, and for me, he could really be the missing piece that sends us to the top to grab that title. Watkins has already scored 13 goals and 8 assists this season and his form doesn’t look like it’s going to take a dip anytime soon.

Everyone keeps saying that we need a clinical striker that can finish off the many chances and half chances our brilliant midfielders create, and I can’t help but agree with them.

For me Arsenal look like they’re missing that puzzle piece that could send them on a run of games to win the League, but if something happens to Jesus, or god forbid both Jesus and Nketiah get injured somehow, we could just miss out again on some needed silverware.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Do you think Ollie Watkins could be a perfect fit for this Arsenal squad and Arteta-s system?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Dream on, Just more nonsense from your self entitled fan base!! Do you want Luiz and Kamara too??? We are your rivals now-get used to it!!!

    1. There is no doubt, in Douglass Luiz and Ollie Watkins are two very good players that would fit Arsenal perfectly, it will almost impossible to get either in January.

      Am afraid the top is getting crowded and Arsenal haven’t won the league in two decades, but I would prefer the Villains win it any day over the Citizens or any of the fighting pack for that matter, if Arsenal fails to win it themselves.

    2. Quit dreaming dude. Save this comment for later reference, Villa’s best finish this season would be 5th which indeed would be a great achievement for them, but they are no title contenders.

  2. Yes, I really liked his hold-up play. Unfortunately, he will be 28 years old soon and his contract at Aston Villa will only expire in 2028

    It would make more sense if we approach one of the following CFs:

    – Santiago Gimenez
    – Artem Dovbyk
    – Jonathan David
    – Viktor Gyokeres

      1. Yeah, I forgot about him. If he doesn’t extend his contract this season, it’d be possible to buy him as his contract will expire in 2026

  3. Of course he would but this sort of speculation is ridiculous as he’s not for sale, Villa wouldn’t sell him to us anyway and whilst he’s a closet Gooner I’m not sure he would defect to us. As for the extremely rude comments of the villa saddo above⬆️, get back to your own site!

  4. But Arsenal doesn’t need Ollie Walkins , but a player in Douglass Luiz mold would be welcome.

    All Arsenal has to do, look no further than Feyenord at Santiago Gimenez, young, strong, highly technical and premier league ready with a high ceiling, the perfect Arsenal type signing

    1. Also his team-mate and the twin brother of our very own, Quinten Timber is playing really well as a defensive/central midfielder for Feyenoord. Worth a look!

  5. I thought Luiz was ineffective on Saturday and four years ago we had an opportunity to sign Watkins, and chose not to.

  6. Villa fan here. Arsenal is a truly great club, (the fans are “up themselves “ but that’s to be expected of Londoners). Watkins is perfect for us at this moment. I don’t see him as a step up for you. Keep your powder dry and go get one of the handful of elite strikers when the opportunity arises. Methinks this usually involves a good deal of advanced planning and “tapping up” but Arteta looks a good bet for the long haul.

    1. The article writer is actually Australian, or at least lives there, so probably not ‘up’ herself, but a bit of a wagon jumper.
      Agree about Ollie (lovely player) we had a chance while he was at Brentford and passed on it, so our own fault.

  7. Daisy Mae, do you really think that Arsenal can cherry pick whichever player they wish, especially from top four rivals, and right in the middle of the season?

    1. @Jax
      It’s not just her who thinks that way. The majority of the posters on here are guilty of the same thing…jus sayin

  8. This was the issue some of us had when Jesus signed. He is a gifted player no doubt, but strikers need to score goals; Jesus himself admitted he isn’t a clinical scorer.

    I think Arsenal are better off signing a goal scoring striker and Jesus competing with him and Saka on the RW. Unfortunately that’s partly why he left City to join us.

    We still need a striker, DM, and B2B midfielder, and may have to wait until the Summer.

    Hopefully Arteta will be ruthless and sell players to bring in these additions.

    Nketiah, Vieira, Tierney, likely ESR, and Partey should add needed funds.

  9. Being “perfect” Daisy, since you ask, is rather a difficult thing to hope for, considering he plays for Aston Villa and NOT us! We can fantasise if we wish – I never do wish, being a total realist- about ANY other clubs top level players . But that is all it is, FANTASY!!
    Still, enjoy your fantasy DAISY, but just dont expect the many realists on JA to join in with your fantasies. He will NOT be for sale and is NOT coming to us, as ALL realists know!

  10. I would prefer osimhen over ollie. he is more powerful quick and clinical in the pox as well as out side the box. but if we sign mbape,
    it will be eye watering

  11. While all centre forwards are strikers not all strikers are centre forwards. Watkins is a genuine centre forward able to hold up the ball and bring players in. Arsenal’s strikers aren’t. Essentially Arsenal’s play comes down the wings, whoever is in the centre is there to finish off the move. Which is fine until you get a game like Newcastle where the wide players are marked out of the game and the lack of a plan B becomes obvious. I do think a genuine centre forward, Watkins, Toney etc would give more options.

  12. Ollie is a good player, but not a player I would break the bank for, or expect to be a prolific scorer either. Besides, it’s beyond me why we think we can simply raid Villa for their key players and they would just jump ship. Of course money talks and with no disrespect to Villa, we are a bigger club, but still I don’t think we can just expect to pick and choose as we please. We need another forward, Jesus has been missing through injury and his form has been patchy, probably due to injuries and the need for full fitness. But, we need a real top performer not just a warm body to make the numbers up. Watkins is much more than a warm body but not the player that would take us up a level IMO.

  13. Ollie Watkins is a decent player but can not be described as a prolific elite striker

    the 10 to 15 goals a season is not enough to make a difference to Arsenal – in fact I would be confident Jesus and/or Nketiah getting in that range with less playing time, i.e. Watkins starts every game for Villa, Nketiah would get a third of the minutes but similar goal output

    so no way is Watkins what Arsenal need

    neither is Toney, too much risk he will never reach the heights consistently again

    finally both are £80m to £100m, not enough improvement on what we have for that money, much better spent elsewhere – example the Rice experiment at Centre Back says it all in terms of where we thin

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