Olympiacos v Arsenal review – PERFECT game and Giroud sends us through

What a time for Olivier Giroud to score his first ever Arsenal hat-trick and it was well deserved for the brilliant French striker. It capped a great game fotr him but this fantastic result was a real team effort from front to back. A perfect Champions League performance in the tightest of corners sees the Gunners into the next round and Wenger’s long standing record saved.

Arsenal knew they needed goals and so of course we wanted a fast start but it did not really happen. In fact it was the home team that had the best of the opening exchanges and that encouraged them to press for a goal. Despite not really getting our fluent passing game going though, Arsenal were committed.

With some hard work and cool heads Arsenal managed to ride out the first 15 or 20 minutes with no real damage apart from a Ramsey yellow card. If his tackle was woth one then two of the Greeks should have been booked as well. But the tide was turning and Flamini was so close to scoring after 25 minutes, his shot deflected on to the bar after great work from Giroud and Campbell.

It was not long before Giroud was on the end though, and he powered a header into the bottom corner that the keeper got a hand to but could not stop. THe move was started with some typical brilliance from Ozil who set Ramsey fee on the left for the Welshman to cross.

Olympiacos rallied and had some good moments before the break, while Theo Walcott produced a great run at their defence but put his shot wide. We were in position though and there were nerves in the home team and crowd. Perhaps the key moment came just after the restart as it looked like Giroud would have to go off with a turned ankle.

He didn’t and then went on to make himself a hero. He was involved in the build up and then showed great desire and a fine finish to put us in position to go through with a 2-0 scoreline in the 49th minute. The Greeks had to come forward but we were in no mood to let them off the hook.

Giroud sealed the points and progression from the spot after 66 minutes. Olympiacos then needed three goals and they never looked like doing it. So the Gunners have made the miracle happen, but how far can we go now?

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  1. Arsenal and champions league the perfect love story.
    Giroud best game in Arsenal shirt
    Joel campbell man with Mission
    Good team work
    Hard work + smart work pays off

    1. where the hell did that come from!

      everyone quick to slate these boys an our manager- needs to be quick to show love tonight-

      absolutely brilliant form the lads-

      1. Hi muff……… Can we all smiLe at Manure now?………. L()L…….. Too bad there’s nothing 2 smile bout Moanino’s men!

        1. a giroud hat trick??
          an in a such important high pressure game

          write this day down lads- bloody hell!

            1. Giroud is scoring goals for arsenal. That’s all that matters.he’s on fire.he has been the entire season so far.8 goals in bpl and 5 in UCL….not bad at all. Keep in mind giroud was benched 4 or 5 matches.he still has managed to score 13 goals and its not mid season yet.great job giroud and what a way to silent the critics

            2. Hahaha Hahaha ? That’s right!
              But, He is styling it out well ,now, though! ?
              Someone’s name just became… bum lick saliva ?

              1. still angry about me an ur sister it seems…its in the past fatty …enough now.

                anyway ur one of this sites loudest anti wenger supporters..why r u saying anything??

                1. Hahaha Hahaha hahaha Hahaha
                  What are you talking about man? ?
                  My sister dates men, not boy’s ?
                  Talking of boy’s, i reckon that your into them yourself! ? you can’t fool me son ?

                  Now get back to inhaling your crack,
                  Instead of talking out of it! ?

      1. THANK YOU ! Where are all the haters who said he should be sold ??! I said it before he still has to got used to the playing style of the team, now he’s showing what he’s capable of.

        1. through injuries, we find another gem: joel campbell.
          debuchy’s injury led to the discovery of bellerin.
          injury to caz forced ramsey to the center and we find campbell: and all kudos for him for taking advantage when opportunity came knocking.

          kudos to all the players today: especially , i’m happy for giroud.

    2. Now who will argue that giroud is quality????well done olii…what a night to get your first arsenal hat trick. 13 goals so far this season for giroud and still there will be fans saying he’s not good enough. Tonight you got your answer.

      1. Oli ? ” Please Sir. .. Can I have some More?

        ?” MOREEEEEEEEE!!”

        * Drops bowl.. pegs it out the door .. only to get ?Out,
        By some full grown pikey , 20 yards up the road ?
        poor Oliver ?

    3. Barca
      Madrid x2

      40% chance of getting the big boys.
      Atletico and Wolfsburg will be no slouches either.
      Zenit should be quite doable.

      1. I would rather we face Real than Atletico, they are a tough unit, they don’t give up goals easily, and they know how to grind out wins, especially over 2 legs … just ask Barca and Rea/

    4. i’m HighLy disappointed

      I’m so so so very disappointed

      u Let in two silly goaLs all for Nothing!


      ChiLL folks!!!

      That one’s for Porto …..

    1. lads we have till middle of February before our next game in champions league…players back, possible buys….we just need to avoid barca and this could be a tasty European campaign!!

  2. Giroud what the hell was that? Did you see his movement? He was everywhere and cutting through defenders like never before! MOTM!

    COYGG!!! Now hope for Athletico, Wolfsburg or Zenit!

  3. ok NOW we can take the mickey outta man u haha
    jokes aside this was the performance of a experience European side

    hugely impressive with so many players out…

      1. for all the times giroud has let his emotions overwhelm him: this day and the way he took that penalty: a day to remember. hope there will be many more like it.

  4. Now that is a proper away from home European performance!! The entire squad and manager have done us proud tonight.

    Oh and btw Ozil is the best player in Premier league without a doubt. Genius of a player

  5. My God Wenger is a pro at making UCL round of 16.He should write a book and give copies to all the other EPL managers..LOL !!

    1. Title of the book should be:

      “How to make UCL round of 16 -for DUMMIES”.

      Yeah, you heard it right Van Gaal -“for DUMMIES!!!”

  6. I must say arsenal and lazarus both have one thing in common, they both came back from the dead! But we did it! Coyg!

  7. For young a player there can be a moment when they step over the line to become a full-fledged member of the team and solidify the respect of their team-mates and the fans.

    For Joel Campbell that moment just happened. Whatever his future role, he is now a full gunner absolutely.

    Fantastic both offensively and defensively. MOTM for me.

    1. Well said Mohawk. Joel is a real lesson for the Ox in how to take your chance when you get it.
      He has grown with every game, and now the rest of the team are starting to believe in him too.
      Sometimes he has a heavy first touch, but he always tries to win the ball back.
      Think he’s going to be a big favourite with the fans

    2. @mohwak
      Many were writing Joel off to be sold. I knew with a few matches under his belt he would come good. And he did, just when we needed him to…Take a bow Son.

      1. I will admit I was not yet convinced Joel would improve fast enough to satisfy Wenger or the fans. I had some remaining doubts. So glad he removed all worries in this regard.

    3. The pass he made for the second goal was incredible. Mesut like because he had to have the patience for the play to develop.

    4. Joel Campbell is a star and at a young age he will turn to be an Amazing shiny star he can play right left center he is a bag of tricks when I first saw him I believed he is going to turn to be a Pele

  8. Now what? How serious are we in winning this competition? Our team is few in quality players. We still need to buy.

    – New Dm.
    – New Striker.
    – New AMF maybe.

    Today was a good day, lets see who we are going to face now.

        1. Smoking some realness i guess. Consider that we play in 2 mayor competition now, we need as much quality in the team as possible.

          Santi and Coqueling are out for long. We have the cash, if we can use it, we should do it.

        1. Joel has always been top class, he just needed confidence and a chance. No doubt he’ll have some bad games, but his vision for the hame is sublime, his assists forAlexis and Giroid tend to show this.Just sit back and start to enjoy the ride, you never know he may become a great, I for ome hope so.

  9. This is one of our greatest nights

    Think about this great comeback
    We lose first two matches
    Go into a two matches in a row against Bayern
    We knew we had to beat them at least once
    We beat them once
    After a big defeat against Bayern we MUST beat Zagreb and then Olympiakos by two goals AWAY

    After a bad start we showed great character

    Also Giroud proved he could perform in pressure match.

    Really proud of the boys tonight πŸ™‚

  10. Outstanding team performance in a tough atmosphere!! From Cech through Kos to Ollie (whose the donkey now).
    AW has been patient with Joel Campbell and this is now paying off.
    This is must be springboard for a long winning run to win the EPL

  11. ????????????
    I have lost my voice ??
    What a glorious result ?
    History is made… twice!
    A win in Greece and a Girouddddddd! Hat – trick ?

    ?Superrrrr ,Super lamp , Superrrrr, super lamp
    Superrrrr, Super lamp…SUPER LAMPOST GIROUD?

    And a cleansheet to boot!
    Well done to all lads… absolutely wonderful! ??

    Bring on Barcelona! ?

    1. Whoa fat boy easy there we don’t want none of barca YET, let’s get wolfsburg or zenit in the next round and boost our confidence then knock out the big boys!

  12. put our teeth inside their neck before we kill’em….and tell em we just don’t feel’em.! to be honest after the injuries and all that s##t, the players were beyond what i expected. including girud. and Campbell must never even see the bench. a round of applause please!

  13. 3 of our most vital players out an we win 3-0 in greece-

    oh yeah we a one man team…that one man….giroud…who knew!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. G-Rude= phenomenal
    Campbell=lethal (although did still have rate him that much but he played outside his skin against his old side).

    Well done all!

  15. fantastic game!koscielny is my pride I’m so proud he’s ours.if he were to b in a Chelsea or united jersey I would have been green with envy.lovely game from giroud I’ve never celebrated his goal but I didn’t know when I jumped after his second goal.good one olivier! now unto villa and the mouthwatering game BTW Leicester and Chelsea!

  16. It all started with Giroud and ended with him. The come back. Remember that (hand of god) goal against Bayern at home? It set us up on the recovery path. Something about Giroud this season is that he proves himself in those big high pressure game. Bayern home and away (what a goal) and now Olympiacos away. And Campbell, boy oh boy! The lad is coming good match after match. Like a phoenix, Gunners are rising from the ashes.

  17. my Ozil is simply on another level.
    check all d third pass to d goals. He just split dere defence in a unique way nd Campbell is so good tonight dt Morael had to tell him right dere on d pitch how impresed he was.
    Giroud well no coment….

    what a gud nit for me today.
    Congregations to d lads

  18. I am over the moon with that performance. Very matured and confidnce esp in the 2nd half, Campbell/Giroud the best games they have had in an Arsenal shirt. Giroud should take our penalties also from now until he misses one imo.

    Brilliant now in last 16 for the 16th year in a row, 2nd only 2pts off top with a game against the bottom team in the prem before the big game with City!! Sitting pretty now, draw on Monday and avoid Barca/Madrid and we might go further this year with injuries back and possibly a new signing or two. Welbeck, Wilshere, Coq, Rosicky all back for feb ucl last 16 games.

    Very proud of our lads well done

  19. I haven’t seen you praise Joel’s assist to Giroud. It was a masterpiece worth mentioning. Told y’all he was gonna get hard!

  20. The plaudits will go to Giroud, Koscielny and Campbell, but I thought Walcott did very well on the LW especially for a player just returning from injury.

    1. You are so right. Theo is vital to our success. However the striker position OG had to give way to Theo earlier this year I would have to say belongs to #12.

  21. Great result, good to see Joel Campbell establishing himself as a first team player after so long on loan and on the bench.

  22. I never post here just observe so now I’m just here to see everyone say how great giroud is nananana giroudddd then the next time we lose or draw lampost donkey and useless… Anyways good job arsenal great job giroud Barcelona here we come !!

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