Olympiakos win shows Arsenal are ready to go all the way

Arsenal had never won against Olympiakos in Greece in three previous attempts so it looked like an impossible task for the Gunners to go there and win by two clear goals, but the team handled the pressure like experienced campaigners and came away with their heads held high and, more importantly, the win they needed to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Our new rock at the back, Petr Cech, thinks that this win proves that Arsenal now have the ability to handle any other pressure games that may come up as the season progresses. “We are ready to play under pressure,” he told Arsenal Player. “This is something that is really nice to know because we are playing for the title and that will bring the pressure on. Then when you go further in the cup competitions the play-off rounds come up so you will definitely play under pressure.

“If you want to progress and go as far as possible then you have to keep winning games. It might be that it doesn’t go well for you in one of those games and you have to chase it, so it’s good to know that we’ve been in that situation before and we can actually do it, regardless of the circumstances.

“Hopefully it will help us to progress as a team for the next phase of the league and also in the Champions League. There’s always pressure in games where the circumstances are difficult, especially when you play away from home and need to get the result. Once you’ve experienced that then it gives everybody confidence.”

In two days time we will find out which team we will face in the next round, and we can go into the game with confidence no matter who are our opponents. Especially if we have the on-fire Giroud leading the front line. Cech was also happy to praise our much-maligned striker for the way that he coped with the pressure as well. “You have to give Olivier a lot of credit because for a long period of the season Theo was injured and Danny has been injured, so there’s obviously a lot of pressure on him,” Petr continued. “We rely on him but he’s shown that he’s up to the challenge and he’s kept scoring important goals.

“He’s strong, big and obviously he can score. This is what you want from your striker so all the time he is scoring goals he is very important for the team. It’s great for his confidence as well because if you ask any striker, the biggest cure for them is to score goals. We hope he will continue playing well and having chances to score goals.”

Giroud is confident, Cech is confident, and I bet the whole team now feel like world-beaters. Now we just have to keep calm and carry on winning at no matter the price. If we win some games easily when we are in full flow all the good, but when we can still win when we are playing badly and the odds are stacked against us then even better.

This could be Arsenal’s season at last…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I don’t want to get carried away just yet, but if we beat Aston Villa convincingly and show it wasn’t just a flash in the pan, then I will start to feel a little more confident

    1. lol…why would beating Aston Villa make you feel more confident? Its expected, we should beat Aston Villa (hopefully without struggling like we did against Sunderland). Aston Villa are the worst team in the league.
      If we beat Man City next Monday, then you should start to feel a little more confident.

      1. It would be typical of the Arsenal teams of the past few years to get a very good result like Olympiakos, then slip up immediately after in a far easier game.

        1. @Mick The Gooner…..did u just say “aston villa is a far more easier game ” ?……. Welcome to the EPL!!!!

    2. beating villa will only boost our morale and ego………. I don’t think that would make me confident just yet

  2. I think I see where G-Rude is coming from. Arsenal have a terrible history of dropping their bundle
    against teams at the lower end of the table. Aston Villa know this and this will be their match of the season.

  3. Okay. If we beat Aston Villa, Man City, Southampton and Bournemouth then I’ll fee more confident. Oh and Newcastle. Okay? Merry Christmas!

    1. Yea……..and if we beat em all and Lift the EPL…….. make an Arsenal Jersey with the word “CONFIDENT #1” on it…

  4. A win for all games upto new year and minimum a draw against City and we will be in a strong position, if not leading the league.

    1 or 2 additions in the window after that to push us on to success.

    1 area we need backup is Coq at DM, even just that 1 signing will be significant as Flamini cant play all games. He has been decent though.

  5. I disagree ………. Olympiakos win doesn’t we are READY……. It only shows that with zeal, mental grit, focus, a die hard and non-complacent attitude, one can achieve achievable results!

  6. Honestly, till the last whistle of the season, Arsenal need to keep proving themselves. We thought the win against ManU showed we are ready to go all the way. But doubts surrounded us again and now after the Olympiakos win we are saying the same thing again. Come MANC match and we will again be put under scrutiny to prove our champions credentials. The point is its not easy to shake off the chokers tag. Yes its justified to call us chokers. We have come close to winning PL on several occasions only to end up fighting for 3-4 th position. What is the guarantee it will not happen this time around as well ? So winning any match will not show we are ready to go all the way. It is only the victory of the title at the end that will convince me. Nothing else. So I request you all to keep the feet grounded. Otherwise it will hurt a lot when you come crashing down. Celebrate the victory, but respect the thin line between celebration and euphoria, something which should be reserved when we have a silverware to show for our efforts in the season.

  7. I think the Premier League and the Champions League are different Leagues with different complexions. Agree,ofcourse a continuous winning run in the Premier League by Arsenal can be a confidence booster for the Gunners ahead of their FA Cup and Champions League games. But Arsenal don’t have to beat Villa to prove that they can win their next Ucl match that is yet to be known. To beating Villa tomorrow Sunday is to keep Arsenal’s title charge going forward. And I expect the Gunners to do just that. Even if they will only beat the expected hard fighting Villa team by the odd goal of 1-2 to collect all the 3 points that will be at stake.

  8. The way we played v Olympiakos away from home shows we have the same capability as the Bayerns. Sadly we don’t have the ruthless consistency (yet I hope). I f we had watched our players as opposing fans we would be purring over them. If they continue playing like that for the rest of the season, and those coming back from injury step up to that level too, WOW.

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