What if Arsenal DON’T reach the Champions League?

Arsenal dropped more points at the weekend, leaving us in the fourth and final Champions League place, and are losing grip on our place in next season’s elite competition.

The Gunners failed to make the most of their chances this weekend, which allowed Crystal Palace to walk away from the Emirates with a point, while Manchester City leapfrogged us into third in the table.

The Citizens are flying high from their recent Champions League exploits, and having scored 12 goals in their last five matches, look likely to finish the season with a string of results, and will not be fun to visit for our last match of the season. Having to play against Real Madrid could distract them from their run-in but I think they have a big enough squad to work on both.

That would leave us to battle it out with Manchester United, who are four points behind us at present. The Red Devils have won five of their last seven Premier League matches, and are enjoying the emergence of Marcus Rashford, and were boosted by the return of captain Wayne Rooney this weekend also. The pair could be looking to finish the season with a bang, with the latter keen on securing a first-team role for England, and the former an outside bet to make the squad.

Our English contingent appear more eager to remain fit then force Roy Hodgson to pick them for the Euro 2016 tournament in France, and judging by our lacklustre display against Crystal Palace, the team could do with a wake-up call.

The bookmakers have been forced to slash the odds for us to miss out on the top four this term, with one firm dropping us to 9/2 (5.5) not to finish inside the coveted slots.

There will be no excuses for not beating West Brom on Thursday, who should be safe from the drop-zone with their current points tally, and are in dire form at present.

Could we really allow ourselves to drop out of the CL places? Would Wenger consider his future if faced with no Champions League for the first time in his Arsenal career?

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  1. Spurs just dismantled Stoke by 4 goals, AWAY. Unbelievable. We can’t even win at the Britannia.

    And they have Alli, Rose, Kane, Walker and Dier. That’s 5 English players, the true English core.

    Wenger has truly failed. He failed Arsenal, he failed the fans and he failed the English core.

    1. Oh and what’s the point of being in the Champions League? We won’t win it with Wenger.

      They also say “no way will that player join a team without CL football”, as if we are gonna players with such ambitions.

    2. While their fans sing are you watching Arsenal!!! Jesus this season can’t come to an end soon enough. Our system is broken.

      1. The team is broken, the fans are broken.

        Wenger is not since he lives in his delusion. Not sure if he has any idea what’s going on.

        1. The fans are broken? Or maybe we’ve had it with the way the club has been run the last ten years and are finally beginning to take a stand?

    3. 5 games Left….

      And there’s no guarantee we’d win all 5 of it…

      So tell me how wenger thinks we are heading in an upper direction!

    4. i’ve been thinking, How bout we stopped aiming too high and see/try out what Europa League Looked Like

      um…..never mind…..it’d be pure torture if ousted out the competition by some team like sparta prague or molde

  2. don’t think they will, they are loosing steam, and worse the players are watching spurs pass right by… this should bring change, if it does not, then nothing will…. not even sure I want to make the top 4, what good is it if you can not compete, it will cost money from stans pocket, and maybe finally he changes things, though he is focused 100% on the Rams in LA… we need to break way with the 3 crap strikers we have in walcott, giroud and welbeck, they will never bring anything. if anything, keep danny as a bench player,

  3. What’s Wenger’s pLan to Leap frog the spuds

    4 good goals against the Orcs (Arsenal’s bogey men) and better still at the britannia (mordor)

    where weakLings fear to tread…… And add to that commander Pochettino Leading em to war

    Bias aside…..WELDONE SPURS

    1. Spurs is our arch enemy/rival, but credit is given when deserved. This season they’re the better team…

      … But we still have Özil!

      1. “This season they’re the better team…”
        … And by the looks of it, for the remainder of Kroenke’s tyranny with Wenger as his right hand – which could be a couple of years…

  4. Nothing like UCL 4 AFC next season..final epl table; 1&2:LC&Spuds, 3&4:2Manchestrs,5&6:AFC&WHAM..Sorry my fellw AFC fans but this is where AW has placed us.thanx 4 da memories…

  5. I can’t see the future into the final games of the season…but it is safe (and horridly painful) to say Tottenham has been a much much better team than Arsenal. Their Coach has been light-years ahead of Wenger. Arsenal doesn’t even seem to play ‘catch-up’ properly.
    I don’t know if we will make Europe…not with the way we are playing. Even if we make UCL, it only brings us heart ache in the round of 16.

  6. Author should probably have named the article “So What if Arsenal don’t reach the Champions League”? Not like we ever made much of our ‘consistent’ presence there anyway.

  7. Sad to announce to y’all


    [Let us battle it out on our own….. 3rd or 5th]

    sorry if i made u Lot unhappy

    1. Didn’t make me unhappy, it will take something drastic as such for a change and that’s a start atleast. Sad but true, the dream is over!

    2. you hope spuds qualify for UCL? they already did, they might win the league w the vary suspension

  8. Does it matter if we make it or not? We hardly take it seriously! We could have £200m to spend and nothing would change as wenger can’t motivate the players anymore and is stuck in his own ways its the manager that needs to change! Would love simeone

  9. It’s not a possibility
    Wenger is completely focused and has put all his brain power into 4th place. Trophies aren’t his thing, but 4th place is a must.

  10. nothing else to say..after seeing SPUDS destroying a team we call BOGEY..I’m just gutted and see the horizon is very very dark for next season and the ones to come IF A CHANGE IS NOT MADE. Scare of transition? I’ve been completely humiliated fo 12 years ever since waiting patiently to see If the players needed (3) would ever come to help us win the EPL but never come true. it has been a dream, painful dream every window to see Primark shopping of last minute PUSH after a heavy defeats. WC ST – WC CB and WC DM but no we got LeCoq ( good squad player ) , OG , Theo and Wel ( 30 goals per season ST’s ) in FIFA 2016 so having said this. We can go and only congratulate the SPUDS ( good English core ) , good CB’s If not the best in the league and a 30 plus goal a year ST. Wenger comes every window or after a below par season saying we do not need to spend in players as the injury ones are back. 6 plus years paying Diaby his wages just to name some..Change is needed form manager to deadwoods or we will be middle table team in seasons to come.

  11. What if we do get it is what frightens me.

    Then the same freak show will continue and Wenger will then be handed a handsome extension to continue the cycle of mediocrity backed by a board and owner who could not give a monkeys chuff about our club, let alone football.

    I’m hoping 5th, Wenger out and Stan off back to his ranch.

    Then we have a chance of turning this around.

  12. What if man city win champions league and Liverpool win Europa league as we no that Europa league winners now qualify for next season champions league.how would we then stand if we finish 3rd or 4th

  13. With one team out of the ordinary finishing in the top 4 and two of the teams which usually finish in the top 4 being a stone throw from 4th place would make our predicament bad.

    But we have TWO teams out of the ordinary finishing in the top 4 with two of the teams which usually finish in the top 4 being a stone throw from 4th place – making our predicament look pathetic.

    We could have taken some solace knowing we have a game in hand to buffer the pressure a bit, but the two teams which usually finish in the top 4 and a stone throw from 4th place ALSO have game in hand.

    It is like everyhing that could go wrong with our season since Christmas has gone wrong to demonstrate how impossible it is for Wenger lose his job.

  14. Wenger needs to be sued ???
    Look what his done!
    I can’t believe me eye’s, captain ?
    Fellow Gooner’s congratulating the Spuds! ???
    My oh My… Wtf! Is the world coming to? ???

    The title should be… What if the Spuds win the league? ?

    # apocalypse is upon us!

  15. Gibbs, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Walcott, Welbeck to an extent, and Wilshere for chanting at them should be watching Walker, Rose, Dier, Alli, and Kane in shame and saying to themselves. THAT’S THE TRUE BRITISH CORE!!!

  16. Was unable to attend the game yesterday so next best thing I had to watch it on TV. Rangers v Celtic first so exciting brilliant game .Then see the last 20 minutes of Leicester v west ham good what I saw .Then the big one of the day for me and what an anti climax bore bore yawn yawn .cant wait to the end of the season to be honest

  17. Any one that still thinks Wenger is the right man for the job must be deluded. He is solely responsible for the failed season we had. He could have bought Wanyama in the summer. He could have taken Chicharito on loan, or gone for Higuain, Tevez Draxler, when Welbeck was injured. He should have put in consideration the fact that Sanchez was going to struggle after the Copa America. He could have put in effort In getting Vidal in the summer. Carzola should have been rested before the injury. Arteta shouldn’t have replaced Coq against Westbrom(if he had signed another DM in the summer) . He should have changed formations more often. Swansea, Southampton, Westbrom, Chelsea, Man United defeats(15points lost), Norwich, Liverpool away, Crystal Palace, Westham draws(8 points lost). If only we had picked 14 out of these 23 points, we could have been walking away with the league. All these ain’t Stan Faults. It’s the Manager’s fault. He has to pay the price for his arrogance in not buying an outfield player in the summer. We can’t sack the players. We can’t sack the owner, but we can sack the manager. He should step aside. WENGER OUT, BILIC IN. we should go all out for BILIC.

  18. Blood….


  19. ARSENE WENGER GOES A FISHING. HE IS HAPPY HE CAUGHT NOTHING. He has a database for excuses to make after every loss. He hardly shouts at his players. He allows them to do their thing. No emotions. Makes subs only when he concedes in the 80th minute. Against Southampton away, he knew Mertesscker was struggling with Long, he should have quickly changed to a 3man defence by dropping Monreal in the Centre defense formation, and let Kos man mark Long. WE could have picked a draw in the match. Against Liverpool away, force the players to keep the ball more and make Liverpool commit fouls, keep Ozil in the match. No law says Sanchez must start every match. Play 442 at times with Walcott and Giraud in the box. and drop Ramsey to the bench. So shallow Minded and predictable manager we have.

  20. In the last nine day’s, Wenger has given the players 4 day’s off!…. and thats not including Sunday!

    And apparently Wenger was left feeling very shocked on Sunday, After receiving the worst abuse he has ever witnessed in his 19 year’s as Arsenal manager.

    I get the feeling if that abuse carries on, along with failing to qualify for the champions league, Wenger will walk!:

  21. i get home to spurs beating our bogey team 4-0 away?!

    alli an kane doubles?

    shoot me, shoot me now

    i’l wear an arsenals ‘english core’ t shirt if it helps

  22. Well it’s nice excuse not to sign any top player and have to sell Ozil and Sanchez to City and Bayern.

  23. Purely from a football point of view I`m sure that I`m not alone in thinking it won`t be all that bad for Arsenal to miss out on the European Champions League for a season, maybe two,and concentrate on the EPL.
    However, it won`t affect Wenger`s position he will only go when Kroenke says so.

  24. I just can’t stand the fact that this year most probably will be a year without a St. Totteringham’s day. How big the failure of our club is just in that respect is devastating. We should NEVER finish below the spuds.
    But being out of the Champions League might have one positive. That will naturally bring down the value of the club, shares-wise, which in return might make Kroenke less reluctant to sell. Especially if we go full Liverpool from now on and spend let’s say five seasons without UCL football. Surely then he won’t be able to ask ridiculous amounts of money for his part of the club and maybe, just maybe a proper billionaire buys the club and restores the long lost glory.

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