On fire Balogun breaks a French Ligue 1 record

Arsenal loanee Folarin Balogun has continued to deliver top performances at Reims as one of the finest young strikers in Europe.

The Englishman has now hit double figures for goals in the league and continues to do well.

It is much harder for him not to score than to find the back of the net in a game, regardless of who the opponents are.

The striker bagged the only goal in Reims’ win over AS Monaco this weekend and now has 16 league strikes.

A report on The Sun reveals that makes him the youngest player to score at least 16 league goals in his first season in France since the 1960-1961 campaign.

The Englishman broke the record at the age of 21 years and 252 days.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Balogun has been one of the best players in Europe this season and deserves to break these records.

We are so proud to see a player we groomed makes progress in Europe this season.

It remains unclear what the club’s plans for him are, but Balogun will likely not want to stay on the bench again when he returns to the Emirates at the end of this season.

So we must be prepared to give him chances or let him leave at least on loan again.

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  1. English but born in the USA to Nigerian parents and still able to pick his senior team to play for as England, USA or Nigeria.

  2. Has his tally of goals steadily build so too will his price tag, both Milan clubs had shown intrest a £35 mil price tag was touted but that was in the Winter, surely his value must have improved since.

    In my opinion his loan spell should be extended as his development continue.

  3. Great from balogun, but it doesn’t sound like he broke any records – presumably someone with his specific circumstances (his age or younger, first season) scored more in 1961?
    Very strange how they define these “records” sometimes

  4. Many players have lit up ligue 1 only to flop in the premier league. It’s a catch 22 with Balogun as he may be the exception due to his initial development being in the UK and he may be able to cope in this league. But if an offer of £50-£60 million comes in we may have to consider it.

    The funny thing is that if Balogun wasn’t already our player it’s very likely Chelsea would of attempted to buy him in the summer for big bucks..

  5. I am also starting to like the fact that now Arsenal are in a position to have players who are not in the starting lineup but still hold decent value tierney,balogun,Tavarez
    The days of arsenal having to sell their players on the cheap or even giving them away for free are well and truly over.

    1. Hi ! ”Gunners” ”Fantastic and also Awesome” he reminds of likes ”Wallcot, Ramsey, and Fabregas” when they were teens at Arsenal, so d ball ‘s in d court for ”Arteta”to decides

  6. Its gonna be a shame when you’re looking for a striker then you sell the striker.He is an academy graduate those are the player we need to retain

  7. Please, read the article again where the writer said that Balogun scored 16 league goals at his age in his first season since similar amount goals were scored in 1960/1961 season by someone of his age. The writer was very clear here.

  8. Guess who’s doing better than Balogun…

    Alex Lacazzete

    Point being French League stats shouldn’t be taken super seriously. We’ve learned it from Peps’s episode

    1. No doubt a good achievement, but super point about Lacazette. Almost identical minutes played. People get carried away sometimes….

    2. Don’t know what you guys are talking about: Balogun has always scored goals even in England. He isn’t going to get suddenly poor returning to England.
      Henry, Anelka, Cantonna, Evra, etc, all played in France before succeeding in England. Saliba just got back from France.
      And balogun has scored against top teams like PSG, Marseille and Monaco.

  9. Arsenal’s numerous youngsters who are plying their trade else within and out of England are doing quite greatly, meaning Arsenal should focus so much on grooming their own stars than buying, this will allow them to make their style of play to be a little more complex to their opponents.

  10. So proud of balogun, he’s representing the Arsenal family well. My own opinion is why not sell off nketiah and retain balogun back to the squad.

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