On-loan Lucas Torreira already fed up at Atletico Madrid?

Lucas Torreira was supposed to be Arsenal’s beast of a midfielder when he arrived in 2018, but after a promising start the Uruguayan found himself out of favour under Mikel Arteta. There was much gossip about his language, family and cultural problems, and he made it clear that he wasn’t happy in London.

So, he got his agent to find him a new club this summer, and he was given a loan deal at Atletico Madrid with the promise of getting the chance to show his skills in the Champions League.

Once Thomas Partey moved in the other direction it seemed that he would be a straight replacement in Diego Simeone’s line-up, but the reality has been very different indeed. In fact Torreira has only started two La Liga games, and in the Champions League he has only brought on as a sub for the last 10 minutes in all three Group games Atletico have played.

Now Tuttosport are reporting that Torino are very keen to take the unhappy player back to Italy, where he was so successful with Sampdoria before his move to the Emirates.

The 24 year-old moved to Spain ostensibly to get some regular playing time, and he is reportedly becoming frustrated, something we heard many times when he played for Arsenal.

So it is possible that he could simply return to Arsenal, but again he wouldn’t be playing regularly, so perhaps a new loan to Torino in January could be the solution. The poor lad never seems to be happy does he?


  1. Not surprised, someone drawing 350K/week doing nothing, so why should this lad struggle for the little he gets and that too with a tough taskmaster like Simeone?Injustice for Torrera. He needs to be chilling at home and drawing weekly wages.Injustice to the entire AFC squad, coaches, and all associates as they toil and earn their wages, while another gets paid for nothing.

    1. He , Ozil , wants to play for us but Arteta doesn’t want him . People like you are digging the wrong person .
      I’d rather have Ozil than some of the so called ball players Arteta picks , at least he can pass the ball .

      1. Yes he can pass it, but sadly he chooses never to run near it, to chase it or to run fast at all.

        He thinks he should be allowed to be the only coaster in the club. But fortunately our manager does not agree and has dropped him from both our squads, Hurray for common sense!

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