On paper Arsenal are full of stars, so why so rubbish?

Every season it is inevitable that a side will have high and low points of the campaign. Bar from the few exceptions, most notably Arsenal’s unbeaten side, it’s unlikely that a Premier League side will go a full campaign without having a spell of bad form.

Arsenal have arguably had two bad spells so far this season, the usual period in November and the current hiccup the side are in right now. Two defeats on the trot and a rather uninspiring performance against Hull City means that once again we went into battle with Bayern Munich, one of the biggest matches of our season, out of form. After that enormous defeat our confidence will be even lower!

Of course managing a side is far more easily said than done. Whether or not you still have faith in Arsene Wenger, at the current moment in time, he is in the position to pick the best team more than anyone else. He has a whole host of talent to choose from when the squad is fully fit; and although it may be a rarity to see nobody on the treatment tables, he still has a lot to go by even with the current numbers we have out.

Simply looking at the names available in this squad and you know that on paper we have an extremely good side that should realistically be challenging for the title every season.

In goal we have a Champions League winner and multiple Premier League medal holder Petr Cech. Cech’s current form may not be the best, but he’s a world class figure and one of the best keepers in the Premier League.

In defence we have recognised world class centre backs in Koscielny and Mustafi. Koscielny is recognised as one of the best in Europe and World Cup winner Mustafi has also developed a strong defensive record with the Gunners since his move in the summer. In the full back positions, we have two Spaniard’s who are heavily underrated on an international level, but of course for Bellerin he still has plenty of time to become an key member of his national team. Both very very good talents and so our back line on paper should again be strong defensively in our title challenge.

In midfield, Arsene Wenger has so many choices that not all of the talents we have available at the club could fit into the starting line up. Xhaka was a big money name to move to the club this summer and although he has mixed reviews about him so far, I’m sure that he’s going to be a real dominant character for the club. He has a reputation that could be vital in any title challenge. In addition to this we also have Santi Cazorla, our creative magician who of course is unfortunately struggling with injuries in the latter few years of his career at the top. If Cazorla was fit however, we all know that he’d be one of the first names on the weekly teamsheet. Mesut Ozil of course also hits this list of big name players, but again, his let down is not always being able to be on-song, especially when it comes to the biggest fixtures.

In attack is where we really struggle for world class talents and big name players. Of course we have Alexis Sanchez, who doesn’t need any explanation. But besides Alexis, we struggle to pick anyone who outshines the other up front. Giroud and Welbeck seem very much on the same level, whilst our wingers are highly inconsistent. With Alexis however we can be confident in knowing we have yet another big name talent in our squad, it’s how Wenger utilises the player’s ability is what is key here.

Of course, there is likely to be a bit of bias in this. We all think that our own respective clubs often have the best players or recognise them as bigger talents then they actually are. However in all honesty, we do actually have a number of very talented players as individuals, it just seems that Wenger’s biggest issue is getting them to all gel and be at their best together. When he finds that spot, then perhaps the time will come where we push confidently for the title once again.



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    The fact that Wenger has his best squad in a decade, spent nearly £100 million during the summer, has kept his best players, and has even been helped out by our rivals with all of their managerial changes, only proves one thing…that Wenger has become terrible at his job.

    We actually played better football, and were more of a threat in the days of the financial restrictions, and weak squads. It’s amazing to think that Arsenal were more dangerous with the likes of Adebayor, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, Cesc, Eboue, etc, than with what we have now.

    1. ljgomez says:

      I think one thing killing us is the CAM
      That position is dying
      A flat would provide much more support in the middle
      A flat three of OX Coq Xhaka would be so much stronger and athletic
      Ozil unfortunately I think needs to go
      Wenger doesn’t have the stones to bench him and he doesn’t provide anything anymore
      We can’t have him on the pitch 90 hoping he provides 1 moment of brilliance
      We lose to much.
      Idk but we have a lot to fix
      We need a transformation
      We need a backbone

    2. Budd says:

      That and this one as well:

      Gazidis in 2012: “In a couple of years, we will be competing at the level of Bayern Munich”. In any company, CEOs that do not deliver are shown the door. I don’t get it why Gazidis should be treated differently.

      1. bran99 says:

        the guy is a fraud

  2. marc.overmars says:

    Only stars at Arsenal is Mesut and Alexis, other players are average. Kos is also on the top level, but others are average.
    If I am the Arsenal manager i would show exit door to. these players.. Walcott, ox, couqelin, iwobi, welbeck, gibbs, mert, gabriel etc. They are spending our time!

  3. Onochie says:

    Because on paper Wenger gets so hyped but in reality he’s been rubbish for years. If he really loved this club,he would have left the minute that he was offered 8mil a year just to make sure Arsenal was in the top 4 and reach the round of 16 in UCL every year. But he accepted it,making excuses of fixture time,cohesion,mental preparedness etc,he doesn’t even get up to shout at his players or cheer them up during matches,so the boys just do what they like for 90 minutes, that’s the genesis of our problem,having a board who doesn’t even like football,majority share holder who takes money out of club for consultancy,doesn’t even watch games. Do you know we have the oldest physios and doctors in the league at Arsenal? Check our injury record. Wenger should have bowed out that season he was shouted at on train station after the stoke match,when a protest was planned, the board hired some American and asian tourists with banner “There’s only one Arsene wenger”. Arsenal has become a company, interested in profits than winning on the field of play.

    1. Budd says:

      If it was that simple…

  4. Godswill says:

    Only one reason – The manager.
    Bad selection, playing players out of position and poor tactics we know flexibility making us very predictable.
    If the manager, who ever he is, does not go in the summer, there should be a riot for fans to get back their club.
    Am pained and Wenger does not feel same.

  5. RSH says:

    There are no bad footballers in our starting XI, yet they somehow look like championship players half the time. Past 2 season you cannot even say Arsenal play beautiful football. The backend of last season was TERRIBLE to watch, but the past few months is an all time low for the Arsene Wenger era. How does it get to the point these players just don’t give a damn? Zero effort from most of them. It’s a true disgrace. It is down to Arsene Wenger, but even I don’t think he deserves to have players that completely give up on him, and the club like that. Along with Arsene Wenger, there are players that need to pack their bags as well.

  6. summerbreez says:

    Do not forget stars shines Arsenal is still a small club as they haven’t yet took the world even in domestic league we don’t hold an equal record to bayern or real hell even domestically we are being pushed down so if stars don’t shine then you have no stars we need to do well domestically first to shine within ourselves and outwardly
    We need to secure one step at the time let us bring the fa cup and keep building until such a time were we will have shiny stars and shine brightly

  7. Ozzy AFC says:

    The truth is that we have a team of effectively second rate players
    Harsh yes but the proof is in the results
    Our players are all of them NOT good enough to make the 1st team in any of the top European clubs
    Ozil was sold by RM and Sanchez was not wanted by barca
    Does that not tell you all you need to know?
    There are never any top tier clubs knocking on our doors to buy the likes of Giroud or wallcott and the top player we have, sanchez will be sold on the summer
    We are not good enough, our players are NOT top tier they are 2nd tier at best and when playing clubs who are top notch we get found out as we did on Wednesday

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