‘Once you announce things, you have a mountain to climb’ Wenger faults Daniel Ek’s takeover style

Arsene Wenger says the best deals are made in secret as he appears to criticise Daniel Ek’s decision to make his intention to buy Arsenal public.

The Gunners have seen some of their fans turn against their current owner, Stan Kroenke.

They want the American out and are desperate for someone to come in and buy the club.

Ek, a self-proclaimed Arsenal fan, has declared his intention to purchase Arsenal and even revealed that he has been a fan from when he was little.

The Spotify co-founder made the announcement on his Twitter account and that has brought much excitement among Arsenal’s supporters.

Wenger wouldn’t object to his takeover of the club, however, he believes that business is best done behind the scenes.

Ek’s bid is set to be boosted by the presence of some of the club’s former players and Wenger thinks it is a good idea, but he insists that the deal should be sorted out without anyone knowing until it’s done.

‘I like the fact that former people of the club run the club,’ Wenger said to BeIN Sports via Mail Sport.

‘You have two examples in the football world, former players who run a club like at Bayern or big investors who buy a club like Man City.

‘I personally, as a football man, like the fact that former Arsenal players take over and have an advice.

‘For the project, the best deals are made when nobody knows about it and you come out and it is done.

‘Once you announce things, you have a mountain to climb. Nobody wants to give in. It is better you do your deal and when it is done, you come out and then take people you want.

‘I will always support Arsenal, and if I can help Arsenal I will do it as well in any way. After that, I am happy with my life as it is today.’ 

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  1. Funny Arsene should say that. He was part of the management board that sold us out to the Kronkes in the first place. Ironic!

        1. RSH ONLY THOSE WHO HELD SHARES HAD INFLUENCE. That is fact , not opinion. Wenger held none. Multi billionaires are not interested in anyones mere opinions, other than their own When you grow older you may learn this truth. I hope you do, as you are profoundly wrong, right now.

  2. I think its more the opposite. Ek’s interest would make bigger protest for kroenkeout. If there is no protest, no way kroenke would sell.

  3. The only way Arsene could actually aid in this arduous process is to finally come clean about his “secret” dealings with Kroenke once Dein had left the building…this might tarnish his legacy with his most ardent supporters, but it would bring some much-needed closure and it might finally allow the fans to come together and unite against our one true stumbling block to success, the abject indifference of our absentee landlord

    1. So how come you seem to know about these “secret dealings with kronkie?”

      You are sounding like a broken record – where are your FACTS and come to think of it, where is the long promised article you said you would present?

      It’s all smokescreen, innuendos and make believe with you… so let’s see the article, with the proof.

      1. Ken, it’s really not that tricky…what was the narrative surrounding the club when the stadium was built? Suck it up, pay highest prices in Europe, sell our best and brightest, trust the process and have patience…if we did so the promise was that we would compete with the best in the world…this never materialized and was never going to materialize and Wenger, the micro-manager, knew full-well what was in the offing, yet never once had an honest moment with the fanbase, in this regards, but had no problem whatsoever taking home some of the biggest cheques in world football, for a manager, even long after the game had passed him by…this was clearly a conscious decisions on his part, even though he always spewing garbage about acting with the utmost “class” and putting the betterment of the team above all else…these lies have directly led to our devolution and have also enabled our absentee landlord to assume full ownership of our once proud club

        1. So you’re saying, Wenger assist Kroenke in talking out Usmanov from his own share so Kroenke can be the full owner of Arsenal?

          Doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. Oh! the man wants to help? Maybe he wants to help himself? Maybe looking our for a job since he got nothing worth it since he left the Emirates? Looking for CEO or Director’s post in the new set up – if and when it becomes a reality?Some foolish outdated ideas – like paying Ozil 350K, keeping faith in crocs like Wilshire and Ramsey? Transfering our best players to rivals rather then strenghting the team for the next challange? Top Four Tropheeeee? Signing useless players – Xhaka, Elneny, the other defender Gabriel, Kolasinac, Kim and on and on?
    Thank you Sir for your “noble” thoughts, happy to be without your presence around Emirates.

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