One Arsenal player could get Unai Emery the sack but at a cost

Aubameyang’s form is influencing Unai Emery sack decision.

Arsenal would have gotten rid of Unai Emery by now if the Spaniard didn’t have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scoring freely.

Under Emery, Arsenal has struggled to find a place among Europe’s top clubs, and the fans and even club legends have been calling for the head of the Spaniard.

However, the form of Aubameyang has been impressive and seems to have bought the manager some time. Aubameyang scored 31 goals in all competitions for the Gunners last season. This season he has already netted nine times in 13 games so far.

Emery’s side has struggled for wins lately, as they have won just one of their last five games in all competitions.

Aubameyang was overlooked when the Spaniard named Granit Xhaka as the team’s captain.

The attacker is now the team’s stand-in skipper and returned the faith with a goal against Wolves at the weekend. Without Aubameyang’s eight league goals, Arsenal would have scored just eight league goals together as a team.

The Gabonese attacker remains a reliable centre forward but has been used mostly as a left-sided attacker. Alexandre Lacazette seems to be preferred up top when they play together. Wherever he plays, he still delivers and Unai Emery should pray that he doesn’t hit a bad run of form soon.

If that does happen then Emery could be out of the door sooner than expected. But what a quandary that is for Arsenal fans.

Do they hope Aubameyang stops scoring so Arsenal can get a new manager or do they want him to continue to help bail Emery out?


  1. Innit says:

    No. Even when I wanted Wenger out, I never hoped we’d lose or for players to intentionally underperform so that he’d get the sack. That’s a loser’s mentality.

    I hope Aubameyang continues scoring

  2. gotanidea says:

    Suppose Aubameyang and Lacazette stop scoring, Arsenal still have other goalscorers

    The Leicester game should be the final judgement day for Emery. He must make some changes to win and I predict he would replace Lacazette with Martinelli

  3. Tony says:

    Such a wish doesn’t make any sense..
    No need waiting for any players form to run low before taking a decent decision firing AFC clown manager.

  4. jon fox says:

    There are two different things at play here in hoping to lose at Leicester to seal EMERYS DISMISSAL. I have always supported the club over just the present team-of any era- when the teams immediate progress and the longer term benefit for the club colide, as they occasionally do. Now is such a time. For the league position we need to win at Leiceter but in the greater good we need Emery sacked ASAP. I am always honest on here about how I think, even when it gets me criticism, as it has and will continue to do at times. Principles are worth receiving some discomfort to maintain them and personal honesty is to me paramount above almost all else, apart from health and love. Thus it is true that I will be hoping ,DURING the game, for a win at Leicester , whilst knowing full well it will be to our clubs benefit and me being relieved if we get thrashed, as that will hasten the sacking of Emery. In the passion of every game it is certain that a real fan will actually support the team BUT immediately the game is over the head can again reaffirm its supremacy over the heart. That is how I TRUTHFULLY see it. I am surely far from alone if you choose total self honesty when you write.

    1. Le Coq Monster says:

      Sounds like a win win game then !.

      Some will say that if you want Arsenal to lose you cant be a true supporter, but to me a true supporter will put the club first and foremost, if losing means our inept manager is sacked then so be it !. We then hope the board brings in the right manager who turns it all around.
      If ever the scenario of Arsenal losing meant say The Spuds getting relegated, then a loss would be a massive “win” imo.

      I call it tough love or being cruel to be kind.

  5. Durand says:

    All Emery really had to do was to shore up the defense, and get players to actually defend and limit opponents chances of scoring. Instead he has tried to reinvent the wheel, and fans don’t want his “boringball” that he brings.

    The numbers speak for themselves. Auba has saved the team more this season than Emery’s “tactics” and substitutions. Hopefully that has been enough to get the management asking questions and considering possibilities of new coaches.

    Surely they see Lampard’s effect on Chelsea, how Rodgers has his guys playing, and are wondering why Emery is struggling almost 18 months later.

    Emery doesn’t care for flair players, merely look at his history. He is more about trying to stifle opponents strategy than playing any recognizable style or approach.

    Fans don’t recognize our play, prefer attack to timidness, and want style with substance, not this chop and slice approach which only Emery comprehends.

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      Good point about the defence Durand, I’ve been banging on about it for many years now. It’s not rocket science look what Leicester have done. They sold McGuire and promoted Soyuncu who looks an even better prospect and we had a chance to buy him about 2 years ago and blew it as usual. We similarly had an opportunity with Van Dijk from Celtic. I hasten to add this was not UE’s fault, he wasn’t here, this has been a very costly blindspot for our club over the past decade, but he should have recognised it and done something about.

      We need a manager who would treat this as a priority from day one.

  6. Andrew Elder says:

    I just hate it when Arsenal lose any match. Even a draw makes me difficult to live with.

    1. Sue says:

      👍👍 I’m exactly the same, Andrew. My poor family dread it when Arsenal play 😂

      1. Andrew Elder says:

        Sue, even my dog keeps out of the way. My other half once told me to arrange to stay the weekend with my sister who lives 300 miles away. We were playing the Spuds over the weekend!!

        1. Sue says:

          Haha, sounds just like my dog.. if I raise my voice, especially after we concede, she’s gone, never to be seen again for the rest of the night!
          Wow, 300 miles! You must be bad then! Perfectly understandable against the spuds though, Andrew 😉

  7. ozziegunner says:

    Football is a team game and results depend on players in all positions “putting in”.
    If one argues that Aubameyang is keeping Emery in a job, it could also be argued that Aubameyang cost Arsenal a Champions League place last season by missed chances, particularly the penalty miss against Spurs.
    Arsenal wins as a team and loses as a team.

  8. Arsenal should win at all costs, Auba should continue to score, Emery should go.

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