One Arsenal player set to depart the Emirates today, more could follow

It is being widely reported that Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny is set to sign for Besiktas some time on Friday and the chances are that he will not be the only departee.

Apparently, the Egyptian international is set to put pen to paper on a one year deal with the Turkish giants covering his Arsenal wages.

The 27-year old, who joined the Gunners in January 2016 from Swiss side FC Basel is being signed to provide cover for Chile international Gary Medel, who signed for Serie A club Bologna yesterday.

This is a good move for Elneny, who managed just eight Premier League appearances for Arsenal last season and rumours are persisting that Nacho Monreal will follow quickly on his heels out the Emirates exit door.

Speaking to the media at his weekly press conference Unai Emery admitted that it is a possibility that the Spanish defender will leave within the next four days.

“We finish here our transfer window and in Europe it’s going to finish on Monday,” Emery said.

“We cannot sign another player, but we have the possibility [for players] to leave in the next four days. Yes, [Monreal] is one possibility.”

For Emery to say that in public means only one thing in all reality, that Monreal will be leaving and taking a guess, I would suggest the only issue left in the negotiations are over when he departs, before or after the Tottenham game.


  1. Not happy with Monreal leaving this season. Hope Tierney comes to our team earlier than expected

    Okay with Elneny leaving but he is a hard worker even if the quality isn’t there

      1. We are probably hoping for 20 mill.+ , but no one will likely offer more than around 15, especially since his salary would be a bigger risk than signing a younger more promising player.

  2. A loan is better than letting a player rot on the bench and Arsenal should try it on Ozil too

    Man United are willing to pay 6 M of Sanchez’s salary to make him play at Inter. This is a good example for Arsenal and Ozil, so Ozil wouldn’t be rusty and hopefully can learn something from other league

    1. How can you compare a man with a desire to a man without any? The German doesn’t want to play, just get paid to sell some merchandise for the club. Would prefer if we had signed Daniel Craig instead. A fat and stout Sanchez vs Ozil, I’d go for Sanchez if I were a nuetral.

      1. Are you sure you are not loose brain cell? Do you are like Jon Fox who would be happy seeing a rubbish player like Elneny in the team over Mesut Ozil because he runs about a bit? You are just one of a number of lemmings PAL-jumpmon someone else’s bandwagon because you don’t actually have anything to say yourself

        1. Hi Phil, good day to you! Getting personal eh?Calling those who do not agree with your opinion names eh? I have said time and again that Ozil is a great lad off the pitch, was in his prime 3 seasons back, has nothing left in him now.Plain and simple.Let him prove his consistency or else let him take home is weekly wages, no questions asked. AFC have signed a contract with him, we do not know the terms and conditions, so I am happy he is nowhere near the bench (forget his salary and past as I live in the present), let young Willock and Cabellos play. Cabellos flopped 1 game played out of position and gets slaughtered, the great Ozil plays 3 seasons without the end product and still is glorified by some on this site.Never met Jon Fox, but from his posts, his opinions are honest and true, some may like it some may not.Never have I said Elneny is AFC quality, comparison was between Sanchez and Ozil. The flop Lukaku just scored a superb solo goal for Inter. Want to see Sanchez succeed at Inter, like the chap as he contributed to Utd’s woes.

          1. Hi LC-the while issue of Ozil will always show a divide on any forum and this site is no different.But some of the reasons Ozil is hammered for are totally unreasonable.Workrate-I’m telling you that Ozil pits more of a shift in than he’s ever given credit for.I agree his body language is not the best at times but he should never be doubted for his effort.If he was as lazy and uninterested as is made out then why is the manager picking him in the first place?Try getting Jon Fox to answer that question because he just cannot give a response other than to hide away in the corner.He has come out with some of the most lame comments ever over this last few weeks but when asked to explain his reasonings he does what he always does-HE SHOUTS A LOAD OF NONSENSE AND SAYS HE WONT DISCUSS ANYTHING ANYMORE FOREVER AND DINT SPEAK TO ME AGAIN.Pathetic actions of a five year old girl.
            So back to Ozil-Emery will get him in the team soon of that there is no doubt.With PAL in front of him and hopefully Torreira and Cabellos behind him there are no reasons why he should not perform.But let’s wait and see shall we.And let’s not forget that the football we played last season was utter rubbish and Ozil was no better or worst than most players.He is just singled out for the blame because of some supporters dislike

        2. That is a flat lie. Do not lie about me again. For other who may be inclined to believe your lie here is my position on both those players. Ozil has great talent but no backbone ,is bone idle, is physically and mentally lazy and therefore virtually useless at a team needing every player to give 100% every game. I want him to leave ASAP . Elneny is almost the polar opposite as he has almost zero real talent but has workrate aplenty. But without any real talent he is ALSO useless and I want him sold too ASAP. THAT IS THE TRUTH FOLKS FROM ME DIRECTLY. Do not believe Phil because he lies about me. The reason? Because like the majority on here, I THINK HIS HERO OZIL is a lazy, idle, useless to us player(even though he DOES have talent). Phil cannot stand the truth about his lazy hero being spoken.

          1. So I am a liar am I?Am I lying over the fact that when you asked for ANYONE who rated Xhaka to be named to you and I quoted Emery you ran like a schoolgirl?Is that a lie?I don’t think so PAL.
            Am I lying when stating YOU posted that ridiculous response immediately after Anfield last week saying how you were more certain than ever we would get Top 4 under Emery and the very great majority laughed at the comment and completely disagreed with you?I don’t think so PAL.
            And am I lying when saying you could not answer simple direct questions about why it is Emery continued to play such a lazy bone idle player such as Mesut Ozil when he insists on workrate from EVERY player.Again I don’t think so PAL
            You just rant your rubbish PAL.You try to intimidate when posting and I’m not one to be intimidated.
            Got that PAL?

      2. Spot on Bro
        it would have been easy for Sanchez to remain on his 500k a Week pay at Manchester United but Alexis has got that desire and passion to reignite his career Unlike that lazy fraud who is more concerned about his 350k weekly pay at Arsenal….

        Sanchez is a world class player and an asset to have in any team

        I really missed you Alexis

        1. You have got to be joking PAL-miss Sanchez? All he cared about was himself-proven at every Club he had played for.And seriously-do you honestly feel this player has anything left to offer? Even the Manx’s can’t wdit to see the back of him.And if he can’t get in their side he certainly don’t in ours

          1. Yea I miss him too, any arsenal fan who said he doesn’t miss Sanchez is just been biased, the guy gave all his all.

          2. Yes Phil You ARE lying! Pal!!! Your post PRECISELY said ” .. you are like Jon Fox who would be happy seeing a rubbish player in the team over Mesut Ozil because he runs about a lot”. That is a flat lie! I have NEVER EVER SAID that I prefer Elneny over Ozil in the team . Not once and I don’t think it either. You are a big liar and others have noticed it too. They will when they read this anyway.

            For others reading this I state the TRUE case here: I want both sold ; OZIL AS HE IS BONE IDLE AND NOT INTERESTED TO GIVE HIS ALL FOR THE TEAM(THOUGH HE HAS MUCH TALENT); ELNENY AS HE IS JUST USELESS, EVEN THOUGH “HE RUNS ABOUT A LOT”. People on here who deliberately tell lies about what others have said should be warned off first and if it’s repeated, then banned. YOU KNOW,PHIL THAT WHAT YOU WROTE IS A LIE!

        2. Oh yeah 5 goals in 45 appearances is amazing!! And Sanchez is on 500k… oh but he’s that good they’ve shipped him off to Inter Milan, ffs ?
          You’d better start following them then!

          1. Hi Sue-just cannot leave it alone can they? Especially GOT NO IDEA-who had Ozil in his team before the season started.Yet he won’t come back and answer why.
            And who would seriously want that tosser Sanchez?As you say he couldn’t score for them Mancs could he?

          2. Morning’s Unbelievable!!!
            Exactly – he wanted to leave us, to go and win everything with United (? that didn’t go well!) Maybe he’ll score 6 for Inter! He can rot in Italy as far as I’m concerned!
            Some comments on here do my head in, that’s why i don’t always comment.. sometimes i just have to though ?

          3. Sue I know you like ozil as a person and I understand you very well, but to say we don’t miss Sanchez is not true, Sanchez has the energy that in my opinion only lacazette has presently in the arsenal team.

          4. Lenohappy… he could have stayed with us and become an absolute legend.. but he chose to go to United.. which i admit, broke my heart… yes he was a duracell bunny, but we’ve moved on…. we shouldn’t look back, we have a future (hopefully a very successful one) to look forward to!

          5. @Jon Fox-I notice you never RANTED about anything else I replied to you on.You calling me a liar shows just what a senile old fool you really are.Get s grip of yourself PAL.If I “mis-quoted” you then that is one thing.To call me a liar in the particular way you have just shows how petty minded and pathetic you are.

      3. If we compare Ozil with Sanchez and Ceballos, Ozil has definitely lost his desire to put in extra efforts

        That’s why he had better learn again in a different league, because he has got too complacent with his trophy collection and his wealth

        1. And you know that for a fact how exactly? And if that is the case why has Emery insisted on Ozil staying?
          How do you come about all this privileged information that Emery has? Once again PAL you just make up tales to look important/-guess what? Your not

          1. Get over it, what did you see in this your ozil, Emery said his staying mainly because it is what it is, if Emery valued him as you claim he would have been given game time close to what xhaka gets. You and this your saint ?zil

          2. Your language, to several other people too,besides just me, shows you to be an unpleasant aggressive oaf. As such I will no longer answer you directly, EXCEPT to answer the future lies you will again accuse me of which I fully expect to come from you from now won. Even when I proved you a liar in my above post you merely say ” If I “misquoted” you that is one thing” No apology. No retraction. Nothing in fact! No principles either seemingly.

    2. Is this the same Mesut Ozil you now want sold that you had in your line-up before the start of the season?What has brought about this sudden change in your thinking?Especially when he hadn’t actually played a game yet ?Snd the team have not actually been over creative have they?Or have you seen enough of the creative genius that is Xhaka and Guendouzt to believe they are the answer to Arsenal creating less chances then our opponents in ALL three games we have played this season?
      You are pathetic PAL-you post something just to make you feel important when quite obviously you are not even that

        1. You are the miserable one, because you like to react emotionally against every post with Ozil’s name in it

          I suggested to assign Ozil as a half-winger in a 4-3-3 formation, because I believe he would play better there as compared to Xhaka and he is our only AM with a great left foot

          Unfortunately his previous/ current coaches have never tried him out in that position and he is also too comfortable with his status as a starter. That’s why it’s better to send him away, so he can regain his skills and spirit

          1. That is absolute Bolloxs PAL and you know it.YOU talk half backs, inverted this inverted that dribble down your legs bullshit.And change your mind to suit the topic Headline .
            Just make your mind up on something and stick to it.

      1. @Jon Fox- why would I even considering apologies to you.And your words implied what you meant about Ozil compared to Elneny even if they were not said that way.No difference when I called you out to explain your Iwobi and Ozil comparison last week which you again did not answer.WHAT A SURPRISE.Its because you have no answers most of the time.And as for the way I write and abuse people? Coming from the Black Kettle that one PAL.Even on this thread you can’t help yourself can you?
        You are an Old Fool PAL.Your advancing years are not treating you too well are they?mAnd as for not answering to me again-what’s new there?I have shown you to be a bumbling senile idiot these last few weeks and your RANTS would be better sent to someone who actually gave a toss what you think because I certainly don’t.

        1. I told you on her sometime ago that I was no longer interested in debating with you as I THINK YOU AN OAF. The last five words I have said for the first time on this thread only. But I long ago decided that you were not a fair minded man. Your odd – to many others too besides me – obsession with OZIL marks you as someone who will never admit they are wrong. I have often apologised when wrong, as real men do. But you never have, at least not on here. A fan who would rather put his “hero” above the team as sensible fans would never do, is always going to be out of step with mainstream Gooner opinion on here. And you certainly ARE out of step. Your regular use of “PAL” to anyone who has a different opinion, shows you to be aggressive and unpleasant. THOSE character traits are the reasons I no longer wish to speak to you. I would though have gladly answered your questions, were they put in a civil and non threatening way. But sadly they were not ! You live and learn about people. I certainly have with you!

          1. And I With you also PAL.And as I have stated continually you fail to answer for fear of admitting you will once again contradict yourself.I put simple questions that you were UNABLE to answer without showing what an idiot you actually are.
            Scroll down and see your comments to @Simon-thats just you not being able to help yourself PAL.Yet get a taste of your own medicine and you just can’t handle it can you?

        2. @Phil and @Jon Fox how about a truce and you agree to disagree.
          Whatever the team Emery puts out on Sunday let’s get behind the side and raise the roof ( @ home or @ The Emirates. If the atmosphere is anything like last seasons and we can produce the same result we are in for a treat.
          When I read posts I generally look out for both of yours Kens Sues Kevs Got an Ideas Leno Loose Cannon etc as I am generally interested in your opinions I dont always agree with them but it would pretty boring if there was no debate.

          1. @Tony-do you seriously believe I will let it go when this senile old fool calls ma a liar? He feels he can intimidate with his remarks but that just doesn’t cut it with me.This all came about because of this bumbling fool being unable to reply to a number of questions put to him that if he answered would have made him look the stupid old codger that he is.He decided that he would rather take things to a personal level and that is why we are where we are.So the more he continues to wage a war of words with me he stupidly believes it will paper over the facts that he is unable to give these replies.As I said-a bumbling senile old fool

          2. Tony You may have noticed the way that Phil talks to me and others. Today alone he has called me a 5 year old girl, a senile old fool, the habitual “PAL”, an idiot, a bumbling senile idiot, a school girl, and much else besides. He also lied when saying I preferred Elneny to play over OZIL. In tackling him over that lie, which I have never either said, nor ever thought, he merely said ” If I misquoted you that is one thing”. No retraction , no apology. I ask you tony, if he used those words to you personally would you wish to have further debate with him? PRESUMABLY NOT ! Neither do I!

      1. And I stand by my opinion of you also.Someone who believes he is so much better than anyone else on this site because of…….yeah exactly.Someone who calls some on here a Snowflake.I mean what is that?Had a dig at Simon this morning for what particular reason?None at all.But he just had to dig him out because of his overwhelming desire of grandieur.Jon Fox-you really are a self opinionated idiot.You post such drivel and spiteful remarks to some on here that puts you on that pedestal you do desperately crave.I bet you are everyone’s unfavourable uncle.To me you are just an idiot.
        I’ve shown a few of your posts to some mates who cannot believe some of the things you write.Like the “Emery is God” Post after Anfield.Five Of is driving home had a good laugh at that I can tell you.Then the fact you couldn’t back up the fact that you felt a hard working but lame Iwobi had your respect over “Weedy Walcott” who at least had stats that deserved some.And it’s ok for you to call posters names is it?Plenty of times you have embarrassed yourself with name calling because of anyone who disagrees with you.Pathetic.
        You continue going at me PAL and trust me I will be right back at you.A pathetic senile bumbling old fool

        1. None so bitter as one beaten in argument eh? Your post just reeks of bitterness and nastiness. No one on here will be at all surprised.

          1. What beaten by you?Someone who posts comments that when challenged goes skulking off with no answers.Fo you really believe you are do superior?Why is that? To me someone who is unable to back up what he spouts is a nobody.You believe your own hype too much PAL that’s the trouble with you.Typified by your senseless comment to Simon this morning.You basically called him thick.Why?Because he wrote something slightly wrong in grammar yet that was enough for you wasn’t it?Up you go with your inflated ego you love so much and try to belittle him.Its what you do.Its what you always do.
            A pathetic old man who lives a sad life.Your only gift in life is to yourself.Such a sad sad old man

            1. Jon Fox and Phil, pull the insults in chaps, I have been letting it go because you are generally aiming that at each other and you have both been on here a long time but I can only let it go for so long. Criticise and dig each other out all day long but try and do it without basically calling each other names, it denigrates your respective point of views.

  3. I want Ozil to have his chance this season. I believe he has the quality. I want to see him partner with Torreira and Caballos to supply the PAL . I believe in him. I’ve seen him flatter before but am optimistic he is still one of the best with a good formation and right players who can hold on the ball and ease him from alot of defensive duties.

    1. Have his chance? What has he been having for the past 2 seasons? Dude is done. Sad reality! I hope to swallow my humble pie but I’m nearly certain there will be no pie to swallow.

    2. yes..i still believe he can perform..the only issue is no playing time for him..put him with ceballos… can u imagine ozil + ceballos + is a WOWWW

      1. Lol the same excuse all over again, we were told the same thing when we bought laca and auba, I mean how can you guys even rate a midfilder who plays behind two great striker and still score 2 assists all season. Ozil is not different from mustafi the only difference is that one is has huge followers while the other is always the scape goat

  4. I’d like to see Ozil play between Torreira & Ceballos and Pepe, Lacazette, Aubameyang at least once this season
    Also hope Tierney and Bellerin comes back soon for LB/RB


    If Ozil can’t play well with all those quality players then he can’t play well with any PL team

  5. Not being funny but why is Ozil still here,why would you want to keep a player that every week has an excuse not to play and when he does eventually turn up he may as well have made another excuse not to play,get rid even if it is on loan,nobody seems to want him except Emery,just like that other useless twat xhaka.

    1. Emery does not really want him otherwise he would be playing. Jes just resigned to keeping him because offloading him seems a herculean task.

    2. It boggles the mind my friend. The bias is just unreal. There is nobody in the squad that treats the club with such disrespect, yet gets so much backing.

  6. Emery criticism sounds like another Asene Wenger criticism with only a change of name and reversed criticism Wenger was too predictable Emery too pragmative,Spanish morinho never thought we only hard a one year break, to start this thing all over again God help us, we fans claims to be many things but the truth is we are not any BETTER than our owners, If all sides of the coin is put into consideration

  7. Wenger signed Ozil, Mustafi and Elneny and we find it impossible to sell them.In the latter years of his stewardship AW made some horrendous errors of judgement .

      1. Exactly Simon the same Holding And Bellerin who apparently the team can’t do with out now and that’s why we missed top 4last season ,oh and Ramsey ,all signed by wenger .
        It’s ok though Emery gave us the greats Lich,sok, Suarez.

        1. Dan my friend, let’s just pretend that Wenger wasn’t the one who signed the likes of mustafi for 35million xhaka for 34million when we could have gotten Kante, he signed only Cezc when we needed a prolific striker, who resigned a finished cambell and Sylvester and started them against Barcelona, let’s just forget all that and blame Emery or better still let’s bring back Arsene Wenger.

        2. Wenger did not sign Bellerin. Are we seriously counting work that our youth managers/scouts put in as a Wenger signing??

      2. simon what an absurd comment. You actually think fans can sign players then? If you do – and that is what your question asks of Grandad- you are ,( how shall I put this politely?) – not the brightest fish in the sea. Are you Simon!

  8. My exact thoughts. If they think Emery should be given a chance to prove himself Soo should Ozil. And with exact lineup you put up.
    If he doesn’t show his quality, then I’ll be satisfied it’s a fair trail and judgement on him. Otherwise, previous lineups are not enough to make conclusions about him. Lineup and formations are very important for players. Example is Coutinho and Sanchez.we all know these players are quality but the formations have not gone well with them. The same may happen to Hazard. It affects attacking midfielders Soo much but it’s different for strikers and defenders do adopt more easily. We also can’t say Ozil has been unable to adopt to EPL yet we know how well he performed in his first seasons. In 2015/2016 when we had Conqlin and Carzola partnership with Ozil playing behind Walcott Giroud and Alexis , Ozil contributed to 25 goals in 35Epl games. This shows that he has quality if backed up with quality players behind his back and quick responsive players ahead of him

  9. There is no need to be nasty Simon.I was commenting on the three players mentioned in the article and subsequent responses.I am fully aware of the excellent job done by AW for the greater part of his career with Arsenal.He was an excellent Manager who unfortunately like most of us waned with age.I was never employed in professional football so the answer to your question is nobody.Having brought up three children and seven grandchildren and having helped with their education to University level,I have in fact achieved a great deal more than Mr Wenger.There are some things in life Simon which are a great deal more important than Association football.Health, happiness and a good education are three examples.Here endeath my epistle for the day.

    1. Absolutely grandad ? Wenger was an employee in a job, nothing more, nothing less. Health, happiness and a good education is much more important than any football game. Well said sir.

        1. Hey Phil, if you have finished with all the name calling maybe you could enlighten the rest of us on what we are missing when it come to the GOAT ozil

          1. Yeah because we have created how many chances in our three games this season? All three games have seen our opponents create more than us.Thats both Newcastle and Burnley included.So as Ozil has not played in any of these games what do YOU feel is the reason for this?

    2. GRANDAD , fair play to you . these are the best words written on here in a long time. i am so sick of people on here taking football too seriously. it is actually ruining this wonderful page.i thought we were meant to enjoy the game , not to bicker with everybody about nothing and anything. you sir, are a fine example of how we all should behave on here, myself included.way too much negativity here to enjoy.

    3. Grandad, I feel for you and esp in having to debate with someone in Simon, who seems to think you are able as a fan and not the manager, to sign Players . THAT is the level of “intelligence” SOME on here show in their comments. Fortunately they are few in number but they do, sadly for themselves, exist. I admire the mature life perspective you outline in your whole post and in particular in the final four sentences.

    4. @Grandad
      If I may ask, how have you achieved more than Mr Wenger in health, happiness and education, please???

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