One big reason why top managers are rejecting Arsenal claims report

Lack of transfer funds is why top managers are not interested in becoming the next Arsenal manager.

The Gunners are one of the most popular clubs in the world and they would have had to choose from several high profile targets in times gone by, but they are struggling to get a top manager now.

A report in the Mirror claims that the Gunners’ top targets to take over their managerial seat permanently are being put off by the perceived lack of backing from the club’s board.

Arsenal did spend over £100 million during the last transfer window, but they remain one of the big teams in England who don’t enjoy splashing the cash, and the report claims that unwillingness to spend has put off their managerial targets.

Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Martinez have both been linked with the club, but the duo have committed their immediate future to Leicester City and Belgium respectively.

No top manager would want to take over the Arsenal job if he isn’t promised more than enough funds to turn their season around.

It has to be said that the funding issue is a real one in my opinion. Arsenal is hardly known for spending big and anyone looking at the squad right now knows a lot of money needs to be spent to turn this mess around.

You cannot blame any manager refusing to take the job on if the board are not going to back them in the transfer window.

Chances are they will go cheap and employ a young untested manager that wants to try and prove himself. Wonder who that could be?


  1. Total bullshit about lack of funds! That old Chesnut again! Think of something else to write as an article!!!

  2. The owner portrays projects all the wrong traits of a football owner, invisible, not interested, not a fan and hes created a ghost of a club with his decisions. I dont believe its about money, thats media BS. We have spent money, we have bought players in the last few years. Its about what players we have bought and the way the club is set up. We are not keen to invest the correct money in the right direction for the right manager though. From what i understand the way the club is run, the way we have bring in players and the way we identify players is a massive problem. We are set up and run badly, we are a hard club to sell to prospective managers and we wont pay enough for them.

  3. Not my choice but why did Moron go to spuds, they dont spend as much as us. Again not my choice, why did Ancelotti go to Napoli, they dont spend as much as us. Again not my choice, why did Pellegrini go to west hamm, they dont spend as much money as us. Why did Brendan Rodgers go to Leicester, they dont spend as much money as us. It not about the money we spend on players it the whole set up of the club. Its not attractive to top managers. I believe Emery asked in the summer for Zaha and Maguire, again not my choice but more importantly they weren’t Emerys either.He got Pepe and Luiz. The club is rotten because of the owner.

  4. It’s so obvious

    Any new manager will be forced to use the likes of Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi and Sokratis as starters. It’s simply difficult to survive the relegation with defeatists like them

    We still have the aspiring young players, but those underperforming senior players would be upset if the youngsters start ahead of them. I bet the managers would prefer to wait till those old culprits leave Arsenal

  5. There are grear players for peanuts available. Our scouts just suck.

    IMO Guendouzi and Martinelli have been great buys, totaling just £13m. Then there’s the 35m Mustafis, 44m Özils etc. I hope Pepe won’t be one of them.

    We need to scout much better. Leipzig, Salzburg, Leicester are all doing wonferful business. Their bargain buys hit the ground running and don’t take too long to perform.

    1. Part of the problem is (to steal a baseball analogy) that we always seem to be trying to hit home runs with signings – hit some singles who can actually do jobs needed. You are absolutely right when you look around premiership, Europe and even championship – there are better players in many positions and they would not break the bank. Would they start at Real Madrid, not likely, but they would be better than what we have.

  6. Just been watching the main tv news and see the sh*t has hit the fan regarding Ozil’s criticism of China.
    More bad PR methinks for Arsenal. Things going from bad to worse.
    BUT, if you feel strongly about something you need to make your feelings known.

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