One good Arsenal win doesn’t change Wenger’s failings

One good win and suddenly there is Only One Arsene Wenger? Please….. by KM

Arsenal finally produced a performance typical of ourselves. We played with 2 rested strikers from midweek and it immediately payed off. We were dynamic and too much for Newcastle to handle. Onto the positives.

We had 3 rested strikers in Giroud, Welbeck and Sanches and we looked dynamic. Although the first two will never be the world class finishers we need they are team players. Giroud combines well and holds the ball up. He also gives us presence and a chance to win the first ball, something we don’t do a lot.

Yesterday the finishing was good. We had 4 shots on target and scored 4 goals contrary to other games when we had a lot of shots and none of the goals. Welbeck scored a nice goal that was disallowed for no reason but overall we were better because we were fresh and we played with 2 up front.

This was not the first game of the season we played with 2 strikers and just like at WBA this tactic gives the opposition something to think about. Having 2 players in the box gave us more space on the wing and with Giroud and Welbeck, crosses and headed goals could become a regularity rather than an exception at Arsenal. And to make it a true Arsenal performance we conceded from a set piece.

There was one bad thing though and it was the fans performance once again. That “One Arsene Wenger” song was so misplaced even Wenger felt it more ironic than respectful as his reaction in the post-match interview showed. Why? Because a lot of Arsenal fans change opinion from one game to the next.

Wenger might lead us to the top 4 and he did get us to the last 16 of the CL but really is that something only one manager could do. At least he hinted we might bring one defender, but Wenger always says we are not afraid to go in the market, yet we always end till the last day and we are always short of a few players.

One victory is a huge change if look only as far as last week, but the past 10 years show the real story. Wenger has to go in the summer and make way for some fresh faces and new ideas.


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      1. Just like the champions league class of 2006….Flamini, [calamity]Senderos, Toure and [Unknown] Eboue. More reason why we need to get behind the the team and stop with this business of ‘buy this,buy that’ syndrome we are now accustomed to, we need our players playing with commitment, that is the demand we should be making of Wenger and the players. Man.U won a couple of league titles without a ‘beast’ defensive midfielder because all their players battle throughout the game, pint sized Evra would not give gigantic Crouch a moments’ rest. Girouds’ and Sanchez’s heat map showed considerable activity in the right central defensive midfield area, which means they covered the arses of Flamini, Bellerin and Debuchy a lot, little wonder Flamini has cooled down on the yellow cards recently. Obviously we do need [experienced] cover in defense and Wenger did not exactly behave in a responsible manner by overlooking that fact in the last transfer window and even if he was, injuries and suspensions do happen, these facts we can’t really control; what we can control however is the passion we inject into our team/players irrespective. Come On US Gunners!!

    1. there is 0% chance we will get a CDM. Wenger even said last week, only regarding CB that we didnt need to go into transfer market at all if Kos was fit. Meaning a CDM is not even on his mind. Have no expectations this January.

      1. why does W never learn? don’t buy the minimum. there will be injuries (he should be stopped from using them as excuses: they occur every year). is there some competition he’s playing we’re not aware of “how much can I do with the minimum investment possible?”. yes, buying is not always the solution. but we don’t have the personnel in CDM right now (arteta & flam: what a joke?) . yes, we may spend a lot and the new player doesn’t work out: but its all about playing the odds – other things being equal, you get more when you pay more and get a world class CDM.

    2. The good performances (last two) are a result of Rotation some thing wenger hardly practice…manure have 6wins out of 6 with their makeshift defence. when was the last time wenger did tthat????
      I still stand strong Wenger is our only problem.
      We need a tactical manager who will see we need a defensive midfielder, center back a nd a prolific striker.

    1. Quite frustrating indeed… The slickest thing that Arsene’s teams do when he is under fire is that they make up for bad losses with delightfully graceful performances that make you go, “Hmmmm, this is the Arsenal we like! Look at this player, and that one too! Where have you been all my life?!”
      …and just when you’re riding on that good high, along comes another terrible performance, and you think “WTF did I say about this team last week?” Like a beer that you greatly enjoy giving you a very bad hangover!

      1. my explanation of that is that wenger is incapable/unwilling to put the players under the types/amounts of pressure that other PL managers do: he’s too gentlemanly, nice , understated. he doesnt put into them the fear and urgency that a SAF might. this would also explain why their first halves are soft: its only when they get put under the hairdryer of the game itself that they come to life. so essentially they always have to lose to win. they cannot keep winning many in a row w the wenger we have now: he does not know how to motivate them unless they’re coming off a spanking.

        1. This is true, but you have to admit this the players responsibility also. The lack of a true leader in the squad is an issue. Who really has the intensity on the field to bring that out of our players? Probably Kolschielny, maybe Wilshere in some time, but I don’t know.

      1. They look at several factors

        – Chances created
        – Pass completion
        – Goals scored
        – Average defensive actions

        That’s how 🙂

        1. Ridiculous.

          He has very few goals.

          Before his wonderful goal on Sat. he struggled to coordinate his passes with other players movements.

          His defense is very much improved but he still is not strong there.

          Who is doing these calculations???

        2. Pass completions stats can sometimes be revealing but are mostly misleading.

          If a player constantly makes nice safe little 5 yard passes rearward his stats will look great but he will have contributed little to good football.

          If a pass is not completed it is often a judgement call whether or not the fault lies with the passer or the movement of the player receiving the pass. Stats make no allowance for this.

          1. Does Cazorla make many nice safe little 5 yard passes? I believe he attempts some of the longest cross field passes in the team. I’m not the Squawka admin mate. But Cazorla has done a lot of work defensively for the team that has gone unnoticed.

  1. Every one wants wenger to go! But honestly i wouldnt be surprise, if he is still in charge next season knowing the arsenal board how they run things!

    1. You are right. Wenger will still be with Arsenal. He is not under that much pressure from his perspective.

      Unless his bosses are all over him, it is just a few impetuous fans making noise as far as he is concerned. He even said as much in a recent interview. Translation: He does not give a flying f#ck if some fans are unhappy.

  2. Wenger made the right decisions and the PLAYERS put in good performances vs. Newcastle Great win. But Arsenal were not playing Chelsea or Real Mardrid so …….. a little perspective.

    The article is harsh but basically correct. Wenger did not prepare the club properly by failing to acquire proper defensive backup. And the points already dropped from his repeated poor decisions in the past do not come back with the win vs. Newcastle.

    And the article is also right that coaching is NOT about 1 win unless that win is for a title/trophy. I am sure I could get more than a few good wins for Arsenal as a manager. So what.

  3. If I had to bet on it…….. I would bet Wenger does just enough to get Arsenal back into 4th place again this season. He often awakens from his ego coma later in the season and starts making decisions good enough for 4th place.

    So if that is the standard, Wenger will likely again “succeed” as the Arsenal manager.

  4. Fellow gooners,

    We have to rejoice in the wins and not continue on this negativity for goodness sake, i’m as critical of wenger as the next gooner but that win against newcastle was fun to watch. Do we need 2 cb? YES!… 2 DM? YES! … WILL we get two? not likely, only one in january and with most of our players coming back we will push for top 4 once again. Moreover, i have a feeling this year we will draw Monaco or Porto in the round of 16 which will also be fun to watch us play someone other than Bayern.

    1. I think it’s a positive thing to want change. It’s a positive thing to want to be the best. It’s a positive thing to want to be feared by teams such as Real Madrid ,Barca, PSG, Bayern, etc. I don’t see any negativity in wanting Wenger gone it’s all for positive reasons. We can take alot of positives from it. Ask Wenger he does it all the time. Why is it so different from us?

  5. i am still on wenger out but if the good results (except for the stoke game) keeps coming. and if wenger is able to cut out his stupid decisions and go out and buy what is necessary thing can change. it’s looking quite promising right now

      1. the performance against gala was good as well. but to drop the guard Wenger has to show improvement in the bigger picture an that definitely include a good january- and summer transferwindow

  6. Worst case scenario. What happens if some rich Oil-Baron buys a team like Spurs or Newcastle next season? We are already playing second fiddle to Chelsea, Man utd, Man City. That means, according to some fans on here , we might still have Wenger. And no fourth place. Already this season we might not have fourth place. I for one don’t think we will make it this season. It will certainly be a rude awakening.

    1. There you have it. FFP says the money coming in through profits is the money that can be spent. It doesn’t mean here is a check go get the players you want.
      That is why I remain a fan of the Arsenal way. Spend on players, build a stadium with the money we have from the profits that the Arsenal fans provide not a oil Barron.

      1. Ever heatd of loopholes? They will find legal ways watch what Man City did. Buying a American team to feed the main team. FFP my friend is governed by UEFA.

        1. I know the loopholes are what makes it really unenforceable. I will buy 50k jerseys next weekend to show a profit.

  7. Ha ha ha. Let us take a moment to laugh at this stupid, insipid article. But love you persistent nature. No matter what, you keep piling sh*t.

    1. Perhaps you could highlight what in the article is “stupid” or “insipid.” Maybe you have a good point but you just denounced the article without offering evidence or an explanation at all.

  8. I have learnt by reading this site that most fans are so desperate for any success they are happy with 4th, I personally don’t expect us to win the league ever year but I do expect the club to challenge for the league and the best players, this is why I’m annoyed but as usual when we lose the AKB brigade disappear , I hope we don’t lose but the next time we do I hope they all chant wengers name again !!! And you say we are fickle !!!!
    I will ALWAYS support arsenal but until the club teats me with respect my money will stay my money and in my pocket , there may be thousands of fans wanting tickets but if poor performances continue people are not stupid, if wenger stays fine as long as we compete for trophies but if we don’t is he bigger than the club, thumbs up for Arsenal down for wenger

    1. This is a gem in itself. In stupidity, of course. Hear that : you are so desperate for success that you will settle for the fourth.
      I don’t expect to win the league now, of course. I hoped and expected at the beginning of the season, true. Now it is a bit too far too late.
      In any case, season is only half way through.

      1. Budd I’ve noticed your very loud lately , what are YOU saying we are still competing for the title geeeeze you are more deluded than I thought, my comments were very simple I want to challenge for trophies , the league has gone and it looks like it took your sanity with it, I’ve been an arsenal fans for over 30 years and I’ve often paid over £200 for myself and my son to travel and watch games, my loyalty isn’t questioned to Arsenal but Wenger did a wonderful job but now we need to move on, if he proves he can do it I’m behind him, if not then let the club move on without him . Or would you rather we keep him and stay in this seasons state every year

        1. actually, i “knew” in aug , when we didn’t buy cdm and cb that we weren’t going to do so well (we’ll get 4th of course, wenger has an expertise in squeaking to 4th). but to challenge for PL title [unless you are MANU] you need to have depth to cope with the injuries that always come (since they are predictable, don’t use them as an excuse). a responsible plan would have planned for the injuries by having depth: we have below-minimal depth at the back and its wenger’s cheapness/self-delusion thats at fault.

        2. I think that you fans that live in England and pay to go to matches are the only ones that can honestly complain.

          All these overseas followers with their inflated sense of entitlement have absolutely no legitimacy.

  9. You can ramble all day long but the fact remains, it changes nothing. If you are always eager to point out wengers shortcomings then be sincere to praise him and the players when they get it right. Gone are the days i take you aobs serious cos majority of you wanted rodgers,matinez, pochetino etc as our manager last season but you have shifted the goal post cos they are not getting it right now.i thank God majority of you aint our manger.i believe The “theres only 1 arsene wenger” chant made some here shit there pants. There is a news that the fans that booed him at stoke did so cos he refused to sign their autographs. Enjoy the win till you have something to moan about.

    1. Praise Wenger at your own peril. Wenger is only waking up to the fans’ open dismay at the team’s dismal performance & sorry perennial results. Following the likes of you gives Wenger ample reason to slip back into his old comfort. zone. COYG-dont let the old sod go to sleep again. Wenger out regardless!

      1. everyone needs a kick up the backside now and then. wenger doesnt provide it to the players. unfortunately, we need bad outcomes such as at stoke to make our players play to their best. thats why we do better in 2nd half. thats why we do better in the return leg of CL. thats why we do well after spanking. it means the player quality is there, but wenger no longer has the ability to CONSISTENTLY get the players to play at the top level. he’s just too soft.

  10. In any Business model one thing is certain. It takes spending money to make money. What most fans on here forget is in the long term we might have a sustainable model (which is brilliant, don’t get me wrong), but we might lose clientèle. As generations grow older and people die a younger generation want to be associated with a brand that is successful. In this case success is not measured by how sustainable you are, but how many championships you have won. That means increase in sponsorship, shirt sales etc. When your Revenue increases you have more to spend. Already we see teams following the sustainable model introduced to the soccer fraternity by Bayern and not Arsene as most believe. Teams are already starting to increase their stadium capacity. And soon we will be just another team in the crowd. And the question will then be how do we make the Arsenal brand stand out. Other brands have realised that building success on the pitch is the most important to build a strong brand. It increases global revenue immensely.

  11. Happy with the win, but still a lot of work left to be done, i actually enjoy the attacking line with giroud, welbeck and sanchez will increase our goal tally gradually.

    Liverpool seems to b having a rougher time than us at the moment, they just look lost they played the better game and lost.

    Now why do people hate arsenal players so much, the penalty cazorla scored, two former keeper comes out complaining, one saying why he did not do it last week or do it when it meant. the other saying he was disrespecting a young keeper maybe he would have felt better if cazorlaa kick it in the keepers hands. so to all you haters bur off

  12. This article is actually quite annoying. Trying to remind the fans that the hate for Wenger should continue. This might be only my opinion but I really cannot believe everyone seems to join this bandwagon that says Wenger has failed in 10yrs. Wengers has had 3 tenures. First tenure 1996 to 2006 where we won trophies and were very competitive and then took a BIG step to move to the Emirates. Tenure 2- 2007 to 2013 This was the period where we had financial restrictions because of the stadium and were very dependent on the academy and buying 2nd tier players because they were cheaper. Yes these were trying times and we won no trophies although we had chances to a few but we blew them. Yet we maintained champs league because we needed it for the future of the club. 3rd Tenure- 2013/2014 season to present – This is the period where for the first time Wenger has money to spend. There is definitely no coincidence that we won the FA cup for the first time after spending 40million on a Player. That was a statement of ambition that Arsenal are back. Now we have better quality players at the club as well and with more money flowing, more world class players to come. Wenger is still building this team for success. Wenger is right to say judge him in MAY. This is his last team which he deserves to have the time to build and succeed and prove to many doubters that he never lost it. If anyone deserves that chance Wenger does. And for the record, A winner never loses his touch. He won trophies and although the oil teams made life more difficult esp when we were going through a transition, We now have Money and we can do it again. So pls KM stop all these vile articles trying to run down and belittle our manager because of your opinion. Even other fans outside think we fans are deluded raining this hate on our manager….go ask a spud

    1. Here we go again. Now you have explained to us how successful he was when he came and how he had to manage the team through a rough patch. Nobody disputes that. But during this rough period up to now it became more evident that Arsene has lost his way. Making wrong decisions in the transfer market, team selection, tactics and the list goes on. Now we are in a better position. So please tell us why are we seeing the same bull? Where is the Arsene you are talking about? The Dynamic of the game has changed since then. If you don’t adapt, you die. That’s what happened to Arsene. And he still refuses to see that. He only wakes up when things are bad.

      1. Hi Dboy, I respect ur opinion and understand your frustration because I am also very much frustrated. But let me address a few things you have said.
        Wrong decisions in transfer Market?? This is a no brainer because even Arsene if you remember acknowledged that we need a DM and CB and we all thot we were definitely going to get them in. However I believe Arsene even if he saw what was needed, was unable to bring them in for some reason. There is alot of negotiations that goes behind closed doors that no one including the press knows no matter how people want us to believe they know what happens behind closed doors at Arsenal. There were targets but if player or clubs changes their minds or negotiations break down….what do u do?? Remember even ManU needed a defender too and were shopping in the same pool as us yet, they bought none. That must strike a nerve that Arsene tried but couldn’t. And I really don’t care what anyone say, If I have shit loads of Money and I cant get what I want, I will not just panic buy and get in Just any odd player. If Arsene did that and our defence was still bad, the AOB would still be the first to pile the pressure. So yes he prob did the right thing by waiting to for next window to hopefully get the right player if it can happen.
        Team Selection/Tactics?? Are u really for real that the hate for wenger has u questioning his tactics now because we lost some games. You lose some you win some thats football. Tactics also involve change of players which Injury has a say in it in Arsenal. And yes I support the injury crisis in Arsenal needs a serious look at. But Wenger sees these guys at training 24/7 and definitely knows who to pick…dont you think or when to change a player. Everyone is saying podolksiii (I love him to bits too) but he is not a defender, he is a forward. so who do u want to be dropped?? Welbeck?? Alexis?? Giroud?? I remember podolski given so many chances some yrs back when he was put as CF….he was sooo crap that I don’t understand how people have forgetten. So yes he is better on the wings but I think wlbeck and alexis and even chamberlain bring more to the team on the wing. So yes its difficult but Arsene definitely knows his team better than u and me. If you build ur own team, u will probably know it better than Arsene too. so why would we think for one second we know arsenes team more than him….I don’t get it. Sorry for the long speech but I hope u get my point.

        1. Redsoldier respect to you to mate. Your first issue on transfers : you say we don’t know what happens behind the scenes, not even media knows. I agree mate. But then you proceed to give possibilities as to why we are not getting players we are linked with. That in itself is speculation and biased because we can also speculate that it is due to Wengers inability to attract players. Like you sad we don’t know.
          Second issue on tactics: Anyone on here will tell you i have been questioning Wenger’s tactics for years.
          Third issue you make mention of certain players and who should be dropped. I have not named any players. But I would assume you referring to tactics been influenced by injuries. Well sir i believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And that starts at the beginning of the season. And that boils down to poor leadership. Especially when you are aware of this. If you can’t get a player in, in the current transfer window you are taking a gamble not buying hoping to sign the player in the next window. Now taking what you mentioned, sums it up. Strong leadership requires making decisions in the current window to ensure you are properly equipped for the task ahead.

          1. I understand your points bro. But like you say, you have to plan not to fail. Yes we have not bought a DM and CB. Bought we got Sanchez (world class) so definitely Wenger can attract the best….proven. We got debuchy who unfortunately was injured for 3 whole months and peeps forgot about him. But seeing him now in game reminds us how solid he is and how much we have missed him. That is also a good eye for detail from wenger because he saw Debuchy was better and younger than Sagna…Proven because he benches Sagna in French team. He got Chambers (19yrs with bags of potential), He got welbeck who people thot was brought to replace giroud (meanwhile respects to this man for all the stick he has got from fans) but Wengers plan all the way was to use both. Chamberlain is becoming a revelation etc. The only question marks was additional CB and DM. Rome was not built in a day. We need to back the manager and the team. If anyone needs backing it is Wenger because yrs past when he had practically no money to spend so how is it fair and justified that now he has brought us to the place where we have Money and people want him to go. He definitely deserves his chance to show the world that Money wins trophies…eg Mourinho. As simple as that. Thats my opinion though. This season has been frustrating but when u look at everything we have gone thru this season, it puts a smail on my face that the team have finally started playing the way we want them to. 2 four one victories in a row with a makeshift defence. There is definitely alot to come out from this team. Also an interesting point that no one seems to mention is that the Players are finally taking responsibility. You cant just leave ur manager high and dry when u know u are part of the problem. I still believe with the team going in the right direction and the fans backing the team and Manager, something great will happen this season….Watch this space.

  13. With Wenger we will continue to challenge for the inevitable AKB 4th place trophy.

    So sad that AKB’S and their beloved God, (Wenger”) only want 4th.

    In order to challenge for an actual trophy (not created by delusional fans and a serial old fool), but one the rest of the world actually recognise Wenger needs to go.

    If it means he takes AKB’S and Diaby with si be it.

    1. hard for me to understand why fans are so desperate to stay in 4th. I’d much rather take a chance and aim higher. Wenger is probably going to leave after this final contract no matter what, so all the fans that fear a hard transition period after Arsene leaves will have to deal with it anyways. I’d rather the transition happen now instead of later. Man City, Chelsea are only improving while we are stagnant.

  14. Good news: The board will extend wenger contract till whatever he want, even he is on wheelchair still he know best so those who are 40s still may have a chance to see him leave.

  15. Yesss!!! Definitely Wenger has failed us again this season, we are out of the title race and we not even halfway yet.THAT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE FOR ARSENAL.
    We are not spurs,Everton or Swansea.
    We are ARSENAL therefore we are suppose to be up there with chelsea.
    Where’s the pride people???since when do we settle for 4th???why are we settling for less???
    Champions league qualification might mean the world to Everton and the spuds but for us it goes without saying. We can’t celebrate that.We need more.We deserve more . Actually we should be achieving more,this is arsenal after all…We need to have more pride in our team and DEMAND our coach and players to perform at the Arsenal level…The board needs to get players of Arsenal quality.


  16. In Wenger’s mind he doesn’t see any failings and he will fight to maintain the status quo to prove that.

    Most managers are stubborn but he takes it to the next level. He has admitted he needs another defender after saying he doesn’t need any if there are no injuries.

    So don’t expect a defending midfielder or any midfielder or striker. Don’t expect any player other than an average/decent defender. And in January even that is difficult.

  17. if wenger’s team beat Man U Chelsea and Man C then wenger can take the credit otherwise he’s not worth £8m a year.. fighting for 4th year on year, he’s not worth it

  18. I’m amazed at home many fans seem to think a good result can turn everything around! Don’t get me wrong, i’m glad Arsene got some respect from the fans on Saturday. The way he was treated after the Stoke game was disgusting, but for me this doesn’t change anything. We’ve had these results on and off many times in the last 10 years but ultimately still come up far too short for a club of this size. I agree that it’s time for Wenger to move over.

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