One good reason why Arsenal fans should watch Ajax v Tottenham

Tonight our bitter rivals Tottenham face off against Ajax in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final in Amsterdam and I for one will be watching and not because I care if Tottenham wins or loses.

The main reason I will be watching is so that I can see if we should break the bank to sign the Dutch giants David Neres.

The latest rumours over the last 24 hours have claimed that Liverpool has joined us and Chelsea in wanting to sign the 22-year-old.

Now, these gossip pieces have largely been about the Reds joining the chase to sign Neres but they all have one thing in common and that is us, each report makes it clear we are keen and it is Liverpool joining us in the race to sign the Brazilian international and not the other way around.

If these rumours are true and I am inclined to believe they are then we need to put them in some context.

Chelsea has to be considered outsiders due to their impending transfer ban and so that leaves us and Liverpool as the only viable current Premier League options.

Real Madrid is also said to be eager to sign Neres but then they have been linked with every single high profile player on the planet and I take their inclusion as an interested party with a large pinch of salt.

There is clearly a place for Neres in our team but I am not sure that is the case with Liverpool, who would they cast aside to accommodate the Ajax man?

Obviously, Champions League is a requirement, I cannot see the young forward wanting to join us if we fail to make next seasons premier European competition but if we do I see no reason why he would not sign for us.

We can afford the reported £35 Million fee that is being touted and we can guarantee him regular first team football.

So yes, I will be watching Ajax v Tottenham but primarily so that I can watch David Neres in action.


  1. If any of this young Ajax side leaves for a club Not in the champions league, they’re leaving for a massive pay rise to screw their next club over, and will end up leaving their next club overweight or with massive injury problems.
    If you’re not in the CL and only have money to offer, sorry, no trophy for you next season 😉

    1. Your opinion reminds me of how Barcelona and Liverpool paid a lot of money for Dembele and Chamberlain. They have been plagued by injuries since they joined their new clubs

      Arsenal should also be careful next time

  2. Emery stays up all night fighting against heavy sleepy eyeballs just to work on tactics against oppositions…only for xhaka and mustafi to show up on matchday and give painful and embarrassing performances…I’m sure that hurts Emery alot…he would surely act in the summer..I’m very sure of that.. Emery has seen and taken enough from this shit players

  3. My Arsenal dream team ( just a “dream” team)
    Wilfred Zaha. James Madison. Aubameyang
    Torreira. Doucoure
    Alaba. Holding. Umtiti. Bellerin.
    Subs: Martinez, AMN, Sokratis, Nelson, Ozil, Xhaka, Iwobi.

    Adidas would give us 60 million. Player sales would get us around 50 million minimum, plus huge wage bill freed. Plus if the Arsenal board contribute around 100 million (laughably) this lineup is actually possible

    1. Do you not understand that your post contradicts itself?”LAUGHABLY but ACTUALLY POSSIBLE” . They can’t BOTH be true, so WHICH ONE is it?

      1. Also a dream team with iwobi in it ,I mean cmon what sort of dreams are you having

    2. Why do you insist on using 4-2-3-1

      Other top teams have ditch the no 10 and use 4-3-3

  4. Liverpool spent 75 million on VVD, 75 million on Alisson, 70 million on Keita all just in the space of 6 months… That’s called ambition. When will our beloved club behave that way

    1. That was after selling Coutinho for £100 million + and a few others totalling about another £50 + million.
      You do the maths.

    2. The reality is Liverpool have real professionals
      behind the scenes making brilliant decision
      after brilliant decision. It started with hiring
      Klopp then culminated in the fleecing of
      Barca for Coutinho that financed the additions
      of VVD and Alisson.
      In that same time period the Arsena brass gave
      the financial moon to Ozil, basically gave
      away Sanchez, and allowed Ramsey, Wilshere
      and now Welbeck to leave for free. Sanchez
      and the bosmans cost the club around £125M
      in potential players sales. Nearly the same sum that Pool banked on the Brazilian.

      Many Arsenal fans have rightfully asserted that
      the collective talent( including managers) divide
      between the two sides is astronomical atm, but
      sadly it seems the gulf in class of the main
      decision makers( you 2 Stan) at each club
      appears to be even greater.

  5. I’ll give you a good reason… We won’t have to watch xhaka, Mustafi give dumb fouls, give the ball away and generally be bad, BUT for me the worst of all is Ozil, he jogs around pretending like he’s trying to apply pressure just for players to either brush him off or simply turn him lol these 3 players are a shambles

  6. Firstly, Congrats Liverpool!

    They are a team to be feared and proud of (If you really appreciate good football)!?

    I watched the game last night and I have to admit that they are a club that are a million miles ahead of us right now. Klopp has got it together with a blend of “local” youth, “local” experienced players and generally players who can improve any team in the country!

    I’m not going to compare Liverpool to Arsenal in any way shape or form. What’s the point? But, I will say this; Arsenal have lost it’s identity and brand. It’s all gone flat and I just don’t identify with many of them as individuals let alone a club. Watching Liverpool last night brought me back about 15 – 20 years last night. I could identify with them as a team with history, passion and heart!! Now that’s how you beat Barcalona in style!!

    Oh my beloved Arsenal, how I miss you..

    Secondly, I doubt I will watch the Spuds tonight, I would hate to see them win!

    1. We’ve been gone for quite a while though. It’s not just been this season. We as fans have been lied to for honestly close to a decade. That we couldn’t compete because of the stadium, (look at teams who have less than us like Ajax going further than we have in ages. Spurs who spent nothing in the summer). We’ve been stuck in mediocrity for ages. That positive thing is that we have ditched AW and are at least trying to become good again. Better than having no purpose as a club under Wenger.

    2. We lost the beautiful football style the moment Fabregas Era came to an end in 2010.
      We have been so methodical, sweaty and mechanical since then as we have been depending on individual performances ever since.

      RVP, Cazorla, Sanchez, and to a certain extent Ramsey and Ozil all did well at a given time in the last 8 or so seasons.

      1. I agree Goonster..

        I never for one moment thought that Arsenal as a club needed to sell our best players to fund the stadium. It was Wenger’s idea because he thought his business and economics degree had a use and he believed his own hype about how average players were unpolished diamonds!

        We could have sustained the debt over a longer period and remained competitive at “top level”. Instead we remained competitive at “some level in the middle” while reducing the debt quickly!

  7. I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch the spuds later… if they were to progress.. omg that’d be a real stomach-churning moment (along with seeing Alli’s face) Come on Ajax

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