One impressive stat that makes Willian moving to Arsenal sensible

Arsenal is closing in on the signing of the free agent, Willian after he left Chelsea.

The Brazilian spent seven years with the west London side and won two Premier League titles with them.

They wanted him to remain with them for the next two seasons, but the winger will not sign any deal unless it is for the next three years.

Arsenal has reportedly agreed to offer him a three-year deal, and he will join up with the Gunners imminently.

The move has been questioned by some fans and even pundits because the Brazilian is already 32 and he will be 35 by the time the deal expires.

However, Star Sports has dug up some impressive numbers done by the Brazilian this season and it all begins to make sense.

One thing that might come to mind quickly when one considers what the Brazilian will offer to Arsenal is his flair, however, even more than that, his stats in the just-concluded season are impressive.

He is the seventh-best creator in the Premier League last season with chances created from corners, crosses, open play and indirect free kicks.

He created 75 chances, while no Arsenal player made the top 20.

That alone makes him a sensible signing.

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  1. He will be 34 at the end of his contract in 2023, his contract will end June 1st 2023 he will turn 35 Aug 9th 2023 please research properly instead of guessing

    1. The most important fact here is he was the 7th best creator in the just ended season at age 32 and with none of our players making the top 20, he definitely will be a sensible signing.

  2. Jo I don’t disagree with the stat, however he only got 7 assists & that doesn’t even get him in the top 10 assist makers last season, all this he will be 35 at the end of the contract simply isn’t true though

    1. Chelsea’s finishing was attrocious this year. 3rd in the league for chances created once set plays are removed.

  3. Since when did Arsenal become the club that takes out Chelsea’s trash? We keep giving long term contracts to players that aren’t or are no longer good enough to get game time on a top 6 team. I don’t understand any single bit of excitement about this potential signing. We need to figure out or central midfield and defense. We don’t need to be giving out 3 year deals to players on the wrong side of 30.

    1. “We keep giving long term contracts to players that aren’t or are no longer good enough to get game time on a top 6 team”

      He literally missed two games in the league this year lol…. was 2nd top chelsea scorer and top assists for chelsea what on earth you on about!?!?

      Pretty hilarious logic you got there buddy.

  4. He’s free, only on 100k (Kolasinac is on 120k!!), and probably didn’t have a too high signing-on-fee.

    3 year contract means we can still sell him after season or 2. Brazilians tend to go to China for big bucks!

  5. Even with ‘only’ 7 assists, I believe that’s more than any of our players had.. so yes, a sensible signing!

    Now just announce him, we’ve waited long enough!!

  6. 7 assists are good enough and he would do still better under MA and with a central creative midfield role he will have more playing time. He is very good at dribbling and free kicks. Also he will make a very good mentor for the likes of Martinelli and Saka. I dont understand this age factor that fans comment about. Both Ronaldo and Messi are on the wrong side of 30 yet flourishing in their respective Clubs. I am not saying Willian is Ronaldo or Messi, but he is good enough a player with a lot of class and let us not forget that Lampard still wanted to keep him but for the policies of Chelsea.

    1. 👍 Exactly! David Silva 34, Fernandinho 35, Aguero 32… as I’ve said before, not all old players are duds!!

  7. A lot of Arsenal fans are acting as if we are a top 4 team. We finished 8th!, I don’t agree with taking cast offs. However we have slim pickings, no money and at this moment in time we are not a top team.

    I think everyone needs a smack of reality lol

    I’m hoping Willian does well for us let’s see. Hope is all we can have. I hope we finish top 4 too.

  8. Can someone please explain to me why we are constantly obsessed with a players age and whether he is 33 or 34, at the end of the day if a player conducts himself well, trains, eats properly and isnt a party animal then he can play well into his 30’s, this is far more important than whether or not he is 34, Give me a 35 year old Giggs, Willian or Ronaldo who give their lifes to staying in shape over a 27 year old party animal lingard as an example

  9. Hes actually 3rd in the league this year for passes leading to shots if you take out set plays which is insane to be getting for free on a reasonable wage.

    Chelsea had well documented problems with finishing their expected goals was substantially higher than what they actually scored. Willian would of picked up far more assists without such wastefulness and his assist total already looked good compared to our players. See him playing 10/8 for us and he fills an important gap for us.

    1. Let him just come and feed Auba and we have to add Coutinho to make things much easier next season.

  10. Chelsea let him go for free, they busy closing Havertz deal, then very talented midfield Said benrahma.

    In Koulibaly chase and considering upemecano for CB pair. With Werner and Zyiech, it easy to get why they get rid of Willian and why we sign him.

    They go for titles and we go for midtable we are!

    We need a new coach first, can get Leipzig one who should be there a year ago to replace Wenger who should be Chairman or President, get rid of this board.

    Until a new owner putting money in this club, we must get this coach who plays Arsenal way and good with young players we have many.

    Let him come with his staff and recruitment team.

    He will be happy and here to stay for decades… Not sure if anyone saw Liepzig play but I wish we get him.

    1. Reality, we are not and looking at how realistic targets Luiz signing to lead defense and what other clubs doing; we will struggle at midtable with same boring football Arteta offers. Injuries and all we saw over and over!

      In midtable, ;10 spot before last game, many of us are excited about Willian looking forward in top4 if not winning EPL..

  11. Lookin at clubs’ players & what they xhase and do in transfer windows, unless totally lost or on crack, it is obvious that Reds, both Man, Chelsea and Spurs finish above us.

    Everton is in a new phase building, buzy in market, Wolves and Foxes reinforcing, we are most likely to finish where we at.

    But not for our fan dreaming section of course; we will destroy everyone, we beat Chelsea City and Reds; who all had nothing to play for while we did for our life and target : EL, failing to make it from EPL, saved by Cup.
    Must not be ingrate and Thank Lampard for his unreal ridiculous line up in final.

    Who cares for EL? Not foxes nor Wolves anymore but Arsenal, Everton, Palace, Sheiffield and Arsenal fans thrilled for Cup to allow it! Get real!

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