One key thing we can take away from Arsenal’s draw at Bournemouth

Arsenal showed signs against Bournemouth of developing one key ingredient to being successful once again.

When Arsenal made Mikel Arteta their new manager, he talked about bringing in the winning mindset that sets Manchester City apart.

At first, I thought he was just making a big statement just like most managers do when they are unveiled by a new club.

I still have doubts that Arsenal’s current crop of players can play like or even achieve what Pep Guardiola’s league-winning sides have achieved.

However, after Arsenal’s game against Bournemouth, I have to admit that Mikel Arteta can do something special for this team.

There are several lessons we can learn from the game against Bournemouth but one key thing we can take away is that these Arsenal players can fight and they can get back that winning mentality.

This team worked under Arteta for less than a week before their match against Bournemouth, but they showed in that game that they are already on their way to developing a winning mindset.

This winning mentality would be the key to their revival under Arteta and if they win their next match, it would become easier for them to win games and that includes fighting back from losing positions.

It was always the case that the biggest issue with these Arsenal players was mental simply because we all know that certain individuals are far better players than what they have shown in an Arsenal shirt.


  1. I know it’s just one game, but the players’ positioning and passing looked more fluid as compared to the ones at Wenger’s and Emery’s last matches. This is partly because the players’ confidence is much higher, thanks to the effect of the new manager

    Arteta’s smart tactic also helped a lot. But I bet he wouldn’t include Xhaka at the next match, because Xhaka is leaving

    I predict Arteta would use the same formations against Chelsea and I’m confident we can beat them

    1. If Xhaka is sold, Guendouzi probably gets into the lineup. Honestly, I see that as a negative. If I could point to one player who slows our entire game down the most, it is him.

      1. Although Guendouzi isn’t great, I can promise you that no one slows up our game more than Xhaka. Anytime he’s under the slightest bit of pressure he’ll look to go sideways or backwards.

        Hopefully we can get someone better than the both of them next month. Resign Santi!

        1. Xhaka also slow, but cannot stand seeing Guendouzi take tons of touches and only achieve a simple pass. THough I suppose better than watching Xhaka lose the ball.

      2. It’s going to be between Guendouzi and Willock. Willock must have impressed Arteta in training, hence he came as a substitute in Bournemouth

        I guess Arteta would try to get a left-footed DM in January, to replace Xhaka’s role in left DM and left CB positions

        Xhaka played badly under Wenger and Emery, but he surprisingly created several sharp through balls with his left foot to Bukayo Saka in Bournemouth

        Real Sociedad have a tall left-footed DM who scored 2 goals and created 1 assist from 18 La Liga appearances this season, Mikel Merino

    2. Yes we can beat Chelsea. I guess Xaka will play till the last days of his departure just like A.Ramsey. Arteta should also find a replacement before allowing Xaka to leave. Willock &
      Gueduozi still need time to develop their games.

  2. I predicted a draw. So not surprising

    Obviously we need better defenders but Aubameyang, Lacazette are almost useless without assistance from creative players

    We lack creativity or top quality in midfield
    We need a De bruyne type player

    Or We need someone similar to Ozil circa 2015-2016 lol

  3. I think if we can beat chelsea,the fight for that 4th position is going to be tremendous.We still can make it.
    I also think leicester’s next game is a vital one for them,if they dont win it comfortbaly even the 3rd spot will look possible.I know they only faced two of the best teams out there,but they have to be better than what they did yesterday(especially maddison).


  4. Arteta must learn from 2 last games;

    1) Sokratis should not start with Mustafi, Mav available!

    2) Chambers must play as CB

    3) Luiz can do well as DM infront of CBs, he can defend and mainly; play forward.

    4) Torreira & Xhaka are constantly defending to help our central defense.
    Explains why we spend most time in our own half, can’t play forward doing so. Logic!

    If he doesn’t play 4-1 formation with Luiz infront of CBs, it will be same result. Our CB pair is too weak, need to add Luiz who plays forward! Allows everyone else to do so!

    Not about spirit but formation. With money they make chasing a ball, they should lift our spirit and happy!

  5. Our problems in Arsenal this season are down to one basic fact: None of the players brought in during the summer to improve the squad has made any significant impact on the team’s performance. From Luiz and Tierney at the back to Ceballios in the middle to Pepe upfront,; they have all failed us woefully.
    After decimating the squad by sale and loans, you expected the new players to replace those who left and kick the team to the next level. But this has not been te case
    Only young Martinelli, touted to be “one for the future”, has impressed.
    Whether that is down to wrong acquisitions or bad coaching, I wouldn’t know
    What I know is that something drastic has to change with the playing staff if we want to see the Arsenal of our dreams again

    1. How many games have Tierney and Ceballos actually played in?

      Pepe has certainly underwelhmed but the skill set is definitely there to be a top
      player for years to come. If MA worked wonders with Sterling, why shouldn’t we expect
      the same from the Ivorian?

      I seem to recall that a few members of the Invincibles that happen to have statues outside
      the Emirates may have taken a little time to stretch there boots in NL.

      WTS, I agree that AFC do need an infusion of quality young talent to close the gap with Pool
      and Oil City. A few of the following players would be a good start

      Youcef Atal
      Ibrahim Sangare
      Sander Berge
      B. Kamara
      Dayot Upamecano
      H Aouar
      P. Torres
      M. Dembele (either one LOL)
      Gabriel Magalhaes
      Sufdat Serder
      Ozan Kabak
      Evan N’Dicka
      Achraf Hakimi
      Boubakary Soumare
      Malang Sarr
      Sergino Best
      Donyell Malen
      Noussan Mazraoui
      Steven Berjwin
      Sandro Tonali
      Nikola Milenkovic
      Federico Chiesa
      Samuel Chuckwueze
      Fernan Torres
      Unai Nunez

      To Name a few…LOL

  6. I think we would have been much much better if Arteta had come a lot earlier. Perhaps we would be challenging Leicester for the third position now. Some how Unai Emery made us sail with him in his boat of inconsistent team selection and inability to make choice on his own. Imagine a coach that leaves the choice of who should be the captain of your team to be decided by democratic principle. The board were just too late to have sacked him not too long ago, after he had given a heavy blow to the confidence of the players.

    Perhaps he will get hired soon by one of the Manchester clubs

    1. No change to situation, wrong formation over and over.

      Until we play in 4-1 with Luiz infront of weak CBs spot, we will not win a game as we have 2 players in middle focused in defending. We can’t play forward then.

      Same thing over and over, Xhaka and totrreira or Gendouzi, defending all game long. How does Ozil gets ball and attacking players do?

      That’s what we see over and over. As soon we see that formation, it is a lost or miraculous draw!

    2. AFC were at least 8 years too late in sacking Wenger and many months too late in sacking Emery. I doubt Arteta will ever get sacked. I believe he is more likely to resign but hopefully many years from now. It is clear to me that while Kroenke remains as owner we cannot possibly get a better head coach/ manager than right now. The lesson we must all learn about the disaster that was Emerys appointment is that never again must a man be hired as head honcho who can’t speak English and who can’t learn either. We all have taken the ability for basic communication and man management skills for granted; not surprisingly, after 22 years of Wenger. But we should not have taken it for granted and that was a mistake.

        1. JJ Pawn, that’s the reason we’re in the mess we are now – all those fa cup wins, top four places, CL knock out stage qualifications under AW made Mikel Arteta believe we were a big club…what a fraud this man Wenger was, especially when Arteta was playing for him!!!

          I only hope MA isn’t such a disappointment over the coming eight years, the atmosphere will become toxic and we could be fighting relegation, if we let him get away with that kind of football and results!!!!

      1. jon, I agree about the English communication issue; however you are harsh on Emery with your assessment that he “can’t learn either” given where he started from, the hard work he obviously put in and the time he had (18 months), given that people like Ponchettino used a translator for his first two years.

  7. I HAD TO CHORTLE AT THE HILARIOUS SENTENCE FROM ADMIN MARTIN, “I STILL HAVE DOUBTS………” ETC. FYI Martin, “doubts ” means that something is unlikely to happen but nevertheless has a slim chance of happening. If there actually is a “slim chance” that our present lot can play like Peps Man City, then the word “doubt” needs a whole new and completely different meaning. I have “no doubts” that we CANNOT play like them , ever. Not unless and until we completely gut our playing staff and bring in the equivalent of theirs. Hilarious and made me laugh!

  8. From yesterday’s game and what I saw in improvements, I’m confident we can now move forward under Arteta‘s management/coaching. He’s not had a lot to work with regarding the defence but their goal was a little bit fortunate and we could have been a few goals up at half time if our strikers were in better form. We had some excellent wing play but with piss poor crossing and the passing, movement and forward rather than backward passing was so much better. Arteta will do well.

  9. Here’s a FACT for those who wanted AW gone eight years before he went (missing fa cup wins, top fpur positions and CL quarter final involvement in seven of them!!!) here’s a FACT to think about…

    During the eight years that Mikel Arteta was at the club, he participated in all of the above scenarios, was made captain and attributes his days at The Arsenal as the most enjoyable of his career…all impossible if AW had left eight years before he did!!!!!!!!

    Please remember the words “I have no DOUBT” was used when stating that Ozil would be gone by July 2019 and then that UE would outlast Ozil at the club as well.

    So it only goes to prove that even the most knowledgable of us can use the word “doubt” wrongly and I have no doubt that Arteta will be a great success, even if he has peanuts to spend versus the money available to pep.

    Good to see your still here Jon, I had no DOUBT whatsoever, did you?

    1. Ken.. I’ve more than likely said this to you before, dozens of times probably! But, you really do have a way with words. I love it! Absolutely love how you get your point across!!
      Straight to the point, no messing!!
      Brilliant! 👍👍👍

  10. The only explanation for someone wanting Arsenal to sack AW eight years early is that they hate the man’s guts thoroughly. I mean, a pathological kind of hatred. Forgetting that he had one or two bright spots (not really one or two, am just trying to be modest in a false way) before he went way.

    The past is gone and AW belongs in the past. For some, he is remembered with a bitter taste. For others, yes, he had his fault, but fondness and nostalgia.

    Cuss at me and call me names, but I can’t forget that that was the man that gave us a team to be proud of. We would be running rings round teams if we could play like he taught Arsenal to play in the Ferguson days. Arsenal gave that man a few more grey hairs before he retired.

    Leave AW out of things now. He’s gone. Nothing bad you say about him will change people like me.

    1. Unfortunately the Arsenal does not have the players Arsene Wenger, George Graham, Bertie Mee or Herbert Chapman had at their disposal in those winning years. We are no longer feared.

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