‘One lively display doesn’t answer many questions’ Arsenal fans warned about expecting too much from Willian

Alan Smith has called for calm from Arsenal fans who might get carried away from watching Willian’s recent turn of form.

The Brazilian has been heavily criticised for his poor performances since he moved to the Emirates.

However, he was one of Arsenal’s best players in their win over Leicester City and there is hope that he would start delivering for the club now.

Smith, however, cautioned that we cannot judge him by his performance in a single game considering that he had flopped in several other matches previously.

The former Gunner thanked the club’s youngsters like Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Martin Odegaard for keeping the team competitive.

He adds that the most senior members of the team have to come to the fore and help the youngsters before praising Willian for upping his level of performance recently.

‘We have to thank the youngsters for leading the charge,’ Smith told the Evening Standard

‘Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and more recently Martin Odegaard have injected fresh legs and ideas into Arsenal’s game. Without them, especially Saka, the team may have kept on sinking towards murky waters. 

‘But now some senior players need to take the strain, to give the kids a rest from providing the impetus. Inexperience leads to dips. It’s a natural part of development. Sooner or later form will suffer a bit, as seen for a short spell with Smith Rowe. 

‘Because of that, Mikel Arteta must have been delighted to see Willian perk up at Leicester last week. A long time coming, perhaps, but this was more like it from the former Chelsea man. He looked sharp and invigorated as if he’d had enough of being labelled a flop. 

‘I was beginning to give up on the Brazilian. I thought he’d come for the ride rather than the responsibility of helping hoist this side onto a higher plane. And that might still be the case. One lively display doesn’t answer many questions.

‘You never know, Willian might slip back into the lethargy that won him few friends. 

‘Let’s hope not, though, because a motivated and vibrant Willian offers so much. His contrasting style to other players in that position gives Arteta a very handy option when it comes to rotating his team from here on in.’

Willian will now have to add consistency to his performances and that might help Arsenal to secure a European place.

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  1. Yaya sonogo misses the target from 12 yards deary me he’s still waiting on his first goal since leaving Arsenal 😶

      1. Haha I knew he was missing when he stepped up Sue 😂 his muse never really got going 😂

  2. Not expecting anything from willian. I dont think he is quality and I hope he leaves

    1. hes here to bring his experience and guidance

      a team cant have entire kids playing

      the team need some experience to lead and guide..cultivate a strong and possibly winning mentality

  3. Arsenal should definitely sell Willian now for anything, because he’s past his best. Why arsenal signed him in the first instance is a mystery, as the club is overstocked with younger promising players like Saka, Pepe, Nelson and Martinelli, all playing the same position as him. Willian is over 30 years old and on the decline. What a waste of funds, to give Willian over 220,000 pounds weekly , which, covers the weekly salaries of the four players combined. Arsenal has not learned from the past experiences and keep making mistakes with bad investment on old players, who they give pension contracts. Players like Willian only block the opportunities that Arsenal should be giving to the young talents, which is needed to develop their potential and confidence. Fans must not get excited by a flash in the pan performance by Willian. The youngsters are better than him.

    1. Arsenal should start selling him. He’s not worth it anymore. Arsenal signed him cos of his experiences n free transfer.

      He can at least still fetch 15 to 20m in the market if he goes to Spain or Italy or France.

      He’s too inconsistent n his salary its not worth it.

  4. “One swallow doesn’t a summer make”. Consistently good is what Arsenal needs from Willian, not saying he doesn’t want to be here.

  5. Sensible words from Mr Smith.For those fans advocating the sale of Willian who is thought to be earning upwards of 200k per week, can they please let me know how we can hope to sell him on in the real World, not the fantasy football World which does not exist?

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