One major Arsenal target determined not to move to the Emirates

There have been a lot of players linked with a move to Arsenal this summer, some more than others and one of those players was Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti, however, it is now being reported that he will refuse to leave the Spanish Champions this summer.

It had been thought that the France international would be sold regardless of whether Barca signed their number one defensive target Ajax defender Matthijs de Ligt and that is still very much the intention of the Catalans but Umtiti basically does not care, he simply is refusing to budge.

That is a blow for Emery if the reports of his interest are to be believed. According to the report, he had the 26-year-old as his prefered choice to strengthen the soft Arsenal back line.

Umtiti has a contract at the Nou Camp until 2023 and has made it clear to the club that he will stay and fight for his place no matter who they sign.

That said, the reports do claim that Barcelona will continue to do everything within their power to get the player off their books.

Like every other club in Europe, well, maybe apart from Manchester City, they have to abide by financial fair play rules and need to sell to comply if they spend any significant amount of money this summer.

Emery is still targeting alternatives to Umtiti with Joachim Andersen and Djene Dakonam on his shopping list so it is far from being the end of the world but it will be a blow regardless.



  1. dotash says:

    Umtiti Samuel will be too slow for premier league in England. But since he is not ready to come, let him be. He will rotten on Barcelona bench come next season

  2. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Injury prone, short(1.82m), high wage, glad to hear the news.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Since Umtiti’s contract will only end in 2023 and he has refused to move, why bother creating this article? The author surely knows this deal would be highly improbable to happen

    The fans can easily get the rubbish info from TalkSport, The Sun, Mirror, Metro and Express. So rather than doing that as well, the author had better look at the ITKs’ Twitters or forum threads

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Well, if we followed that logic then this site would be empty as most of our news comes from the media, we, unfortunately, do not have an inside source within Arsenal.

      When a player is linked with us almost daily and that is reported absolutely everywhere, including on here, I believe it would be amiss of us to then ignore the news that he will refuse to join us.

      1. jon fox says:

        MARTIN , Some might well conclude that a site filled with nothing BUT rumours, almost ALL of them bound to be untrue-by the very sheer number of them – is ALREADY an “empty” site. Fortunately I do not agree with your “would be empty” premise as we DO have other articles on here which are worthwhile. But the many current tedious close season empty rumours are deeply depressing, even so. But you know you have a captive audience on here who will stay however much rubbish we are fed. No reason to take that for granted though, I’d say! Shades of how our owner and board treat us fans in similar fashion.

  4. Sue says:

    I’m pretty sure he won’t be the only one…

  5. Kev82 says:

    Offer Liverpool Mustafi for Van Dijk ? It’s a win win ?

      1. Kev82 says:

        In fantasy land I would love to see Rafa Varane and Mustafi to have his contract torn up ? but carrasco looks to be real so I’ll take that for now not that I have a choice ? how was your day Sue ?

        1. Sue says:

          You reckon Carrasco will sign?
          Yeah good thanks, Kev.. shopped, darts & just watched Wales lose… how about you? ?

          1. Kev82 says:

            Watched or played ? Shopped until you dropped? ? yes I think that will happen Sue it’ll probably take all summer though ? you all set for Turkey v France ? Oh I was out, I didn’t see the game Sue ?

          2. Sue says:

            Haha watched ? oh yes ?
            Do you think he’ll be good for us?? So no Zaha then, if we get him..
            Oh sod France? Kev… seeing Giroud so soon will probably make me hurl ??

          3. Kev82 says:

            Haha I wasn’t sure you might have stopped in to a bar on the way home ? so did you get the green Arsenal shirt ? ? No Zaha with or without Carrassco ? haha yeah your probably right Belarus v Germany then Sue ?

          4. Sue says:

            Haha they could give that gross top away for nothing & I still wouldn’t be interested ?? Haha I’ll just check the scores! ?

          5. Kev82 says:

            Haha that kit didn’t go down well with you ? you could be missing a classic ? Well Sue, you enjoy the darts and I’ll chat to you when you get back from bingo ??

          6. Sue says:

            Haha bingo ???? enjoy the football Kevin ?

  6. Joe Jackson says:

    Good riddance!!! The last thing we want is an injury prone player. Besides, there are other better defenders out there. The only player I would like us to tempt from Barcelona is Malcom. He has retrogressed a bit after moving to Barcelona but I believe he is still got class. I see many people calling for a left footed winger who can play on the right flank and Malcom is exactly that. In an ideal world, Pepe would be the best to fill that position but he is way above us now and too expensive.

  7. Le Coq Monster says:

    We should buy him just for his name ………………Get your Umtiti`s out for the lads !

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