One more injury and it’s over for Arsenal

The loss of the Arsenal and Czech Republic midfield star Tomas Rosicky to yet another long term injury lay-off might not be seen by too many Arsenal fans as a real disaster. After all the 35-year old had not been available for the rest of the season so why should his absence be such a problem now?

Well one reason is that he was one of the few decent options available to Arsene Wenger to cover the number 10 spot if for some reason the main man Mesut Ozil is not playing. That got me thinking about how Arsenal would cope without the German play maker and the answer I came up with was, not very well at all.

Without Ozil and without him being in sizzling form, this season would already be over for the Gunners, in terms of winning the Premier League at least. We would probably be out of the Champions League as well. So keeping Ozil fit and in form is absolutely key to our title hopes and that is why the manager has taken every opportunity to give him an occasional rest.

Without Rosicky, however, and with every game now taking on more importance, I can see Wenger relying on the creative talents of our top attacking midfielder more and more. If Ozil stands up to what we are asking of him then Arsenal have a chance. If not, what odds would you give on Arsenal finishing top?

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  1. wow. Another gripping article, with no actual point to it.
    Aside from that, our season was over the moment Wenger decided giroud and Walcott were good enough to lead our front line and that arteta and flamini were adequate back ups to Coq.

  2. To be fair we have relied
    upon 10 players max and
    sometimes down as low
    as 7 all season.
    Cech Bellerin Mertz Koz Monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla Ozil Sanchez and Giroud are the top ten.
    The rest Rosicky Arteta Flamini Wilshere Chambers
    Wellbeck Ox Walcott Gabriel Gibbs Sanogo have been
    mostly passengers, invisible ineffectual.
    We just have to hope Ozil stays fit the whole season.

    1. It didn’t have to be like that. Wenger is poor with squad management. Was the injury of Sanchez a surprise? Did not many fans beg Wenger to rest Sanchez of one or two games to avoid losing him for nearly two months?

      Wouldn’t most of us prefer to see Chambers get a chance over Arteta and Flamini?

      Wenger’s squad rotation and management is awful.

  3. To be fair, we were in the title race because of inconsistency of Man City. Now that City is banging goals and Leicester is very consistent, we have dropped to 4th Spot.
    We have to to West Ham away, Man City Away, Manchester City Away, Tottenhum away and I can not see us winning any of those.
    The other clubs has really given us lot of chances to wrap up the league, but it seems our players did not wanted to take it.
    Juts read the Keone’s article and he is right. Our players when got form ,gets overconfidence and relax.
    Our hopes again depends on others as usual. If both the City again becomes inconsistent then we have a chance., else again 4th spot.
    Our strikers are not scoring, can not remember when we scored 4 goals or more

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