One of Arsenal’s worst ever performances?

Pathethic Arsenal show one of the worst ever performances. by Konstantin Mitov

Can you spot the problem with our 1:2 defeat to Ostersunds in the Europa League my dear old Arsenal friends? It was pathetic and embarrassing. This team is never winning the Europa League, especially with that manager. This is the sixth consecutive home defeat in knockout stages including defeats to Bayern multiple times, Monaco, Barcelona and now Ostersunds to this mighty list!

Watching this game reminded me of when we lost 8:2 at Old Trafford. It was that bad in terms of passing, possession, created chances, defending and any part of football you want. Wenger has managed longer that this team exists and he still struggles at home!

We know this manager is dead, but those players? Apart from Mkhitaryan and maybe Ospina,I’d get rid of all the other 9. Danny Welbeck has scored 13 league goals in 3 and half seasons for Arsenal. And he’s a striker, who proved how badly we need to get rid of him.

Jack was so bad, he couldn’t stop the ball. Honestly I was so pleased for him to see him subbed, because he was destroyed. No wonder Tottenham dominated us. This midfield will barely manage against a Sunday league team and guess what, we’re playing Man City next!

I honestly feel sorry for Hector Bellerin as he’s the only player playing on the right hand side, whether that’s in attack or defense, but after his comments about the “true” fans who never criticize the club, I won’t be too sad to see him leave.

Next onto Maitland-Niles, who may be a decent player in 10 years, he’s shocking now and it’s such an embarrassment to see him play for this football club, although the same can be said about Holding as well as most of the other players that were on the pitch.

Who do you pick in midfield against City. After seeing how bad things was, I’d happily pick Xhaka, who I honestly think is our worst buy in the last 5 years at least. Mikhy will be out for that game and I am worried, because we’ll likely get hammered.

Iwobi may have gotten an injury and that honestly would just save him the humiliation he will face on Sunday, because he couldn’t get past frankly average players! I thought it can’t get worse, but we may just be seeing the beginning of what Wenger has in store for us.

If Josh Kroenke is in London to see how this club is “managed”, all he needs to do is watch a football game played by Arsenal and he’ll see enough. Maybe he can call his dad and execute order 66 that will save us from this misery.

Worst thing of all is that Wenger may actually get the Carabao cup and then it will be all about those meaningless trophies nobody cares about that Wenger won and of course a new 2 year deal. Pathetic!



  1. AndersS says:

    Why so agitated??
    It is a regular thing that we get humiliated, either by being totally outclassed and suffering huge defeats by teams we supposedly should be competing against or by loosing games to teams, that are more or less Championship standard. OK- this team is ranked 5’th in a league, which is of League One standard, so it is a further drop.
    But Wenger will stay, he will probably even stay longer than next year, and he will surely manage us to new lows, and this will be forgotten.

    1. chris says:

      Sad but true …. come on Wenger luvvers …. speak up ??

  2. Sue says:

    It was absolute crap…. it was embarrassing to watch! I could carry on ranting…. but I have to go to work & get the p**s ripped out of me…. sigh

  3. McLovin says:

    B-b-b-b-but its not the manager, it’s the board…

    Wenger will only leave in a box.

  4. Ray says:

    When you combine all the individual performances together you simply get a large pile of shit!

  5. GB says:

    Wenger has gone, that was his death knell, a decent man would have died of embarrassment. But the players must take a lot of the blame. Ospina was doing a Cech impression but admittedly was put under intense pressure by his back passing defence. The centre backs were pathetic, Kalasinac was embarrasing in the first half but did atone somewhat in the second half but being so right footed, why does he play on the left? Bellerin was caught so many times for aparantly the quickest player in the club, but st least he crosses the ball. Jack had a torrid time in front of the defence and Niles alongside him tried hard but lacked discipline by bombing forward instead of holding his position. Elneny was marginally better and Mikki best of a poor bunch, at least he tried and was not wandering around aimlessly like others. Iwobi, not a team player, trying for the glory all the time and losing it so many times, pathetic. As for Welbz, words fail me! Tactics? Don’t shoot, don’t cross, pass back whenever possible, forget tackling and basically give up. You might have noticed I am a little pissed off. The worst performance in my memory of 60 years watching the Arsenal.

    1. I have been saying this for a long time, Bellerin should be out of this team! Why is his position the only one without a challenger? He puts in whatever kind of shift he wants and still gets a start the next game. Kolasinac should be tried on the right now it’s time we stopped wasting his 150k on the bench and showed Bellerin he is not indispensable.

  6. chris says:

    Read Alan Smith this week. Wenger still takes the training sessions (at his advanced age and with his out dated attitudes). His humble assistant, Steve Bould, was one of the best defenders we ever had and was part of the best organised back 4 we ever had. He – like Pat Rice before him – is treated as a Yes Man …. not allowed any sort of lead role … like working on the team when we are out of possession. Steve did do that briefly maybe 3 years ago, was a great success and was highly praised. Wenger did not like a ” shadow cast over him ” (as Manu Petit once said) and stopped Bould doing it. That’s the self obsession of Arsene Wenger. The longer he stays … because he is an icon …. the worse the disgrace when he does leave.

    1. Mobella says:

      Then Steve Bould should be ashamed of who he sees in the mirror when he shaves his bald head. He is a terrible human being with no honour for still be in that job if what Smith said is true. You can’t certainty blame Wenger for that.

  7. max says:

    Lets add the 2 English Cbs to the list of duds.


  8. Phil says:

    It was an embarrassment.That was not a team we put out filled with kids,it was fringe players plus seasoned internationals.How can Wenger state in his post match interview that there was no desire and focus.Its HIS job to set the team up physically,tactically and mentally.
    He has turned us into a laughing stock of epic proportions and tries to defend HIS TEAM with contemptible excuses.
    I have lost any respect I might have had for this Manager(which to be fair was never that much anyway).If any fan put in a shift at work today like Arsenal did last night they would not have a job to go to this morning.So HOW is this Fraud still in his job this morning.

    1. Mobella says:

      How often do we see this kind of performance. l don’t blame Wenger anymore, you can’t give what you don’t have, he has lost his touch. I blame Stan for not do the needful. I don’t how we play anymore. I don’t know if we are attacking, defending or just been an opposition. Wenger comes out every defeat , we are naive, complacent, play with hand brakes on, ………, saying the same thing, pointing to the same problems but fixing them. And arsenal is giving him the benefit of deciding his own future instead of thank you and bye.

  9. barryglik says:

    Usually at this stage Arsenal are
    eliminated in the CL round of 16.
    Now a sub performance by the
    “B” team is enough to advance.
    But Arsenal face a conundrum fortunately
    also facing all our rivals for top 4.
    Multiple competitions.
    So should we prioritize or run with everything?
    Unless Arsenal wins the Europa all the games played are useless
    and will put a huge strain on our top 4 PL chances.
    The draw will be crucial in determining players rotation.
    So far Arsenal has had the luxury of playing the “B” team in the Europa.
    That may change if we draw a Lyon a Lazio or an Athletico
    On the positive side Arsenal does have a softer PL run in than most
    so should be able to rotate in the league more than others.
    Injury and form is set to play a part too.
    Squeaky bum time again 🙂

    1. Rotate against who? At this point I would only trust our B team against Huddersfield and as it happens, that will be the last game of the season at which point rotation will serve no purpose.

  10. McLovin says:

    Didn’t watch the game but saw the HT comments here concerning the display. Usually there is a single player who performs so badly he gets slated.

    But yesterday I saw different accounts all slating different players. Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, Welbeck, Iwobi and Mkhitaryan all got slated.

    1. Sue says:

      You didn’t miss much

  11. gooner4life says:

    I could not help thinking the players looked like they had never meet each other before.If anyone had walked onto Hollaway Road and picked people at random they probably would have put on a better performance. Certainly could not have been worse.

  12. Innit says:

    If I went back in time to 2004 and told people that a large majority of Arsenal fans thought Wenger is a horrible manager and that Trump is President, nobody would believe me.

  13. Okey J. says:

    Arsene Wenger became history over seven years ago, right now neither Wenger nor the Board are the problems why there have not been radical and drastic change in Arsenal. The Arsenal fans all over the world told you England fans that you are the problem, you people refused to take the wise counsel of staying away from Emirate Stadium for just two consecutive weeks if not three. Let those bunch of cameos watch and exhibit their shame. Kronke, Wenger, Gazidis, Would and the players, worst of all the English breed. STAY AT HOME, STAY AWAY FROM EMIRATE STADIUM FOR WEEKS YOU WILL DIE, STAY AT HOME AND PROVE US WRONG. YOU ARE NOT MORE PATRIOTIC THAN US. YOU CAUGHT UP WITH THEIR VIRUS, AVOID EMIRATE STADIUM FOR YOUR SOUNDNESS MIND & HEALTH.

  14. John0711 says:

    To be fair this is the norm now anyway where is ken and GB spouting about the 200m in sponsors

    1. Declan says:

      You obviously haven’t read my post in this thread or previous posts, based on your comment.

      1. Declan says:

        His post !!

        1. GB says:

          Thanks for your comment Declan and whilst I don’t go in for personal comments, perhaps he has trouble reading.

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      First of all, the sponsership deal had nothing to do with last night, so why try and link it? Perhaps your not happy with the sponsorship deal?
      Secondly, what do you think I will say about last night?
      It would be interesting to know, as you have already branded me a “AKB” (what childish rubbish that is by the way).
      It seems you cannot hide your pleasure about the result, so looks as if your in league with all the spurs supporters. Hmm, that’s a thought. In a previous post, someone (you?) declared that Arsenal only beat Chelsea at Wembley because they were celebrating winning the league the night before. What a classic statement from a true gooner that was!!
      My views on last night now:
      Absolutely pathetic. Clueless. No link up play. No defensive cohesion. No midfield desire. Worst forward play ever.
      When the team was announced,the media told us it was a strong lineup and showed the intent of the club. I thought so too.
      What followed was a disgrace for all true Arsenal fans. Wenger, Bould, the players let the clubs name and themselves down.
      The only one small positive was that we qualified for the last sixteen and I am sure all the teams that were knocked out would rather be in our shoes with regards to that point.
      I can only hope that we respond in the same way as we did after the display against Forest.
      At least Arsene admitted how bad a performance was dished out last night, let’s hope the players feel the same and turn up on Sunday.
      Is that the response you were looking for from a “AKB” supporter and does it make you feel any better about last nights display?
      Will be looking for your response if we win on Sunday, I’ll give mine win or lose.
      Let’s just hope City aren’t celebrating losing to Wigan before the match though.
      Wonder if you will reply to this????

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Sorry, fogot to answer the question asked.
        Without doubt one of the worst performances I have ever had the misfortune to watch, the club should be ashamed.

  15. John Ibrahim says:

    hopefully its a wake up call before the final….

    some of the players need a hair dryer sessions

  16. Okey J. says:

    Arsene Wenger became history over seven years ago, right now neither Wenger nor the Board are the problems why there have not been radical and drastic change in Arsenal. The Arsenal fans all over the world told you England fans that you are the problem, you people refused to take the wise counsel of staying away from Emirate Stadium for just two consecutive weeks if not three. Let those bunch of cameos watch and exhibit their shame. Kronke, Wenger, Gazidis, Bould and the players, worst of all the English breed. STAY AT HOME, STAY AWAY FROM EMIRATE STADIUM FOR WEEKS YOU WILL NOT DIE, PLE-EASE PLE-EASE WE ARE BEGGING AND ASSURING YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT DIE, LET’S HELP OURSELVES AND SAVE THE CLUB, WENGER WANTS TO SEE THE RIGHT INSIDE COFFIN BEFORE LEAVING, BUT HE WILL NOT SUCCEED. STAY AT HOME AND PROVE US WRONG. YOU ARE NOT MORE PATRIOTIC THAN US. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT UP WITH THEIR VIRUS, AVOID EMIRATE STADIUM, A PLAGUE OF FAILURE IS ON RAMPAGE BECAUSE OF WENGER, GAZIDIS AND FOOTBALL PASSIONLESS KRONKE, FOR YOUR SOUNDNESS OF MIND, HEALTH BETTER FUTURE.
    Except Steve Bould doesn’t know his worth and is not confident of landing another job, there is no need for him to stay put and be rusting in Arsenal.

  17. Ray says:

    It’s funny how all the Spuds fans are having a dig about last night, “and rightly so” but, just a quick remainder about the current state of affairs..

    When did you last win anything again

    Exactly! When you do win something “worthy” you are welcome to have a say but, as you have been failing for a lot longer than we have please kindly STFU!!

  18. Tatek Girma says:

    I don’t know why but when Arsenal play at lunch time fixtures and with the blue color away kit, they usually perform low with unfocused attitude. The problem was serous especially on the back four and midfield players. You guys please check such occasions and judge on it. Wenger should have sense it so far and found a solution.

  19. Reddb10 says:

    You said it in your post. 5 consecutive losses at home and yet nobody has sacked the useles old goat.

  20. Phil says:

    Good Afternoon Admin
    Very disappointed to have had TWO replies to Okey J removed today.Any particular reason?
    Have you read through what he has posted TWICE?
    Unbelievable that anyone could blame THE FANS for the dire mess Wenger has dragged down to.
    Very hard not to be personal with my replies to posts like that

    1. Admin says:

      Phil, good afternoon….
      You may not agree with Okey for saying that the fans should have boycotted the stadium, but there was absolutely no personal abuse to anyone in his words.
      Yours on the other hand…..

      1. Phil says:

        Ok Admin
        Can’t argue with your reasoning.
        I was and still am astounded that someone can have an opinion that it’s the fans are to blame.
        To be honest it made me angry to even understand WHY a post like that was even written.Hence my Post (since removed)

      2. st sass says:

        admin, u keep ignoring my post
        can u please tell me why. or is it because I want Wenger out.

        1. Admin says:

          Jeez if i banned everyone who want Wenger Out I would have no readers lol!
          I have no idea why you are moderated. Are you on a spam list somewhere which is banned by my filter program?

          1. st sass says:

            lol, thanks for accepting this one. WOB. coyg

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